"Alright then,better get going."

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"Let's do this shit!!" Godzilla 2004 shouted.

"What's the threat?" Godzilla 1955 asked.

"Desaspaceghidorah, or 'Spaceghidorah for short."

"Sounds like Spacegodzilla." Godzilla 1994 scratched his head.

"It is, now,he's stronger than any of us alone,so we need to attack him at the same time." Godzilla laid out his plan," 1998, you'll lure him to us,then when we distract him,go for hit an run attacks."


"Please,call me Godzilla,or bro?"

"Okay,bro." Zilla teased.

"Alright,awsome plan,then what?" Godzilla 2000 asked.

"We'll go for the final blow,if it fails,it's all over." Godzilla replied.

"We gotta nail this shit, we're gonna have any help?" Godzilla 2004 asked.

"A whole island full of help." Godzilla replied.


"Rodan,Mothra,Varan,Baragon,Anguirus,Gorosaurus,Manda,3 Mechagodzillas,and so many more I can't list them all if I wanted to."

"Damn,Gojira,we're ready for departure."

"You got it 1998." Gojira pressed a button on a controller and sended them to Monster Island.

"So we all know what to do?" Godzilla asked his teammates.

"Yeah!!" The Godzillas shouted.

Meanwhile with Lynn and the others

'Spaceghidorah was beating the shit out of the Earth Defenders,not even Spacegodzilla can do a damn thing.They thought that they will die,at least they'll die fighting in the name of good.

"Lynn,it's been a pleasure fighting by your side." Anguirus sighed.

"Hey,Kumonga,I can't wait to watch you die." Kamacras lamanted.

"Well,I never thought I die like this." Rodan sighed.

"If only Godzilla was here,he'd kick his ass." Ronnie Anne muttered under her breath.

"Ronalda,he's dead,and were too weak to do anything to him,I'm afriad we're all done for,humanity,kaiju,all of life on Earth."

Ronnie began to cry,she never intended to die so young,if she hadn't got into the way with Godzilla she wouldn't be staring death in the face.

Listen to Mechagodzilla's theme from Ready Player One,it sets the scene for the Godzilla team.

Then the moutain erupts with an ear-pericing roar.

"What the hell?" Desaspaceghidorah looked.

Then the Godzillas jump out of the volcano.

"What the fuck?" Lynn sprang up.

Then Godzilla was last to spring from the volcano.


"Possible,we're here bitch."

"Godzilla,you're back!!" Mothra hugged her lover.

"And there's a shitload of you!!" Rodan exclaimed.

"These are my counterparts from alternate timelines." Godzilla introduced his counterparts.

"ENOUGH TALK!!" 'Spaceghidorah roared.

"You know the plan,go!!" Godzilla smiled then roared.

"Hit and run bitch!!" Godzilla 1998 roared then have his hit and run attacks,"How do you like that bitch!?"

"Say that again, marine iguanna!!" 'Spaceghidorah threatened.

"Marine Iguanna?" Godzilla 1998 gasped.

"You take that back!!" Godzilla 1998 roared and unleashed his atomic breath several times.

Godzilla 1991,'92,'93,'94 and 1995 attacked 'Spaceghidorah,overwhelming him.

"Damn Godzillas!!" Spaceghidorah roared.

Godzilla 1991 unleashed his sprial atomic breath.(Not the red one.)

The atomic breath blew off a couple tendrills,they didn't regenerate.

He's been through alot and can't regenerate.

"He can't regenerate!!" Godzilla gasped.

"Yeah,I just said that." The narrator frowned.

"Shut the fuck up!!" Godzilla snarled.

" 1991,shoot him again!!"

1991 did as told and fired again,blowing off more tendrils.

'Spaceghidorah roared in pain from the stinging.




'Spaceghidorah roars in pain three times.

"I'll be sick."

"One more fucking scream I'll be sick!!" King Ceasar groaned.


"Okay fuck!!" King Ceasar went over to some trees and threw up.

" '95, you know what to do." Godzilla smiled.

Godzilla 1995 nodded and unleashed his spiral atomic breath.

Spaceghidorah fired a similar atomic breath,locking into a beam lock.

Burning Godzilla took a few steps forward,his breath overwhelming Spaceghidorah's breath.

Godzilla 2000 might have been smaller but packed a punch to Spaceghidorah.

He gave rapid punches to the monster,making him stumble back.

"For a 50 meter Godzilla,you're strong." Spaceghidorah wiped blood from his nose.

Godzilla 2000,2001,2002,2003 attacked at once and used their combined strength to toss him to Godzilla 1995 who grabbed Space Ghidorah and tossed him into the air where Mothra caught him and slammed him into the volcano.

Spaceghidorah's face was covered in blood,his hand was shaking rapidly,he breathed in and out.

"Monster Island Bastards." He growled.

"These Monster Island Bastards are gonna end you once and for all."

Spaceghidorah started to panic,then Lynn was a few feet away,he snatched her and pointed his venemous barbed tail at her neck.

"Take one step,and she's dead!!" Spaceghidorah threatened.

The Godzillas froze,not wanting the Louds to lose their sibling.

"What I thought."Spaceghidorah laughed then took off into the night sky with Lynn in his grasp.

"HELP!!" Lynn cried.

"Shit!!" Godzilla snapped at Spaceghidorah but missed.

"Mothra,Rodan,Kyriu, go get her!!"

Before they could take off,a yellow figure snatched Godzilla and flew torwards Desaspaceghidorah.

"Who the hell are you!?"

The dragon looked down with his three golden heads.

King Ghidorah.

"KING GHIDORAH!?" Godzilla exclaimed.

Ghidorah didn't say a word,he kept flying,trying to reach the hybrid.

Ghidorah threw Godzilla at the hybrid.

"That's enough of your shit,you fucking bitch!!" Godzilla grabbed the hybrid's tail.

Desa was going so high,air supply was limited.

Godzilla climed the creature's back.

Space G turned around to find him on his back.

"Ah,so you decided to save the little wimp."

"Wimp!? You're the wimp!!" Lynn shot back.

"You're right,he is." Godzilla agreed.

"Aw,two enemies agreeing on something." Desa said sarcastically.

"I'm gonna end you once and for all." Godzilla snarled.

"Do something,bitch." Spacghidorah threatened.

Godzilla hesitated for a second,he couldn't let Lynn die,even though he nearly killed her twice.

"I'll drop her,if you make a move."

Godzilla pushed off Desa and grabbed his head,making him drop Lynn.

"Now look,she's going to loseher fucking life,unless you give up your life for hers."

"Who's it gonna be,me or Lynn Loud Jr?"

Godzilla thought,then said,"BOTH!!"

Godzilla grabbed his jaws,pryed them open and shot his atomic breath down his throat.

Desa's head blew off,"I hope you burn in hell."

Godzilla then jumped off and divebomed torwards Lynn.

He remembers the airport fight,the island fight,the team up against Shin.

Biollante,and the bastard Desaspaceghidorah.

"Desaspaceghidorah,the worst name ever,powerful kaiju." Godzilla thought.

Godzilla reached Lynn.

"Give me your hand!!"

Lynn streched out her hand,Godzilla grabbed it and pulled her in,clutching her tight as for the impact will be devastating.

"Just to let you know, you'd make a great kaiju."

"And you'd make a great street fighter."

The two closed their eyes for impact.

"They're coming in hot,but in a city!?" Kyriu cried.

"Well come on!!" Godzilla 1998 jumped into the ocean.

Shortly,the other kaiju followed.

Godzilla and Lynn crashed into Royal Woods,in an area similar to The San Fransisco incident.

Daylight was breaking.

Godzilla laid there motion-less.

Lynn pushed herself off on her feet.

Then seconds later,she reverted back to normal size.

The Alternate Godzillas and the other kajiu made it to the devastated Royal Woods.

"Aw shit,were's Godzilla?" King Ceasar wondered.

"We'll look for him." Godzilla 1992 walked off,trying not to crush any humans.

After 3 minutes of searching,they found Godzilla,he was covered in scars,mainly his sides,and the hole Desa punched through.

"Oh God."

"He's dead again." Godzilla 1998 looked down.

Godzilla flared his nostrils,and opened his small eyes.

"Who's dead again?" Godzilla groaned.

"N-Never mind." Godzilla 1998 siad wide-eyed.

"Lynn,are you alright!?" Rita screamed as she held her child.

"I'm fine,thanks to The King of The Monsters."

Rita,Lynn Sr and the rest looked at Godzilla as he walked past them,with the Alternates and the rest of the kaiju.

Godzilla looked back at the Loud Famliy, showing a smile on his face,before giving one final roar.


Godzilla and the others swam/flew back to Monster Island.

Never to be seen again.