It was nighttime in Hollywoo

Bojack sat in his living room. The script of Philbert that was given to him by Princess Caroline's sat on the table partly opened. A bottle of Old Barn Whiskey next to it, also opened.

The horse had taken a little break from reading and popped in a Horsin Around DVD. The episode currently on involved the kids and their neighbor Goober trying to build a surprise present for the Horses birthday, it wasn't going well to say the least.

Bojack sighed as he looked around his own home, his now empty home.

It had been so long since he'd just been alone in it. Normally it was filled with whatever happenings Todd was up to, or whoever else happened to roll into his life and end up creating some form of chaos here.

If the walls of Bojack's home could talk, oh the stories they'd tell. Tales of puking insane mounts of cotton candy, wild parties with lemurs or cars ending up in pools, a taxi company being born, a depressed Dianne who hid from her husband, where he first met his half sister Hollyhock.

Yet now, all that chaos in his life was gone.

Bojack paused the film and stepped outside to his balcony, pulling out a cigarette that he proceeded to light. As he did he looked at his pool.

A pool that perhaps held the darkest of memories for the horse

It was where he almost died during his oscar party, only to be saved and realize he was nominated (due to the stupidity of Mr. Peanut Butter and Todd) which in turn led to the death of his old friend Sarah Lynn. Or the boat he dumped in it.

"That boat," Bojack recalled "The Escape from LA"

A boat which held one of his worst mistakes ever

"Penny," he thought as he looked up at the star filled sky. Which reminded him further of the terrible decisions he'd done in the past. From kissing Dianna after to seeing Herb, to Penny's prom night, and the planetarium where Sarah died in his arms

"What a trifecta of shit you caused?" that little voice in Bojack's head started to say "Almost ruining a marriage, nearly molesting a young girl, and killing your friend. You've got to be the biggest piece of shit,"

"Shut up!" Bojack yelled back

"You're poison. No matter what you destroy everything you touch. What's next? Going to ruin Caroline's little show? Only to try and make half-assed amends to her again? Or maybe run off to another hole on the wall? Will you ruin more people you meet on the way?" the inner voice said more

"ARGH!" Bojack said clenching his temple and closing his eyes. His mind racing though all the insanity he'd caused in the past few years.

"Stop it! STOP IT!" Bojack said

Yet as he opened them he then say the Hollywoo sign, the sign he himself was responsible for ruining


"Splash!" Bojack had fallen into the pool during his mental episode

His internal argument now replaced with the fact he was under water, and the bubbles were floating up. A brief memory of Ana Spanakopita jolted into his mind.

Soon enough he dragged his supposed 1200 pound body out of the water. Coughing a bit up as he tried to stand

As he did so he heard the roar of a plane fly by, above in the sky he could see the blinking lights of one

Just then a final memory zipped into Bojack's mind. A good memory.

"Hollyhock," he said thinking about his half sister. Who had recently went to visit her mother

A smile formed on his face just then, yet was quickly replaced by the fact he was standing outside at night in dripping wet clothes

"Ugh," he said going to his kitchen "I need some alcohol,"

The end