Labyrinth: A Magical Destiny

Chapter one: Memories From the Past

Sarah was surrounded by destruction and death. The whole world that she was
standing in seemed to have lost it's vibrancy and life. A place that had once been filled
with a magic music and strange, but interesting, creatures, was totally different and dead.
It hurt to look about her.

However, she knew that she would be forced to endure the pain of the destruction
of the Underground. It always happened that way in dreams. Sarah was quite sure that
she was dreaming. She hadn't wished to be taken by the goblins, at least not to her

The grand wall that had stood ominously before her when she entered the
Labyrinth, had toppled down and covered the plants that the biting fairies had inhabited.
She scanned the area with intent eyes. There had to be something that was left whole and
alive. She almost expected Hoggle to hobble out towards her with his fairy repellent in
one hand. However, it was no to be.

She stepped carefully over the ruins of the walls. Her destination was not clear to
her, but she had a feeling about where she was going to end up. She knew that she had to
see if the castle still stood in all its monstrosity and glory. She had to know if everything
had been destroyed.

Sarah passed through the doors that had been guarded six long years ago by Alph
and Ralph. She gazed into the pit where she had fallen. There were no helping hands in
there to greet her. Sarah continued past the doors.

As she walked she began to realize that the distance between her starting point and
the castle had been greatly shortened. At one time it had loomed ahead of her for hours.
Now, in the ruins it took her a few short minutes to come up to the collapsed iron doors.

Her mind drifted back to a time when Ludo had easily thrust open the shut doors.
His powerful strength had come in handy with the difficult passages. The sight of the
powerful castle in shambles tugged at her heart. It was not her world, but she had done so
much maturing there. The Underground had become a very real part of her past.

Her eyes wandered over the castle. It too was close to ruins, but had faired better
than the rest of the Labyrinth. She glanced around at the open courtyard that had once
been bustling with goblin guards and odd little homes. There wasn't even a single
structure left.

A flash of white caught her eye. Sarah quickly spun and gazed up into the dark
and stormy sky. Had she seen the white owl? Her eyes scanned the sky, but she only saw
the clouds. A roar of thunder rolled from nearby and the sky was briefly lit by a flash of
lightening. Sarah wrapped her arms around herself and shivered slightly at the ominous

The storm would hit shortly and she certainly didn't feel like getting drenched.
The only sanctuary was in the castle. Sarah looked behind herself one last time and took a
deep breath to prepare herself. She knew that He was watching her and that He would be
in the castle, waiting.

Sarah stepped gently into the castle. The walls looked beaten down and very close
to collapsing in on the castle. She felt as if one false step and a sudden sharp noise could
send the whole thing falling in on her. However, this was only a dream and people are
never harmed in their dreams.

"Is it really a dream?" Sarah asked herself. It soothed her frazzled nerves to hear a
noise in this silent tomb.

Sarah stood in the middle of the throne room with a shocked expression on her
lovely face. The mighty throne that had been the center of leadership for the infamous
Goblin King stood before her. It had split neatly in two. It was almost like an earthquake
had ravaged through the Underground and destroyed everything with it. Sarah knew that
it was much worse than that.

She stepped on to the stairs that led towards the room that had housed her final
confrontation with Jareth nearly six years ago. She was only able to move on the stairs for
a few feet. They abruptly ended at a deep chasm. Sarah peered down and realized that
she could not see the bottom.

"Sarah," an accented voice stated from behind her.

Sarah nearly fell into the gorge from her startle. She quickly stood straight and
turned to face the man who had spoken to her.

Jareth stood in front of her. His wispy blonde hair was free to lay on his shoulders.
He had a cocky grin on his face in spite of the destruction his world had endured. He was
dressed as he had been when he had first come to take Toby away from her. His eyes
burned with a blue light that acted almost like lightening against his dark pupils.

As if cued, thunder erupted closer and sent a chill through Sarah's body. The
lightening followed shortly after and highlighted both of them with it's eerie white light.
The next second the rain burst from the clouds and attacked the weakened castle with

A coarse of emotions surged through Sarah's body. She was relieved to see
something had lasted through the downfall off the Underground. If Jareth had been
defeated as well, it would mean the end of this magical place.

However, Jareth being there also caused an intense hatred to light up again within
her. She had tried so hard to stifle the anger for so many years. It seemed that it would
take much longer to rid herself of the useless emotion. She had defeated Jareth and had
been rid of him. There was a knowledge inside of herself that she would never be really
free of him and the hatred would never be totally gone. It's fire would continue to burn in
her for the rest of her life.

Jareth walked closer to her with the same air of confidence as he had used many
times before. His long black cape drifted behind him and caught in a gust of air from a
near window. He smiled again and then looked out the window in the castle wall. His
good spirits seemed to droop slightly as he saw what was left of his kingdom.

"Why do you bring me here?" Sarah demanded.

Her jaw tightened and she had to repress an urge to place her fists on her hips.
Her question brought no response from the Goblin King. He simply gazed out the
window, as if in a trance.

He turned to her and the fire in his eyes flicked off suddenly and revealed a pain so
deep that Sarah was barely able to keep from breaking into tears. In the next second the
cold fire was back and he straightened himself up and glared down at her with a teasing

"You ask why I have brought you here?" he asked her.

Sarah was still trying to understand what the emotion deep in his eyes had been.
His answer caught her off guard. She could only stammer for a few moments and then she
fought to regain control. The worst mistake would be to let him frighten her into
submission. She knew that she would lose if that ever should happen.

"You didn't answer me, Jareth." she replied.

Her own eyes had grown cold and cruel with hatred towards the man. Sarah knew
that she had boundaries that she couldn't overstep. She had to be careful with her taunts.
Jareth knew how to hurt very well. He knew how to take whatever was most precious.
He especially knew how to get what he wanted.

"You have no reason to talk with such venom. I am not the one responsible for
you being here," Jareth said.

He stepped up closer to her. His eyes were only inches away from hers and she
could feel his warm breath on her neck. The memory of her dance with him when she was
fifteen flitted through her mind. He was a handsome man, but she was not a teenager
anymore. The childish crush on him had vanished a long time ago.

"You have lost, Jareth, and I'm not part of this world anymore. The problems
here don't involve me," she said viciously.

Jareth glared into her eyes fiercely and then spun around. His cape hit against her
legs as he rushed down the stairs. He turned and looked at her. His eyes flashed with
dangerous fury. Sarah knew she had gone too far. She also knew that there was no
taking back her words after they had exited her mouth.

He pointed a gloved finger at her and scowled.

"I wouldn't be so cocky, little girl!"

* * * * * * * *

His voice followed her as she awoke from the dream. He seemed to echo
throughout her room and then slowly fade away. Sarah was bathed in a cool sweat and
her sheets had tangled around her in an uncomfortable jumble. She kicked at them and
finally managed to free her slender legs.

She looked over at her shelves to the right of her bed. All of her beloved animals
and dolls sat there. They watched her as she slept and dreamt. Sarah looked all around
her old room, trying to convince herself that the dream was entirely over. It had seemed
so real. She had actually thought that she was in the Underground with Jareth once again.

Sarah had come home for her birthday. Her parents had insisted that she spend it
with them. Sarah knew that there was no talking them out of it. She hadn't been by for a
visit for some time and they wanted to see her open her presents. Twenty-one was a very
important year, after all.

She had been attending an acting school on a full scholarship. It was what she had
always dreamed of becoming ever since she had first seen her Mother on stage. That, of
course, was her real mother. She had left Sarah years ago to be with her co-star. Sarah's
stepmother was far less glamorous, but she was always there.

Sarah had resented her Stepmother. She had hated her little brother and had made
the horrible mistake of offering him to the Goblin King. However, after she had returned
with her more mature attitude, she was able to love both of them. She had managed to
call her stepmother "Mom" a few years ago.

Sarah walked over to the mirror and looked at it carefully. For some reason she
wasn't ready to admit that the dream was all over. In fact, she was quite sure that
something didn't feel right. Sarah tried to convince herself that she was just upset about
the dream. It had scared her.

She sat down in her old familiar chair and gazed at the mirror intently. She
thought about the Underground and how it had been in utter destruction. That was
probably what was bothering her so much. It was a magical place and seeing it in ruin was
devastating for her.

Sarah's hand wandered down to the top drawer in her desk. She carefully opened
it and kept her eyes glued to the mirror. She couldn't dare to look inside. The flood of
memories could easily overpower her in her weakened state. Then she might see anything.

Sarah's hands found the beaten, leather cover of her book of "The Labyrinth" and
brought it quickly to the top of her desk. She slammed the drawer shut and took in
several deep breaths. Sarah opened the book to where she had last placed her mark before
throwing that part of her past into dark confinement.

"'Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered...," she muttered to

Sarah looked back at the mirror and gazed at her own face.

"Give me the child," she demanded in hushed tones.

Her eyes watched the mirror carefully for any changes. She waited a whole
minute, but nothing happened. Sarah threw open the drawer and tossed the book
carelessly inside. She slammed it shut and succeeded in slamming her finger as well.

"Oh, Damn!" Sarah exclaimed as she held her throbbing finger in the other hand.

She placed it in her mouth and sucked it tenderly. The finger was hot and
throbbed relentlessly. She looked down at it and frowned slightly. It was all that she
needed to make this day totally perfect. Sarah shook her head at her foolishness.

She glanced back at the mirror to fix her disheveled hair and saw him looming
behind her. He was in all his glory. The long black cape remained over his shoulders.
However, he had changed his clothes. He wore a midnight-blue shirt and a black vest.
His tight pants were nearly the same color as his shirt. His gloved hands were clasped
Sarah blinked in surprise and he was gone. Or had he ever been there? She closed
her eyes and then looked at the mirror again. The only thing to greet her was her slightly
white face. Jareth was gone.

"No, he had never been there. The stupid games are playing with your mind
again, Sarah," she thought to herself.

Sarah grabbed her brush and quickly worked at the horrible tangles in her thick
mane of brunette hair. She paced the room as she combed her hair, attempting to
convince herself that everything was happening because she had come back to her old
home. She had come back to too many harmful memories. She would have to leave
sooner than expected.

"Sarah?" her father called from the other side of the door," Are you all right? We
heard you yell."

Sarah took one more look back at the mirror to be sure that she was truly alone.
She glanced around her room as well and then walked over to her door. She opened it
and looked at her father's worried face.

"I'm fine, Dad. I'll be down in a bit," she responded with a strained smile. She
hoped that her father wouldn't notice the effort it took her to look happy.

He nodded uncertainly and headed away from her room. She waited until he had
started down the stairs before she closed the door again. All she needed was for her
parents to think that she was crazy.

Sarah quickly rushed over to her closet and threw it open. She looked around it to
be sure that she wasn't going to be surprised by someone from the Underground. She
laughed a little at her paranoia and pulled out a shirt and some pants.

Sarah dressed quickly. The thoughts of her dream still pestered her mind. She
couldn't understand what was wrong. She had had dreams about it before. They had left
her shortly after waking. This dream was just being stubborn.

Sarah made her way down the stairs two at a time and walked into the kitchen
with a smile at her family. Toby looked up at her and beamed. Sarah sat down by him
and playfully ruffled his thick golden hair. Toby batted at her arm and laughed wildly.

He looked at Sarah with love and awe. Sarah knew that there was a special bond
between them that most siblings never felt. They trusted each other totally and enjoyed
being with each other.

"Now, now, no playing at the table, please," Her Mom demanded.

She looked at Sarah for some help. Sarah pulled her hand away from Toby, but
bent down by him and whispered into his ear.

"Later," she whispered.

Toby looked up at his big sister and smiled broadly. She smiled back at him, her
dream was momentarily forgotten. Sarah turned back to her parents and offered them a
shrug. Her father sighed, but she knew that he was trying to keep from laughing. It was
good to be with family again.

"So Sarah, do you have any interesting things happening?" her father inquired.

Sarah bit her lip shortly and set her fork down by her plate. She looked at him and
managed an excited smile. Things had been going fairly well, but something inside her had
prevented her from enjoying them. If she let her parents know that she wasn't happy, they
would demand that she move back home.

Her mother had been very much against the idea of moving to such a big city as
New York. It was dirty and lacked morals. She didn't want to see Sarah damaged by her
new surroundings. Sarah had simply laughed at her Mother's worried nature and
shrugged the warning off. If she wanted to act she had to make it in New York.

The life there was busy and exciting. She never really had any time to herself.
That was good in most ways. If she had extra time her mind would always wander to
thoughts of the Labyrinth and her friends that she had left. It was hard for her to let go of
all of the magic and fantasy. If she wanted to grow up she knew that she had to.

"It's lovely Dad. My teachers say that I'm a great actress and they really think that
I'll be going somewhere soon. I'm going to be in a play very soon," Sarah replied.

She dreaded her father's next question. It was always the same every time she
visited. He wanted to know if she had a boyfriend. She had gone out on an occasional
date, but that was as far as her relationships went. Sarah didn't know what was keeping
her from letting anyone get close.

"Do you have any guys that I should know about?" his eyes sparkled with

"Oh, Dad. I've been so busy with school and the plays that I've been in. I really
don't have time for a relationship. If I do get involved with someone you'll be the first
one to know," Sarah explained.

It was the same old excuse that she had been using for years. It was mostly
truthful. She was busy, but she also knew that she could easily slip a few dates in each
week if she wanted to. That would be more than enough time to meet someone nice.

Her father looked at her carefully and then lifted his coffee cup to his mouth and
sipped gently. Her mother looked at Sarah and then to her husband. Then she shook her
head and continued to eat the rest of her breakfast. Sarah glanced at her and then
hurriedly looked away.

Her gaze fell to the floor. It had been scattered with several of Toby's toys. Sarah
guessed that he had been playing in here while waiting for breakfast to be ready. Her eyes
fell on a toy that seemed to stand out from the rest. Her heart leaped into her throat and
she tried desperately not to let her parents see her shock.

Her old stuffed fox laid among the cars and trucks that had been carelessly pushed
into the corner. It was the fox that looked exactly like Sir Didymus. Sarah could hear the
gallant knight's voice in her head. She had to stifle a laugh as she thought about him and
his less than courageous steed, Ambrosias.

Sarah rose from her chair and grabbed her stuffed animal from the ground. She
dusted some cobwebs from one of his ears and then placed him tenderly on her lap. When
she looked up again everyone was looking at her.

"Did you bring this down to play with, Toby?" Sarah asked with a smile. She
didn't mind her brother playing with her old toys. She was simply curious why he would
pick Sir Didymus out of all the rest of her stuffed animals.

Toby shook his head and then continued playing with his eggs. He wasn't about to
eat them. However, they worked very well as building material. He had a nice dog
forming on his plate. His mother noticed him and snatched the plate away.

"No playing with your food, Toby," she scolded. She set the plate on the ground
and whistled for Merlin.

The large Sheep Dog arose from his resting place in the living room and stretched
his old bones. Sarah had been surprised that her dear dog was still alive. He was close to
eleven years old. Merlin lumbered over to the plate and proceeded to quickly eat the eggs
and lick the plate clean.

Sarah returned her attention to her stuffed animal. It was strange that he would be
here, especially if Toby hadn't ever brought him down. Sarah shrugged. Perhaps, her
brother had forgotten what he had brought down to play with.

"Sarah?" Toby asked excitedly.

Sarah drew her attention away from the toy and turned to her little brother. His
brown eyes were bright with excitement. He was wiggling uncontrollably and she was
surprised that he was able to stay seated.


"I have something to show you! It's your birthday present!" Toby exclaimed.

"Now, Toby, we decided that we would give Sarah her presents after dinner
tonight. Don't you think that it would be more special then?" her mother asked.

Toby's eyes suddenly lost their excitement. He looked like he would break into
tears at any moment. Sarah looked at her mother and father and then back to Toby.
There was really no reason not to look at his surprise early. He didn't look like he could
stand the wait.

"I think that it would be much more special to see your surprise in the morning.
You just have me so excited, I don't think I could wait all those hours for dinnertime,"
Sarah replied.

Toby jumped from his seat and grabbed Sarah's hand and tugged at her. Sarah
laughed and placed Sir Didymus on the table. The fox fell on his side as she rushed out
the door with her brother.

Toby burst through the back door, dragging Sarah behind him. He leaped down
the stairs and released her hand. He stopped at their fence. Directly behind the house was
the forest. Sarah could remember the times when she would play her fantasy games in the
forest. It always had a strange magical feel to it. The old trees and the sweet smell of
flowers in the springtime added to the magic.

Toby fell to the ground and squirmed between some of his mother's bushes. Sarah
looked back at the house. It would be horrible if Toby got caught ruining the bushes.
However, he didn't seem to be worried about being punished.

Toby backed out of the bushes with a shoebox in his grimy hands. The box was
covered with loose dirt. Toby had tied a red ribbon around the present and had scribbled
her name on the top of the box.

"I found it in the forest and I thought that you should have it. It reminded me of
the stories you tell me," Toby explained.

Sarah had told Toby about her adventures through the labyrinth. He loved to hear
about it again and again. Of course, she hadn't mentioned that she was the girl in the
story and that he actually was the baby. Sarah didn't think that it would be a smart thing
to tell an over imaginative boy.

She took the box and wiped the dirt from the top. She didn't want the present
inside to get dirty. Toby had obviously gone through a lot of trouble to keep the present
hidden and safe. That was one of the things that made it so special for Sarah. She pulled
at the ribbon and then stuck it in her pocket. Toby watched, barely able to control his

"Hurry Sarah, hurry!" he demanded.

"Okay, okay. Hold on," Sarah said with a laugh.

She opened the box and peered inside. A strange glow lit the box with a blue light.
Sarah opened the box entirely and gasped at the sight. There was a single piece of tissue
paper over the ball. However, Sarah knew what it was without even lifting up the paper.

She glanced down at Toby. His excitement had fallen from his face. He only
looked worried and sad. He had obviously seen how Sarah had reacted to his present.
Sarah shook the fear from her mind and then quickly pulled the paper away from the ball.

She lifted the crystal ball from the box and gazed into it. It was the thing that was
emitting a faint blue glow. Sarah managed a slight smile. Toby watched her carefully and
then he too smiled and clapped his hands.

Sarah's reality seemed to be falling in on her to reveal memories from the past.