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Ages of the children



Sesshoumaru- 10

Chapter 1

6 year old Inuyasha grumbled. He had just moved into the neighborhood and was sitting in his backyard. He hated this. Why did he have to move in the middle of nowhere? And why is he outside when he can be protected in the new house. Grrrr.. Stupid Sesshoumaru!! He got me in trouble, and after lots of yelling and screaming his daddy threw him outside. "Go outside, you've been moping for too long!!" yelled his dad. Stupid father….

Just then some girl popped put of nowhere. He was so surprised he fell down.

"Hi!!!! I'm Kagome! Whats your name???" Yelled the girl. By the time Inuyasha had gained back his senses he wanted to strangle whoever knocked him down.

"Hello?? Anybody in there??" yelled the girl

Inuyasha looked up and there was about his age. She was short had long black hair and bright blue eyes.

"GOD!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!? Do you always knock down every person you see down!?" Inuyasha yelled. He was furious. He'd been having a bad day and this girl was making it a lot worse.

"Gosh your so cranky." Wailed the girl

"Keh, go away" was all Inuyasha could reply

"Your funny!!" giggled the girl. "Anyways my name is Kagome!! And welcome to the neighborhood!!"

God, was this girl stupid? Couldn't she tell he wanted to be left alone? Inuyasha grumbled and started walking away from the rambling girl.

"Hey, wait up!" Kagome cried. Inuyasha froze. What will it take to get this girl away from him? He turned around and was right about to tell her to go away. When she started petting his ears. Inuyasha looked at the girl. This was too weird; almost everybody else was freaked put by his ears.

"Their funny. It's like a puppy." Giggled Kagome, "and you've got funny hair and eyes too!!"


"Wuts your name!!?" Asked Kagome


"What?? I can't hear you!"

"It's Inuyasha!!!"

"Oh." Well you don't have to yell!!" Kagome yelled. "Well… you wanna be my friend??" Kagome then put on her best puppy eyes. (yea I kno it sounds corny).

Inuyasha sighed if he said he yes, maybe she'll leave him alone.

"Yea… ok…" he said quietly.

"YAY!!!" Kagome was really happy.

"We'll be the bestest friends!!" Kagome laughed. This boy would be a really fun friend.

"Uh huh." Inuyasha said. Maybe this girl won't be that bad… he thought.

Just then Sesshoumaru came walking. "Inuyasha stop playing with your girlfriend. Mom is looking for you."

Inuyasha turned beet red. Ohhhh how he was gonna kill Sesshoumaru when he gets home. He turned around to Kagome. She looked ecstatic. Oh, God how could this day get any worse. He can't be this girl's girlfriend. He just met her.

"YAY!!!" Inuyasha's gonna be my husband!!" yelled Kagome.

Inuyasha's eyes bulged out. "What the hell!!" "Who the fuck decided that??" (Tisk tisk Inuyasha's bad language) Inuyasha was screaming. He looked to Sesshoumaru who was rolling on the ground from laughter.

"It's destiny!" Kagome yelled back. Laughing, she yelled bye and ran over to her house where her mom was yelling for her.

Inuyasha stood there stunned. Dammit, he knew it was bad to move here. After standing there for several seconds he stormed back to the house in even a worse mood.

Meanwhile… Sesshoumaru was still laughing. Oh how fun it would be to tease his little brother now.

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