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The bustling city of Metropolis was going through a normal day. No supervillains going on rampage or superheroes going around saving people... Everyone was going around minding his or her own business. It would seem that nothing out of the ordinary would happen... that was until a burst of light appeared in the middle of the street.

Out of the light came a man, one dressed in a suit of armor consisting of the colors gold and black. He also had a head full of... nothingness. The light disappeared almost as soon as the man materialized from it, and such a sight grabbed the attention of all those around the place. His appearance was so sudden that a car approaching from the front had no time to hit the brake.

The man showed no fear at the approaching car, however. He simply lifted his hand, and when the car struck his palm, it came to a sudden halt as if hitting an iron wall. The front part was dented as a result, but the driver was too shocked at what happened to get angry. The onlookers were just as shocked as him. Even though they were used to the sight of people with great strength, what with this city being the home turf of Superman and all, seeing something like this was still as surprising as seeing it for the first time.

Without bothering to apologize the driver for damaging his car, the bald man looked around as if looking for something. He also ignored the attention he was receiving. He laid his eyes upon what might or might not be what he was intentionally looking for, a police station. Wasting no time, he rushed to the sidewalk and headed inside said building, and onlookers discussed among themselves about what they saw. Some even said that person looked familiar...

When the mysterious man was inside the building, he made his way to the front desk while making the eyes of all those present turn to him. If you're wearing a robot suit, it was natural that you would attract people's attention.

Once at the front desk, he said to the policeman there that he had something urgent to tell him. "Yeah, yeah, it's all the same with everyone who comes here," the policeman said to him without lifting his head initially, as he was busy with his paperwork. When he raised his head and saw the man, however, a look of shock appeared on his face as he stood up as fast as a lightning bolt while taking out his gun to point at him. "LEX LUTHOR!"

Immediately, all those who heard him turned to look at the bald man, and fear and terror struck them as they realized who it was they were looking at. The man identified as Lex Luthor did not look surprised at all. In fact, it seemed as if he was expecting this sort of reaction if people recognized him. Raising his arms into the air as if surrendering, he said to the policeman, "Don't worry; just call the Justice League, and all will be fine."

"Or what?!" asked the policeman, still trembling nervously. He fingers were on the gun's trigger, ready to fire any moment.

"Or else I'll take over the world? Is that threatening enough?" the man replied with a smirk while shrugging slightly.




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Chapter 1
Uninvited Guest From Another World

It was nighttime at Gensokyo when a small feast was going on in the Hakurei Shrine. Yukari paid Reimu a surprise visit, bringing with her a bag containing food products she claimed to be from the outside world. While Reimu wasn't a glutton, she was still interested in trying out delicacies from the outside world. There was only so much one could get their mouths on in Gensokyo, so being able to eat something that came from a "foreign" land was always a nice welcome.

Other than Reimu and Yukari, gathered around the dinner table that night were Ran, Chen, Suika, and Aunn. Since Yukari was present, it was obvious her two servants would be present as well. Suika had always been a common guest to the shrine, and it so happened that she was loafing around there when Yukari showed up. Being a drunkard, the oni also had quite a appetite, especially if it goes well with alcohol, so she stuck around in order to eat til her heart's content.

Aunn was the latest addition to the Hakurei Shrine. The green-haired girl showed up at the shrine one day when Reimu returned from solving an incident. The shrine maiden was puzzled at the appearance of this girl who claimed to be at the shrine since day one, despite the former having never seen her before. As it turned out, Aunn used to be a komainu statue located outside the shrine, hence the reason she claimed to be there since day one and saw everything Reimu did. She was apparently brought to life by the secret goddess known as Okina. Since then, Aunn stuck around the shrine, serving as its gatekeeper and kept Reimu company, not to mention helping her with various tasks. She loved to be petted and praised for her deeds.

At the center of the table was a large pot containing soup filled with the cooked goods Yukari brought. They were enjoying it greatly. "These are good!" Reimu said to Yukari. "They must cost a fortune!"

"Actually, I didn't spend anything when I got my hands on them," Yukari told her.

This made Reimu give her a skeptical look. "Are you suggesting that you... stole them?"

"I'm sure nobody will notice. I got them from a warehouse," explained Yukari. "I didn't take a whole lot, so I'm sure the people there won't notice anything missing."

"This is just like you..." said Reimu.

"Stealing is bad, right?" asked Aunn.

"Yukari doesn't care much about those kinds of things," Reimu told the komainu.

"You should be glad that you are able to eat such delicious food," Yukari told the two.

"If you get into trouble for this, leave me out of this. I'm having no part in your crimes..." Reimu said to her.

"I'm sure nobody will ever know what happened," said Yukari with a wink.

"Who cares if they're stolen? If someone comes after us, I'll just beat the living daylights out of them!" said Suika, who was drunk from drinking too much alcohol. When was she never drunk anyway?

The group continued to enjoy their meal when all of a sudden, a door materialized out of nowhere right in front of the table. Needless to say, this grabbed their attentions. The door swung open, and some people shot out of it without a warning, sliding across the table and therefore knocking over everything that was on it. Thanks to them, dinner was ruined...

The girls who were seated around the table jumped back and got on their feet when this surprising event happened. "What in the world?!" said Reimu in shock. She looked at who it was that flew out of the door, which disappeared shortly afterwards, and saw that they were people she was familiar with: Nitori, Kogasa, Nue, Satono, and Mai.

"Satono? Mai? What are you lot doing here?" asked Yukari when she noticed that they were familiar people as well.

The girls that flew out of the door got up, their bodies drenched by the soup. Looking around, Nitori said with relief, "We're... We're back in Gensokyo!"

"What happened to you guys?" Reimu asked them. "That was Okina's door just now, right?"

Looking at her with a face full of panic, Mai said to the shrine maiden, "Master Okina is in danger! We have to help her!"

"She saved us by sending us to this place, but we have to go back to help her!" added Satono.

"Hold on a second! How about you explain clearly from the beginning what on earth happened?" Yukari told them. The two servants of Okina were talking too fast and not making themselves clear. Before the two can explain what was going on, however, another door showed up in the same place.

"Now what?!" asked Reimu in frustration as she looked at the door along with everyone else.

The door opened, and a woman wearing a green shirt and a black skirt floated out of it and remained hovering in front of it. When Nitori, Kogasa, Nue, Satono, and Mai saw her, they were terrified and crawled back on the floor until they were up against the sliding paper door leading into the hallway.

Reimu and the others were confused at their actions, because it was simply Okina they were looking at. Yukari thought the same at first, but then she narrowed her eyes observing this Okina lookalike. "Who are you?" she asked her.

"What are you talking about?" Reimu asked her. "She's Okina, right?"

"No, she's not, though she looks like her," replied the gap demon. The Okina lookalike turned to look at Yukari for a few seconds before smiling slightly.

After Luthor's appearance at the police station, the Justice League was notified of this and urged to come immediately, as he threatened to do dangerous things if he didn't see the League in time. He was eventually brought to the Justice League Watchtower after Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash went to see him at the police station and became convinced that he was not the same Luthor they knew. Superman was able to confirm this when he used his x-ray vision to see that this Luthor's innards were flipped around and also see that the Luthor of this world was currently serving his time at Stryker's Island.

Knowing that he wasn't the real Luthor and seemed to have good intentions, the trio brought him to their Watchtower. There, all the founding members of the League except for Aquaman were seated around a round table to have a meeting with this Luthor.

Looking out the window at the space scenery before his eyes, Luthor said, "In my Earth, I was the leader of the Justice League." Wonder Woman noted that he brought this up in past tense, so Luthor further explained things. "I am the only surviving member of the League. There, an evil organization known as the Crime Syndicate planned a tactical attack on the League and took us out one by one. The Crime Syndicate managed to gain control of majority of the planet, and no government dares go against them due to their power. The only reason they haven't achieved complete domination is because of the fear of a nuclear retaliation, which the governments are planning to use as their last resort."

"So let me guess: because there's nobody in your Earth strong enough to go against the Syndicate, you looked up multiverses until you found out about us, right?" the Flash asked him.

Luthor turned to face him and nodded. "Indeed. I learned about your Earth and decided that you people are the best and last hope I have for my Earth. I hope you understand my reason for being here and that you will offer a hand in this. Please, you are my Earth's last hope..."

The League members looked at each other in silence for a short while. Martian Manhunter confirmed that Luthor was telling the truth due to having read his mind. Superman then told Luthor to leave the room for while so that they could discuss this. After exiting the room, Luthor took out a metal cylinder that was hidden in a compartment in his suit and looked around. He noticed a machine for unknown purposes placed close to the wall, so he went over to it and hid the cylinder behind it.

Back inside, the League members discussed whether or not they should help Luthor. "Other universes are out of our league, don't you think?" asked Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

"It doesn't matter where it is, helping people is the reason we are formed," Wonder Woman told him.

"I think he's a pretty nice guy," said the Flash, and then he looked at Superman. "Though I'm not sure if you can sit well with him looking just like our Luthor."

"I know," said Superman. "He does make me feel uneasy due to his resemblance to our Luthor, but he made it clear that he's not the same as our Luthor. I really do think we should help him. Diana is right; we are formed because we want to be able to help people after all, no matter where they are."

"I'm staying behind. There are matters here that need to be attended to here, and I don't think it's good if most of the founding members are gone, thus leaving this place with no leader," said Batman.

"You sure you're staying behind?" Cyborg asked him.

"Whatever I can do, I'm sure you can do better," Batman told him.

"Heh! It's not everyday you hear the Bat admitting that there are things he can't do!" said the Flash with a smile.

"I'm Youkina Matara," the mysterious woman said to Reimu and the others. That was what she introduced herself as, and most of them were surprised by the name. Not only did she looked exactly like Okina, she even had a nearly identical name. "I am the parallel universe counterpart of the person you call Okina Matara. This explains why we are so similar."

"So you come from a parallel universe..." said Yukari. "That explains things..."

"You witch! What did you do to our master?!" Mai angrily said to Youkina. "Where is she?!"

Looking at her, Youkina said, "Your master did put up a good fight. After all, she is my doppelganger, so I'm not surprised she is as strong as me. However, I wasn't exactly in the mood to fight her, so shortly after she sent you back here, I decided to end the fight right away. That's how I was able to come here so fast."

"What did you do to her?!" Mai angrily asked her again.

Youkina simply smiled. "Let's just say you won't be able to serve for a while, or perhaps forever!"

Hearing this angered Mai to no end. Even though Youkina didn't say clearly what happened to Okina, the servant of the latter was still filled with rage. Losing control of herself, she yelled out in anger as she charged at Youkina with her bamboo staff in hand, intending to stab her with it. Youkina stretched her arm to the side, and a miniature door appeared above her hand. It swung open, and an energy ball shot out at the servant, blasting her onto the floor. Satono gasped in horror at seeing her fellow servant taking the hit and then ran to her to see if she was all right.

"You! Nobody is hurting anyone here without my permission, especially if it's coming from someone I don't know and may be evil!" Reimu angrily said to Youkina while pointing at her.

"I'm a goddess, so I have the right to do whatever I want," Youkina said to her, and then she looked Reimu as if observing her. "My... You look a lot like her!" Confused, Reimu asked who she was talking about, and Youkina replied, "I can bring you to my world and meet her if you want to. I'm sure she'll be interested in seeing her doppelganger!"

"Sorry, not interested," said Reimu, starting to some annoyed. "You better spit out fast about what you did to Youkina, or else I'm going to give you a hell of a beating!"

"You're mighty full of yourself, aren't you? I'm a goddess. What makes you think you can beat me?" Youkina asked her.

"I've beaten goddesses before and even defeated Okina, so I'm sure I can take on her doppelganger!" Reimu said to her.

"You do know that you only defeated Okina because you were both following spell card rules, right?" Yukari reminded the shrine maiden.

"Can you please shut up and make yourself useful...?" Reimu said to her in frustration.

"So... are you going to try and fight me?" Youkina asked Reimu. "I don't mind having a bit of fun with you a bit to see what this world has to offer me!"

Turning to her, Reimu said, "Then let's take it outside. The last thing I want is for my shrine to be torn apart for whatever reason."

Hearing this, Youkina said, "So you want to take it outside? I have a better idea. Why not make this place outside instead?" With that, several small doors appeared all around her in a blink of an eye, and when they swung open, laser beams and energy balls shot out in every direction, blasting holes on holes and destroying whatever furniture they touched.

The girls were shocked at her action and dodged her attacks. Reimu angrily said to him, "Stop! You're going to destroy my shrine!"

"I did suggest making this place outside just now, didn't I?" Youkina said to her with a smile. A gap suddenly opened up behind her, and Yukari's hand reached out of it and caught her by the collar from behind, pulling her inside the gap. A second later, another gap appeared at the yard, and Youkina was pushed out of it. Yukari then came out of the gap to join her there.

"It's not nice for you to barge into someone's house and start wrecking the place, you know?" Yukari said to her in a serious tone. "You're begging to be punished if you do that."

Youkina got up and looked at her. "I'm a goddess, so I can do whatever I want. You have no right to treat me like that without a warning too."

"I always do whatever I want without the consent of others, nobody who they are," Yukari said to her.

"You have no respect for a goddess, don't you?" Youkina said to her with an evil smile. She opened up a door that appeared out of thin air in front of herself, and it shot a laser beam at Yukari, who opened up a portal that "swallowed" it. She opened up another portal next to Youkina, and the beam shot out from there and struck the goddess. She grunted in pain as she stood back up and then saw Reimu and the others standing in front of her, all of them with angry eyes.

"I don't know why you're here, but you've made it clear you're not welcomed here, so don't blame us for mistreating you!" Reimu said to her in a serious and angry tone. She also had her purification rod in her hand, not to mention some paper amulets.

Despite being outnumbered, Youkina wasn't fazed at all. An evil smile appeared over her face as she said, "I think I'm going to enjoy playing with you lot!"

Luthor was called back into the meeting room, where the League told him that they agreed to go to his world to help him with his problem. Needless to say, Luthor was pleased to hear this. This was the reason he came to this world after all: to ask the Justice League of this place to save his world from the Crime Syndicate. His mission here was finally accomplished.

In order to get the League ready for what was to come, he decided to introduce to them the founding members of the Crime Syndicate first. He took out a small disk-shaped object and placed it on the center of the meeting table. Using a small remote, he was able to make the object produce holograms of each of the Syndicate members.

The first member shown was a man who looked nearly identical to Superman in terms of attire. The only difference was that instead of having an S on his crest, this person had a U instead. His face was also evil-looking when compared to Superman. "He's the leader of the Crime Syndicate, Ultraman," Luthor told the League, and then he turned to Superman. "As you can probably tell, he's our version of you; therefore, he has all your powers."

"Then it's gonna be a pain dealing with him..." said the Flash. "We all know how big boy blue here is really powerful. Imagine fighting a version of him who doesn't hold back because he's evil..."

"I won't mind a good challenge," said Superman, talking as if he was looking forward to encountering his evil counterpart.

"He has a weakness to blue Kryptonite," explained Luthor. "He attempted to get rid of them all in order to erase his weakness. He thought he succeeded, but I've been keeping one with me in secret." He then change the hologram to another person. This time, it was a woman with black hair tied into a ponytail, and her attire was the same as Wonder Woman's, but rather than having the colors of the American flag, this one was almost entirely dark blue. "Wonder Woman, this is your evil counterpart, Superwoman."

"If she has all my powers, then I'm sure this will be an interesting and challenging fight to look forward too!" said Wonder Woman, sounding enthusiastic.

The next hologram was a man wearing a gray suit that came with a cape of the matching color. He also wore a mask vaguely shaped like the head of an owl. "This is Owlman," explained Luthor. "He's the only member who doesn't have any superpowers. He relies on finely-honed fighting skills and gadgets to fight. He's also considered the smartest of the organization and is usually responsible for coming up with strategies and tactics."

"I wouldn't be wrong to say that's your Batman, right?" said the Flash. "I mean, they both lack powers and are really smart, and bats and owls are nocturnal creatures."

"Indeed, I would say so," said Luthor.

The Flash turned to Batman and asked if he would like to change his mind and head over there with them to meet his evil counterpart. "I made it clear I'm not going there," reinstated Batman.

Luthor then changed to the next hologram. This time, it was a man with long black hair wearing a suit consisting of green and black, mostly the former. He also wore a green domino mask and was notable for having a green ring on one of his fingers. "This is Power Ring," explained Luthor. "Like Green Lantern here, he uses his ring to create constructs of anything he can think of. His constructs have a weakness to wooden materials, however."

"Wood? That's a strange weakness..." commented Green Lantern.

The next person was a man in a yellow bodysuit that also provided covering for his head, but his spiky red hair was sticking out of the opening at the top. "This is Johnny Quick, the fastest man in my universe," said Luthor.

Hearing this, the Flash became interested. "Ah, I was wondering when we'll get to my evil clone! I look forward to competing in speed with him!"

The next person shown appeared to be a robot. His appearance was identical to Cyborg's, but this one lacked a human face and instead had a mechanical face that almost resembled a skull. His eyes were glowing in green, not to mention the fact he had a green circle on his chest. "This is Grid, and I believe he is your counterpart, Cyborg," Luthor said to Cyborg.

"Yeah, I can see that," said Cyborg.

"And now, the last person," said Luthor as he switched to the hologram of a woman. This woman had long, blonde hair and wore a green shirt, a black skirt, and a black hat. Her overall attire looked Japanese. "This is Youkina, and she claims to be a goddess."

"Doesn't look like anyone we know," said Green Lantern.

"She doesn't look like she has a counterpart here," said Luthor. "She's one of the more dangerous members of the League due to her ability to create doors out of thin air that allows her to go more or less anywhere."

Batman didn't realize it at first, but after observing Youkina for a while, it came to him. "I've seen someone who looks like her before," he said as he stood up. "To be precise, exactly like her, minus the color of her attire." This made everyone curious, so they asked where he saw her. Batman explained to them the events of my previous story, Night of the Longest Fear. "Judging by the similarities in appearance, I think they are counterparts of each other," he said after concluding his story.

"If that's true, then what is she doing in Luthor's universe?" asked Superman. "This Okina you mentioned comes from a universe different from ours, and Luthor's universe is a parallel version of ours, so it doesn't make sense for her to have a doppelganger in his world."

"I'm only saying what I know and saw," Batman told him. "Chances are likely Youkina comes from a different world herself too."

"I don't know the answer to that," said Luthor. "As far as I know, she's been with the Syndicate since day one."

It's not often one sees something flying high in the sky at night, but that was what Hatate was doing. After having dinner at the Human Village by herself, she was on her way back to her house located somewhere on Youkai Mountain. As she flew, thoughts about her work today and tomorrow filled her mind. Her newspaper studio, Kakashi News Spirit, was always a step behind Bunbunmaru. This frustrated her to some degree, especially the fact that her rival Aya was the reason Bunbunmaru was always one step ahead of Kakashi. Aya was always good at gathering information, and her speed helped her in getting from place to place fast so that she could get info fast. Poor Hatate and the others at Kakashi were stuck with obtaining late info that had already been spread around by Bunbunmaru.

As she was flying through the sky, she wondered about how she could find news scoop and go one step ahead of Bunbunmaru. She then thought she heard something going on below. Looking down, she saw the Hakurei Shrine and what appeared to be a battle going on, as evident of glowing projectiles flying around. Curious, she descended to the ground and approached the scene of battle. Hiding behind a tree, she peeked out from behind it to see what was going. "What in the world...?" she said in silence.

Creating several doors around herself, Youkina opened them all and had them fire energy balls in the direction of the shrine. Acting quick, Reimu slammed a spell card onto the ground to form a wall that stretched both ways, protecting the shrine completely from the projectiles. She then threw paper amulets at the goddess. One of the doors unleashed a flamethrower, however, and burned them to crisp.

Aunn pounced at Okina from behind, intending to grab onto her by the shoulders and bite her. The goddess spun around fast and caught her by the neck before flinging her in Reimu's direction. The shrine maiden stepped to the side and allowed Aunn to hit the ground, and then the former angrily said to Youkina, "How dare you hurt my gatekeeper?! I won't forgive you!"

"If you care for me, why didn't you catch me...?" asked Aunn, sitting up.

The other girls launched their attacks at Youkina. The goddess moved around at a fast speed to dodge them, occasionally escaping through doors that she created out of thin air. Yukari eventually appeared from a gap behind her and thrust her hand at her. Youkina sensed her and thus turned around to catch her hand with her own. Yukari smirked as a burst of square-shaped energy came out from her palm, blasting Youkina backwards and sending her onto the ground. Several small gaps opened up next to Yukari, and out of them came energy spears, heading for Youkina. The goddess had no time to get out of the way, so she could only hold up her arms in defense.

She floated back on her feet afterwards and glared at Yukari angrily. The demon winked and stuck out a tongue at her before disappearing into her gap. Chen then pounced at Youkina from the side at a fast speed with her claws outstretched to slash her. Acting quick, Youkina caught her hand and then flung her to the side. Ran appeared next, and she spread out her arms to the sides fast to throw several kunais at the goddess. Youkina responded by making a door appear in front of her for them to fly into. Another door appeared above Chen, and the kunais flew out of them and struck her, making her cry in pain. Ran was horrified to see that her attacks ended up hitting her shikigami, so she rushed to her to see if she was all right.

Yukari opened up a gap next to Youkina and reached for her again, and this time, the latter caught by the neck, much to the former's surprise. Youkina pulled the demon out of the gap and slammed her onto the ground before stomping her hard in the abdomen. As Yukari cried in pain and tried to remove the foot, Reimu and Aunn leaped at Youkina from behind to attack her. Sensing them, the goddess performed a sudden move of spinning in a circle, and in doing so released a shockwave all around herself that sent the two girls flying away. The shockwave also hit Yukari and pushed her slightly deeper into the ground, basically creating a crater the shape of her.

A throne appeared out of thin air behind Youkina, and she sat on it. The throne had a futuristic look compared to the one Okina sits on. It was made of metal and had some tubes resembling exhaust pipes sticking out of its back, and on its arms were several buttons. Its appearance grabbed the attention of Nitori, who approached the goddess and kept a safe distance to get a good look at the throne.

"Well, I had an interesting experience fighting people from another world, but I think it's time I go back to my own world," said Youkina as she floated away from Yukari.

"You're not going anywhere until you return our master!" Mai angrily said to her.

An evil smile appeared on Youkina's face. "I have an idea. How about you tag along with me back to my world? I'm sure there are some people there who are interested in seeing you! If you want your master back, then try to reclaim her over there!"

"Whatever you did to Okina, you're giving her back right here and how!" Reimu angrily said to her while pointing her purification rod at her. "No more resistance! You're outnumbered, so we can easily defeat you!"

"I wasn't even fighting seriously, and if I did, you would all be dead by now," claimed Youkina. "Anyway, I'm going back to my own world, and I've decided to take some of you along!" Unknown to her, Hatate was right behind her, still behind the tree. Youkina slowly inched her hands towards a particular button on the arm of her throne. Seeing this, the other girls got into defensive stances to get ready for whatever she was throwing at them.

When Youkina pressed the button, a burst of energy came out from her throne, and it spread in those girls' direction at a fast speed. They were too late to get out of the way, and when the energy came in contact with them, they disappeared. Youkina herself also disappeared, including Hatate, who was hiding behind her. The only people who were not caught in the burst of energy were Ran, Chen, Nue, and Kogasa. Those four girls stared in shock and confusion at where those girls used to be, wondering if Youkina really did drag them off to her world.


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