Ok...hello people of the internet before I actually begin this I have to clear up a few things. This fanfic will have nothing to do with Fluttercord in Equestria Girls. Yes, it is still a fluttercord that takes place in a human AU but

it's not like Equestria Girls but it's my own story and not a story that I translated for someone. I am just randomly basing this off of a book idea that I read on Tumblr. This is my first Fluttercord that I have 100% written so

I'm a bit nervous. Please comment what you think of girls are totally going to have powers in this story but it won't come until later in the story. If I don't list a character here but only briefly mention them it's because they aren't going to be a part of the plot or necessary to the plot. Undergoing editing as of 1-26-18

Life was was just great for Fluttershy. After college she went right into being a veterinarian and even owning her own clinic for animals.
Fluttershy could treat any normal critter like a dog or a cat but she specialized in wild animals.
Most people found that a bit odd.
Life couldn't get any better than that except...she had never been in a serious relationship.
She had dated before but it never lasted. She was almost 24 and still had no husband or children.
One of her goals in life was to marry before 30.
She had multiple admirers but they were all vain and only wanted her for her outer beauty.
She has one brother named Zephyr Breeze and has both parents.

Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie was probably the greatest party planner in Equestria.
There was just one problem, and his name was Cheese Sandwich.
His party planning and goofing rivalled Pinkie's but she was determined to come out on top.
Sure, she could use deception but that wasn't her way of doing things.
Most men were scared of ever trying to date her because of her zany personality.
She didn't care because she was focused on more important things like party planning.
If she wanted to win this war against Cheese she was going to do it the right way.
Pinkamena Diane Pie has both parents who own a rock farm and three sisters: Marble, Maud and Limestone Pie.
She was only 22 and graduated high school with Fluttershy.

Rarity was one of the most if not the most well known fashion designer. Her clothing had been seen on red carpets and on fashion runways.
The public couldn't get enough of her outfits and always looked to her on advice in seasonal trends and styles.
Fancy Pants had always been a secret admirer of hers. He would send her letters and flowers. Like Fluttershy she had a lot of admirers but she would politely turn them down. Everyone but Fancy Pants.
She wasn't a trained private investigator but she was licenced in that field.
She did more field work like Jessica Jones or Nancy Drew.
Using her detective skills she learned that it had been him all along and she agreed to be his girlfriend.
Things had been going well for them until a gossip rag caught wind of their relationship and published pictures of them going out on dates.
Both didn't want to break up but they also weren't ready to go public with their relationship yet so they agreed to date in secret.
The only people who knew about this were her friends.
She has a little sister named Sweetie Belle who is 15 and still in high school.
She was 22 and he was 29.
Rarity graduated high school with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

Applejack had worked on her family farm all her life and she was content with that. Like her friends Fluttershy and Rarity, she had her own share of admirers.
But not romantically, more like people who admired her strength or wisdom. There was one admirer who just couldn't stop thinking about her. His name was Trenderhoof and he ran a popular blog.
When he first met Applejack for his upcoming blog post on modern day farming he fell in love at first sight with the farm girl.
At first Applejack thought it was cute that he had a crush on her but he quickly made his intentions towards her be known.
He went from 0 to 100 real quick.
One day when she went to take a shower she found a chunk of her hair was missing.
She also found that several of her personal items were missing from her bedroom.
After installing some of that new fangled security systems on the farmhouse she saw it was Trenderhoof on the security cameras who had been climbing in and out of her room.
She felt sick and at first she and her family threatened him verbally but that didn't stop him.
She threatened to call the police if he didn't stop but he continued.
After several months of this she took out a restraining order against him.
Applejack hoped that would be the last she would hear of him.
She has a little sister named Apple Bloom who is 15 and in high school with Sweetie Belle and an older brother named Big Mac who helps her on the farm.
Both their parents are dead so it's just them and their Granny Smith and sometimes Grandpa Pear when he comes to visit.
She was 23 years old and graduated from high school with Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

Rainbow Dash
Ever since they confessed their love to each other back in the 9th grade Rainbow Dash and Soarin had been together.
They stayed together all throughout high school and were voted as the couple most likely to get married.
He was going to propose to her and everything but something happened before he could.
That something went by the name of Quibble Pants.
Soarin wished he had gone to that Daring Do convention with her instead of Wonderbolts training.
He wished he never let her be friends with him.
He wished that he hadn't argued with her over who she could be friends with, maybe they would still be together with no one in the way.
Rainbow Dash had developed feelings for Quibble Pants but she knew she still loved Soarin.
She was absolutely torn ; on one hand she had a man that was her childhood friend and who knew so much about her, on the other was a man she barely met in recent years but she had a lot more in common with him than she ever did with Soarin.
Both of these men loved her just as much and knew of her feelings towards them.
She didn't mean to but she had slept with both of them on more than one occasion.
She felt sick that she played them like that but she didn't know what else to do.
While she isn't her biological sister, Scootalo sees Rainbow Dash as a sister figure. Scootalo is 15 and in high school with Sweetie Belle, and Apple Blooom.
Both of her parents are alive and well and sometimes a tad bit overbearing.
Rainbow Dash was 23 same age as Applejack.
She is an active member of the Wonderbolts.
She went to high school with Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Applejack.

Twilight Sparkle
Twilight and Flash began dating in high school their Sophomore year not long after he broke it off with Sunset Shimmer.
Twilight Sparkle was head over heels for him and he was for her...at first.
She thought that they were fine until he began replying to her texts late and leaving her alone during date night.
It wasn't until after high school that they moved in together.
Shining Armor had a bad feeling about this but Twilight assured him she would be fine.
One day while doing a load of laundry, Twilight found a shirt that she knew didn't belong to her.
It was pink with an orange and yellow sunset on it.
She immediately knew who it belonged to: Sunset Shimmer.
After hiring Rarity as a private investigator to spy on him, she came back with evidence he had been cheating on her with Sunset Shimmer for quite some time now.
When she confronted him with this evidence that was when the physical abuse started.
He was no longer the man she fell in love with, he began to abuse her regularly.
Twilight covered up the bruises with makeup but it didn't take long for her friends and family to notice this.
It didn't take long for her brother to allow her to live with him and his wife until she got enough money to live on her own.
He even threatened Flash to never come near his little sister again.
She was the youngest of the group at 21 years of age, having graduated a few years earlier due to her intelligence.
Aside from her brother, she has both parents.
Twilight Sparkle was friends with Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
Together they were known as the elements of harmony as they called themselves throughout high school.
She graduated as valedictorian of course with Sunset Shimmer coming in close second.
They didn't have any powers that they knew of but everyone knew they had the power to bring people together no matter how different they were.

This criminal formerly known as Professor Discord Draconequus was facing 30 years to life in prison for his crimes. He knew that he was innocent. He had been convicted of killing his long time friend Professor Ernesto Sombre but he was known as Sombra to his friends and colleagues. Discord knew that Sombra had faked his death by spreading his blood all over Discords' apartment and even leaving a finger at the scene of the crime. He even went as far as writing a fake journal allegedly written by Discord himself detailing how he had been wanting to murder him for a while now.
Sombra's fiance Celestia did hesitate to punch Discord as he was being dragged off to jail.
She was held back by her sister Luna as he was shoved into the police car and driven away to jail.
"Tia, he's not worth going to jail for."
Discord could not comprehend why he would want to fake his death and leave behind his fiance as well as his students at the university they taught at.
He never knew his parents or if he had any living relatives. As far as he knew he was an orphan.
Discord was 25 years old and was the youngest professor teaching at the university of Canterlot. Sombra was a mentor to him so his betrayal was a shock to Discord.

Otherwise known as professor Ernesto Sombre of The Canterlot University. Betrayed Discord by taking his own death. Why would he do this? Those reasons are unknown to us as of now. Celestia Principessa was his fiance. They were set to marry in the spring time. He took Discord under his wing when he was first starting out and he showed him the ropes.
His family was distant since he rarely ever visited them before his disappearance. He was 50 years old and he looked his age.

Full name is Celestia Principessa current Principle of Canterlot High.
Former fiance of Ernesto Sombre. Has a younger sister named Luna who only recently became Vice principal due to her being in jail for the last 10 years.
Luna is the only family she has left (aside from her niece Cadence) since both their parents died.
She is 45 years old but doesn't look a day over 20.

Currently the vice principal at Canterlot High.
Was in jail for the last 10 years because of her involvement with the Timberwolf gang.
It was a bad time in her life but she has since then given up her wicked ways and is now a role model for some students.
She is 40 years old but doesn't look older than any of the students that go to her school.

She used to babysit Twilight Sparkle when she was just a little girl. It didn't take long for her to catch the eye of Shining Armor who is now her husband making Twilight her sister in law.
She went on to university where She graduated with high honors and was known as campus Cupid for having gotten so many people together.
She is Celestia's niece and was practically raised like her own daughter.
She is approaching 30 and expecting her first child.

Shining Armor
The older brother of Twilight Sparkle and husband to Cadence.
He became a security guard to help pay for college.
As soon as he had enough for a ring he proposed to Cadence.
Their wedding almost didn't happen.

Sunset Shimmer
Flash Sentrys' ex girlfriend and number one rival to Twilight Sparkle.
She and Flash began an affair while Twilight and Flash began living together.
She does not feel bad for what she did.

Flash Sentry
Alleged ex boyfriend to Sunset Shimmer and soon to be ex boyfriend to Twilight Sparkle.
After he abused Twilight her big brother Shining Armor threatened him with violence.
Since Twilight pretty much moved out Sunset has moved in.
He has a little brother that goes to school with Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.

Cotton Candy
Not much is known about her yet but she will be more known later on in the story.

Jumping Jax
Otherwise known as Jackie Winchester. My O.C. She has light brown hair with purple tips, thick black glasses that take up half her face, brown eyes and light skin tone. She is going to be relevant to the plot of this story later on.

Starlight Glimmer
Third best student academically after Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer during high school.
They even attended the same university and had the same results.
Her former friend Sunburst was currently a college dropout while she graduated and became the mayor to a small town where she tried to make everyone the same but Twilight and her friends stopped her.

Former college student. Currently living alone and studying in his own free time when he's not working.

Fancy Pants
Current boyfriend of Rarity.
Ex boyfriend to Fleur (I know she has a second part to her name but I forgot). At 29 years old he is the type of man everyone knows.
He is some kind of millionaire.

Cheese Sandwich
Pinkie Pie's rival in party planning. What ulterior motives could be be hiding?

Almost fiance to Rainbow Dash. He is a part of the Wonderbolts team.
He is also super salty that Quibble Pants is his rival in affections towards Rainbow Dash. Her parents loved him.

Quibble Pants
Might be related to Fancy Pants.
Met Rainbow Dash at a Daring Do convention.
He didn't like her at first but after that crazy adventure they had with A.K. Yearling it was clear he had developed a small crush on her.
Her parents think he is not the right man for their daughter.

Twilights' pet dog. He never liked Flash Sentry.

Fluttershys' pet bunny who is anything but an angel.

Applejacks' pet dog.

Rainbow Dashs' pet tortoise.

Raritys' pet cat.

Pinkie Pies' pet baby alligator.

So that was the character introductions. Please comment. Finished editing 1-29-18