My name is Vanessa and if you want to hear the story about my life with a group of dinosaurs called the Dinosaucers I'll tell you, it was unusual and my mother and father and I are poor and we never have enough money for anything. However one day a fire started mysteriously and then a board fell on my parents! I tried my best to help them and I said with a worried tone of my voice, "Mama, Daddy." Then the door bursted open and I gasped. There were four teenagers with a few dinosaurs that walk and talk like a human. I have never seen anything like them before at all. A female teenager grabbed my hand saying that I have to come with her while the other three teens got my parents out. I was getting more worried for my parents. I don't know what would happen to them.

Then the female teen said to me, "It's ok, my brother and friends are with your parents." The boy with blonde hair said, "You'll be alright, we'll take you to the hospital." The boy with black hair doesn't think that it would work. Then my parents said to the dinosaur like creatures with the three males, "Take care of Vanessa for us." "Promise me and my husband that you'll care for Vanessa for us." The boys and their friends nodded their heads saying that they will and then my parents died. I am an orphan now. I have no other living relatives to take care of me. I am all alone and I don't know if there would be anyone who would take care of me. I cried until I felt tired. I fell asleep and while I was sleeping, I was not sure on what to do and what is going to happen to me. I felt so lonely.