Hay wombag here I had this idea and decided to realese this little side project while working on my Left 4 dead cross over. This isn't something I have my full heart in so the first chapter will be short and alone for a bit. I just want to see how the community likes it. I don't own RWBY or dead rising.

Narrator POV (computer screen from case West intro.)

"September twenty fifth... the day Fortune City gleaming lights that once indulge and inticed thousands possibly millions into spending hundreds on American style entertainment had turn into a sickening reminder of the constant nightmare that has plagued the world since the Willamette outbreak. We all know the story of the incident, a father blamed for the outbreak. His daughter infected by her mother years prier. But what most people know is that their was a third Greene. Even though she wasn't his blood... or human for that matter, he still took her in and in return helped him uncover the conspiracy behind the Fortune ends outbreak..."

Blake's pov

Blackness that's all that I remember before waking up in a mysterious hallway. I got myself up noticing that I'm in my combat attire but I don't have my weapon Gambol Shroud on me. I looked around seeing that no one was around I walked around looking for the exit to this place.

"Great no idea we're I am and no weapon to defend myself." I mutter to my self under my breath.

I quickly looked around before I noticed a familiar sign glowing a green neon with the words exit written on it and under it an arrow pointing around the corner. I rushed around the corner and accidentally bumped into someone causing me to fall down.

"Hey watch where you are running." He says in a gruff voice as he turns around.

He was wearing a yellow leather biker jacket with blue jeans and gray tennis shoes.

"Hey are you alright?" He asked giving me his hand for me to pull myself up.

"Yes I'm fine I'm just looking for the exit." I replyed.

"Well the exit is across the hall from the Greene room. Tell you what let me grab my daughter and I'll bring you to the exit." He says. Before turning towards the elevator and walked forward to it.

3rd Pov

Blake thought about it for a moment, she had no idea where she is so might as well take the advantage of being led to the exit.

"Ok sure." She said before fallowing him.

She walked right behind him as they pass by a girl in a golden showgirl outfit as she just left her fitting room.

The elevator open and another girl in a siver showgirl outfit walked out towards the man. "The ladies at really disappeared in your performance Chuck."

The lady then notice Blake and gave a confused look. "Aren't you to young to be a gold digger sweet heart or are you really into older man?" She said in a seductive tone as she walked away.

Blake cringe In discuss and was about to defend herself when the man who is now known as chuck stop her.

"If you must know she's my oldest daughter so if you don't mind goodnight ladies." He said with a smirk at the end as the elevator doors closed. Chuck and Blake stood side to side as the elevator ascended.

"Look those two may not look like it but they are TK's personal body guard and they would have killed anyone that wasn't allowed down their." Chuck said looking forward.

He then turn his head to Blake and asked. "What's your name?"

"Blake. Blake Belladonna. But I guess if anyone ask I'm your older daughter Blake umm what's your last name Chuck?" Blake asked while looking forwards.

"It's Greene, Chuck Greene." He said as he looked back towards the doors.

"What have I got myself into" Blake said in her head while still looking forward while noticing a strange AD for a medication called Zombrex.

A few moments later an explosion shook the elevator sending both Chuck and Blake back into the wall. They both recovered from the explosion to see the elevator was slightly open and can be open with a little bit more force for them to climb up to the top level floor. While Chuck and Blake are prying the door open they see people running in fear as one man running forward stoped.

"Oh man she got me, she got me." He muttered before his muttering slowly turns into a low growl, the man was bending over as he stopped in the middle of the hallway. He slowly got up as people kept bumping into him. When he fully turn around his face was cracked and his eyes are red and his skin a pale tone.

"Oh no not again. Blake hurry!" Chuck said as he hastily pushed the side doors to the side allowing Blake to get out before he did.

As the pale man got closer an unlucky person ran into him following onto his back while the man bent down and started to feast on his body.

Chuck Pov

Blake eyes went wide as the zombie started to feast on that guy. I looked around and spotted an axe and a fire extinguisher.

"Better then nothing." I thought as I grabed the fire extinguishers and the axe.

"Here take this." I said to Blake as I passed her the axe.

I went over to the zombie and with one clean wack it's face cave in under the pressure of the fire extinguishing.

Blake was still wide eye so I ask her. "What never seen a zombie before?" She looked up and actually shock her head.

"Tsk Lucky." I said as I see a huge wave of the dead between me and the Greene room.

"Hope you don't get cold feet, we need to get to my daughter now." I said. She gave a nod and ran at the nearest zombie and with one swing decapitated it with ease.

3rd Pov

After fighting through the carnage and mayhem of the zombie hoard chuck and Blake managed to make it to the Greene room to see a zombie snacking on a corpse. Chuck quickly ran over to it, yelling for it to get off her while pushing it away. When he looked down at the corpse it the zombie was snacking on it wasn't his daughter but a backhand stage guy.

Chuck and Blake quickly looked around for Chucks daughter. As they looked around Blake started to hear crying from the closet. This caused her bow to twitch as she walked over to the closet door. When she open it a girl swing a coat hanger at her.

"Go away!" She screamed as she swings the coat hanger at Blake.

"Katey! Katey it me!" Chuck said while running over to comfort his daughter.

"It's happening again just like with mommy isn't it." She cried while hugging Chuck.

"It's ok honey, we survived Vegas and we will survive this." As he said that, the zombie from earlier just got back up and now facing chuck then a loud wonk could be heard as it falls to the ground.

Blake grabbed ahold of the fire extinguisher and bashed the zombies back skull in before finishing the job with a wack to the face.

Chucks pov

Katey looks up to see the zombies face being cave in by Blake with the fire extinguisher.

"Daddy who is she?" She asked while looking at Blake. Blake then grabbed Kateys bag and handed it to her.

"Blake, Blake Greene your new older sister." She said sarcastically as she handed Katey's bag over to her.

"I have a sister? But I thought daddy only loved one mommy?" She says in a youthful innocent tone.

"She isn't your real sister but we need everyone to think she is for her safety." Chuck explains.

Katey was silent for a minute before saying "Ok daddy I'll lie to protect my new sister."

I smiled as I rubbed her hair. "That's my girl. Remember if anyone asks she is Blake Greene your older sister." I said while picking her up as she nods in agreement.

We walked out the door while I was holding onto Katey as Blake cover us from any zombies. We managed to get outside to see the destruction of the strip. People were being killed left and right gunshot can be heard only to be drown out by the screams of dying people. Blake had just notice the sign that said safe house and yelled for us to get to it. When we got to the stairs leading to the doors they were closing and I looked around to see the destruction of the strip was not getting better.

"Looks like we take our chances in their kiddos." I said running into the safe house with Blake in tow, as we made it inside the doors closed right behind us.

So I was taking a break from my Left 4 dead story and playing Dead rising out of nostalgia when it hit me. What if velvet was in dead rising, she have a camera and Frank has one what if they solved what happened in fortune city. But that idea was shot down when I realized I never played "Off the Record" so I was going to scrap the idea when it hit me. Which RWBY character is usually silent and also a Faunus. So that how this little idea got out. This is more of a side project so I won't be updating it regularly so with that said in mind anyone who wants the frank west and velvet story line can have it. Remember to fav/Fol/com to the story and to enjoy the ride.

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