Author's Note: I wouldn't really say this is my absolute first Digimon fic, because it's not. I have a strange history with the TV show, both the Japanese and English version. In fact-- I was the biggest fan in the world, and then got hypnotized by a certain movie… and never watched the show again. But, I'm back to grace you with my presence! Don't ya just love me?! (people can be seen fleeing) …I see how you stay…

Unnecessary Disclaimer: I don't know why I even bother with this stuff. I mean, you know I don't own Digimon or anything closely affiliated with it. So why must I bother saying it so many times?

MINOR notes: I'm using the Japanese names. Why? Because I can. I'm also mixing in a few of the 02 characters, for reference and maybe some references to other characters. Why? Because I can. Also, because if I just used plain Frontier people, Izumi would have no friends that were girls. Odd, isn't it? So… I think that's about all you have to know-- OH! This is a Takumi fic, btw. It ends up that way, no matter what you seem to think. It's also slightly AU. They're in high school. I don't know where they live, but I used Odaiba because it was the first thing within reach =) And… I made up Takuya's family for the fun of it.

BTW, the 3 dots-- … --in italics, mean there's a flashback. Just… heed them. Thanks.

It Might Be You
Chapter 8
It Was

"Hey big brother," Tayumi walked into Takuya's room, smiling and all dressed up. He was sitting on his bed, scribbling something down that would've been important if it didn't look like chicken scratches. He looked at her, oddly, but didn't say anything. "Wanna know why I look really pretty? More than usual, of course." She smirked to herself.

"I didn't notice." Takuya shrugged. Tayumi crossed her arms and glared at him. "Well, what?" he shot back when she gave him a pissed off look.

"Me, mom, dad and Takeyo are going to see a movie." She nodded. "Dad said you should stay home because you have homework. That's okay with you, right?"

"Let's not ask my opinion," Takuya sighed, continuing to scribble down on the page. "Let's just leave now and not come back before Takuya starts his daily round of bitching at everyone."


"Leave." He muttered, waving her off.



"We'll-bring-you-back-something!" Tayumi blabbered quickly before shutting the door when she left. He sighed and continued to write. He heard the front door shut. They were gone. Finally.

It seemed his "joy" was cut short. Just 10 minutes after they left, someone rang the front doorbell. He sighed, setting down the book. "Interesting 10-minute movie." He began, getting up to head towards the door. "Or maybe they just felt bad about leaving me at home all alone." He told himself, smiling inwardly. If that was the case, he would laugh.

It wasn't. He pulled open the door, and there was Izumi, her eyes skimming through a sort of crumpled book that said "Strictly Megaman" on the cover. He noticed it instantly. "…hey." He said, ever-so-casually. It made her nervous.

"Oh, um… hey," she began, slowly.

"What happened?" he asked slowly, noticing how shaky she looked.

Izumi thought, Try not to sound shaky. …why are you shaky!? He's been your best friend for the longest time, and then he wasn't, and… just shut up and don't say anything stupid like "I love you" or whatever. Those are the gayest endings in the world and there's no way in hell I'm gonna let this end like that!

"Speak. I get nervous around silent people. …can't stand mimes. They freak the living hell out of me…" He said, pushing the door open wider and heading into the living room. She stepped in and shut the door behind her. He turned on the TV and began flipping channels.

"…where is everyone?" she asked, noticing there was no Takeyo stalking her.

"Went to a movie." He said, abruptly skipping the movie channels to get to the kiddie networks. He stopped when she saw some Yu-Gi-Oh! commercial and left the channel alone. Izumi walked in and sat beside him. "What's up with that thing?" he asked, referring to the book.

"Nothing special," she answered, still flipping pages. "Just reviewing all the unnecessarily sappy things I wrote about you." …did I say that out loud?

He didn't seem to act like there was anything wrong about saying that she wrote a whole bunch of stuff about him. "I threw mine away a long time ago." He nodded. "…like last week." She sighed, but said nothing. He continued. "Almost everything in it was about you, and it bothered the hell out of me."

"Oh really?" she smiled, shutting the book. Wait a second… why is he acting like everything today never happened? What the hell is going on?! "Takuya," she began, slowly. "…this is completely wrong." She said, turning to look at him.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked, slightly offended. "At least I never kept my book til now, okay? I had the nerve to throw it away last week."

"Not that, you jackass," she said, crossing her arms. "The whole thing with Koji." He didn't seem to be understanding. He looked at her with a simply blank expression-- somewhat innocent and defiant at the same time. She sighed, and continued, "You know… I lied to you and whatever?"

"…oh." was all he said, incredibly unenthusiastically. "Why do you always drag on things longer than they need to be? It's not important."

"It is so important." She said, equally as stubborn.

"No, it's not. I almost forgot about it." Takuya nodded, obviously not going to be easily persuaded. "In fact, I bet you there's nothing in the world right now that can make me remember about whatever the hell happened with what's-his-face."

Luck, was however, not on his side. As soon as he said that, ever-so-confidently, might I add, the commercial playing on TV switched off and the program began to run. It was Megaman. Oh, the irony.

Izumi couldn't believe they still showed it. Takuya flinched, his eyebrows flickering, as he glared at the TV. "Now back to Megaman NT Warrior!"

"God---" he groaned, tiredly, reaching for the remote control. "Why are you punishing me like this?" he pressed a few buttons and the TV shut off. He grinned, heading into the kitchen, "Quiet sanctum."

Izumi picked up the control, and pressed the "ON" button. It didn't switch back on. She set down the control carefully and headed into the kitchen where Takuya had found a bowl of chips and leftover cake in the fridge. "Takuya, the… um, the TV's not turning back on…"

"So? I didn't touch the TV. I was studying." He said, winking, very believably. "Besides, someone has to fix it, if they ever hope to watch TV again." He shrugged, taking the bowl of chips-- topped with cake pieces-- into the family room to rest in his dad's La-Z-Boy chair.

Did he just wink at me? Izumi asked herself, trying hard not to blush. It wasn't working. "You're slowly trying to pry away from the idea that I'm here for something important." She said, rather angrily, as she crossed her arms again.

"Well, maybe I don't wanna talk about it." He said, for once very truthfully. She sighed. "No, think about it, seriously." He added. "Maybe it's just something else that'll make my life more miserable-- this whole talking about this supposed problem …maybe I just wanna forget about it." He popped another chip into his mouth, and reached for the second remote control. The TV wouldn't switch on. Crap. Should've learned how to use the friggin' remote besides the volume and channel buttons… he set it down slowly as if he'd never touched it.

"Why do you wanna forget about it so much?" she asked, quite testily. He flashed her a quick look, but said nothing. She didn't know whether to take that positively or not, but she continued anyway. "…is it because you thought that maybe my judgment was right? And maybe that whole lying thing could've had a purpose?" Please get the hint…

He looked over at her slowly, but she avoided his gaze deftly, and efficiently too. "I figured something like that." He shrugged. "I was wishing that it wouldn't have a purpose. Then maybe I could go on living as if nothing had ever happened."

"Oh grow up, Takuya," she scoffed. "You're so impossible to get through to."

"I don't want to be "got-through" anyway…" he said, slowly to make sure what he said made sense. "And besides, what slight purpose does lying to me about your boyfriend and making me believe that you two were still together while you were busy sleeping with me have, exactly?"

"Why don't you tell me what you felt about it?" she answered, semi-bitterly.

Takuya said nothing.


"That part was so cool…" Tayumi gushed to herself, as her and her family-- minus Takuya-- reached their front door. "When he took off his shirt, and everything…" Her fantasies of Iwata Moriama without a shirt slowly turned to Daisuke without a shirt… oh, how she loved her life.

"You should've told us that movie was rated 14A before we got there." Takeyo said, tapping her lightly in the arm. "That way we wouldn't have had to see it with mom and dad… mom's never seen someone that muscular in her whole life. Dad's pissed. You can tell."

"…where's Takuya?" Tenji spoke up, suddenly. The three of them shuddered. "Where the hell is that boy?"

"He's… inside, Tenji… dearest." Reiko said, soothingly. He wasn't buying it.

"Remember? He had tons of homework." Takeyo nodded. "I should've stayed behind too. Just to tutor him and stuff. You know… big brother stuff." He added, hastily. "He said he had to study for a biology test or something-"

As luck would have it, at that second, Izumi pulled open the door before Tenji could even fish out his keys. Her eyes almost looked bloodshot-- as if she was on the brink of tears. She looked like she was about to cry too. She almost bumped into Tenji. "Um… bye, Mr. Kanbara." She said, quickly, before leaving down the hallway.

"…biology, you say?" Tenji asked, turning on Takeyo, leeringly.

They entered the house. Takuya's door was open. It was closed when they left. Tenji found that very suspicious, although Reiko pointed out he wasn't disabled and could open it at will. Although they found him sitting on the La-Z-Boy and snacking away at chips and cake. He wasn't surprised to see them. "Hey. How was the movie?" he asked, as if he really didn't care.

"Izumi was crying. What happened?" Tayumi asked, upset, as if this would ruin her reputation at school.

"Nothing." He answered, simply.

"So she was here, you two were alone, you aren't studying…" Reiko pointed out. "What was going on?"

Takuya looked at her sincerely. Suddenly, the face of a 16-year-old teenage boy didn't look so sincere. Oh… but he was. "Dearest mother, what ever could you be talking about?" he asked, lightly, popping more chips into his mouth.

"Takuya, cut the crap-- sorry mom and dad for using such words…" Takeyo began, incredibly sternly. Takuya wanted to laugh. His brother was never the forward type, and thought the words "crap", "shit" or "damn" would make him live one day less than all the good people left on the earth. The thing is, there were no more good people left on the earth.

Takuya shrugged, and popped another chip into his mouth. If his family didn't believe him when he was telling the truth, there was nothing he could do to persuade them. He and Izumi were just talking. And then out of nowhere, she began to get all emotional about it… he couldn't understand why, once he re-through it…

Takuya said nothing. There was an eerie silence, because for once, she was refusing to speak too. Her arms were crossed and she was now sitting on the sofa-- the farthest sofa away from him-- starting blankly at the floor. He couldn't think. The heat massage and circle features were active on the La-Z-Boy chair. Ah, the soothing relaxation. It felt good to be a lazy boy.


"Huh?" he snapped back to attention. She still looked angry. He figured it would just go away.

"Go on, tell me. I wanna know. It would better help with my situation." Izumi replied, still not keeping eye contact with him.

"I have no idea." He told her, truthfully. That seemed to have struck a nerve with her, because she looked as if she were about to throw something at him. Her eyes began to search for the closest and heaviest object. "Why do you expect me to know these things? I have no idea why all this stuff would have any significance to begin with…" he trailed off slowly. 'Wait'… he thought.

Izumi stood up, arms still crossed. She looked like she was about to cry. "So maybe there is no way to possibly get through to you. But that's okay, because I don't care anymore-" 'What the hell am I saying?! That's 10 years of strategic planning down the drain!' -- 'I don't care!' -- 'But-' -- 'Shut up!' Why was she arguing with herself? She had no time to think about it. "-…bye Takuya." She said, before rushing to the front door.

Takuya said nothing. There was a way to possibly get through to him. And it had just been accomplished… he was just too scared to admit it was true. And there could've been a reason that the whole lying thing was significant. He knew. He just didn't want to believe it. The front door shut, disrupting his thoughts. "Wait." He said, noticing there was no one in the house but him. "…crap." He sighed, popping more chips into his mouth. He put the rotation on the chair to "Zone" and rested, just as the door swung open…

"…crap." He said, suddenly. Everyone was still staring at him and he hadn't noticed. "…crap." He said again, for different reasons, of course. He pulled the chair back up and put the bowl on the nearby table. He got up, sort of dazed from the extensive massage and headed towards his room.

"Where are you going?" Takeyo asked, sternly.

"Shut up, Takeyo," Takuya called from his room, just before he shut the door. "No one pick up the phone okay?" he called, again. "…okay?!" he repeated, when no one answered.

"Okay," Reiko replied. "Come back out soon-- all those snacks are probably rotting your brain. …I'll cook some rice." She nodded, before heading into the kitchen.

"This awful situation," Takeyo shook his head. "I'm gonna study." He headed into his room, too.

"I'm gonna play GTA Vice City!" Tayumi snickered, just so Takuya wouldn't hear. She crept into her room, and shut the door, slowly.

"Well, I'm gonna watch-" Tenji picked up the remote and switched on the TV. It didn't work. "…that's odd." He pressed the button again. "…Takuya, did you touch the remote? You know you don't know how to use it properly!" he called. "…Takuya?"

"Please pick up, please pick up…" Takuya mumbled, holding his phone to his ear. The dial tone beeped a few times, and the phone line ringed. No one picked up yet.

Masami, Mrs. Orimoto, picked up the phone at last. She was home by herself since Izumi hadn't come back yet, and Hirotaka, Izumi's step-dad, went off to work. She put the phone to her ear. "Hello? Orimoto residence."

"Hey, Mrs. O," Takuya said, fervently. "Is Izumi home? …she still lives here right? …this is the right number, right?"

"Another boyfriend, huh?" Masami sighed, smiling but shaking her head all the same.

"No… it's me… Takuya." He said, sort of disturbed.

"Oh! Well, whad'dya know?" she giggled to herself. "You sound so grown up… oh dear, you must be so handsome now… you were always a cutie. Izumi used to talk about you all the time, until one day… I figured you moved or something. I hadn't heard of you since. How's the family?"

"They're fine-- is Izumi home?" he asked, rather impatiently.

"Not at the moment. Is-"

"Okay-thanks-bye," he said, all too fast. He clicked off the phone and waited. 1 minute went by… then 2… then 3… then 4. Perfect. She has to be home by now. He picked up the phone and dialed again.

"Hello? Orimoto residence." Masami spoke again.

"Hey, Mrs. O, is Izumi home?"

"Not ye-"

"Okay-thanks-I'll-call-back-later-bye," he clicked off the phone again, and waited. He'd called 7 times in the last 2 minutes. "Is Izumi home?"

"No! Not yet! Please don't ca-"

"Okay-thanks-see-you-later-bye," he clicked off the phone and waited. Masami felt a major migraine coming on… Takuya clicked on his phone and dialed again. Masami, once again, picked up, "Hey, is Izumi home?"

"No-" Masami stopped herself, just as the front door swung open. Izumi walked in, arms hugged across her sides, eyes lingering across the floor, and plainly looking upset. "Oh, she just got in." Thank God. "Izumi, dear, someone's on the phone for you."

"Who is it?" her voice was groggy as she removed her shoes by the entrance, and headed towards Masami.

"It's Takuya, dear."

Izumi flinched and glared at the phone as if it was an evil object. "What?" she snarled.


"Tell him to piss off." She said, angrily, before heading to her room. She didn't shut the door, though.

Masami sighed. Not again… "Takuya, dear, um… she said-"

"I heard." Takuya replied, massaging his head slowly. "Tell her I don't want to. And can you tell her its really important… tell her that… um, my catfish died."

"Izumi," Masami called, just as Izumi popped her head through the doorway. "He said he doesn't want to, and he says he really needs to talk to you because… um, his catfish died."

"Tell him he doesn't have a catfish, and tell him he can burn in hell for all I care." She said, before disappearing back into her room.

"Takuya, she said-"

"I heard. Tell her that-"

"One second," Masami sighed. "I am not going to play messenger girl again. This always happens when you two have some strange argument, and I don't want to be a part of it. Hold on for one second." She put down the phone and went into Izumi's room. "Izumi, pick up the phone."

"I don't wanna talk to him." Izumi stated, angrily. She was flipping through a photo album on her bed.

"Well, then stop looking at pictures of him." She said, noticing that all the pictures in her photo album were of Takuya and Izumi. Izumi shut the book instantly.

"Mom, you don't understand." Izumi sighed, now more tired than anything. "He's so impossible to talk to, I feel like I could almost cry…"

"Izumi, no one is impossible. It takes an impossible person to talk to another impossible person." Masami smiled. "And from experience, you are quite impossible. You should talk to him. Maybe it is something really important."

"He can talk but I won't listen. I don't have anything to say to him anymore." Izumi said, trying to convince herself. She didn't believe a word of it.

"Neither do I." Masami sighed. "Please, Izumi…?"


"Izumi. Pick up the phone. You can't run away from everything forever." She nodded. "Maybe he sees things the same way you do… he just doesn't want to accept his feelings, like you did a long time ago."

Izumi sniffed. She was crying again. Crap. Not now. And she actually wanted to talk to him. Crap. Not today. She had a blank feeling. She didn't know what to call it. She sighed, "How do you know all of this?"

"After years of playing messenger girl, I got the hint." She winked and handed Izumi the cordless phone. She stood up, but before she left, she turned to Izumi and smiled, "He must be quite handsome now, huh?"

"Mom, can we not discuss this while the phone is on?" Izumi said. Masami noticed a slight smile on her face as she left. She put the phone to her ear and sighed. "Can't I talk to you later? I know it's important, but then again, everything's important when you see it from my view."

"What are you talking about?" he asked, quite confused. "Listen, Izumi-"

"I'll see you tomorrow at school. I promise…" she muttered, weakly. "Bye, Takuya… again."

"…yeah, okay-"

"And please don't call back at 2 in the morning…"

"It's tempting."

Izumi sighed, and clicked off her phone. She set it on her dresser, and lay back on her bed.

Takuya sighed, and threw his phone halfway across the room. "Why does nothing ever go right for me?"

"Maybe she's right, you know," someone spoke from outside his door. He sat up and stared at the door, but they refused to open it. Sooner or later, the door creaked open and Tayumi walked in, with a concerned face.

Takuya sighed and lay back down, "What do you want?"

"To give you advice." Tayumi said. "I know you and Izumi aren't necessarily seeing eye to eye on anything anymore. Most of which is caused by your asshole-itis-"


"It's true, Takuya."

"You're only helping me because you don't want your frickin' popularity rate to go down." Takuya sighed, reluctantly. "Just go away. I'm not a mental patient, okay?"

"Takuya, I may be your younger sister, but I do know a lot of things you don't." Tayumi nodded. "You wanna know why nothing goes right for you? I'll tell you why. You don't want it to go right. Yep, it's the truth." Takuya was now looking at his sister as if she was slightly mad. "Think about it Takuya. You expect everything to go wrong because it's common in your life. It always has been, you complete ray of pure negativity."

Takuya said nothing.

"You're afraid to tell Izumi the truth, aren't you?"

Takuya said nothing.

"You're afraid that maybe she doesn't feel the same way. You're afraid that maybe things won't work out how you wanted them to… you're just afraid…"

Takuya said nothing.

"You don't want to tell her anything. Maybe you can go on living normally, and everything can go wrong. Then at least you'll feel-- believe it or not-- secure. Yeah, you'll feel great when things go wrong because it's normal for you, anyway." She continued rambling. "In fact, the only thing that could go right is the whole relationship with Izumi… that's why you don't wanna tell her. You want your life to be all "wrong". As soon as it's "right", then everything's changed… everything will change, won't it? You'll become more open-minded, more truthful, more significant… or is that what you're afraid of?"

Takuya said nothing.

"You're probably afraid of being important too. You don't wanna be important in someone's life, because it's too much work. Being thought of everyday, being recognized somehow, being with other people that care about who you are… but the thing is, dearest brother… you're afraid to admit that's what happens everyday."

Takuya said nothing.

"You think mom and dad don't care about you?… of course they do. They were totally crazy at the theatre. They don't like the thought of you being alone. And, sure, they don't show it sometimes-- but they love you. A lot… they might seem to care a lot that Takeyo's the top in his class, and I'm a killer writer and artist-" she smiled for a moment, and then continued. "-sure, Mom acts like she doesn't like the whole soccer thing. Sure, she's always complaining that you'll get hurt. But it's all because she cares about you. She never wakes us up at 12 in the night because we skipped dinner. They had a son who's a math whiz, a daughter who does nothing but write and draw all day. Neither of us like sports that much. And then there's you, who's more active than both of us put together… she worries about you. She wants to make sure you're not hurt or anything. It's not like they have experience with incredibly active kids and whatnot. …haven't you ever thought about those things?"

Takuya said nothing.

" And-"

"Tayumi." He began, slowly. He didn't speak for awhile, but neither did she. There was a long silence. His eyes shifted comfortably around the room, but hers were in a panic. She had so much more she wanted to say… before she could open her mouth again, he did. "Thanks." was all he said.


The phone rang. Izumi's eyes slowly and reluctantly opened. She groaned, when she saw it was her phone that was ringing. All the other phones were silent. Her mom probably knew this would happen. Izumi's eyes shifted to the clock by her dresser. It was 2 in the morning. She wanted to scream.

She picked up the phone and restlessly put it to her ear, "I wonder who could be calling me at 2 in the morning… Takuya…"

"I can't sleep, and I really needed to talk to you." He said, quietly. "You don't mind do you?"

"Takuya, I wanna sleep, I'm tired-"

"Meet me downstairs, okay?"

"…downstairs where?" she repeated, slowly. "Where are you?"


"Downstairs where?"

"In your apartment building."

"So you couldn't sleep, and you walked all the way over here to tell me something? How important is it?"

"Pretty important."

"So it can't wait till tomorrow?"

"See you downstairs." He clicked off his phone.

Izumi groaned, and shut hers off too. She didn't think she could get out of bed. Her joints and limbs had just collapsed. Better yet, they were probably asleep too. She slipped into a pair of pants and wore a zip-up fleece jacket. She crept out of bed and into the hallway, just past her parent's room. As she reached for the doorknob, her mom called out to her, "Come back before 3!" and it was silent.

Why is Takuya so predictable? She asked herself as she headed downstairs, and out through the front doors of the building. He was standing by one of the trees by the front steps, with his back turned. She walked up beside him well unnoticed. "What was so important that you couldn't tell me it tomorrow?"

He turned to her slowly, but didn't speak. "…well…"

"Are you sure it's that important? I'm tired."

"I am too, just… shut up for a second, I have to think." He told her quickly. His eyes shifted nervously around the ground, and she stayed completely silent. Suddenly, as if without thinking, he turned to her and wrapped his arms around her in a soft, gentle hug. She didn't move. Her face was turning red fast. But she liked it.

"Izumi, I'm really, really sorry," he told her. "…for believing you when you told me the whole… lying thing could be important. I just didn't wanna believe you. And you were right about everything… like everyone else was. And I was wrong about everything… like I always was. And-"

"Shut up," she said, suddenly. "…thank you for getting my point. I'm happy you finally understand. …remember that time that you told me that you liked Chiharu? It was in grade 4, remember?"

"…oh yeah."

"And you told me to ask her if she liked you? And then I yelled at you, and I slapped you, and I told you to go to hell?"


"I always wanted you for myself." She told him, solemnly. "She did like you, and she asked me to ask you if you liked her… I told her that you hated her guts and that you thought she was really ugly."

Takuya said nothing.

"I'm sorry. I know you really liked her too."

"That's okay." He said, rather reluctantly.

"Is there anything else you wanted to tell me?" she asked.

"…n-no, not really." He said, rather shakily.

"So can you let go of me now?" she asked.

"…y-yeah, fine." he answered, letting go of her quickly, and steering his eyes away from hers as fast as humanly possible. She noticed, and crossed her arms. "I'm gonna start heading home now-"

"I really care about you, Takuya," she said, smiling. "…a lot."

"Oh…'kay…" he muttered, desperately trying to not understand her. Is she trying to tell me something that I don't wanna hear, because if that's the case, I don't wanna hear it. "…I really care about you too, Izumi… a lot." You idiot. I bet you don't even know what that means! She's trying to tell you that she really likes you! Maybe that soccer ball did knock out all your thinking skills!

"Really?" she asked, as if she was awe-struck. He didn't take it as such a big shock. She didn't say anything else as Takuya nodded, slowly. Instead, she jumped on him, kissed him on the cheek and hugged him tightly. So 10 years of planning did work. I am so good at this. "Thank you." She got off him, and smiled. "Can I see you tomorrow then? And we can talk… about… Megaman and stuff."

He smiled, nodding. "Fine." he answered, just as she waved and headed up the stairs to the apartment. Takuya began to walk back the way he came, feeling exceptionally good about himself… for once.

"Hey!" Takuya flipped around instantly, and saw Daisuke standing across the street. He twitched. It was 2 in the morning-- what was this idiot doing outside? Wait a second… never mind.

"Daisuke? What are you doing here?" he called back to him.

"You and Izumi make a great couple, man!" he called back, winking. Takuya sighed.

"You saw everything?"

"I was right!" he said, ignoring what Takuya was saying. Takuya stood and thought for awhile, as Daisuke danced across the street yelling "I was right!" "I was right!" Daisuke screamed again.

"You always were!" Takuya yelled back to him. "Damn you!"

Daisuke laughed, and continued dancing around. He was right, he was right…


Well, that's the end of the story! =D Suteki da ne?! I have butterflies… hardest chapter to write, just because I'm not good at emotional stuff. Well, I am, but I have visions… I see dead people… no, kidding =D I have visions, like I dream up what's gonna happen and I write it down. If I don't, then I forget. I have to write down every single detail otherwise I'll screw myself over. It's a strange… phenomenon… anyhow. Review if you liked it, and thanks to everyone who read the story! =D

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