Chapter 25: Khaos Brigade!

It all had happened so fast, Koneko didn't even have time to react and before she knew it, she was blasted from behind. Koneko's vision steadily stabilized, the blurry room before her slowly resembled more of their club room. Only that the room was upside down. Or rather, Koneko was the one hanging upside down. Her arms and legs restrained by magic bolts of energy from the magic circle on her back. "Gya-kun?" Koneko uttered, remembering she was tasked by Rias buchou to guard the cross-dressing half vampire.

Scanning the room, Koneko saw the shaking frightened Gasper strapped to a chair. A rope infused with magical energy tying him to the chair. His eyes, glowing, his Sacred Gear was active. All around the room, were at least ten magicians guarding them.

"Tch!" Koneko tried to use her Rook strength to break the restraints, although suddenly experienced a violent surge of electricity run straight through her body. "AAAAHHHHHHH!" Her screams of pain echoed through the room, along with the crackling sound of electricity.

"Ho? Our other prisoner is awake." The magicians directed their attention to the now awake Koneko.

"Y-You are all dead meat…" Koneko hissed under her breath. Smoke emitting from her body, her body having suffered light burns.

"I doubt it. Before your friends even have a chance to get in here, we'll threaten to kill you, and the vampire. Creuserey and Katarea have the Faction leaders occupied. And with this vampire's Sacred Gear growing stronger, soon even Sirzechs Lucifer won't be able to defend himself." The magician who appeared to be the leader of the group, grasped her hand onto Koneko's face. A menacing grin spread across her face. "Maybe I should just end your suffering already?"

Koneko glared back at the magician, and spat her straight in the face. "Suck it bitch." The young nekomata hissed back at the magician.

"You insolent little!" The head magician, wiped the saliva off her face and charged a magic bullet aimed at Koneko's face.

The yellow light of the magic bullet illuminated the room. Only to be drowned out, by a crimson light glow from Rias' desk. The light illuminating from her last Rook piece on the chessboard. "What the?!" The head magician yelped in surprise, leaping out from the crimson light, straight up to the head magician's face. Was the Gremory heiress, glaring daggers at the spooked magician. Killing intent leaking from Rias' being, thrusting her hand forward at the magician.

"A-Aa!" The magician couldn't even muster the words before Rias unleashed a wave of destruction. The red black energy devouring the magician, incinerating her in an instance.

Rias' cold blue eyes glowed, as she turned around to glare at the remaining magicians surrounding Gasper. The black red fire left from her blast burning in the background. "They transferred here?!"

"Damn devils!" The magicians cursed.

Jumping out after Rias, was Issei who unleashed a war cry as he leaped at the nearest magician and slammed his fist into her face. "Get away from Gasper and Koneko-chan you bastards!" Issei's Boosted Gear gauntlet surged with a red aura. The power of a dragon leaking through the room.

"Koneko… Gasper, are you alright?" Rias destroyed the restraints on Koneko, and gently caught her in her arms.

"Buchou… I'm sorry… It all happened so fast…" Koneko's frail form trembled, she felt like a failure. Weak and pathetic. She was unable to protect Gasper.

"It's okay." Rias shushed the trembling nekomata, stroking her hair gently. Rias' eyes drifting to clear burn marks on Koneko's back. Then her eyes drifted to the weeping Gasper. Her anger bubbled up, as a red aura of anger exploded from her body. "You magicians will dread this day… The day you angered the house of Gremory!" Shooting out from Rias' aura, were spheres of destruction. The spheres flew across the room, targeting all the magicians present. The magicians could barely manage a cry of horror, as they were wiped off the face of existence.

Issei quickly went to secure Gasper, using the claws of his gauntlet to cut the ropes restraining Gasper. "Come on Gasper, let's get out of here!"

Gasper however, merely trembled. "Senpai… Buchou. It's better if I die. Please kill me… Because of these eyes, I can't make friends with anyone… I'm only a bother… and a coward…" Gasper raggedly shed tears. He had been captured, and used against his so-called comrades. Gasper feeling himself to be a burden because of it.

"Saying such stupid things… unbelievable." Rias sighed, embracing the frightened Gasper in a hug. "I will never abandon you. I said so when I first found you, remember? Now that you've been reborn, you will live for me, and also find a way of life that can satisfy you."

Her words, didn't reach Gasper, who just sulked and wept in Rias' embrace. "I just couldn't find it. For me, who just causes trouble… to have value in living is…"

"You are my precious servant. I refuse to abandon you." Rias lovingly like an older sister, tightened her hug on Gasper.

"That's right, Gasper! My kouhai! We will never abandon you! Me, buchou, Asia, Akeno, Kiba, Koneko, and even Xenovia! We're your friends! And we will never abandon you! If your Sacred Gear ever runs out of control! As your senpai! I will stop you!" At that moment, Issei remembered what Azazel once said about feeding Gasper his blood. The blood of a Dragon, would help Gasper gain control.

"You devil filth!" The doors blew down as more magicians stormed in. They had made this their stronghold after all. Rias and Koneko quickly sprang to action standing protectively before Gasper.

"Payback, bitches." Koneko cracked her knuckles, ready to redeem herself by taking down these magicians.

"You will regret harassing my dearest servants." Rias formed a sphere of destruction in her hand, the violent winds surging towards it, practically screaming power.

"Gasper! It's your time to shine!" Issei however, was determined for Gasper to be the man of the hour. To show that he wasn't a burden.

"B-But, I'm useless in battle…" Gasper protested.

"Not for long…" Issei raised his dragon gauntlet arm. "Ascalon!" Summoning fort from the knuckles of the gauntlet, was the dragon slayer holy sword, Ascalon. Everyone in the room appeared bewildered, unsure what Issei's play was. Instead of pointing the sword at the enemy, Issei pointed it at his own hand. And personally, cut the palm of his own hand.

Gasper gasped, his vampire senses tingling as he eyed the hot red blood flowing down the Ascalon blade. His nose perking at the scent of blood, yet Gasper fought back turning his face away. "No! No! I don't like blood!"

Issei's eyes twitched in pain, the pain was strong in his hand. Not just from cutting it, but for using a holy sword. Even though he had suppressed the holy energy, it still hurt like hell. "Gasper! A man needs to get up on his own! Don't you have a wonderful pair of balls on you?!" Issei pointed the blade towards Gasper, his dragon blood running down to the tip of the blade pointed at Gasper.

"B-But… W-What if I lose control?" Gasper trembled. The idea seemed frightening to him. "Your blood… Itachi-senpai's blood… I struggle to control myself. It scares me. Especially with Itachi-senpai…"

"Huh?" Rias looked shocked at what she was hearing, so was Koneko and Issei.

"W-Wait, Gasper… Do you mind if I ask?" Issei looked Gasper in the eye, seeing the frightened conflicted look in his eyes. "Why are you so scared of Itachi-senpai?"

"I-I… Didn't want to worry Rias buchou… I know how she feels about Itachi-senpai… B-But, it's not that I'm afraid of Itachi-senpai as a person… But it is his blood. Back when Trigon attacked the academy last year… I was hiding in my box. But after the battle, I remember… This rich scent, it smelled like mom's home cooking. I was confused… I thought maybe there was a celebration because we won the battle. But…"

Flashback: one year ago

Gasper laid in a foster position, covering his ears to avoid the sounds of demonic growls coming from outside. He tried not to cry, but the tears of fear wouldn't stop. His whimpers however, stopped as soon as he smelled it. A delicious rich scent reached his nostrils. What was this scent? It smelled divine, wonderful.

Gasper heard his stomach growl as a result, drool dripping from his mouth. "D-Did we win? I-Is there some sort of victory celebration?" This scent, it reminded Gasper of what could only compare to a mother's home cooking. It smelled so delicious, and nostalgic.

The scent was enough, for Gasper to peak out from his box. Expecting maybe some sort of banquet. Although, what met his sight, was no banquet. Gasper gasped in horror and widened his eyes.

He saw a bloodied, and beaten form of Itachi. Blood drenched on his clothes, thick red blood. Kuroka weeping while cuddling up next to Itachi like a cat. And with the new girl Raven, resting Itachi's head on her lap as she used some sort of magic to heal his injuries. And the battle, which was still raging on as Serafall battled Trigon in the academy.

His master, Rias was on her knees, weeping over the form of Itachi. Her eyes filled with concern, as her beloved looked to be near death. But Gasper was focused, on the thick red blood running down from Itachi. The wind picking up, blowing a piece of Itachi's torn bloodied uniform in Gasper's direction.

Gasper yelped and went back into his box, yet the bloodied cloth piece went into the box with him. And his senses were overcome with the sweet rich aroma of Itachi's blood. Gasper trembled, his heart beat rating at an all-time high. His fangs sticking out more. His vampiric instincts were kicking in.

In his fright, Gasper activated his Sacred Gear and time froze. Gasper holding onto the bloodied cloth piece. Stepped out of his box, and closer to the source. The bloodied form of Itachi. Who was still moving, and twitching on the ground, yet also unconscious. Time didn't freeze for him like the others. Gasper gulped, feeling his hunger growing, his heart beat getting faster as he moved closer to Itachi. 'Why is his blood so…' Gasper inched closer to Itachi, his eyes on his neck.

Gasper's mouth twitched open, his fangs having grown bigger, and drool dripping from them. Just a taste. Just a taste is alright, right? Right? Gasper then suddenly stopped himself. Slowly turning his head to the side, seeing the frozen form his master, Rias. Her eyes filled with sadness over seeing Itachi hurt. That look in Rias' eyes, made Gasper back away. "No… No, I can't do this…" Gasper knew, a taste wouldn't be enough. He was afraid, afraid he wouldn't be able to stop himself. Afraid to lose control. He nearly hurt the person his master loves more than anyone. If he did that, would she abandon him? No, he didn't want that. Throwing away the bloodied cloth piece. Gasper went back into his box, covering his nose to prevent himself from smelling that scent again.

He cradled himself back into his foster position. And hid, throughout the rest of the battle. Refusing to leave his box, refusing to face Itachi, refusing to take the risk of losing control. Gasper after the battle, then locked himself away again.

Flashback end

Gasper wept, as Rias, Koneko and Issei looked astonished at what they just heard. "I don't want to hurt the person Rias buchou loves… I don't want to be hated… I don't want lose control and jump Itachi-senpai…"

"Gasper… I could never hate you." Rias said. True she wouldn't know how to react if Gasper had actually hurt Itachi. But she knows Gasper can't help it, he is half vampire after all. It was merely in his nature. "I know Itachi would say the same. Besides, I don't think he has to worry about you attacking him." Rias gave a slight amused smile, knowing Itachi would probably use his eyes to put Gasper to sleep if things ever came to it. Itachi knew how to protect himself. That time against Trigon was a special case, Itachi was unconscious and defenseless after having fought against the Lord of Purgatory.

"Really?" Gasper lightly peaked towards Rias, seeing the loving look in her eye still remaining unwavering. Even after having heard how Gasper nearly actually killed Itachi. Rias, was truly far too kind.

"Gasper." Issei spoke up, still pointing the blade with his blood towards Gasper. "Drink it. Quench your thirst with my blood. The blood of me who harbors the strongest dragon. And show us that you're a man!" Issei's eyes also remained unwavering. "You won't feel so hungry after this, so there is no need to be afraid."

Gasper nodded, leaning closer to the blade tip, and catching a droplet of blood on his tongue. And at the instant Issei's dragon blood touched Gasper's tongue, the atmosphere changed. An eerily chill rang through the whole room.

Gasper's body exploded into bats. Bats flying around the room, swarming the magicians. The chirping red eyed bats swooped down and even protected Koneko from a magic bullet. Gathering into Gasper, his gaze focused. He looked different, he looked strong. Gasper once again exploded into bats, swarming the magicians.

The magicians frantically began blasting the bats with magic bullets. "Agh! Don't let him get close! He'll suck your blood!" Black hands came from the magicians' shadows, and pulled them down to the floor. They had nowhere to run.

"So, this is the ability of a vampire?" Issei looked in amazement along with Koneko and Rias. Watching as Gasper dealt with the magicians.

"He's not sucking our blood! He's absorbing our magic power!" The magicians panicked. All this power, from just a few drops of Issei's blood. Suddenly, all the magicians froze on the spot. Gasper had stopped their time!

"Issei-senpai! Go for the finisher!" Gasper's voice echoed from the swarm of bats.

"Yosh! Just like we planned! Leave it to me!" Issei jumped in, touching all the frozen magicians. Then, while striking a cool pose in the center of the room, Issei cried out. "Dress Break!"

The clothes of the witches who were time stopped, were brilliantly blown off before Issei's eyes with a flick of his finger. A trade fair of naked women unfolded before his virgin eyes! He could look as much as he liked, and touch them as he liked!"

"Yosh!" Issei cried with a nosebleed at the thought. "Gasper, together we're invincible!"

"Yes!" Gasper and Issei's bonding moment would have made perverts cry.

Koneko and Rias just stared at the bonding moment of Issei and Gasper, with mixed reactions. Rias gave a nervous chuckle, feeling like an older sister watching her younger brothers do something foolish. "Well, at least they are working as a team…"

Koneko glared harshly at Issei. "That perv is a bad influence."

Outside at the academy track field, Creuserey looked at the new addition to the battle, the newly arrived Harry Newgate. Who had just so boldly declared himself above all the three factions. "I am a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Eagle Sin of Pride, Harry Newgate-sama."

"This one is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins?" Creuserey quietly muttered to himself, the renowned Sins of the Sitri family were well known in the Underworld. As they rose to fame during the battle against Trigon.

"Above all factions? Such big words. You are without a doubt the most prideful and arrogant human I have ever encountered." Creuserey looked unamused, charging up a blast attack.

Harry however, smiled warmly and gave a boastful heartfelt laughter at the original Maou descendant's words. And with a downwards punch from Harry, the gravity field around them increased sending Creuserey plummeting out of the sky. The now shocked Creuserey found himself on his knees before Harry Newgate's feet. "That is the sin of Pride." Creuserey's face was visible awestruck, cold sweat running down his forehead. His face quickly shifting into one of anger, as he realized he had been brought to his knees before a mere reincarnate.

'He brought me to my knees… in just one attack? A human like him… shouldn't even exist.' Creuserey picked himself up from this embarrassing groveling form of his. The sudden increase of gravity had only caught him by surprise, yeah that has to be it. "Don't get so full of yourself… we've only just begun. Don't go underestimating the one carrying the blood of the true Asmodeus!"

"Of course, otherwise this little squabble wouldn't entertain me in the slightest." Harry's words infuriated Creuserey. Harry was so prideful and arrogant, he didn't even consider this match a fight, rather a mere "squabble" this would not stand for Creuserey.

"Oi, old man…" A voice called out suddenly, interrupting the fight. Harry took a glance over his shoulder and looked down on Damian who appeared to be pouting. "That was my opponent."

To this, Harry merely scoffs like he is dealing with a needy child. "Why should you have the fun in killing him? I haven't had any form of exercise since Trigon. These Maou descendants would at least warm me up."

Damian sighs, taking this as Harry's way of asking for permission to fight. Rubbing the back of his head, Damian gives in and decides to let the old man take over. "Whatever, he wasn't a big deal anyway. He's all your gramps." Damian waved off, as he tucked his hands inside of his pockets, and walked towards where the rest were fighting Arthur and Bikou.

"You humans… one after the other…!" Bawling his hands into fists, clenching them so hard blood even starts to draw from Creuserey's skin. The angered Maou descendant, shots a blast straight into Harry's chest. The explosion leaving a trace of blue fire and smoke as Harry stumbles back a few feet. "Dare underestimate me!" Creuserey now flies in for the attack on Damian, who still has his back turned. Ready to slam a heavy magic infused punch to the back of Damian's head.

But suddenly, Creuserey finds himself halting midair. In confusion he looks behind him. "What?!" Creuserey is shocked to find Harry having grabbed onto his ankle, looking at him with a bored expression.

"If you would stop goofing around and get serious…" Harry heaved Creuserey into the air, and slammed his entire body into the ground. Creuserey found his body winded, as his back hitting the concreate ground at such force knocked the wind right out of him. "We could get down to business." Harry stood in his way, his massive tall stature acting like a wall between Creuserey and his opportunity for revenge on Damian.

"You insolent wretch! Get out of my way!" Creuserey blasted beams out from his eyes at Harry, although Harry didn't even flinch. The beams merely touching onto his body like a harmless laser. "Impossible…" Creuserey looks in disbelief, and without Harry even moving a muscle. Creuserey suddenly feels as if he has been punched and is knocked back several hundreds of feet.

"So, you are one of those that claim to be a true Maou?" Harry's towering figure, eclipsed the full moon from Creuserey's vision. "I am unimpressed." Harry's condescending words, and that infuriating tone he had to make himself appear superior irked at Creuserey.

Creuserey took flight, to the point where he was higher above the ground than Harry. "Very well! I shall demonstrate my superiority to you worm!" Responds by flaring his aura, his power swelling to greater lengths than he has ever displayed before against Damian. The very space around them trembling, and died in a light purple light from the reflection of Creuserey's aura.

The likes of Kiba and Xenovia quickly halt in their battle against the magicians, and look towards the source of this power, Creuserey. Xenovia was visibly shaken, having a cold nervous sweat of fear running down her back. "This power… is even greater than what Kokabiel displayed." Kiba even swallowed a nervous lump in his throat, although he wasn't nearly as frightened as Xenovia, seeing who Creuserey was up against.

Harry looked stoic before this increase of power, his mustache blowing in the intense wind generated around Creuserey. "Please, do go ahead and give it your all. I would hate for you to die before I can witness your full power. Otherwise, I couldn't display how far superior the Newgate bloodline is compared to that of one of the original Maou."

That was the last straw. "You insolent old fool! Very well, I will show you by destroying you in an instance with my mightiest attack!" Creuserey created a massive ball of this purple fire like aura. The sheer intensity causing multiple buildings to be torn apart, and the rubble being pulled in towards the energy ball and be destroyed before even touching it. The ball, then shrunk a bit in size until it was the size of a wrecking ball. This highly concentrated ball of energy, carried enough destructive power to destroy the town of Kuoh five times over. "Now! Perish and despair!" Creuserey tossed the ball at Harry, who stood in silence as the ball of energy plummeted at him.

Harry, in order to absorb the full effect of the blast, opened his massive arms and grabbed the energy ball in an embrace. The space trembled, and the ground beneath Harry sank into a crater. "Fool! You wish to prevent this town's destruction by absorbing the full destructive power of my attack into yourself?! There will be nothing left of you after this, reincarnate trash!" Creuserey boasted in laughter.

Yet, Harry barley even sweated. And, with the power of his Devil Fruit, the shaking intensified around him. Cracks appearing on the energy ball as if it was made of glass, and beams of energy leaking out from it. What followed was a brilliant explosion that engulfed Harry.

Harry had successfully reduced the blast radius by great lengths, having taken the full damage of the blast. "Foolish human garbage-" So imagine Creuserey's surprise, in finding Harry completely unscratched by the attack. With smoke emitting from his muscular form. All the attack had done, was shred apart Harry's apron. "I-Impossible… No way…" Creuserey backed up, his face visibly distraught and frightened. Harry had tanked his strongest attack, and came out unscratched. "N-No, this isn't possible… Even with the power of Ophis' snake he still…" Creuserey was stuttering, and visibly in shock.

"Ho? You managed to scratch me." Harry pointed at the tiniest near invisible scratch on his chest. Sounding like he was praising the mere attempt of a child. Creuserey was gaping, and backing up like a frightened child from a monster. "I suppose it is my turn." Harry's words caused Creuserey to flinch in fright.

Harry raised his sword, the blade generating an intense heat and fire around it. Harry's piercing glare sending shivers down Creuserey's spine. "N-No… Stay away from me… you monster… This can't be real! This is a nightmare!" Creuserey quickly took off in fright, hoping to flee his inevitable doom.

Fire Slash!

With a mighty huff, and a swing of his sword. Harry slashed the air, sending a slashing wave of fire soaring after Creuserey. The screams and wails of the descendant of the original Asmodeus, silenced as the fire wave sliced him right down the middle. "Agh!" Creuserey gasped, and then his severed body was lit on fire. Being burnt away in a mere instant before the might of Harry's flames.

Seeing the death of Creuserey, Katarea gasped in terror. "N-No… Creuserey?" Her face shifted quickly to one of anger, as her power exploded with great intensity. "You dare kill my beloved? Unforgivable! You and your little sins! I will grind you all to dust" Katarea directed her anger at Itachi, who stood there motionless. He had little to no sympathy for Katarea who seemed to have been lovers with Creuserey by her statement.

"Rules of battle, if you are prepared to kill, you must also prepare to be killed." Itachi took a deep long breath, focusing his inner energy. A fiery aura flourishing from his body, the calm aura shifted quickly into a violent storm of power. With a mighty leap, Itachi charged at Katarea, slamming his fist in a right hook into her face.

The descendant of the original Levithan plummeted to the academy baseball field. Katarea's body dragged across the field, gathering up a cloud of the sandy dust. With a quick flare of her aura, the dust blew away from her field of vision. Although no Itachi in sight. Her ears twitched, as the sound of footsteps came from behind. She quickly turned around, her fingers extending and wrapping around Itachi's body like snakes. To Itachi, it felt like when Orochimaru made the foolish attempt to steal his body. And like Orochimaru, Katarea would soon discover the faults of her actions.

"You're mine now! I will strangle you before Serafall's eyes! And when she despairs! I shall kill her!" Katarea's boasts didn't face Itachi, who didn't even seem to be in pain by Katarea tightening her hold on his body. His bones should be breaking by now. "Why aren't you crying in agony?!" Katarea grinded her teeth in frustration, this brat dared take her lightly?

"Well, a clone can't really feel pain." Katarea's blood froze, her eyes slowly drifting to the side. Seeing Itachi flying above her with his arms crossed. "You might have power… But you lack combat experience it would seem." Itachi held his right hand out, and snapped his fingers. The clone in Katarea's hold started looking unstable, its body bulging out and swelling. Katarea could only gasp, as the clone lit up and detonated in an explosion that rocked the academy grounds.

Katarea was panting, her face twisting in pain. As the explosion had blown the fingers of her right hand clean off. Due to her ability to manipulate her own flesh, her fingers were regenerating. That didn't mean she didn't feel the pain of them being torn apart. "Wh-What kind of clone was that?" Katarea panted, what sort of clone would explode like a bomb anyway.

"Hydrogenic Bomb Clone." Itachi replied, earning a bewildered expression from Katarea. "By utilizing the hydrogen within the water. I can manipulate the hydrogen into creating a hydrogen bomb. And I can also manipulate the power of the explosion it creates. That clone held a mere fraction of what I can manage. The Sitri clan, we are able to manipulate water in any kind of forms and shapes. Sadly, not many of our clan seem to know various forms of manipulation of the water we have at our disposal. So, I have to get creative and find ways of my own."

Azazel from the sidelines gave a whistle, indicating he was impressed. "Not bad, most noble devils are too lazy to figure stuff like that out. Being gifted with immense power and potential, they don't bother training or learning. But this kid, not only trains, but also finds new uses for his demonic powers. Itachi Sitri, truly a one-of-a-kind devil."

Katarea had enough of this, she would not be defeated by a mere child! Acting quickly, she blasted a dark blue blast of energy at Itachi. Although to her surprise, Itachi merely slapped it aside with ease. His Touki energy having increased his physical abilities. "N-No! This is not possible! I am a Levithan! I have the power of one of the original Maou! My powers should be far beyond of a brat like you!"

A ball of water formed before Katarea, the water swirling at an intense rate. "You talk too much." Itachi with a mere twirl of his hand, had the water light up in a brilliant light.

Hydrogenic Bomb

The water pushed into Katarea, dragging her with it as it flew into the skies and the very top of the barrier. With a clench of his fist, Itachi detonated the bomb. The level of explosive power it packed, resulting in the night sky lighting up. Fire burning across the top of the barrier. And the blast radius was so big it even took out several magicians in the process.

The burning black smoke cleared away, revealing a ball of flesh in the sky. Flames burning across it, the ball then looked to be opening. Katarea having extended her arms and wrapping her whole body in a barrier of her own flesh. As well as using some defensive magic circles to shield herself from the full effects of the explosion. Katarea's eyes twitched in agony, the sheer burning pain she felt in her arms was nearly too much to bear. Her skin had burnt away from her forearms. Flames still burning from her flesh. With a mighty heavy swing of her arms, the flames snuffed out. And she began the healing process of her burnt arms, restoring tissue and skin.

Katarea was trying to warp her head around this. Yes, Itachi was a devil of noble lineage. But she was still the descendant of the original Levithan! One of the four mightiest bloodlines the devil world has ever known! She shouldn't be having trouble against Itachi who was from a lesser blood lineage. She even ate Ophis' snake, her powers should be far greater than Itachi's! In fact, he should have been on his knees begging for his life by now! And yet, he wasn't. He was actually winning?! No, she would not stand for this! It must have been a fluke!

Meanwhile, the youngest of the Sitri siblings, Sona was doing her part of this battle. The edge of a staff coming crashing down onto her, Sona taking evasive action by flying backwards. Dragging her rapier blade across the ground. As if the blade dragged moisture from the ground, mixed with her level of magical powers formed a sphere of water at the tip of the sword. Pointing her sword towards Bikou, Sona thrusted the blade forward, and the water shot out like a cannon.

Bikou looked perplexed, Sona's water sphere appeared to be growing in size the nearer it got to him. It was dragging moisture from the ground beneath it as it was blasting towards him. Bikou span his staff at the speed of a rotating propellor. Catching the water blast, although was quite surprised as the sheer impact knocked him back a few feet. The dirt ground beneath him dragging up, his staff nearly knocked out from his grasp. "Odd…" Bikou tapped his feet on the ground, taking a break as he was trying to wrap his head around Sona's surprise reveal in power. "Oi, Sitri lady, you've always been this strong?"

Sona didn't respond, and slashed her sword into thin air, although the swing of her blade sent a slash wave of water towards Bikou. "Whoa! Whoa!" Bikou smacked his staff into the slash wave, finding trouble to break through. Bikou could tell from the sheer pressure of the water alone, if his staff was normal, it would have broken in half upon impact. Making full use of the muscles in his arms, Bikou pushed through and broke the water slash attack. "Oi, a bit rude not to answer me…"

"No." Was the simple answer Sona gave, before slashing her blade again sending another water slash wave. Bikou leaped over it, spreading his legs to narrowly avoid the slash wave.

"No what?!" Bikou in all of this, called for his Kinto'un. And the golden cloud came to its master's aid, letting Bikou ride it soaring across the sky.

Sona completely focused on her target, spread her devil wings and took chase after Bikou. "No, I haven't always been this strong." Sona bluntly replied to Bikou's question earlier.

"Huh? I kind of guessed. Guess something has changed since the last time you were reported to be in battle." Bikou hummed, and casually extended his Nyoi-Bo staff, the speed of the staff was too much for Sona. The edge of the staff pushing into her gut, Sona had the wind knocked out of her as the staff pushed her straight into the barrier wall. "Come to think of it… You were last reported to be in battle against Trigon and his forces last year… Guess a lot can change in a year, huh?!" Bikou gave a goofy grin, as he sat with his legs crossed on his cloud while eyeing Sona.

"You talk too much…" Sona mumbled, as with twitch of her fingers. She focused her magic power onto the puddles left by her first water attack. The water having scattered itself thanks to Bikou blocking it with his rotating staff. Out from the water, formed water eagle shaped projectiles. Soaring towards Bikou's blind spot.

"Eh?" Bikou suddenly flinched, and without even turning his gaze away from Sona. He retracted his staff, and swung it backwards destroying the water eagles. "Oh, not bad… you play smart. You knew I would be able to deflect that water blast earlier, hoping to spread the water from that attack around. So, you could use that water to attack me from multiple directions in my blind spot." Bikou looked and sounded genuine in his praise. "If it had been Arthur, it might have worked. But you see, I know senjutsu, so my senses are like extreme you know. I felt that attack coming from a mile away. So, sorry about that! Gahahaha!" Bikou gave a heartfelt laughter.

"Like I said… you talk too much." Hoisting her hand up in the air. A magic circle formed beneath Bikou, and instantly a geyser of water exploded from it. The monkey king was knocked into the air, the sudden blast having shaken his body up a bit.

"Ho? Not bad. I thought those eagles felt too weak. They were meant as a distraction, huh? Sorry I doubted your abilities." Bikou looked quite genuine with his words once again, taking a leap midair Bikou landed before Sona who was quick to try and make some distance. "You being smart and all… you know, don't you?" Sona frowned a bit. She did indeed know. "You could never beat me in close quarter combat. Which is why, you need to keep your distance." Bikou at speed surpassing even that of a Knight, closed the gap between him and Sona. "Ho!" Bikou slammed his palm into Sona's chest, the youngest Sitri gasped the sound of her flesh and bones groaning from that one impact alone. Sona flew like a bullet across the battlefield, and Bikou kept the chase. He wasn't going to let her gain distance and recover. Taking a spin midair, and raising his staff above his head. Bikou aimed to swing it down onto Sona. Sona however, countered with her rapier sword.

Bikou's superior strength clearly pushing her, despite Sona's best efforts. 'Your psychical strength is your greatest weakness. Unlike your brother, or the Gremory girl. You have quite the weak body and stamina for a Devil. We really should focus on improving that, rather than controlling your demonic power.' A memory of her training echoed through Sona's mind as she was being pushed.

Bikou looked to be in deep thought, as he took one hand off his staff, still pushing Sona. He looked at his hand whilst looking deep in thought, making groping motions. He then looked back to Sona. "You know, you are really flat." And just like that, something snapped in Sona.

Sona's face was frozen in shock for a mere second, and then replaced with pure rage. "HUH?!" Sona suddenly gained incredible strength, and pushed Bikou back with ease. "Die! You sexual harassing monkey!" Sona fumed and created a massive water dragon serpent. The dragon shot forward, and slammed its jaws onto Bikou.

"Ouch! Hot! Hot!" Bikou yelled from within the water dragon, the water was boiling hot like Sona's rage.

"Die! Die! Die!" Sona angrily slashed and hacked with her sword sending multiple water blasts at Bikou.

"… Does that idiot wish to die?" Arthur commented looking rather perplexed at his comrade's behavior. Well, what else should he have expected from Bikou.

Sona kept her bombardment of attacks up, only for suddenly a massive explosion of pressure blasting all her attacks away into nothing. Bikou glowed, in a white aura, his muscle mass slightly increased, and his body left with light bruises and scratches. "This is…" Sona recognized this aura. It was the same as Itachi and Sairaorg. "Touki?" Bikou stood there looking with a deadly serious glare, and with his staff held firmly in his right hand.

Bikou's serious expression suddenly broke into a cheeky grin. "Ah man, I've always wanted to do that! When my opponent thinks they have me trapped, only for me to suddenly go all "woosh!" And leaving them like "Whaaaat?" That's one thing crossed off the bucket list." Bikou jumped around in excitement, like a kid who was just given ice cream or a brand-new toy. "Honestly thought I would need to save this for your brother, or one of the sins. But you surprised me…" Bikou smirked as his explosive Touki aura flared. "Please, rest assured… this is me taking you seriously. I don't use this on just anyone."

Sona frowned. This monkey boy was really getting on her last nerves. "… If you are taking this seriously. It's only appropriate I do the same." Sona revealed, to which Bikou looked in shock.

"Oi, you holding more back?" Bikou blinked in surprise, sensing Sona's power swelling further. Three whirlwinds of water rotating around her, and her body giving off an aqua blue aura. To this, Bikou only smiled, he broke into laughter. "Kakakaka! Nice one! Ooooo! This is going to be fun~" Bikou went into a stance, ready to get this fight with Sona started for real this time.

Sitting on the sidelines, holding back an angered Serafall who looked ready to jump in and pummel Bikou to death for touching Sona's chest. "Let me go Esdeath! I will grind that monkey into paste!" Serafall kicked her legs around, as Esdeath had lifted Serafall up above ground level.

"Sorry, lady Serafall. But I wish to see the progress of my student." Esdeath revealed, with what appeared to be a hint of pride glimmering in her eyes as she looked at Sona.

Flashback: one year ago

A week after the battle against Trigon, Esdeath got a surprise visit from none other than the youngest of the Sitri family, Sona. "You want me to what?" Esdeath looked with a harsh death glare, that even made Sona flinch in fright.

"I-I want you to train me…" It seems, Rias wasn't the only one who found inspiration to train after witnessing how Trigon tortured Itachi.

"Why?" Esdeath coldly asked.

"W-Well… Because, I don't want to be a burden for onii-sama… Please, help me get stronger." The prideful Sona, lowered her head to Esdeath. The former general only sighed and patted the young Sitri on the head.

"Raise your head, I'm the one in service to your household. You shouldn't lower your head to me." Esdeath although also prideful, respected Serafall and her family too much to see one of them lower their heads to her or anyone for that matter.

"… Can I ask one thing, why not ask someone else? Like lady Serafall? I'm sure she would be over the moon to train you." Esdeath could probably guess why, but at the same time Esdeath knew how strict she herself was and wondered if Sona could handle the training.

"Ugh!" Sona flinched, clearly not willing to swallow her pride into asking Serafall to train her. "Onee-sama is… She wouldn't train me. She would probably waste training to do all sorts of nonsense. Because she's too overprotective. That's why, I need someone like you to do it instead. You won't cuddle me, or hold back. I need a teacher, not a babysitter. So please, train me."

The fierce determination burning in Sona's gaze, brought a smile to Esdeath's face. "Very well, I will tell you when and where. And if you are late, I will whip you." Esdeath accepted, and Sona nodded at the conditions with a slight nervous sweat dripping down her face.

Flashback end.

'She may not have the same raw potential like young master Itachi, or Rias Gremory for that matter… But she does work hard.' Esdeath smiled in her head, as she saw her student fight against Bikou.

Arthur unlike Bikou, wasn't kidding around. He appeared to be quite serious from the very start. Damian tried to entrap him within his strings, but the sheer holy aura unleashed from his Excalibur blew the strings away into the wind. In a further surprising turn of events, Damian found his strings moving along with Arthur's Excalibur. The strings enwrapping themselves into the shape of a spear without any movement on Damian's part. 'This guy, is he manipulating my Sacred Gear?' With a thrust of the Excalibur aimed at Damian, the string spear flung itself towards its own wielder. "Whoa!" Damian yelped as he took a leap backwards, completely caught off guard. Damian looked only bewildered at seeing the string spear stabbed into the ground before him.

"Excalibur Ruler…" Arthur revealed seeing the look of confusion on Damian's face. "It is the mightiest out of all the Excalibur fragments. Arthur went into a stance with the long-handled sword, decorated with a golden cross-guard. "It gives me the ability to manipulate any living things, organic material, inorganic material, inanimate objects… And, phenomena. All, subjugate to this blade's might."

"In other words, … I just gotta get up nice and close!" Bob appeared right behind Arthur, aiming for an elbow drop onto Arthur's head. Arthur however, despite being human. Displayed what could only be described as reflexes of a Devil Knight. His speed surpassing even that of Kiba and Xenovia, as he avoided the heavy blow of the massive hulking Bob. And in a swift motion, jabbed one of the cross-guard edges into Bob's gut.

Bob's devil body froze, as holy energy from the Excalibur invaded his body like a fever. Bob felt weak, and dropped onto one knee. "You two aren't really a good match-up for me. Being Devils, and such close ranged fighters and all. Only a fellow Knight, can beat me." Arthur raised his blade high, looking like he aimed to behead Bob.

Arthur swiftly brought the blade down, although was met with the sound of clanking metal clashing together. Giving a raised brow, Arthur saw two dark black daggers in a cross formation blocking his Excalibur. The Demonic aura from the daggers countering Arthur's Excalibur and its Holy aura. Arthur's eyes casually drifted to the side, his expression remaining stoic. Despite the sight of roughly 500 dead magicians raining down around them, and the quiet small footsteps of the lone assassin, Jack, walked in the midst of it.

Arthur's cold calculative gaze, met the equally cold piercing yellow green eyes of Jack. "We're bored… Listening to all these old geezers… Even killing all these cold witches did not satisfy us." Arthur took a step away from Bob, the daggers levitating and pointing towards him. Both daggers shot towards him, and Arthur gracefully countered them with his Excalibur Ruler.

'… I can't control her blades?' Arthur was puzzled. His Excalibur Ruler should be able to control Jack's daggers, yet it failed.

"Bob, pervert, Eto, get out of here." Around Jack opened dimensional like portals that summoned forth ten more identical daggers.

"Oi, why am I getting the cold treatment here?" Damian sweat dropped.

"… I hate to admit it, but dealing with this Excalibur is a pain." Bob got back up, seeming totally fine. Doing a mere few stretches and he appeared to be back in top shape. But still, Arthur's Excalibur did prove a problem to Bob. Not only due to his Devil body, but also due to Arthur's speed. Bob with his hulky body would be an easy target for Arthur, unless Bob himself used promotion to promote himself into a Knight. But even with the added speed boost, Bob doubted he could outdo Arthur in that category.

"Hmmm, Jack-chan. As much as I want to see you all serious… I cannot accept." Eto snickered, the taste of a Maou descendants' flesh earlier, had piqued the interest of the half ghoul. "Neh, let onee-chan explore more rare flavors~" Although they couldn't see Eto's face due to her Kakuja, they could feel her licking her lips excitedly. "What does a human who is a natural Holy Sword wielder taste like? I quiver at the thought." More horns, and spikes grew out from Eto's Kakuja, as it kept mutating in responds to Creuserey's flesh.

"The two of you are knights, so why not just tag team this prick?" Damian suggested.

"Overkill." Jack merely replied. The conference must really have bored her for her to result in gaining excitement from fighting.

"Go ahead." Arthur challenged the Sin Knight duo. Summoning forth a second Holy Sword. Although this sword, for some reason felt way more powerful than any of the Excalibur fragments. Even more powerful than Arthur's own Excalibur Ruler. "I'm more than enough to take on the two of you. Cobra Sin of Wrath, Jack the Ripper. Owl Sin of Envy, Eto Yoshimura. I shall fight both of you."

"… Although I don't dislike confidence in men. Your attitude is really pissing me off." Eto said whilst smiling, but on the inside, she was fuming with rage.

"The nasty ghoul can leave. We shall fight you alone." Jack harshly replied, to which Eto's eye twitched in annoyance at her fellow Sin. "For mommy!" Jack added, her eyes sparkling as she said it. "Rebellion!"

A storm of demonic daggers flew out from dimensional portals around Jack, coming raining down around Arthur. Arthur however was easily able to counter the rainstorm of daggers around him, swinging his two holy swords around him. Each of his holy swords, left behind a golden trail of holy energy serving as additional shielding from Jack's demonic daggers.

"Well, can't say I dislike that side of her." Eto sighed, and joined in on the bombardment. Her kakuja extending its tentacles to the point they looked like swords, each kakuja tentacle sword caught in a blazing inferno of Creuserey's magic power. Arthur however, using Excalibur Ruler changed the trajectory of Eto's attacks onto Jack. The tiny assassin quickly acting doing a backflip to avoid the incoming tentacle, and whilst midair stretching out her devil wings to remain airborne.

Of course, Arthur knew Jack would easily avoid that attack, it was merely a test. 'I thought so, it's just her that is immune to my Excalibur Ruler's ability.' Arthur eyed Jack with great interest.

Meanwhile, watching from the sidelines, Azazel also looked on the battle with great interest. "I figured as much. Jack's Sacred Gear really is something else." Azazel whistled and the rest looked at him in confusion. "Rebellion, not only does it allow it's user to make blades designed to counter all kinds of species. Like making a Holy Sword, Demonic Sword, or even a Dragon Slayer Sword. Rebellion, also grants the user to defy laws of physics and nature."

Jack with a twist of her wrist, had multiple of her dagger's midst the storm around Arthur, suddenly bend. The blades curved over Arthur's, moving like snakes, slipping past his defenses. Arthur looked spooked and quickly leaned sideways as one of the blades graced his right forearm. Sweat dripped down Arthur's face, Jack was the one he really needed to watch out for.

"The reason Arthur's Excalibur can't manipulate Jack's weapons. Is because of this additional ability to Rebellion. It's simply in Jack's Sacred Gear's nature, not to subject to anyone. Not even the mighty Excalibur Ruler can change that. Jack is the worst possible opponent for Arthur." Azazel smirked, pleased to see so many different rare Sacred Gear's in action.

Arthur remained on the defense, Jack's unpredictable attacks and the various trajectories of her blades, and the way her blades would bend like rubber, yet remain strong enough to cut through steel like butter. Not to mention, Arthur couldn't let his guard down for even a moment, as whenever there was an opening to exploit, Eto would rush at it like a wild animal.

Arthur leaped over a swinging tentacle from Eto's Kakuja, the tentacle slicing like a blade straight through the top of a building. His heart rate was picking up, he was beginning to tire. Yet Arthur would not yield. As Eto closed in on his left, with a menacing grin on her face. And Jack from his right, using her Rebellion to create a demonic sword. The sword was spinning midair, and flung at Arthur like a flying propellor, threating to decapitate him.

Arthur raised the Holy Sword in his dominant arm, and sliced through air. No, Arthur's Holy Sword cut a rift in the space itself. "Holy Sword Caluburn: Dimension Slice!" Jack's spinning demonic sword, was sucked into the rift, and Arthur sliced a second rift on his left towards Eto, to which her tentacle flew through it. Out from the left rift, flung out Jack's demonic sword towards Eto, and out from the right rift, shot out Eto's racer sharp tentacle towards Jack.

Jack with her flexible tiny frame, easily avoided the incoming tentacle. Leaping over it, gracefully touching her hands onto it and pushing herself up into the air. Eto wasn't as flexible, and thus ended up having half her Kakuja sliced off from Jack's demonic sword. "You wish to contest us in who rules this space? Bring it on." Jack frowned and held her hands stretched out.

Rebellion: Ripper Street!

Jack's eyes glowed red like blood, and multiple dimensional vortexes of darkness opened in the academy. Every corner, every shadow cast from every building, every spot an assassin could hide, lurked danger.

Yet, in the eyes of Arthur, Jack's dimensional vortexes weren't hidden. The sheer holy aura of his Caliburn, cast a light in the darkness revealing all the hiding spots. "Caliburn: Dimensional King!"

The blinding light from Arthur's Caliburn, made the echoing sound of a sword slicing through metal. As the light itself, sliced through space and time. The space around Jack, Eto and Arthur was dyed in a neon white color. Neither Jack nor Eto could move an inch. Arthur steadied himself, eyeing Jack, his main target and the most difficult opponent for him on this battlefield.

"Hellish spawn of evil… Prepare to be exorcised." Arthur holding his Caliburn out, pointing the tip of the blade towards Jack.

Damian and Bob finished up a whole group of magicians with rather ease, Kiba and Xenovia as well seemed to be having it easy against these mid-level magicians. The feeling of the air around them changing however, drew Damian's attention. Damian looked to be in a near state of panic, seeing Arthur leaping towards Jack with his blade aimed for her heart.

With a short gasp, Damian was overcome with a sense of dread, from a trauma. The memory of a beautiful blond haired, weak looking woman, with a swollen pregnant belly came to his mind. As well as the misty nights of the dark rainy streets of London. And then, the sound of a gunshot, followed by an image of the weak woman in a pool of blood. "Jack!" Damain abandoned the battle against the magicians, and went straight towards Jack and Arthur.

With a swift swing of his arm, Damian's strings grabbed onto Arthur's forearm. And with a mighty heave, the muscles in Damian's arms flexed as he pulled back. "There is no way! No way in hell! I'm letting you kill her!"

Arthur found himself unable to advance forward, as Damian with all his strength pulled Arthur up into the sky. Pulling his strings in, and thus Arthur in closer. No matter how much the strings cut into the palms of his hand, Damian kept on pulling, blood splattering from his palms. Damian with a look of anger bawled his right hand into a fist. "Promotion: Rook!" Damian's body flashed in a blue aura.

"Ugh!" Arthur quickly reacted, and had the Caliburn emit such a huge amount of holy aura. That any devil, just by getting close enough would burn for it.

"Get over here you bastard!" Damian roared from the top of his lungs, and Arthur was now nearly right up in Damian's face. The holy aura from the Caliburn, burning Damian's skin, yet he pushed through. Damian slammed his fist, straight into Arthur's jaw. The sound of flesh and bone groaning were drowned out for Arthur, as his ears were ringing from his body being in a state of shock.

However, Damian's attack hadn't come without cost. Damian's eyes twitched, blood pouring from his closed lips, and filling his mouth. Damian, had been stabbed by Arthur's Excalibur Ruler. His left abdomen, having been pierced through. Damian pushed through the pain, and pushed his fist forward. And with his full strength, Damian's punch sent Arthur flying, and the Excalibur Ruler was effectively pulled out from Damian as well.

"Damian!" Harry jumped in, and caught the wounded former bounty hunter. Damian wailing in agony, as the holy energy of the Excalibur Ruler worked as if poison was surging through his veins. "Damian…" Harry looked upon Damian's burnt and beaten form. Damian's skin was red like if he had been sunburnt, his blood was evaporating in the face of this holy aura.

"Jack… Is Jack, okay?" Damian hurled up a puddle of blood onto Harry's forearm.

"Mmm, the little assassin is alright." Harry looked over to Eto and Jack, who both fell to the ground. The effects of Arthur's dimensional slash having seemingly worn off. Jack cast a quick look towards Damian, and clicked her tongue in annoyance, before going back after Arthur.

"My, she could be a little grateful…" Eto herself even viewed Jack's treatment towards Damian as cold.

Arthur straightened his jaw, shaking off the sudden pain. He hadn't expected Damian to push past the pain from his Caliburn's light. Arthur had resulted to stabbing the former bounty hunter on instinct. Arthur had no time to rest however, as he quickly felt a sharp pain in his back. Looking over his shoulder, Arthur saw that Jack had jumped onto his back, and stabbed him with a black scalpel.

Rebellion: Hailing Rain Storm!

Above them formed a massive dimensional vortex, Jack jumped away as coming raining down was a hail storm of those black scalpels. "You little!" Arthur swung the Caliburn over his head, slicing a dimensional rift to suck in the raining scalpels.

"Die." Jack looked with a cold expression, pure killing intent leaking from her very being.

Harry acting quickly, leapt over to Raven whilst carrying the injured Damian. "He was stabbed by an Excalibur… can you heal him?" Raven looked away from the herd of magicians behind her, as she finished squashing them in the face of her dark vails of magic.

"… I can, but I will require a great bit of concentration. I will need to extract the holy aura out from his body. If I lose concentration for even a moment, he could die." Raven warned and Harry nodded, standing before them like a massive hulking defensive wall.

"You puny magicians, shall not pass." Harry's body lit up in an inferno of flames, burning any magician that got close into a burning crisp.

Raven held her hands onto Damian's head. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Damian's body was then covered by a vail of darkness, and dark demonic like hands formed from the shadow of Raven's robes. The ghostly demonic hands, entered Damian's body, and pulled out radiating waves of light. The ghostly hands tossed away the light, and went back into Damian's body to pull out more of the same radiating light.

Meanwhile, the monkey King was dissolving whirling waves of violent water with a mere swing of his staff. The staff increasing in size and mass, and swatting away any attacks from Sona with ease.

Bikou with his enhanced strength, and reaction speed was able to deal with any attack Sona threw his way. The youngest of the Sitri displayed demonic powers on par with an Ultimate Class Devil, although something seemed to hold her back just a tiny bit. At full power, Bikou estimated Sona could potentially flood the entire town of Kuoh with her water.

Sona had to keep her distance, having also trapped Bikou in a triangle of three skyscraper tall water whirlwinds. Keeping the Monkey King boxed in, and limited his movements. Yet Bikou with his exceptional strength, and high levels of stamina kept powering through any attack Sona threw at him. Which wasn't good, as Sona started feeling a little winded. Her stamina was her greatest weakness, she couldn't afford to fight over long periods of time. But Bikou seemed like he could keep going for days on without end.

"Kakakakaka! This is a fun game of tag!" Bikou cackled, riding his yellow cloud around the water whirlwind prison. With five water dragons hot on his tail. Bikou acted like a child, avoiding any attack from Sona with ease. "Ho!" Bikou span his staff around, slapping one of the water dragons with his staff. The heavy weight of Bikou's staff blew the water dragon's head clean off. And so, he continued with the other four water dragons. "But I'm starting to get tired of being chased… so how about we switch roles?"

Before Sona's eyes, Bikou duplicated himself into nearly 15 copies of himself. Each copy carrying a staff, and each with a yellow cloud. The copies charged ahead, striking at the barriers of Sona's water whirlwinds. The sheer weight of the staffs pushed through, and extended towards Sona.

Sona was nearly knocked out of the sky. It took all her speed to dodge Bikou's attacks. Although all the copies suddenly came to a halt, each sharing the same goofy stupid grin on their faces.

"Here we go~!" They all chanted together. "Monkey Army!"

Each copy thrusted their staff forward, the sheer speed surpassing that of a knight. And each copy looked as if they were thrusting hundreds of staffs at once. Sona had a cold nervous sweat running down her back, she couldn't possibly dodge all of these attacks. Sona barely could react, as one of the staffs thrust into her gut. All the attacks concentrated on her, Sona used her rapier sword to block a couple of thrusts, although he raging storm of attacks quickly broke through.

Sona grunted in pain, as one thrust of the staff dislocated her right shoulder, another broke one of her ribs, the other her left forearm. 'This is bad!' Sona thought, although with her quick wit she quickly surrounded her body in a bubble of water. "Water Prison." The thrusts of Bikou and his copies bombarded the shielding water prison. Sona knew it wouldn't hold for very long, but she needed to concentrate for a mere second.

Sea Dragon's Roar!

All three water whirlwinds, gathered into one massive water dragon. The water rotating within it at such an intense rate, the sheer pressure in it would crush even Bikou's bones to dust. "Oh, this is bad…" Bikou sweated as the water dragon roared and came swopping in onto Bikou and his copies.

Several of Bikou's copies were swallowed up, and crushed within the violent surging water in the dragon's belly. Bikou was on the run, soaring through the sky on his cloud. Having each of his copies focus on attacking the water dragon, yet their attacks didn't even face it. The water would grab onto the staffs of the copies, and pull them all in, crushing them beneath the water.

"Damn you really are something…" Bikou smirked, taking in a deep breath. His Touki aura burning strong, the flames of his aura being channeled into his Nyoi-Bo staff. Bikou turned to face the water dragon, his staff extending to towering lengths, with the burning white flaming aura of his Touki cloaking it. "Wrath of the Monkey King."

Bikou swung the staff like it was a baseball bat, straight into the massive water dragon. Channeling so much of his Touki aura, the flaming aura took the shape of a giant brawling Monkey avatar.

The two massive beasts overpowered each other, and the result was a massive explosion of a shockwave that knocked both Bikou and Sona out of the air. Sona crawled out from a smoking crater, panting, exhausted. But Bikou, Bikou came out of it with a mere few bruises, but still filled with energy. "Aww, tuckered out already? Man, well I guess it can't be helped." Bikou flashed his Touki flame aura.

However, Bikou's aua was met with another flaming aura. Only this aura, was blue. "Nya, someone else using Senjutsu and Yojutsu… Interesting." Kuroka, the Cat Sin of Lust, stood between Bikou and Sona.

"This aura… Touki…" Bikou looked slightly shocked, as his white flame Touki aura, clashed with Kuroka's blue flame Touki aura. "Ho? The slutty kitty wants to go a few rounds?"

"Slutty?" Kuroka folded her arms beneath her chest, pushing them up. "I don't think so, for I wouldn't go a few rounds with just about anyone… And definitely not with some stinking monkey. The only one in my heart, is Captain Itachi." With a flick of her fingers, Kuroka unleashed a bombardment of magic bullets at Bikou.

"Whoo! Ho! Ha!" Bikou swatted each bullet away with his staff. "You got quite the mouth on you…" Bikou snickered, although quickly looked in shock as Kuroka was now right up in his face. Blue flames burning from her hands.

"And you, are fried~" Kuroka smirked and blasted a wave of the blue fire point blank into Bikou's face. Bikou then quickly leapt out from the burning inferno, his armor having a few black burn spots. Bikou then thrust his staff forward at intense speed, with a storm of a hundred staffs thrusting towards Kuroka.

However, displaying her cat like reflexes, and her heightened senjutsu senses, Kuroka dodged all of Bikou's attacks. "Your senjutsu and youjutsu skills… are amateurish at best." Kuroka displaying her superior skills, dodged and advanced until she was right up in Bikou's face.

"Oh yeah?!" Bikou frowned and threw a punch. Kuroka merely tilted her head to the side, avoiding the blow. So, it appeared, but Kuroka was suddenly sent flying as an unknown force hit her straight in the face. "How is that for an amateur?"

Kuroka wiped a trail of blood coming from her nose, while glaring at Bikou. 'He utilized the air pressure from his punch to create an air punch? Just like Bob…' Kuroka got to her feet, and looked to Sona. "Sona, can you still fight?"

Sona huffed and panted a bit, although her eyes were burning with a fierce determination. Readying her rapier sword, she also glared at Bikou. "You worry about yourself…"

"Heh, just like the captain… Guess you two are more alike than I thought. Nya~" Kuroka gets on all fours, like a cat. Surrounding her body in the blue yokai flames. "I will attack him directly… you take your shots from a distance." Sona nods, and Kuroka sprints towards Bikou.

Bikou stands on guard, deflecting water slashes from Sona with his staff. Although Bikou suddenly finds himself knocked over, as Kuroka strikes at his back with a fiery slash of her claws. Bikou suddenly found himself being attacked from all corners, Kuroka moving in giving a precise strike at his body, then Sona blasting him with water attacks.

'Dammit! This is really starting to look bad… Hope the boss acts soon!' Bikou curses inside his head, as already Kuroka and Sona had peeled through his armor. Bikou left in his bare upper body, suffered a few slashes and strikes from the two girls. Leaving a few cuts and slices on his muscular body. "That tickled…" Bikou smirks, his muscles expanding closing up all the cuts on his body.

Everyone halted in their individual battle, as if it was like a meteor just crash landed into the academy pool. The violent crash made the ground shake like an earthquake. Katarea Levithan laid in the pool, now empty of water, the pool itself looked totally destroyed as a crater had formed in the bottom of it. Katarea was a bloodied mess, missing her right arm, and her right leg from the thigh and down. "Impossible… This little brat…" Katarea managed to regenerate her lost limbs due to her demonic power generating more flesh and tissue.

Itachi flew over her, his devil wings flapping slowly in the air. Looking down at his opponent with a look devoid of any emotion. "Before you die, I would like to know one thing."

Die? Her? A descendant of the original Levithan?! Killed by a mere brat?! "You little punk, who do you think you are talking to?! I am of noble blood! My family's lineage ranks higher than yours you piece of trash!"

"In the past, perhaps. But right now, your lineage means nothing. Your status in the underworld is a mere fantasy you have concocted in your short narrowed sighted mind. Reality, is that you lost your status long ago. You are nothing but a mere terrorist with money and treasure left from the older days. Your family name used to mean something, now it is just a title passed down to other devils who are far more worthier of it than you ever will be."

"Don't look down on me! Don't look down on me! Don't you dare think your lineage surpasses my own!" Katarea's banter and childish tantrum, reminded Itachi so much of the stubborn people from the Uchiha clan.

"Lineage you say? You keep bantering about lineage. How your bloodline holds great power. You delude yourself and hold yourselves back. Heritage is not what makes one great. You and all the arrogant nobles of the Underworld, have blinded yourself with what power you were born with. That you fail to realize the depth of my own. Fail to realize one's true potential. And the potential of those who you arrogant fools have deemed as the unfortunate ones to not have been born with power." Itachi's mind flicked between the stubborn members of his old clan. To people like Raiser Phenex, Kokabiel, and now the Old Maou Faction. "You are all so foolish, and have lost sight of what is really important. There is no hope for people like you in this world." Itachi had enough of Katarea's childish tantrum. "Now, as for my question. That snake you ate, what was that?"

Katarea gained a cocky smirk as she stood up again. "Heh, a privilege for us within Khaos Brigade. A privilege and arrogant brat like you don't deserve to know of."

"… Heh." Itachi smirked, and instantly Katarea was triggered.

"What's so damn funny?!"

"I just realized how hypocritical you are is all. You say your power is superior, yet you rely on the boost from an outside source?" Itachi let out a light chuckle.

Hearing his chuckle, made Katarea feel like she experienced the greatest form of mockery. Her pupils shrank and vibrated a little with anger. "Shut your mouth!" Katarea flew like a bullet into the air, and went straight for Itachi. Extending the mass of her fists until they were gigantic. Katarea threw a series of punches towards Itachi, and even when he had stopped laughing, in Katarea's ears she still heard it like an echo.

Katarea's giant fists, were met with fists of water. Itachi took it up a notch, creating hundreds of giant water fists proceeding to mercilessly pummel at Katarea. Knocking the Levithan descendent around senseless. Katarea was unable to keep up, the speed of Itachi's power was far too great for her to keep up with, even with the boost of Ophis' snake she was still no match for him.

Suddenly, Katarea found herself restrained. Water fists had grabbed onto her limbs. "B-Bastard…Agh!" After having suffered so many heavy hits, Katarea suffered from several broken bones in her body. One of her broken ribs had even penetrated her lung. Katarea spewed out a puddle of blood, clearly suffering from internal bleeding.

"Now then, if you won't willingly give me an answer. I will take the information by force." Itachi grabbed onto her chin, forcing her to look him in the eye. Katarea looked mesmerized, staring into the beautiful red sharingan eyes of Itachi.

Confused, and out of her control. Katarea found her lips were moving, revealing the hidden information regarding Ophis' snakes. 'What is this? Mind control? This brat…!'

"I see, Ophis, huh? So, members of the Khaos Brigade are offered snakes from her that contain some of her power. I see." Katarea trembled, even her arrogant self could tell. She had lost. This attack was a failure.

"Fine… I surrender…" Katarea mumbled through her busted lip. "You win, just throw me away and arrest me already!"

Itachi's expression remained emotionless, he didn't flinch and merely stared at the beaten form of Katarea. "She threatened the life of your sister…" A voice echoed in his head. His eyes narrowed slightly. "When you allowed Kokabiel to be arrested he escaped…" The voice wasn't unfamiliar, it sounded like his own. But, Itachi for some reason could feel it wasn't his own thoughts. Yet, it felt so seductive, so alluring. "Arrest you?" Itachi mumbled through his lips, just low enough for only Katarea to hear. "You threatened the life of my sister. The life of my friends. What makes you think, I will let you get off so easily?"

Katarea was visibly shaken. "W-Wait, you can't be serious? I surrender! I will go quietly! I've read the files about you! You despise unnecessary violence. You only kill when there is no other choice. Well, I surrender!"

"… Some information can be false. You seem to have mistaken me for a patient man. Even I have my limits of patience. And I've just about run out of it. Fallen Angels come into town, kill our clients… Kokabiel brings an army trying to start a war and destroy the town… And just when things seem to finally reach a peaceful conclusion. You come and destroy that." Itachi's mind drifted to a certain blond knuckle head ninja. 'Sorry, Naruto… In the end, I'm not like you…'

"You cannot escape who you truly are. You are no hero. You are no noble warrior. You are a trained killer." Itachi's gaze went cold, killer intent leaking from his very being.

"Tch! Dammit! I won't go out like this!" Katarea's body started to glow. "If I die! I will take all of you with me!" She intends to blow herself up in a last-ditch attempt to kill Itachi, and anyone else nearby.

"I've had enough…" Itachi kicked her chin, sending Katarea flying high above the air. Using full powered Touki, Itachi flew after her. Before Katarea could recover, Itachi appeared over her and slammed his knee into her back.

"Aarggh!" Katarea screamed in pain. Itachi kept hearing the same voice whispering in his head. "Show her, show them all, just how brutal you can be." Itachi yanked onto Katarea's wings, pushing his foot onto her back. "W-What are you-?" Before Katarea could finish, Itachi ripped out all of her wings, right off from her back. Katarea let out a blood curling scream. It was ringing in Katarea's ears, the shock her body experienced from having her wings ripped off made her seize the self-destruct attack of hers.

Itachi then without mercy, kicked her to the ground. She landed right onto the track field. And everyone's gazes shifted towards them. Rias, Issei, Koneko and Gasper all also exited the old school building, and this sight welcomed them. Katarea laid on the ground, weeping in pain. Her proud wings had been ripped off, her pride and spirit broken. "N-No more… P-Please… I-I surrender… I-" Itachi's friends, his loved ones, the Faction leaders all stared in shock.

Itachi without hesitation kicked Katarea back up into the air. Holding his hand upwards aimed towards her, Itachi focused his demonic power on Katarea. Her clothes were still drenched in the water from the pool, and his attacks from earlier. "Hydrogenic Bomb." With a clench of his fist, a bright light shined from Katarea. The Levithan descendant giving off a painful scream, only to be silenced by her body exploding into brilliant fireworks. The explosion stretched far and wide in the air above them, taking out several magicians in the process.

The remaining magicians looked around in terror. "T-The vampire hybrid is free?! And Katarea and Creuserey-sama are… Retreat!" The magicians then ran with their tail between their legs. Leaving only Arthur and Bikou behind, both who looked wary of their surroundings and lumped themselves together.

The awkward silence, was finally broken. As the tall hulking Harry made his way towards Itachi. "Harry, glad to have you back." Itachi greeted his Rook, his expression stoic as usual. Itachi wasn't faced by this, he was used to killing after all. But it would seem his friends weren't used to seeing him acting like this. Looking around, he didn't see any judgmental looks. Katarea was the enemy after all. Mostly, he just saw that people were concerned from the looks of it. Whilst some were surprised.

Harry sighed, guess this was something they had to deal with at a later date. The fight was not over. "… Mmm, let's take down the last two and-"


Before Itachi's eyes, the tall Harry Newgate was knocked down. A white figure crash landing onto the powerful old man. Harry grunted as he crashed to the ground in a loud thud. Finding his power having been zapped right out of him. A foot stomped onto his chest, keeping him pinned down. "Too much energy…" Vali in his Balance Breaker armor, had taken down Itachi's mightiest peerage member. "My, you really are a troublesome old geezer." Vali aiming to finish off Harry, was suddenly met with a fist to the face of his dragon plated white armor. Vali was knocked off of Harry, and propelled backwards. "Ho? And the main attraction makes a move." Itachi landed before Vali, feeling Vali smirking underneath his armor.

"Vali! You bastard what do you think you are doing?!" Issei called out to his destined rival, and was met with a look of contempt.

"Don't talk to me, weakling." Vali's sudden change of demeanor shocked Issei slightly. "You are supposed to be my rival, one of the Two Heavenly Dragons. Yet you are barley strong enough to take on the average Fallen Angel or Devil." It wasn't untrue, despite the few weeks of training from Itachi. Issei was still rather weak. Vali's attention then diverted to Itachi, and his face lit up in excitement. "Aww, if only you could have been born human. Perhaps you would have been the host of Ddraig. A proper rival." Vali reveled in the fantasy.

"Trust me, you wouldn't be able to handle it." Itachi glared at Vali, he was sick of all these interruptions today.

"Heh, instead of discouraging me… You are actually just exciting me further with your boastful claims." Vali gave a light hearted chuckle, his blood was boiling at the prospect of a proper challenge. "They call you the strongest devil of our generation… You don't even realize how insulting that is to me."

Itachi looked perplexed at Vali's words. Itachi's look of confusion changing quickly, as before his very eyes, Vali's wings were replaced with six devil bat wings. "You're a…" Itachi muttered under his breath.

"It's quite rude, to claim to be the strongest devil of our generation. When I didn't even get my chance to prove otherwise." Vali's wings spread out into the night air, giving of a presence of royalty. "Katarea and Creuserey were weak… Me? I'm the real deal…" Vali bawled his hands into fists, and power exploded from him in the form of a violent aura. "I am Vali Lucifer! Born of a Devil and a human! I possess the mighty blood of the original Lucifer, and the White Dragon Emperor! I am the strongest White Dragon Emperor to have ever lived because of my lineage."

Everyone, Itachi included looked flabbergasted at Vali's origin. He was born from a devil and a human, what is more he carries the blood of the original Lucifer? And due to his human half, he was born with a Sacred Gear. What a dangerous combination. Itachi could only assume, Vali's devil parent planned it so he could have a powerful offspring.

"No way… That can't be…" Rias and Sona looked even more shocked at this revelation. One having the blood of the original Lucifer, and the White Dragon Emperor's power was a dangerous mix indeed.

"It's true." Azazel flew out from the sidelines, and straight over Vali looking down on him from above. "Such a ridiculous existence I must admit. Being so fortunate, it is not hard to deduce that Vali will indeed become the strongest Hakuryuukou to have ever lived." Azazel then looked around on the battlefield, which was mostly over. Seeing some ash remains of Creuserey, and a hand of Katarea that had survived the explosion. "But, something bothers me about this… Why not reveal your betrayal to me when Katarea and Creuserey showed up? Why wait until they were both dead?"

Vali chuckled to himself, and merely shrugged looking rather carefree about the whole situation. "I just wanted to see if Itachi here really lived up to this hype you put around him. I mean, I did get to see some of his power against Amon a few weeks ago. But, I wanted to see if he could be pushed further… Besides, not really like I had a choice. It was a direct order from Ophis after all."

"Ophis you say?" Azazel stroked his goatee, clearly intrigued. Especially from seeing the small facial reactions of Sirzechs and Serafall. "So, what does Ophis want with the kid?" Azazel referred to Itachi.

"Heh, as if you Faction leaders don't know. It is to recruit him obviously." Vali smiled smugly at Azazel.

"Like that would ever happen! Itachi would never join the likes of you terrorists!" Rias boldly stepped forward, and Vali even looked slightly intrigued.

"As fun as it would be to test the Gremory heiress, I am here to test the heir of the Sitri." Vali vividly remembered seeing how Rias fought against Kokabiel, the Gremory heiress had displayed great power. "And…" Vali vanished from sight, and appeared before Itachi. "Thanks to that old geezer, I've never felt stronger." Vali hammered his fist straight into Itachi's face. The power he had gotten from taking half of Harry's strength, had not only increased Vali's power, but his speed as well.

Itachi's ears were ringing, as he was smacked into a nearby wall. "Itachi!" Rias about to rush to his aid, found herself stopped as another figure stepped in. Amon, holding his hand out he unleashed a light blast that not only knocked Rias back, but everyone else, Azazel included.

Bikou and Arthur both jumped to Amon's side, looking with collective smirks as the stoic fallen angel looked down on the fallen group. Smoke emitted from Rias, Sona and all other devils on the battlefield. Amon had held back his light power to avoid killing anyone, but it was still extremely painful.

"Buchou!" With Gasper now under control, Asia, Tsubaki, and Akeno could move as well. All rushing to the aid of the others, trying to use their healing abilities to ease the pain left by Amon's light.

Sirzechs, Grayfia, Esdeath, Serafall, Baraqiel, Michael and Gabriel also leaped down from the conference room, and joined them on the battlefield. "What is the meaning of this, Amon?!" Baraqiel barred his fangs against the traitorous action of Amon. To strike a devil is one thing during this conference, but to strike the Governor of the Fallen Angels as well?!

"Heh, he's with me actually…" Vali smirked, keeping his gaze on Itachi. Itachi picked himself back up, feeling the hot trail of blood dripping from his broken nose. Without flinching, Itachi put his broken nose back into place, and glared back at Vali. "Now then, are you done hiding? Will you fight me now?!" Vali flew towards Itachi again, who glowed up in his Touki aura, quickly blocking Vali's second strike with his right forearm.

"Careful what you wish for." Itachi using his enhanced strength pushed Vali back, delivering a roundhouse kick towards his head. Although, Vali managed to catch Itachi by his ankle at the very last second.

"Please tell me you have more to offer…" Vali smirked underneath his helmet, hoisting Itachi into the air. Slamming him into the ground repeatedly like a ragdoll. Itachi hit the ground so hard, that the ground itself was shaking from it.

Itachi grunted as he was constantly slammed into the pavement. With some quick thinking on Itachi's part, Itachi shot a wave of fire from the sole of his foot straight into Vali's face. Vali backed up a bit from the shock of the sudden attack, and Itachi acted even though Vali still held onto him, Itachi pushed himself into the air. Hoisting his free leg up, and slamming his boot into Vali's face. Vali released Itachi from his hold at last, and Itachi took the opportunity to blast Vali with a wave of water that knocked him back several feet.

A trickle trail of blood, ran down over Itachi's left eye from a cut on his forehead. Closing his eye before he got blood in it, and wiping the blood away with his shirt. Itachi took chase after Vali, charging at the Hakruyuuko. Vali caught Itachi's fist, and in a mimicking fashion Itachi caught Vali's fist. Both in a power struggle, released a shockwave that shattered all the windows in the academy.

Meanwhile, all the Sins had gathered before Amon, Arthur and Bikou. Even Harry who had half his strength zapped from Vali, was evidently still very much a threat. "Let's take these bastards down…" Damian mumbled, still recovering even after Raven's healing. Damian quickly aiming for the most dangerous of the trio, Amon.

"We have no need to fight. Let the two of them sort this out on their own." Amon seemed to be trying to negotiate, if their objective was just to test Itachi then they had no reason to fight. However, the Sins did not see it that way.

"Yeah right! We're here to support the captain! If he's fighting, we're fighting!" Damian with a flick of his right wrist, suddenly had Amon tied up with his strings. The dense sharp strings digging into Amon's flesh, yet the Angel of Death remained calm.

Amon with a mere flex of his body, unleashed a massive pulse bomb of his light aura. Damian's Sacred Gear unable to absorb all of that magical power, was blown away. "This guy…! Don't let your guard down! Amon's power nearly rivals that of Itachi-sama!" Kuroka went on guard, quickly manipulating the space around them utilizing senjutsu.

"That nekomata… She ain't bad!" Bikou covered his mouth and nose, seeing a poisonous mist forming around them. "Inhale this mist and we'll be paralyzed."

"Roger." Arthur mimicked Bikou, covering his mouth and nose with a handkerchief.

Amon however, looked like he didn't care. "Light Bringer…" An explosion of light detonated around them, making it appear as if the sun itself had come down to the Earth.

"Argh!" Kuroka's skin burnt, her senjutsu space blown away in the face of Amon's destructive light ability.

Jack sweated a bit from this sudden feeling of danger, creating a series of demonic and anti-light blades from thin air. "Fall you bastard!" Jack took a leap backwards to avoid getting her devil body too close to Amon's light.

The blades shot forward at Amon. The sheer speed the blades traveled at, was too fast for even anyone with the speed of a Knight to avoid. Amon shielded his body using his wings, although the Angel of Death flinched and grimaced in pain as Jack's blades stabbed into his wings.

Tentacles shot at them. Like an apex predator, Eto attempted to grab the trio and take a bite of them. However, the hybrid Ghoul quickly gasped. Her tentacles unable to even reach them. As the holy light from Amon, burnt away at the tentacles, making them turn black like coal and crumble. "Shit! I can't even get close to them!" Eto took a quick evasive maneuver as Amon shot an arrow of light towards her.

Bob and Harry being the two heavy hitters, took charge at the Angel of Death. However, Amon wasn't alone. Bikou blocked Bob's punch with his staff. And Arthur tried to hold of Harry's Flame Sword of Pride. "Ho? Do you children think you can take us on?" Harry looked down at them with pity, pity that so young promising people had to die today.

"No, but we can distract you long enough." Arthur threw back.

"Morningstar." Amon unleashed a brilliant wave of light. Harry and Bob being so close, suffered third degree burns. Both titans grunted in pain, smoke emitting from their bodies.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" The familiar chant of Raven, enveloped her comrades in a black veil of darkness. And the burning pain of Amon's light, faded. Taking a few breathers, Harry and Bob both took a leap back. Raven hovered down to the front, facing Amon, Arthur and Bikou. Her eyes glowed in a brilliant neon white. "Bob, Harry you better stand back. You cannot hope to fight against Amon." Raven's declaration, was met with a slight frown from Harry.

"Are you implying that brat is stronger than the mighty Harry Newgate?" Harry looked as if it was some kind of joke, there was no way a mere Fallen Angel brat was strong enough to take them all on.

"No, power wise you have Amon outmatched. But your devil bodies put you at a disadvantage against Amon's light manipulation." Raven's words were true, Amon's power of light was strong enough to even affect the likes of a Maou. Upon closer inspection, Bob noticed that Esdeath, Behemoth and even Serafall seemed to have been affected by Amon's light explosions.

"But, when the captain fought him…" Bob recalled that Itachi managed to fight Amon during the Kokabiel incident, despite also being a devil in the face of Amon's light.

"Touki, Itachi's touki aura kept him slightly protected from Amon's light. That was the main reason Itachi was able to fight Amon, and defeat him." Raven's statement was met with a puzzled look from Kuroka.

"But… even with my senjutsu I wasn't able to protect myself. Why is that, nya?"

"Simple to say, you lack the concentration Itachi has to handle the pressure of Amon's attacks." Raven's reply, felt like it was an indirect jab at calling Kuroka weak. Making the nekomata pout and huff her head to the side.

"With my magic, I can counter Amon's light… It should give you all an opening to strike." Before they could enact their plan however, the figures of Azazel and Baraqiel flew down before them.

"Sorry, but could you guys back off?" Azazel looked with an apologetic smile at the sins.

"Amon is the responsibility of the Fallen Angels. Let us deal with this." Baraqiel declared, a dangerous amount of holy lightning flickering from him. And so, respectfully the Sins agreed to back down against Amon. Even though some were rather hesitant to do so.

"Stand down." In a surprising turn of events, it was the prideful Harry Newgate who had requested the rest of his comrades to back down.

"Amon…" Azazel's expression could only be described as that of a concerned parent. Amon was one of his dear subordinates after all. "What do you hope to achieve by siding with Vali and the Khaos Brigade?"

Amon's dead eyes looked at his former superiors. "… Vali offers me something that holds meaning, unlike you."

"And what is this that holds meaning?" Azazel looks with pity, as his eyes meet the stoic empty eyes of Amon. The loss of his sisters seems to have broken him.

"Something outside of the Three Factions. The rocky relationship of the Three Factions led to the circumstances that caused the life of my sisters. Naturally, I don't blame the current Faction leaders for their deaths. But still, I think I can only find my purpose outside of the Three Factions, and Vali has offered me that opportunity." Amon just wanted to find his meaning in life. He had tried finding it working for Kokabiel, Azazel, yet he still felt empty. He had lost everything that mattered to him.

Azazel looked with sympathy. "Sounds like you want to do some soul-searching son… But to join the Khaos Brigade…" Azazel bawls his hands into fists, feeling frustrated at being unable to help one of his subordinates.

Amon lowers his gaze. "It is that, or death…" To this Azazel sighs, and to this, Amon blasts a wave of light at the Fallen Angel Governor. Azazel casually slaps the incoming blast away.

"Azazel-sama, I will deal with Amon." Baraqiel declared, and charged with a lightning infused fist. Amon didn't waver, and countered with a light infused punch of his own. The two fists of the two mighty Fallen Angels clashing together, breaking the sound barrier with their intense power.

"Don't forget about us now!" Bikou and Arthur stood ready to battle. And Sona leapt into action, slashing her rapier sword at Bikou who blocked it with his staff. Arthur using his two Holy Swords deflected incoming blades from Jack.

Itachi panted a bit, and wiped some blood dripping down from his nose. Vali had proven to be stronger than Itachi anticipated. Then again, with Vali having taken half of Harry's power what was he to expect. "Oi, don't tell me you're starting to feel discouraged already? Itachi Sitri! Come and fight me!" Vali challenged, and welcomed it with open arms.

"…" Itachi stood in silence, his shoulder sunk, and his arms lowered. Taking in a deep breath, Itachi bent down, stretched his right leg far back. Gently placing his fingers to the ground, getting in a runner position. The air around him changed, Vali started to look a little confused as it felt like the wind direction changed towards Itachi. "True, you are more formidable than I at first anticipated… That much I can tell. However, I am nowhere near discouraged. Nor am I finished. You revealed your cards, and I shall respond in kind."

Itachi's body glowed with senjutsu energy, mixed with his dark blue demonic power. However, unlike during training with Issei. Instead of water, it was lightning. Lightning crackled around Itachi's body, the ground beneath his feet cracking from the pressure. The skies above darkened and began to rumble. The sheer surge of Itachi's aura, started effecting the landscape. Bolts of lightning came raining down around Itachi, creating a dome of electricity around him.

Vali looked in awe, and confusion. "What is this?" Vali uttered to himself.

"Touki: Speed Mode." Itachi cloaked his body in a violent surge of lightning. And before Vali's eyes, Itachi vanished in a flash. But before Vali could even react, he felt a sharp pain in his left cheek, followed by a bright flash of light. His eyes darting to his left side, seeing Itachi having struck him a blow. And in that exact moment, Vali could hear the crackling sound of a thunder strike from where Itachi disappeared from. Itachi moved faster than the speed of sound. Heck, he moved even faster than the speed of light.

Vali propelled straight into the gymnasium, his ears ringing from the shock of Itachi's punch. Then, a pair of feet appeared before him, followed by that same flash of light, and followed by the sound of crackling thunder from outside. Looking up, a part of Vali's helmet cracked open, revealing his left eye, that glared at Itachi standing over him. "What's wrong? Feeling discouraged?" Itachi looked down on Vali, his sharingan flashing redder with the added effects of the lightning surging around his body.

Vali however, merely chuckled. "That is quite the power you have there." Vali's chest crystal glowed ominously. And Itachi flinched, recalling Issei's Boosted Gear doing something similar whenever he would boost his power up.


Vali unleashed the dividing power of his Sacred Gear, a bright flash of blue light emitting from him. Although, once the light died down, Vali looked confused as he felt nothing special. What is more, Itachi wasn't in his line of sight. Suddenly a sharp pain struck Vali's back, as Itachi came flying in with a drop kick into Vali's lower back. Vali tumbled forwards, hearing the sound of crackling thunder as he did.

"Y-You avoided my Divine Dividing?" Vali looked astonished for a moment.

Itachi, decided to amuse Vali, Itachi pointed at his eyes. Showing the sharingan glowing brightly crimson. "My eyes detect magical power, and energy as colors. When you used your divide ability on Harry, I saw a dome of blue energy forming around you, and enveloping Harry stealing his power before retracting back into your wings. And thanks to that, I was able to determine, or at least hypophysis about the range of your ability. And in this form, with my enhanced speed. Avoiding your divide ability is rather easy. As long as I don't come into direct contact with you, or that energy dome, you cannot steal my power. And, after you have unleashed it. I assume I have a 10 second window to attack you before you can use it again, correct?"

Vali looked astonished, Itachi was able to figure out the nature of his Sacred Gear so easily. 'If he can see energy in the form of colors… then he must also know about…' Vali hesitated in his thoughts, although Itachi spoke up about what was on the White Dragon Emperor's mind.

"And, it seems your body couldn't handle all of Harry's energy. As I see quite a bit of it, leaking out from your wings. Seems the excess energy your body can't contain, is expelled out from them." And Vali's suspicions were confirmed, Itachi really had figured out his Sacred Gear that quickly.

"You're more precise than even Azazel… I must say those eyes sure give you quite the advantage. I can see why she is interested in you." Vali didn't seem discouraged at all, in fact he sounded and appeared more excited than ever. "Do entertain me more, Itachi Sitri."

"If battle is all you desire… I will be sure to give you a good one before you die." Itachi moving at the speed of lightning delivered a series of devastating jabs to Vali. The lightning-fast punches, cracked and even started to break through Vali's Scale Mail armor.

"However, you got one thing wrong!" Vali snickered as his armor glowed.


Itachi gasped as he felt his half his power taken from him, Vali then countered with a heavy right hook to Itachi's face. "In my Balance Breaker state… the 10 second limit rule doesn't apply. I can use it as often as I want!" Vali grabbed Itachi by his hair, and threw punch after punch into his face.

Itachi hadn't been hit this hard since Trigon. His bones ached, and his flesh groaned from the heavy impact of Vali's fist, now stained in blood. Itachi acted, and caught Vali's next incoming punch. It took all his strength to push Vali's arm back, Itachi then headbutted Vali. The impact creating a shockwave, and the armor around Vali's eyes broke.

Itachi widened his eyes, his sharingan staring straight into Vali's blue eyes. Vali gasped, as he suddenly found his arms melting. Pillars coming flying down from the skies, stabbing into his body, keeping him restrained. 'I can't move…' Vali looked awestruck.

Things turned dark, and Vali suddenly found a pair of white scaled hands wrapped around him. "Vali! Snap out of it!" The Heavenly Dragon, Albion flicked his thumbs into Vali's head.

Vali's eyes flew wide open, awake and finding his arms to not have melted, and his body no longer penetrated with stone pillars. "Illusions and mind tricks… sadly thanks to Albion that doesn't work on me." Vali snickered.

"Yes, I know." Itachi firmly replied. "I just needed to get out of your hold." Itachi vanished at lightning-fast speed, leaving the crackling strike of a thunder in his wake. Before Vali knew it, Itachi struck him right in the face, the armor plate around his jaw shattering and blood leaking out from his lips.


Before Itachi could get hit by Vali's divine dividing, he took a giant leap away. With his lightning speed, Itachi easily avoided the divide ability, and quickly struck Vali again with a solid kick to his chest. Vali's chest armor plate broke, along with the blew jewel at its center.

Vali skidded backwards. It took all he had to just stand on his two feet. Vali was bleeding, his armor had been broken through many times over. And now at least two of his ribs has been broken. And Vali loved every moment of it. A sickening smirk plastered on his face, Vali held his arms over his head, as Itachi continued to bombard him with attacks, shredding through his armor bit by bit.

Vali's eyes intently followed the pattern Itachi was taking with each strike, scanning his surroundings. Using his divine dividing every now and then to make Itachi pull away for a few seconds. "Found you~" Vali cackled, and shot up throwing a punch into Itachi's chest. Vali then shot out a magic bullet into Itachi, burning through the Sitri heir's uniform.

With a mighty lightning strike from the heavens, the magic bullet was negated. 'He predicted my pattern… Vali is just like Sairaorg, a battle genius.' His countless fights with the Bael going through his mind. Itachi remembering practicing using these forms with both Sairaorg and Kuroka. Through the sense of Touki, Sairaorg was eventually able to learn Itachi's patterns in his Speed Mode.

"Here I come! Itachi Sitri!" Vali took flight towards Itachi, his armor having fully recovered. Itachi went into battle stance, lightning crackling like a violent storm around him.

Itachi avoided Vali's punch, falling onto his back, Itachi shot his leg up in a kick hitting Vali straight in the chin. Vali hovered above the ground, and Itachi continued throwing kick after kick into Vali's body. Itachi kept going, even as they broke through the roof of the gymnasium. Vali barely had time to react in-between all the pain he felt through his body. Itachi's lightning kicks felt like the jabs of a knife, piercing through Vali's armor and through his very being.

Before Vali knew it, they had reached the end of the barrier, and Itachi flew over him with his foot raised high. "Lightning Lion Barrage!" With a crackling lightning infused foot, Itachi slammed it into Vali's gut breaking the sound barrier in the process. And like a meteorite Vali plummeted into the academy grounds, reducing the gymnasium beneath him into a crater. The shockwave of Vali hitting the ground, blew across the academy knocking many over. Even Sirzechs was blown back a few steps.

Vali wheezed out a laughter, as he crawled out from the crater he had made. Only to be meet with a swift backhand strike from Itachi. Vali crash landed before Azazel, his Scale Mail armor having been broken, and leaving Vali with just his wings. "I told you, you shouldn't challenge him." Azazel sighed looking down on the beaten form of Vali.

Vali's eyes shot open and glared at Azazel. "… You should have known, Azazel. It would only excite me more." Vali picked himself up, restoring his Scale Mail armor in an instant, and blocking Itachi's incoming punch with his right forearm. "This is the best…" Vali smirked as he glared at Itachi, the faceplate of his armor being the only thing not restored yet.

Itachi grunted, finding himself unable to push Vali back. In terms of brute strength, Itachi could tell they were equal. No, in fact Vali might even have the edge. But Itachi clearly outclassed him in terms of speed. Or so he thought, as Itachi with his free arm threw a lightning-fast jab, only for Vali to catch it. "You should know… You are dealing with a dragon!" Vali smirked and headbutted Itachi, the two locking heads, with a trickle of blood dripping from their foreheads.

"I don't care." Was Itachi's responds, as he suddenly spat out a blazing ball of fire, straight into Vali's face. Azazel had to jump back to not get caught in the blazing inferno. Vali brushed the flames aside, although grunted as Itachi kneed him in the stomach. "Be my opponent a human, a devil, a dragon… or even a God. I will face them with all my might." Raining down from the skies above, from a magic circle, appeared a massive dragon made out of pure lightning.

'Thanks for the idea, Sasuke…' Itachi smirked, mimicking the form of Sasuke's Kirin. Only that it wasn't a natural phenomenon, but an attack made out of Itachi's magical power.

Vali looked a bit spooked, but unable to pull himself away. As Itachi held onto him, the attack would hit both of them. "You're crazy… I love it." Vali smirked.

"Hn, you assume my own attack will harm me? How foolish." Itachi smirked, as the dragon rained down onto them. Although, a second crackling sound of lightning reached Vali's ears. He looked away from the plummeting dragon, and saw Itachi had vanished from sight.

"Heh, cunning bastard-" Vali was then struck by the lightning dragon. The crackling of the lightning sounding like a dragon's roar, and the sheer power making a scar on the surface of the academy.

Itachi appeared next to Azazel in a flash of lightning. "Weird… the blast should have been bigger…" Itachi looked confused as to why his attack didn't carry the same level of impact as it should have.

"Oh no…" Azazel gasped, but before he could warn Itachi, Vali shot out from the smoke and slammed his fist into Itachi's face. Dragging the surprised Sitri heir with him. Vali slammed Itachi's face into the side of a building, and dragged his face across the wall. The wall ripping apart and the rubble cutting Itachi's face, Vali then leaped into the air, and slammed Itachi face first into the ground. The shockwave of the impact creating a small crater. A crater that would expand in size, as Vali kept slamming Itachi into it.

"Didn't know, did ya? Half Dimension. An ability I can use to halve the size of objects, living things, and yes even attacks. I have to admit, if I didn't have it, I wouldn't have gotten back up." Vali lifted up Itachi to eye level, looking at Itachi's bruised up and slight swollen face. "You do have more to offer, right?"

"… The question is, do you?" Itachi then glowed, and exploded in a massive fiery explosion.

And the real Itachi appeared back next to Azazel. "I thought something was off… so I sent a clone to see if you were still standing." Azazel snickered at how Itachi seemed to think nearly everything through. It was like he was five steps ahead of them.

Vali, having suffered minor burns and damages to his Scale Mail armor, walked out from the burning crater. "Your Hydrogenic Bomb clone, was it? What you used against Katarea… Neat." Vali dusted himself. "I have too much extra energy in these things… time to release some." Vali smirked, as his wings spread out, and glowed.

At the speed of light, Vali's wings sent an energy blast towards Itachi. But, Itachi was faster and merely ran around, and shoulder charged into Vali. Before the flying Vali hit a wall, Itachi appeared behind him and kicked him, sending Vali propelling straight into his own energy blast. The blast of the explosion nearly even knocked Itachi over. Th explosion of Vali's blast spreading in the form of fire burning across the now cracked barrier wall.

Vali panted, and hurled up some blood. His body was burning with pain, he felt like his muscles were tearing apart, his bones feeling to have nearly been grinded to dust. "Heh, nice… Nice, time to bring out the big guns…!" Vali smirked.

Itachi felt the air around Vali change, he was going to power up. Itachi wasn't about to let that happen, and charged at Vali. Although, an explosion of power vibrated from Vali's wings. The frequency of the wings carrying enough power to knock Itachi flying straight into Azazel knocking them both over.

"This is bad! Vali! Stop! The risks are too great!" Azazel shouted in concern.

"I, who am about to awaken, Am the Heavenly Dragon who has taken the principles of supremacy from God." Vali and an echo of several other voices that came from his wings began to chant in perfect synch.

"What's he doing?!" No matter how much Itachi attempted to advance towards Vali, the amount of power released from Vali made it impossible for anyone to go near him.

"Juggernaut Drive! It's a forbidden move of sorts! It grants the user immense power to rival God or Satan! But in return, the user will lose their sanity and their life force will be drained to fuel this forms power! Normally that is!" Azazel attempted to quickly brief Itachi on the situation.

"I envy the "infinite" and I pursue the "dream". I shall become the White Dragon of Supremacy."

"Normally?" Itachi questioned.

"Yes, Vali is a special case! He won't lose any life force from using Juggernaut Drive, as his already immense demonic power is used as a substitute fuel source! But even Vali will go berserk if he stays in that form for too long!"

"How long do I have to take him down before that happens?!"

"I don't know! Roughly five minutes! It really depends on how long Vali can enforce his own will onto the Sacred Gear!"

Itachi's eyes widened as he felt Vali's power swelling up. "If this keeps up, he's going to become stronger than Serafall…"

"And I shall take you to the limits of white paradise. Awaken! Juggernaut Drive!" A bright destructive surge of white energy exploded from Vali. The whole space around them went "DOOM!" As Vali's transformation broke the sound barrier, and the magic circle barrier surrounding the academy shattered like glass as well.

Itachi looked up in awe, standing before him, was a massive White Armored Dragon. Vali unleashed and earth-shattering roar, if anyone in town looked out their windows now, they would see this Dragon. "Tch! Raven! Set up a barrier around the Academy! Quickly!" If any humans got caught up in this, they would panic.

"Right away!" A black speck of darkness exploded from Raven's cloak, taking the shape of a gigantic raven. With its wings, it wrapped itself around the academy like a protective shield. Raven trembled herself a bit, she wasn't sure if she could keep the barrier up against Vali's destructive transformation.

"Grayfia." Sirzechs looked to his wife, who instantly acted and helped Raven by forming a second layer of the barrier. Akeno, Tsubaki, Esdeath, Behemoth all also joined in. Ideally, it would have been best to send Vali to a different dimension, but that wasn't clearly going to happen.

"It-tan…" Serafall mumbled, her hands shaking as she could feel it, Vali was stronger than her. "Sirzechs-chan…" With a look pleading for help.

"I know." Sirzechs flashed in his destructive aura, ready to act. Although, the echo of someone snapping their fingers stopped all of it.

Itachi's senses screamed at him that he was in danger. Looking around, Itachi was overcome with a familiar sensation. The barriers had been broken once again, only for a new one to take their place. With the strange symbol of infinity on the top of it. And on a closer inspection, time was frozen. Sirzechs stood frozen still in time, with his aura burning strongly around him. Azazel, Michael also frozen. Even Baraqiel and Amon mid battle were frozen in place. Even Gasper himself, was frozen in time by Rias, Koneko and Issei's side. 'What's going on…?'

The sound of heavy stomps approaching, made Itachi turn around and face the only other being currently not frozen in time. Vali, in his Juggernaut Drive towered over Itachi. "This way we won't be interrupted… Although I must say, Ophis really is scary. Able to freeze everyone, even the likes of Sirzechs Lucifer with such ease…"

Itachi growled, and took a leap at Vali, delivering a haymaker. With his speed, Itachi was easily able to pull the heavy punch off without Vali even noticing. Although, Vali didn't even flinch from it. Itachi stood there awestruck, as his lightning infused haymaker punch did nothing to Vali. Vali easily swatted Itachi like a fly, sending him crashing into the ground.

"Is that it? That barely tickled!" Vali stomped onto Itachi, the crushing weight of his Juggernaut Drive armor, nearly breaking all of Itachi's bones at once. "Come on! She said you had more to offer! Come on! Come on! Show me!" Vali kept stomping his foot onto Itachi, the ground sinking down into a crater for each stomp.

Itachi vanished in a flash with his enhanced speed, running laps across the entire barrier. Gathering power with his speed, he ran faster, and faster! Lightning violently striking around the barrier. Finally enough power gathered, Itachi sprinted towards Vali. With Itachi's speed, Vali moved in slow motion, unable to dodge this next blow. Although it seemed Vali had no intention to dodge anyway. "Human Lightning Bolt!" Itachi threw a straight punch, hitting Vali in his side.

The sound barrier broke once again, in a sonic "BOOM!" Sending a pulse bomb of energy, that blacked out the entire town. Car alarms could be heard ringing outside the barrier.

Vali, even in this new powered up form, tumbled over from the intense speed punch. But Vali didn't fall over. "Heh, that stung… Got anything else?" Vali stood there patiently, looking down on Itachi, waiting for him to bust out a new move, or a new power up.

Itachi's attacks didn't do anything to Vali, and it became clear to Itachi he needed to switch up gears as well. "Fine, I will take this up a notch…" The lightning died down around Itachi. He couldn't keep this next form up for long, it would strain his body too much. Either he took out Vali in the next five minutes, or Vali would last for more than five minutes, and win.

Vali stood there, eagerly waiting for Itachi to power up. The lightning around Itachi's body vanished, and his Touki aura exploded to life. The air pressure unleashed from Itachi, rivaling that of Vali's Juggernaut Drive transformation.

Flames began burning around Itachi's body and Touki aura. The flames looking like a cloak on his back, his forearms, and ankles covered in a blazing red fire. Itachi with a flex of his muscles that had begun increase in mass, set the entire landscape around them on fire. "Touki: Assault Mode." Itachi in his Assault Mode, stared up at Vali, whom cackled with glee.

Itachi took a leap at Vali, with his right arm raised above his head. Flames stretching from his hand, forming into a gigantic fire claw. Itachi's speed had been significantly slowed down compared to his Speed Mode. Itachi smacked the fire claw into Vali, and the blow rocked the White Dragon Emperor to his very core, his bones were rattling as he was knocked over. His speed may be reduced, but in return Itachi's attack power had gained a significant boost.

Itachi boosted his charge, with fire exploding from the soles of his feet. Flinging himself like a rocket at Vali, Itachi created a gigantic sphere of fire in his right hand, and smacked it into Vali. The force of the fire spread in waves. Vali could even feel the heat even with the protection of his armor.

Vali chuckled, and responded with unleashing a laser beam breath attack. The beam clashed into Itachi, sending him propelling into the air. Vali took chase, and slammed his gigantic fists into Itachi. Each strike shook Itachi to his core, Vali was the toughest opponent he had faced in a long time. It honestly made Itachi feel like he was in his Akatsuki days fighting a Jinchuuriki. With their accursed ability to be immune to genjutsu and destructive power.

Itachi recovered, and met Vali's next fist with his own. Unleashing a vibrating shockwave, waves of pure flames and white laser energy blasted into the barrier walls. Yet the barrier didn't even flinch or crack underneath the pressure. Even Raven's barrier would have begun breaking from this level of battle. Heat erupted from Itachi's eyes. Itachi's glare intensified at Vali as he unleashed heat waves from his eyes. The heating flames knocking Vali into the air. Vali shook off the burning pain, and like a raging beast tackled Itachi. Holding onto his prey tightly in his claws. As Vali unleashed a laser breath attack into Itachi at point blank range.

Itachi plummeted like a burning meteorite, crash landing and dragging up the earth beneath him as he crashed into the barrier walls. "Ugh…" Itachi's ears were ringing, blood ran down from his lips, nose and his eyes. 'The strain of Assault Mode was tougher than I thought…' Itachi looked at the charging Vali.

Getting in a stance, Itachi generated a violent torrent of fire before him. The spinning blazing ball of death grew in size until it rivaled the size of Vali's Juggernaut Drive. "Hell Blaze!" Itachi unleashed the fire like a burning wave of pure destruction, and Vali responded with a laser breath attack. The two attacks colliding in a "DOOOM!" Rocking the very fabric of the space around them, and causing the earth beneath them to crumble and rise like burning rubble into the sky.

Itachi was initially worried if this barrier around the academy would hold, for if this blast hit the ground, the whole town of Kuoh would be nothing but a burnt crater. But if who he thought was behind this barrier, he had nothing to fear, and went all out. A surge of power rushed through Itachi's Hell Blaze fire, and pushed Vali's beam back. The blast knocking into Vali in a violent crash that cracked his Juggernaut Armor.

Flames burnt across Vali's armor, and with a mere violent roar the flames were extinguished. "Wonderful! This is the battle I crave! What do you think Albion?! Have we witnessed it yet?!"

"No, this all appears to be the mere result of combining his senjutsu skills with his demonic and magical power. We have yet to see everything." Albion spoke from Vali's wings, and Vali was trembling with excitement within his armor.

"Why? Why couldn't you have been born a human hybrid like me? Why couldn't you have been the host of Ddraig? Our battles would be legendary…" Vali mumbled to himself, imagining the most wonderful dream in his head.

"Vali, you won't be able to keep this up for long. Hurry and wrap this up." Albion warned his partner, yet Vali seemingly ignored him.

Itachi was sweating, panting. It felt like he was nearly having a heat stroke. Yet Itachi powered through, and charged at Vali with an aim to finish this battle quickly. Vali responded in kind, and charged like a raging dragon, with his jaws open. Heat burning from his eyes, Itachi shot out heat fire waves from his eyes once more into the center of Vali's chest.

Vali merely powered through, even as the blue jewel at the center began to crack. Vali grabbed Itachi, and like a wild beast sunk his fangs into Itachi's right arm. "AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!" Itachi cried out in pain, blood splattering out from in-between Vali's jaw. "URGH!" Itachi grinded his teeth, and formed a massive fire fist on his left hand and slammed it into the head of Vali's Juggernaut Drive, successfully knocking the armored dragon off.

Itachi fell to the ground, grunting in pain as he held onto his bloodied right arm. He couldn't move it anymore. Itachi panted, the shock of losing so much blood caused a constant ringing in his ears. He could barely stand straight, and barley focus. Itachi ripped off his own shirt, and placed the cloth into his own mouth, biting down hard onto it. In-between his muffled cries of pain, Itachi used the flames of his Assault Mode to cauterize the wounds.

The nauseating smell of his burning flesh entered his nose. The intense pain he was feeling in his right arm made his very being tremble. Vali stomped his way over to Itachi, spitting out Itachi's blood from the mouth of his Juggernaut Drive armor. "Tell me, Itachi Sitri… Do you have any other forms to offer? Any other powers? Because I would recommend you use them now!" A bright glowing white light charged from the center jewel on Vali's chest, the very space around them shaking from the intense pressure of this light. A launcher of sorts, appears out from the mouth of the helm of the Juggernaut Drive, charging up a massive blast.

"I have one more form stronger than this one… Although I won't need it against you." Itachi declared, and he could feel Vali visibly smiling with excitement at hearing those words.

Using his left arm, Itachi generated what resembled that of a Rasengan made out of flames. Although it appeared small in size, Vali could feel the sheer power vibrating from it. This, would be their finishing moves. Is what they both thought.

"Let us see what you're really made of… Itachi Sitri!" Vali's mouth launcher had charged up its attack. And by the feeling of it, Itachi shouldn't let it hit the ground. Seeing all his comrades and loved ones still frozen in time around him. Changing the trajectory of Vali's aim, Itachi took flight into the sky. Vali followed, aiming the launcher at Itachi. Both were at their limit, Itachi's body couldn't handle the strain of his Assault Mode much longer, and Vali was about to go berserk and lose his sanity.

Itachi focused his demonic power into the tiny fire sphere in his hand, adding water to it. Although the water evaporated nearly instantly, it still left a mist trail around it. "Atomic Fire!" Itachi flew towards Vali, and Vali's launcher now fully charged had a tiny neon colored sphere rotating around the tip.

"Longinus Smasher!" Vali unleashed a massive laser breath attack, the sheer scale was enough to swallow up the entire academy, and nearly half of Kuoh in its destructive light. Anything this blast would meet in its path, would be destroyed.

Itachi acting quickly dispersed into a murder of crows, the blast mere inches from him. The crows dispersed and flew in a circular formation around the blast, with one of them carrying the little fire sphere in its claws. Vali's Longinus Smasher hit the barrier, and the barrier didn't even crack under the intense pressure of the blast. Vali gasped within his Juggernaut Drive, but it was too late. The crows had formed into Itachi, as he stood right before the center jewel of Vali's armor. Itachi slammed the fire sphere into core of Vali's armor.

Vali's Juggernaut Drive howled in pain, as the fire surged in through the armor, cracks appearing around the armor, with blasts of fire leaking out from them. Itachi was breaking Vali's armor apart. "Atomic Fire… By combining the fire of my Assault Mode, as well the hydrogen particles of my water… I can create an attack with the power of an atomic nuclear bomb. And by the looks of it, your armor can take all the power of the blast, so I don't have to worry about anyone else getting hurt." Itachi heaved Vali and his massive hulking Juggernaut Armor into the air. "It's over." Itachi declared and slammed the white dragon into an empty field at the academy.

Vulcanic like explosions of fire erupted within the academy grounds. The source of it, a fire cloaked armored Itachi standing on top of a beaten Vali. Shards of white armor pieces from Vali's Juggernaut Drive scattered around. Vali cackled in a wheezing laughter, his breath knocked out of him, and the center of his abdomen covered in a burn from Itachi's fist. "Amazing… She was right about you…" Vali's words made Itachi frown, the mentioning of Ophis made his blood run cold despite the heat from his Assault Mode.

And thus, time began moving once more as the battle was decided. Everyone looked caught off guard, seeing all this sudden destruction around them, the burning flames, the new barrier. What is more, they saw Itachi with a cloak of flames burning around him, as he stood on top of a beaten Vali. "Wh-What happened?" Sirzechs lowered his aura, and looked in shock.

"Gasper, did you?" Rias looked to her own bishop. Although Gasper looked just as confused and merely shook his head.

Itachi frowned as he looked down upon Vali. "… I said to Issei he would get a chance to fight you once, looks like I was wrong." A violent torrent of flames gathered around Itachi's left fist in the shape of a spinning drill. His gaze filled with killer intent, there was no denying it, he was a killer. He could never escape, who he really was, what his past sins had forged him into. A killer.

As Itachi threw his flame coated fist, a bright purple flash appeared before him. And a mere finger stuck out, catching the blow of his fist. The finger, the hand looked like it belonged to that of a child. And it caught his attack like it was nothing. There was only one being Itachi could think of. "Sorry, but I require this idiot." The form of Ophis stood between Itachi and the beaten Vali. "Shame, I thought Vali could actually push you over the edge. Guess I was wrong." Ophis lips crocked into a menacing smirk, and without any other movement. A wave of pressure blew Itachi away like a leaf in the wind sending him crashing all the way to the roof of the barrier. Blood erupting from his lips at the violent impact his body made with the barrier, causing internal bleeding.

Unable to register what happened, Rias stood there with a look of disbelief. Wanting to rush to Itachi's aid, but the mere presence of Ophis made her unable to even move her legs. "Who… is that girl?" Rias found herself trembling. She wasn't the only one, even her brother was shaking a bit. What was this girl? Her presence in itself felt ridiculous. She felt like she shouldn't even exist in this realm.

"That's…" Sirzechs couldn't believe it, he didn't recognize the current form of the being known as Ophis before him. But the Dragon God of Infinite's power was unmistakable. "Ophis." Sirzechs instantly flared up in a bright red burning fire of energy, the entire academy crumbled before his destructive power.

"Sirzechs is going all out already?!" Baraqiel struggled in the face of the destructive wind generating around Sirzechs. Those who didn't even reach the level of Ultimate class devil could do nothing but fall to their knees in the face of Sirzechs' full power.

"Ophis? Did onii-sama just call that little girl… for Ophis?" Rias' very voice was trembling, as if the name of said being struck fear in the hearts of most. An unpredictable being with an unbelievable power.

"Am I missing something here? Who is Ophis?" Issei questioned, barely able to keep his cool and not being paralyzed by fear.

"The Dragon God of Infinite…" Ddraig spoke from his gauntlet. "Ophis is a being that exceeds the realm of Gods, and dragons. Even I, wouldn't stand a chance against it in my prime. That, devil boy, is a being with an infinite supply of power. And one of the two strongest beings in existence." Ddraig's explanation was too much for Issei to process. All he could gather was, that this little girl was more dangerous than anything out there.

Two flashes appeared around Ophis, one being Itachi's trusted Rook Harry Newgate already using his fire Samurai armor Balance Breaker form. And Bob at his maximum promotion level, with his war hammer raised. Harry slashed his Flame Sword of Pride down onto the frail young-looking girl, and Bob swung his war hammer at her.

Casually and without care, Ophis held her hand out and caught the incoming war hammer without even budging or flinching. And easily caught the Flame Sword of Pride in between two of her fingers. Both the titan muscular warriors only stared in shock as their attacks didn't even face Ophis. "Such insolence…!" Harry grunted, veins bulging around both his and Bob's muscular arms as they tried to put more power in their attacks.

Yet, it had no effect. Ophis didn't even move, her arms not wavering under the pressure. With what seemed like a light push from Ophis, Bob was nearly knocked over. Followed by a light backhand strike into Bob's war hammer, Bob was sent flying straight through the barrier surrounding the academy. A barrier that not even Itachi and Vali could break during their fight, was broken so easily before Ophis' might. Before Bob could collide with the town like a meteorite, and leveling the whole town, Behemoth appeared and caught the massive hulky warrior. Yet they still flew a bit back, Behemoth skidding backwards as his feet dragged up the concreate road. Halting just before they reached a massive skyscraper.

Harry looked in disbelief, his flames intensifying adding more and more to his power. Yet Ophis did not budge. Ophis' eyes looked a little heavy, as she let out a tired sounding yawn. "So noisy…" Ophis without any effort plucked the Flame Sword of Pride out from Harry's hands, and flung it over her shoulder. The sword stabbing into the ground, digging itself deeply into the ground.

"I won't let you have your way!" Resulting in using his fists, Harry was instead quickly met by a strike from Ophis. The little girl merely pointing her finger into the bulky giant old man's chest, nearly caving it in. All anyone heard, was the sound of Harry's ribs breaking and the groaning of his flesh. "Ugh!" Harry coughed up blood, and fell to the ground in defeat.

Upon the defeat of two of their strongest comrades, the rest of the sins sprang into action. Jack hovering over Ophis, with hundreds of various kinds of blades, each supposed to carry a small weakness for Ophis. "Heh." Ophis smirked, halting Jack and her blades midair with some invisible force. Bawling her tiny hand into a fist, Ophis gathered all the hundred blades of Jack, and crushed them like they were in a trash compactor. Sparks of their magical power leaking out as they were squashed. With a mere flick of her finger, a shockwave was sent into Jack blasting her back into a pile of rubble.

The little assassin laying in the rubble, with a cut over her forehead and blood leaking over half her face. Damian jumped in enraged, and caught Ophis within his strings. "Annoying…" Ophis grunted, and a sap of light purple electricity surged through the strings, and right into Damian.

"AARRRRGGGHHHH!" Damian howled in pain, and fell over unconscious.

"Azarath Metrion-" Before Raven could even finish her incantation, Ophis appeared right before her. Instantly breaking Raven's concentration, out of a sudden feeling of fear. Raven's magic faded in the face of Ophis.

"If you get angry… you might be a bit troublesome. Sleep." Ophis poked Raven's forehead, sending a small pulse of power which caused Raven to fall unconscious.

Kuroka tried to conceal her presence using senjutsu, yet nothing escaped Ophis. The Dragon God of Infinity, slowly turning her head towards Kuroka, whom froze in fear at meeting Ophis' gaze. Unable to react, Kuroka quickly found herself winded as the air got knocked out of her by some invisible force.

'If I can just get a taste of her, I would be unstoppable!' Eto in her full Kakuja form charged at Ophis from behind, aiming to get a taste of the Dragon God's flesh. Eto's tentacles nearing Ophis, although in display of speed, faster than even sound. Eto's kakuja was sliced up into pieces, and Eto was also cut in half. Eto's upper half falling in a thud onto the ground before Ophis while her lower half remained stuck in a piece of her kakuja. 'What did she do? I didn't even sense her move…' Eto looked stunned, unable to register what had happened.

"All the Sins… were taken out?" Sona looked in disbelief at how easily Ophis had defeated her brother's peerage. And all of it had taken place, whilst Itachi was being blown away by Ophis attack. By the time Itachi had landed back on solid ground, his entire peerage was down for the count.

Rushing out from the crowd, was the former general, Esdeath. Her rapier sword in hand she smiled with glee looking at Ophis. Ophis meeting her gaze with tired looking eyes and a tiny smile. "A being that far exceeds the Gods, how interesting!"


Using the trump card of what was once known as a Teigu, but now known better as a Sacred Gear. Esdeath froze time itself. "This may consume too much of my energy at once, but honestly I see no other way to defeat you." Esdeath leaped towards Ophis, generating a huge ice dragon to take down the Dragon God of infinity. In a time and space, where even Sirzechs remained frozen. Yet, unfortunately for Esdeath, her opponent was Ophis.

Esdeath looked in absolute shock, seeing the eyes of the Dragon God trailing her movement. She wasn't frozen in time, Ophis was moving. "Heh, cute~" Ophis snickered and with a flick of her fingers, the space around them cracked open. Like a broken mirror, the space shattered and time began moving again.

"N-No way-" Esdeath hurled up blood, as the flick Ophis made created an air bullet, that penetrated through Esdeath, piercing one of her lungs. Esdeath's ice dragon also shattered like glass, and the former general collapsed to the ground.

"Esdeath…" Serafall uttered in horror at seeing her Queen and right hand having been taken out just like that.

"That fool…" Behemoth grumbled, unlike Esdeath he knew it was pointless to challenge Ophis.

Itachi looked in disbelief, some of the strongest people he had met in his life. Had all easily been taken down by Ophis. And from the looks of it, it required no effort on Ophis' part. Itachi was about to use his strongest Touki form, but quickly realized it would be just as pointless.

"I wonder… should I just take you and be done with it?" Ophis gave a menacing childlike giggle as she looked to Itachi. To which Serafall instantly went on the defensive, Dragon God or not no one was taking away her It-tan.

Celsius Cross Trigger!

Serafall unleashed a mighty ice spell, threatening to freeze the entire town. No, the entire country. Although for some reason, it seemed irrelevant now and no one even protested to stop her. Ophis looked at the incoming ice, with little interest. Merely inhaling her breath and puffing her cheeks a bit. Then, like an actual Dragon, she breathed fire.

A blazing inferno of flames spraying out from her tiny mouth. The sheer heat of the flames was unlike anything Itachi had ever felt. It looked like normal fire, but in truth it even put the Amaterasu flames to shame, with its heat level of power far surpassing it. As in seconds it melted away Serafall's ice, not leaving behind even a drop of water.

"Holy shit…" Issei gawked. It felt like they were in a furnace, they were all sweating like crazy. If this kept on going some of them might have died from a heatstroke.

The fire died down, as Ophis closed her mouth. Her lips crooked into a smile, with a tiny bit of flame remains leaking out before getting snuffed out by a blow from Ophis. "It's useless." Ophis told them, there was nothing they could do against her.

Sirzechs however, was having none of it. Having generated a destruction sphere so big, it looked like the sun itself had been dragged down to Earth. The red glowing ball of pure destructive energy, was thrown down onto the tiny frail looking Ophis. It honestly looked like the whole Earth would explode, if that sphere made contact with the ground.

The destruction sphere squashed onto Ophis, pushing itself into the ground. While generating mighty winds that were dyed red from Sirzechs' violent power raging like a storm. "And now, to toss it, and her…" Sirzechs aimed to toss Ophis along with the destruction sphere into outer space, and then detonate it and hopefully take out the Dragon God.

Vali, Arthur, Bikou and Amon laid huddled together gawking in awe at witnessing the power of Sirzechs Lucifer first hand. "Beautiful…" Vali uttered as the giant sun like sphere shined like a gem.

"Onii-sama! The town!" Rias shouted in fright. All having taken a moment to take their minds of Ophis to realize the danger Kuoh town had been placed in.

"Don't worry, Rias. Trust me." Sirzechs confidence however, assured them. He had experience in controlling his power enough to focus it on one point. This one point being Ophis. Then, however, the sphere was rising up from the ground. And Sirzechs gasped in shock, as they all saw the tiny frame of Ophis rising from the rubble. Holding Sirzechs' destruction sphere, and lifting it up with only one hand.

"As always, Sirzechs Lucifer… that stung." Ophis smiled, sending a surge of her own power through the sphere. The red shining sun that was Sirzechs' destruction sphere, began looking polluted. As a dark ominous purple shade overtook and ate away at the red. In another surprising action, by merely bawling her tiny hand into a fist, the sphere shrank into tiny glint of energy in an instant. And in the next, Ophis crushed it within the palm of her hand. "It's been a long time… since I felt any form of pain…" Ophis looked at her hand, seeing it giving light twitches. Although, Ophis shook off the so-called "pain" away with a mere shake of her hand.

"It's hopeless, Sirzechs… You and I both know, that Ophis is beyond our level." Azazel spoke up, seeing no need in starting a losing battle against Ophis. "If so, we would need all the Faction leaders to team up together. And we would need to do it somewhere where no humans can get hurt." Azazel knew, that Sirzechs had also held back there. Knowing full well, what Sirzechs at full power could manage. And what it would result for this town and continent.

"Azazel is right…" Michael agreed.

Ophis cast a look at Itachi, and through some invisible force Itachi was pulled in towards her. The Dragon God grabbing onto his chin, and looked him straight in the eyes. Itachi was visibly shaking, even sweating a bit. "Not yet, eh? Pity." Ophis dropped him, looking actually a bit disappointed.

Itachi somehow, was able to stand in the face of Ophis' power. If Ophis wanted to, she could kill them all right here and now. She could take Itachi with her, and no one would be able to stop her. But, for some reason, she didn't. Why?

Itachi flinched, seeing Ophis' gaze drifting to his friends behind him. And the instant fear of Ophis potentially killing them all overcame him. "Don't…" Itachi's voice trembled slightly.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to kill anyone or fight. I'm just here to make sure these four don't die." Ophis nudged towards Vali, Arthur, Bikou and Amon. "I require them." Itachi and Ophis look at each other in a moment of silence.

"For what if I dare ask?" To Itachi's question, Ophis merely smiled.

"To kill someone."

Itachi didn't have to think hard about it, a being Ophis alone cannot kill spoke volumes for who it was. "Great Red." Itachi's answer was met with silence.

Ophis levitated up from the ground, and made Vali, Arthur, Bikou and Amon levitate with her. Ophis leaned down to eye level with Itachi, this time smiling with a hint of kindness. "I will be back for you, clan killer." Ophis in what could only be described as a display of showing of affection, cupped her hands around Itachi's face. "Later." Ophis in a surprising act planted a kiss on Itachi's forehead, earning a few collective shocked gasps. Then she vanished with Vali, Arthur, Bikou and Amon without a trace.

Itachi was left standing there, in shock. The being known as Ophis was still as mysterious as ever to all of the Supernatural world. Still feeling the soft sensation of Ophis' lips on his forehead. Itachi had a hard time to register what that was all about. "Clan… killer?" A barely audible voice registered in Itachi's ears. Turning around, Itachi was met with several confused looks from his friends and family. But most noticeable of all for Itachi, was the confused look of the one with the barely audible voice. Rias looked at him, looking as confused and concerned as the rest, as they all couldn't help but wonder what Ophis meant by with those words. Of course, their enhanced hearing had picked that part up.

That's the end for now!

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Now, we've so far seen three of Itachi's Touki forms. His Defense Mode where he synchronizes his senjutsu with his demonic power over water. His Speed Mode, where he synchronizes his magical affinity with lightning. I haven't really had Itachi use much lightning in this series so far, and I remember saying early on he was able to use lightning in this story. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity for him to use some. And then there is his Assault Mode, where he synchronizes his magical affinity with fire with senjutsu.

Assault Mode essentially grants Itachi destructive attack power in the form of flames. A punch from Itachi in this form, is essentially like taking a bomb to the face. He can also manipulate the fire to shoot heat waves from his eyes and actually anywhere from his body. The downside, is kind of similar to Endeavor's quirk from My Hero Academia. Using this form too much, creates so much heat that Itachi can essentially fall to a heat stroke. That and the essential downside to these forms, is that it puts a heavy strain on Itachi's body. As we saw he began bleeding from his nose, mouth and eyes in his fight against Vali.

Now, with these forms does it mean Itachi is stronger than Serafall now? Yes, I would believe so. He took down Vali in his Juggernaut Drive which was stated to be stronger than Serafall.

Also, next chapter will be an original chapter in which we deal with the aftermath of the conference. And see what the result of Ophis calling Itachi "Clan Killer" in front of everyone will be. The chapter is already in the works, and I hope to post it soon within a week or two.

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