Things would be a better one just for me and it's all because I am with the dinosaur aliens and their allies now. All that changed when I heard that Genghis Rex is about to strike. I learned about it from Sara and the rest of the scouts.

I think he's ugly. I learned from Teryx that he once fell in love with her. Oh that is not cool. Allo agreed with me. Same for Ichy. That is strange. I do know that I have to get courage to speak to the Dinosaucers. I know that I have to. I don't know when, but I have to do this. I know that I must do this, for those dinosaur aliens. I then said, "We must see what he is up to and stop him." The Dinosaucers couldn't believe that they heard me speak. Allo was surprised, same for the other dinosaur aliens. Mostly Bronto Thunder and Tricero. They snapped out of it though. Thanks to Paul. Then we made it into action.

Then before I knew what was going on, the evil Tyrannos has have been defeated. Serves them right. I can't believe that I actually spoke to the Dinosaucers! The scouts couldn't believe it. They were surprised by it. I know what I will do now. Genghis Rex vowed that one day he will get back at us and mostly me. Well I hope that day never comes at all.

Then I heard the good news, well it's more than just good news, it's fantastic news. I have been adopted by the Dinosaucers and their scouts! This is wonderful. I am now having a Dinosaucer life. The males would treat me like cousins that I never had before while the scouts treat me like a sister that they never had.