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It Might Be You
Chapter 1
Unconscious by Fate

I've been passing time watching trains go by
All of my life
Lying on the sand watching seabirds fly
Wishing there would be
Someone waiting home for me
Something's telling me it might be you
It's telling me it might be you…

© It Might Be You, Stephen Bishop

He turned the corner to his locker. He sort of wished he didn't though. Surely, he could wait a few more seconds to get to his locker. I mean, classes only started in 2 minutes. He could wait.
Takuya sighed, as he spotted Koji and Izumi, the effervescent couple, voted "Cutest Couple of the Year" for two years in a row, by his locker. On his locker. Whichever way you wish to put it. Incredibly unlucky for him, his locker was right beside Koji's locker. That was Izumi and Koji's "make-out spot". His locker, and basically every other locker in school. And you could guess what they were doing; making out. By his locker. On his locker. Whichever way you wish to put it.

The bell rang. You just love to think that was their signal to let go of each other and get on with the rest of their lives. But it wasn't. Takuya grew impatient. He despised both of them, for personal reasons. He was never very fond of Izumi, for "reasons" and the fact that she and Koji were a couple, made him direct unnecessary hate energy towards him. Koji was surprisingly joyful about the situation. Head of "the world", he was living in his own luxury bubble. Izumi, bubbly, giddy Izumi, made Takuya pissed off for odd reasons. He was convinced it wasn't the same grade 3 issues he had years ago. Like how she was always there, when she was the last person he wanted to see. And sometimes, whenever she and Koji got into a fight, she'd talk to the nearest person. If it wasn't Hikari, it was Takuya. It was what he called their "shut up and listen while I complain awhile" session. Takuya dreaded it.

"Okay!" he snapped, suddenly, causing them both to be startled. She pulled away from Koji rather quickly, and turned to smile at Takuya as if everything was fine. "In make-out land, can you not hear the bell?" he asked, walking up to his locker. "It means get off my locker." He said, prying the door open causing Koji to jump back a little. "Speaking of which, why is my locker always…" he trailed off slightly as soon as he spotted the clock hanging by the wall. He was already late. Mr. Sashimi would kill him. "…never mind." He nodded, pulling out his textbooks and shutting his locker. He wiped it off and grinned at them both as he walked away.

"Hmm," Koji mumbled. He diverted his attention to the clock as well. "Did the bell really ring, or was he just lying?"

"You know Takuya," Izumi sighed, straightening her hair with her fingers. "…he lies."


"And get this," he said, catching the soccer ball that rolled up to his feet. He ignored momentarily the people calling to him. They seemed so distant. 'Throw the ball, Takuya! Throw it… god, damn it, just throw the damn ball!!' Daisuke, beside him, didn't seem to be able to ignore them so easily. He sighed anyway, as Takuya continued, "It's almost like they're doing this to annoy me. I mean, it's been a month or whatever and I'm going crazy. I seriously am."

"And?" Daisuke mumbled, slowly. "So is JP. Throw the ball."

"…oh." Takuya sighed, throwing the ball back to the field. The soccer game resumed. "Do I look like I'm going crazy?"

"No, but it seems like you enjoy talking about Koji and Izumi every five seconds," Daisuke nodded. "What's up with that?" he asked, a grin curling up on his lips.

"…what?" he asked, blankly. Daisuke smirked, devilishly, but Takuya found nothing devilish about it. He knew Daisuke was always thinking strange thoughts about him and every other girl in the school. Daisuke also almost always thought about himself and Izumi's friend Hikari in bed, a lot. It was more like him than not. "You have such a wrong mind. It's like God purposely screwed yours up because he knew you wouldn't be able to use it properly."

"Ah, please," Daisuke shrugged. "Nothing's too wrong, for something that's never right." He grinned. Takuya didn't reply, because he didn't quite get it. He looked back on the field. It was lunch, he was hungry and yet, he never found any time to eat anything. Most of his life was occupied by everyone else's life and soccer. JP was attempting to be a goalie by blocking endless upon endless of Ken's shots. But, unfortunately, JP was dying trying to block them-- or what he called blocking. He looked to his left, and whad'dya know? There were Koji and Izumi, talking. He'd never actually seen them talking before. It was a strange sight.

"OH! That's gonna hurt in the morning…" he heard JP groan from the field. Daisuke and Takuya looked over to see JP drop, finally, onto the foot-beaten grass. He clutched his groin and curled up like a fetus.

"Not again," Ken sighed, picking up the ball as it rolled down to his feet. "God, suck it in-- you're fine."

"I'm not this time." JP grumbled. "I think it's a bleeder!"

"…hmm," Ken said, walking towards him. "Sure you're not faking? You always get out of it that way whenever you don't wanna play Daisuke."

"Said who?" JP snapped, suddenly in an okay voice. Ken wasn't buying it. "OH! I think I feel the red substance now!" he slowly got to his feet in a sort of demented way.

"JP's a pain." Daisuke said, shrugging.

"Now that you mention it," Takuya said, getting up. "I'm gonna give Ken a break. One second," he walked onto the field, and after a few minutes of discussion, Ken went back to sit beside Daisuke. Takuya turned back to JP who was still curled up, mercilessly. "Hey! JP! We got a game to play, if you don't mind."

JP looked up, tiredly. "Later, TK."

"Since when was my name TK?" Takuya asked, throwing the ball towards him. It bounced off his leg. "How about you score on me? It'll give you more time to think of another fake injury." He smirked, as JP got up, slowly-- trying to make it seem like he was really hurt-- and nodded.

"I'm not…" he giggled, nervously as he got to his feet and picked up the ball. "…faking."

"Tch, right." Takuya sighed as he and JP switched places. "Ready?"

"The question is, are you ready for the JP Thunder Ball?" he asked, very cheesily. "Sure, you caught my other ones, but don't let this one go to your head! It's the ultimate, supreme kick!"

"It sounds like TUG-- The Ultimate Gay." Takuya replied, cheekily. "Come on, I'm completely ready for your cheesy little wiener kick!"

"I can't believe you still use words like "wiener", man." JP sighed. Takuya shrugged.

Make-out session was over, and Izumi always got bored fast. She walked down the benches and scanned the soccer field. It's almost like where everyone went during lunch. It was more or less "the soccer field" or bust. Koji went back inside to talk to some teacher and she was left relatively alone. Hikari was nowhere to be found. She guessed that Hikari probably went somewhere with TK or something. She spotted Takuya from the benches and grinned. Sure, he looked occupied, blocking several shots from JP, but he wouldn't mind a quick talk session would he? She knew that he probably didn't like her that much, but that's why she chose him for their "talk" sessions. So he could have a basic opinion about it, rather than someone who knew. She wouldn't admit it, but she really did like spending time with him. He was nice, and funny and- "Not Koji… okay." Izumi told herself absently. "Takuya!" she called to him when she got to the bottom-most benches.

"What?" he asked, slowly turning around. He spotted Izumi waving to him. No more bitching sessions. Not now, not today. Not ever. He turned back to JP. But it came extremely fast before he could see anything. First he saw a flash of light and then-- BAM!! -- he was unconscious. Or to his extent of what he believed, he died.

"Oh shit," Daisuke exclaimed, when he saw what happened. Takuya lay on the ground completely unconscious.

"I so have bad timing." Izumi gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth. "I should've listened to my horoscope. …so that's what it meant when it said indoor voices." When she got to the soccer field, there was already a crowd of people standing around him, just talking.

"So I was right when I told him to not let this one get to his head," JP mumbled. "Guess he didn't listen." He told Ken. Ken shrugged.

"Is he dead?" Daisuke asked, slowly. "NO! Now what am I gonna do without a best friend? He can't just die like that!"

"He can't die from a soccer ball, Daisuke," Ken told him, reassuringly. "He's probably knocked out. It's a good possibility he… won't be awake for a few hours. If push comes to shove, he could be in a coma. …he could die in the coma. It's happened before."

"You're great help." Daisuke replied. "Thanks, Ken."

"No problem."

"You guys are pathetic!" Izumi snapped, bending down to grab his arm. "He's unconscious, and you guys are talking like he's dead!" she felt his arm for a pulse, but there was nothing. She shrieked, "Oh my God, he is dead!"

"And you care?"

"Shut up, Daisuke."

"God, you guys are so sad," JP said, grabbing Takuya's arm from Izumi. He felt his pulse again. "…can't really feel much-"

"Damn it, JP, stop feeling up his arm!" Ken said, grabbing Takuya's arm from JP. "And besides, you're doing it wrong."

"No, I'm not." He said, grasping Takuya's arm again.

"Can you guys not pull his friggin' arm out of his friggin' socket, okay?" Daisuke snapped. "He's not dead. He does have a pulse, right?"

"Yeah, he's just unconscious, I guess." Ken shrugged, dropping his arm.

"Oh no…" Izumi muttered, picking up his limp arm and dropping it again. "I feel so bad about everything."

"You shouldn't feel bad, he's not dead." Daisuke told her.

"Doesn't he need something like-- oh, I dunno-- medical attention?" JP asked, absently. "Ken?" he turned on him.

"It's not like I know everything," Ken replied, crossing his arms and getting up. "I'm guessing we should probably take him to the hospital room upstairs."


"You think he'll ever wake up?" he heard someone whisper fervently. Whatever the nurse said was too quiet for his tired ears to pick up. He reluctantly opened his eyes to see both the nurse and Izumi looking at him and shaking their heads. He shifted his eyes comfortably around the room to get used to his surroundings. It wasn't long until he realized he was in the hospital room in the school.

"Ah!" he gasped, sitting up instantly. He looked around in a bizarre panic. No one seemed to mind that he was overreacting. The nurse told Izumi it was common for those who awaken from unconsciousness. He looked over at the nurse, "What happened to me? …and what about the game?" he asked, trying to get up.

"Lie down, the nurse said you shouldn't get up." Izumi said, pushing him back down before he could go anywhere. "It's supposed to be bad for your head."

"You do need to rest here awhile longer." The nurse nodded, as her eyes switched back and forth between Izumi and Takuya. She cleared her throat, "I normally wouldn't let you both stay in the same room… with a bed… circumstances being what they are-"

"Hey, I am not gonna sleep with her okay?" Takuya said, interrupting her. Both of them looked at him in a shocked manner. Though, from the looks in their eyes, they agreed upon the reason being that 'it was the blow to the head'.

"…your parents should be here soon." The nurse told him.

"My parents?" he asked, abruptly. "Who the hell called them?"

"Well, it's mandatory we notify all the parents of the kids that end up in the hospital or sick rooms, just so they are aware of the situation with their child." She smiled, warmly. "Don't worry, we have a timed visiting limit. But in your case, you will be able to go home with them. You should be fine."

"…what time is it?" Takuya asked, slowly.

"It's just past 3. Why do you ask?" she replied.

"I've been dead for 2 hours?" he mumbled. "God… where's Daisuke and Ken… and JP?"

"My best bet is that they went home." She shrugged. Takuya's eyes grew wide. His friends just left after he got brutally beat with a soccer ball? What was wrong with them? "Don't get that idea." She added, noticing Takuya's shocked expression. "They'd been here during the whole day. But they were asked to leave. You'll probably see them tomorrow." She said, reassuringly before she left.

There was an odd silence in the room afterwards. Takuya slowly turned to Izumi who was sitting comfortably in the chair beside his bed. She didn't seem to act like she minded much. He wondered why she hadn't left yet. His best bet was that she needed someone to complain to-- Guess what, Koji's breaking up with me and my mom doesn't like me… It was either that, or something much more less interesting.

"So…" Izumi began, slowly. "I'm guessing you're okay."

"I'm guessing I am too." He answered. "If you don't mind… how come you didn't go home?" he asked, turning back to look at her.

"I told Koji I had something important to do after school." Izumi nodded. "…and I also told the receptionist that I was your cousin. She only lets family members stay longer than 15 minutes if they come before school ends." She looked over at him. "No big deal, right?"

"Sure." He said, slowly getting up. His head ached severely like he'd just been whacked with something extremely hard. The soccer ball, of course. But it was like, since he was unconscious when it happened, all of a sudden now he felt the extreme pain of being hit in the head with the "JP Thunder Ball". Why couldn't the pain go away when he wasn't current? He sighed, "It sounds more like you lied to watch me sleep or something."

"When you put it that way, you make it seem irrelevant."

"Well, it is." He answered. "My parents would never do that for me. They've been too occupied with my older brother and my younger sister. He's in college, she's in 9th grade. They gave her carrot cake when she got to 9th grade-- my mom's a nutritionist--  and they gave her $500. When my brother got to college, they paid his tuition and gave him more carrot cake. When I got to grade 9… they paid $20 for my sister's trip to that acting place and around $300 for my brother's books and supplies. They never gave me carrot cake." He added, sourly. "Being a middle kid sucks, just because."

"Do you like carrot cake?"

"Hell no." Takuya answered. "Just the thought of having it made them feel superior. I wanted to feel superior too. Never got the chance to. Plus, my mom's always feeding me all this health food because she says I don't eat enough. She says, Look at Tayumi, she's growing up just great! And Takeyo looks as healthy as ever. And you look like a twig. Eat something, Takuya."

"Your mom sounds nice." Izumi told him. "My parents taught me how to cook, and then they left me alone."

Takuya shrugged, briefly, and then it was pure silence. Neither one of them spoke. She tapped on the arm of the chair and his eyes darted between the back wall and the window. "Got a minute?" Izumi spoke up, quietly.

"Don't I always?" he asked, reluctantly and sarcastically. She smiled anyway.

"Me and Koji never talk anymore." She began, slowly. "I mean, we talk but never about anything interesting or special. It always comes back to… well, you know."

"Making-out on my locker?" he added.

"No, the bedroom."

Takuya said nothing. His eyes diverted back to the wall, and then to her in a concentration sort of way. "I don't think this is the type of stuff I said was in my contract."

"Who cares…" she mumbled. "Please? Just listen, and if you want, you don't have to say anything."


"Well, and then I told him, Forget it, if that's all you ever think about. That was the last thing I told him actually. There was much more… um, swearing and yelling involved, but to conclude it, I told him I didn't wanna go home with him and I didn't want him to drop me off at home… I got so angry."

"When was that?"


"Is that why you're still here?" Takuya asked, slowly. "…wait." He gasped. "You don't think I can drop you off, do you?"

"No, no, no, that's not it."

"My parents won't let me drive. My dad said I'm too young. I told him, I already got my license. He said… he'll ask the police. I told him, Dad, you were there when I got it. He laughed and said, Go eat something, Takuya." He muttered. "…Koji seems like a bastard if you ask me."

"You just don't like him." Izumi smiled. "If you got to know him, you'd think he was swee- …he was nice, I meant. And he really is." She nodded. "Really."

"Yeah, well, I don't think you should let it get to you." Takuya shrugged. "He'll come running back. They always do…" he added, in a renegade type way. Izumi smiled.

"I love talking to you." She grinned.

"I like talking to me, too. Only when no one's around. Because… well, you know what people think when you talk to yourself." He shrugged.

"My God, where is he?" they heard a panicked voice from outside. Takuya recognized it as his mom, Reiko. She was always overreacting. Mostly when people don't get the right nutrition. The door creaked open, and Reiko stood in the doorway with Takuya's younger sister, Tayumi behind her. Reiko looked like she was on the brink of tears. It scared him. "Oh, Takuya… are you okay?" she asked, rushing up to him. She sat on the bed beside him, and began rummaging through her purse.

"I'm fine, I guess." Takuya answered. Thanks for caring.

"I knew it! I knew I should've given you packed lunches!" she exclaimed, bringing out a Tupperware container and chopsticks from her purse. It was filled to the lid with rice and chicken. "Eat." She said, simply.

"But mom-"

"Shush. Eat." She told him again. "I know the reason you fell unconscious isn't because of that lame, cheap-ass soccer ball thing they told me! It's because my poor little baby isn't getting enough nutrition!"

"…God…" he mumbled, as Izumi giggled.

"Takuya, where's Daisuke?" Tayumi asked.

"Oh, please," Reiko reared on Tayumi quickly. "Your brother is going crazy, and the only reason you came was to get a glimpse of his best friend!"

"Where's dad?" Takuya asked, prying open the lid of the container.

"He went to see your brother in the math championships." Reiko said, smiling at herself. Takuya sighed.

"How come I don't get carrot cake?" Takuya asked, stuffing his mouth with rice. "I don't like this kind of chicken either-"

"Stop complaining." Reiko nodded. "You should be happy I'm feeding you."

"Yeah, I should." He told himself, quietly. He dropped the bowl and the chopsticks. As soon as he did, his mom fished out a granola bar and handed it to him. He almost cried.

"Oh, and who are you?" Reiko asked, turning to Izumi. She seemed to have been fine being excluded. Tayumi finally noticed her too. She smiled, "I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Reiko Kanbara, Takuya's mom. And this is his sister Tayumi. You've probably seen her around the school-- did you tell you that they're related?" she asked.

"…my name's Izumi Orimoto." She answered.

"Do you know where Daisuke lives?" Tayumi asked, quietly. "Takuya won't tell me."

"Mom, tell Tayumi to stop stalking my best friend. He doesn't like her." Takuya said, dropping the granola bar. Reiko glared at him, and he picked it up reluctantly.

"Takuya, are you feeling better yet?" Reiko asked him sweetly.

"Sort of."

"Of course you aren't-- you haven't eaten the bar yet!"

He sighed, and stuffed half of it in his mouth. His mother beamed. "You're ready to go home now. I roasted more chicken, and I have fish, bread buns, more rice and selected vegetables. Everything from the four food groups. Can you name them all?"

He dropped his head forward on the fluffy blankets and didn't speak.

"Do you need a lift too, dear?" Reiko asked Izumi.

"No, it's okay. I don't live that far from here, so I'll just walk." She nodded. She spotted Takuya still forcing himself to finish off the rest of the granola bar. "Oh, but I'll go with him, if he's up to it." Takuya sat up, tiredly. He looked at her with a dead sort of look.

"…well, I suppose so." Reiko answered.

"Can I go with them?" Tayumi asked. "Please, mom, can I? They might be going to Daisuke's house."

"God, Tayumi, find a boyfriend of your age!" Reiko told her, standing up. "You two go on ahead." She smiled, handing Takuya the rest of the food. "It better be eaten." She told him, quietly, before she and Tayumi left.

Izumi stood up and headed towards the door too. She turned back to Takuya, "You owe me."

"Do I have to?" Takuya asked.

"You can always just listen to me." Izumi smiled. "I never told you about Koji's ex-girlfriend." She said, with a hint of jealousy in her voice. Takuya got up slowly, taking the container. After picking out one of the chicken pieces, he threw the whole thing in the garbage beside the bed.

"This is gonna be a long trip."


That's the end of part 1!! Cool, huh? Well, I like it. And yes, I realize Takuya only has a lil brother and no older brother or whatever, but for the purpose of the fic, I switched it up. Hope you didn't mind. Please review if you liked it =D