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Chapter 8

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Kagome's POV

I thanked Kouga for taking me to the restaurant and told him good night. I was11: 30, so I was past my curfew. My mom is going to kill me when I got home. I turned to go to my house, but before I could even take a step there, Kouga roughly grabbed my arm and turned me around.

"You forgot one thing." He whispered in my ear. Before I could react, he put his lips against mine into a rough kiss. This was my first kiss, and I felt ecstatic, but some how it wasn't what I would expect it to be. It felt like it was missing something…

As Kouga pulled back from the kiss he quickly said good night, hopped into the car and left me in a daze. I walked toward my home and while looking up; I could have sworn I felt somebody looking at me. I quickly turned to Inuyasha's house, but his light was turned. I quickly shrugged it off, Inuyasha is grounded. He's most likely sleeping by now. He couldn't have seen me.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ^____________^

"So, Kagome what happened last night?" Sango asked.

At the sound of her voice, I snapped back into reality. "What do you mean, what happened last night?" I said nervously. Sango looked at me with concern. I smiled back at her, remembering why I'm here. I was buying a birthday gift for Shippo.

"She means about you and Kouga." A familiar voice interrupted us. I turned around and there was Miroku standing next to us. Somehow, he managed to get next to us without us knowing, and was now holding Sango around the waist.

"How long have you've been eavesdropping." Sango said irritably, while struggling to take his hand off her waist. Her face had a little shade of red. Was she blushing? I giggled; I knew she secretly liked Miroku. I'm going to have to get some of the truth from her later.

"Not long just now." Miroku smirked. "So what DID happen?"

Somehow Miroku's words just triggered in my mind. "Does, everybody know that we kissed?" I screamed. I again forgot that I was in a public place and people passing by started to look at me strangely.

"Kagome, you and Kouga kissed?! And you didn't tell me!?" Sango shouted. She looked at with disbelief, and Miroku started laughing. I knew as soon as I blurted those words out, I should have kept my mouth shut. I quickly kicked Miroku in the shin, who was laughing a lot. The way Miroku and Sango were surprised; I doubt hardly Kouga told anybody yet.

"It was just a little kiss." I wailed. I looked down at Miroku who was almost in tears laughing. "Miroku, stop it!!" .

"I'm sure it was a little kiss." Miroku laughed. "You probably kissed lots of times before, but never announced it before in public." He said pointing to some people looking at how weird we were. "You sure you haven't had sex yet?" He said still shaking from laughter. Both Sango and me shot death glares at him. I was right about to kill him when I heard him mutter, "Good thing Inuyasha didn't hear that."

"Huh? Why would Inuyasha care?" I asked suspiciously.

Miroku just shook his head. "Never mind."

I made Miroku swear that he won't tell what I had just said in public. To my delight, in the midway of his sentence answering back, Sango abruptly cut in the conversation. "Tell me about it now, Kagome." She said forcefully. Then, she turned to glare at Miroku. "You fallow us, and I'll kill you." Then she started dragging me somewhere. Once Miroku was out of sight, Sango somehow forced me to tell everything about yesterday.

"Did you like it?" she asked.

"Huh? Like what?"

"The kiss." Sango replied. "You don't look as happy as I thought you would." She smiled at me. "This was your first kiss."

I laughed. "Yeah, it was."

"You know, Inuyasha came home late last night. It would be bad if he saw you.." Sango muttered. It never occurred to me if Inuyasha saw me with Kouga? I shook my head. He probably wouldn't care.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ^_________________^

Sango's words about Inuyasha kept me up all night. So, I visited in the morning to see Inuyasha.. I was right about to open the door when


The door hit me in the face.

"Hey, watch it!" I yelled as I stumbled into his room.

"Do you always run into people's doors, or do you do it just to annoy me." Inuyasha barked.

"I thought you would be happy to see me because, we haven't seen each other in a long time." I replied sharply back.

"If you mean couple of days is a long time. Ok." He rudely remarked. His eyes suddenly lit up. "Why are you here?"

"Inuyasha you are so moody." I laughed and was walking toward him when I slipped and both of us went crashing on his bed.

"You clumsy wench!!" I heard Inuyasha yell before we crashed.

"My heard hurts." I moaned. For a second, I forgot what I was on top of. It fells warn though. I looked up and started going red, I was right on top of Inuyasha.

I started to panic, when I heard a voice; "Get off me." Inuyasha coughed.

At the worst possible timing, Miroku happened to walk in. "Inuyasha I came to return your-" he stopped at mid-sentence gawking at us.

"Wait, Miroku!!" I yelled and quickly scrambled off Inuyasha.

Before I had anytime to explain. Miroku quickly dropped the cd and grinned at me. Miroku started laughing and looked back at Inuyasha "Sorry, I came at a wrong time." And ran out the door, leaving Inuyasha and me speechless.

My face was very red, and I picked up the cd and quickly handed it to Inuyasha. "I'm really sorry." I replied nervously. "I got to go." I said quickly.

At the sound of Kouga's name Inuyasha's eyes went into focus and gave me a glare. "Or, maybe because nobody's seen you is because you've been hanging around with that freak, Kouga." He mumbled.

I heard him and lost my temper. "Kouga's not a freak, and I do not spend all my time with him!"

"Yea right, I bet you're going to see him right now."


"I was right!" He spat.

"Well, why do you care anyway?" I yelled back at him.

"Because I-" Inuyasha eyes suddenly darkened. "Never mind." He muttered. "You wouldn't care." After he said that, he quickly walked out of the room.

I stood there for a couple seconds, trying to process what had just happened. I quickly spun around. "Wait Inuyasha!" I called to him, but he already left.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ^__________^

I was trying to find Inuyasha all the day. After that day we had the fight, he seemed to be avoiding me all week. I quickly took a sneak peak in the gym. Maybe he was practicing basketball. But, I only saw Kikyo there. I was right about to sneak out, when a voice stopped me.

"Kagome, funny seeing you here." I turned around and there was Kikyo smirking at me.

"You too" I muttered and then tried to walk away.

"Are you lost Kagome?" Kikyo said smirking at me, and started walking toward me. She's so scary when her face is like that.

"No. I was just leaving."

"I know your plan Kagome. You're trying to let all the guys like you, and steal them away. Just like you've been trying to do with Inuyasha." I stared at her. What's with this girl? Can't she leave me in peace?

I smirked. "Actually, I thought you were describing yourself."

Kikyo's face turned sour, and she raised her hand and was right about to smack me, when somebody caught it. "You know Kikyo, it isn't nice to pick on people."

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