Jimmy Neutron discovers Canada.

Jimmy Neutron and God tard just suddenly ejected from a portal and landed on an unfamiliar land.

"Wow, God tard, Where do you think we are?" Jimmy spoke to his dog pet thing… I don't know.

"I can't speak, I am a dog, I think." God tard communiciated in morse cord through eyebrow movements and subtle hints.

While walking around for a bit, they discovered a man that was praying to earth spirits? I don't know what those kidn of people do.

"Hey God Tard, do you think I can talk to this individual to get information" Jimmy Neutron questioned.

"I can't speak, I am still a dog." God Tard replied using the same method as before.

The man actually seemed to be killing his family behind the bush, so Jimmy attributed this behaviour as something murderous. And why would he talk to a stranger like that, let alone a stranger killing his family. That's not someone you can easily start a conversation with. But then again, Jimmy thought, he was VERY lost.

"Uhhh. Excuse me sir. Do you know where we are?" Jimmy Neutron spoke nerviously.

"Huh?" The man turned to look the person, talking to him. He had deep blue eyes and blonde hair. He had this rugged attractive trait to him. He first went fishing when he was 4 and a half. That summer was a wonderful time, but unfortuneilty that was also when he last saw his father. His father was his role model, and was the nicest and most supportive person to him. When he left, it left a whole in his heart.

What happened further more was the pain. So much pain. His mother, and every other member of his incrediblely large family abused him, every day. He was beaten, verbally put down, and ignored. This all changed when he meet the girl of his dreams. Her name was unimportant, he just loved her.

After many years of hiding the romance, they finally decided to run away together and start a family. But then, when the first child died, their family broke apart. He couldn't seem to bring that smile on her face that he used to. I he wanted was to make her happy. Between that and the money problems, there was a lot on his plate. Eventually he had to sell his organs just to get enough money for their rent. That sucked. And it turned out that the procedure went wrong, so he was such with an infection and they didn't even pay him.

When he was 35, he lost his sight and his wife lost her mind. He tried to confort her, but nothing in his life could give him happiness anymore. Everyday with that pain he felt from the infection that sucked, it came no where close to the pain he felt to "see" his family like this. Unable to work, with an eviction notice coming on the way, he was forced to do something more rash.

At first, he wagered on a few races, and he did win some of them, but it didn't work out in his favour. Allways more money going in than out, and now he was homeless. He and his family moved to a homelss shelter. Where everyone seemed sick and dying. It was enevituable that his family got sick. He tried to take the pharmisicials that the shelter provided, but it some how got him addicted and was only as good as a placebo. He kept spending money on drugs, money that he kept getting from a local loin shark because he was sad and despirite. In the mean time, he watched slowly as his wife passed away. His kids would have starved to death if it wasn't for the lawn shark finding them first and killing them.

All the man had was to go back to his original home, but nothing had changed. They were rich though. Very rich. The only time they spent money on this fifty year old man was to replace the current switches they had to remind him of the disappointment he was.

He looked at Jimmy Neutron. He tried to talk to him, but they was a language barrier between the American Jimmy spoke and the absolute gipperish he spoke. He didn't even know how to read or write because his family thought he was worthless.

"Okay, see you!" Jimmy Neutron said, then walked away.

"Hey God tard? What do you think the deal with that man was? You would think some people would try harder to speak American, eh?" Jimmy questioned

"I can't speak, I am the dog. Baka." The God terd blushed because he secretly knew something that Jimmy didn't ;)

Next up on the list of things to do, was to go to the local Starbucks to order a coffee. So after wondering the forest fro a whiel, thry found one. He walked up to the cassir, after waiting 10 minutes in life. tHe cassir was actually putting together a coffee with her hands until she spoked the boy. She had blue eyes, blonde eye, and a sparkly set of eyelash. Each, like rainbows, but blonde. But her like was like rainbows wasn't it?

Ever since she was 3 years old she wanted to see a lechrian. But her daddy told her that they didn't exist and were just a fairy tail. As a 3 year odl, she knew better than this, so she ran awaty from home to find one.

She only made it 1 km before she fell, and passed out. When she awake, she was surrronded by leprians. But they was a bit problem, it turned out they weren't real, they were just irish. For a whi,e up until she was 10 years old, they accepted her into the family. They laughed , they cried, and danced. She really did think they were leporsons, but they assured her they were just irish with a suspicious glare.

One day, she saw a thrippel rainbow in the sky, and grabed it by its tail to see where it would go. He could go anywhere. But it happened to land at the teassure she decided. It was home. Past that point, she never realized how much she really missed that place, and what it really meant to her. But every once in a while she would look at the rainbow, and wonder…

"aspodiasdpoasifopgiagopi" The person said.

"Geat! She speaks trash. I hate this place. Where can I get a darn coffe! " Jimmy Neutron screamed and ran out. He just of snickered at the end as he was heading out because he thinks that would make a long lasting impression of him or something. OR maybe it was because he was actually to uncomfortable t o admit that he was screaming because he hated foriehers .

"Hey Gad Dart? Do you think they will stop to think about what language this want to speak in front of me? I bet they deserbed that scream, reight?" Jimmy Neutron Questiopns

"I can't speak, I am and will always be, a dog." Godzilard morsed up again.,

As they were mopping down the pear, they realized they were in Canada. There is lots of water in Canada

"Wow, I think we are in Canada…." Jimmy stated with Honours.

"Oh….we are, are we?" a mysterious man said behind where Jimmy Neutron was facing

"OMG! Sometyhingh that can acutally speak American?" Jimmy was amazaed and happy to hear his voice

"Not a man, but a god...Your god!"

"Hi father! Oh boy I am glad to see you. I somehow ened up in Canada. I hate that place."

"I do too son. Canada is just that remainder in an equation. I didn't know where to put all that, so it ended here"

"But father, why am I here?"

"You have come here to die Jimmy. You know it in your heart. You were designed to just sricil up and starve to death here. Like the worthless cochroach you are."

"Yes, sir!" Johnson Neutron reaplied. While he knew what he must do. He was still uncertain that he really wanted to go through it he. He turned away.

"What are you doing son"


"You are forgetting our goodbye kiss.."

"Oh, right … silly me—" But before Jummy could complete he statement, He felt the warm and holely lips of god on his own. He could feel all of his life building up to this very moment, and it was all worth it. Jimmy even stuck he tougue in there ;)

Then, the kisss unfortuniely ended. It just happened. Like that.

"Oh father, you really know how to kiss a boy." Jimmy giggled. God laughed a hearty laugh, then disappeared.

"Hey god butt, Do you think he will remember me?" Jimmy Neutron said dreamily


Jimmy neutron wondered what he should do in the meant time. Then he realized he was at the pear still. He could talk to one of the people there. But there was no-one. He was alone.