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A 24-year-old Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, had become quite the hero of the galaxy throughout the 14 years he had become a Jedi. He knew there was a hardened pressure on him, not just from the Jedi or the senators but from the entire galaxy. It was written in Skywalker's destiny that he would be the one to destroy the sith, end the war and bring peace to the galaxy. Which meant the more he failed at doing so the more frustrated he had become with himself and his abilities.

He was a loyal knight though, despite his frustrations and his occasional disagreements with the Jedi order's choices, he followed orders, he completed missions and he was a good warrior. The war was taking place over his now home planet Coruscant, so himself and a few other Jedi knights where sent to fight. A mission given to himself and his Master Obi Wan meant they had to work together without disagreements, they had to be tactical since they had been assigned the rescuing of the chancellor.

As the pair of Jedi knights flew their pods through the number of ships, droids, lasers, missiles and rockets, they made it their priority to get to General Grevious's ship. "Master, General Grevious's ship is directly ahead." Anakin told his master through his head set, as he fiddled with buttons to lock onto the ship. "The one crawling with Vulture droids." Anakin didn't seem to be pleased about his next lot of words, but he remained focused as he should. "I see it, this is going to be easy." Obi-Wan replied sounding just as thrilled as Anakin. As the droids made their way towards them, Obi-Wan called upon the clone fighter squad for back up since the two Jedi's really needed to get to the ship. They were attacked hard and some lost, Anakin felt useless not being able to help them since he had to focus on the mission at hand, but he made sure he helped out in anyway that he could. It was only when Anakin noticed the missiles targeting them that he stepped up, "Pull up!" he called to his master as they both avoided the missiles, which quickly came back around following them. As Obi-wan took care of the two following him, Anakin took care of the remaining two that where on his tail. "We got em' R2." Anakin smiled as he watched the missiles collide together behind him.

"Master Obi-Wan unknown fighter approaching." He heard one of the clone fighters warn them through the radio. "I see it." Obi-Wan responded, keeping focused. Anakin also clocked it and swallowed hard, "That is no unknown fighter Master…that is the Sith Lady's fighter…" Anakin told him, he had studied this after all since she had been the main problem in this war. "What? How is that possible, the Sith Lady has not made herself known in years." Obi-wan responded back, "Perhaps she was tired of hiding Master." Anakin responded with a sarcastic smirk, "Anakin now is not the time for your sardonic comments." Obi-Wan responded in the tone he always had when Anakin tried to show off. "Sorry Master, she's targeting us master, let her pass through us." Anakin suggested, as the Jedi fighters separated the Sith Lady's ship went passed them, but it wasn't long before she had turned back around and targeted Obi-Wan. "She's on my back, I can't shake her." Obi-Wan called out desperately as one of his wings caught on fire, his droid attempting to fix it as quick as he could. "We are almost at Grevious's ship, fly forward Master, I will take care of this." Anakin insisted, pulling back and behind the Sith fighter, targeting her too, but a missile had hit the back of Anakin's fighter causing him to crash into the Sith fighter and have them both colliding down fast. "I've been hit Master, I'm going down." Anakin informed Obi-Wan. Obi-wan looked back in panic, he knew he had to continue with the mission though. "Master Depa, get to Grevious's ship immediately, Anakin has been hit, I need back up." Obi-Wan called out, knowing he could not complete this mission on his own. "Anakin do you copy?!" Obi-wan called out. "Anakin do you copy?!" Obi-wan called out again, but nothing.

As Anakin and the Sith Lady's ship came crashing towards a nearby planets atmosphere, Anakin tried everything he could to control his fighter, but he had lost all control of his panels, looking through the smoke and flames coming from both fighters he clocked eyes with the sith lady for just a second before seeing how close they where to the ground. "R2 abandon the fighter, find whatever help you can, try and contact the Jedi Order if possible. I'll be alright." He assured his droid, who had responded with a sad response not really wanting to leave his master but following orders, the droid forced himself from the fighter before safely finding his way to land, before the two fighter ships crashed into the planet's water.


Back on Coruscant, in the Senators palace a meeting was held with the main Jedi Masters, Bail Organa, Chancellor Palpatine and Queen/Senator Sola Naberrie, along with a few other senators. "How could you be so sure of Master Skywalkers Survival?" The Chancellor asked, "Felt his death I would have, felt his death I did not." Yoda simply said. Obi-Wan sat in silence, rubbing his beard softly hating this whole situation. "And what of the Sith Lady?" Senator Naberrie asked, she seemed a little more agitated than the rest. "The Sith Lady's status is unknown, wherever she had crashed Anakin would have too. If what Master Obi-wan is saying is correct." Mace Windu added. Obi-Wan nodded, "Their fighters where wedged together, there was no chance of separation. Not until the crash at least." Obi wan clarified looking round as those in power listened. "A crash landing is not a justifiable death for the sith lady." Senator Naberrie added, "With all due respect your highness, this is not about personal matters, the chancellor is safe, and the priority now is finding Master Skywalker." Windu added once more. "With all due respect Master Windu, the sith lady killed my sister, it is always a personal matter when it concerns Padme." Naberrie fired back. Bail cleared his throat ready to settle this. "We will approach the matter of the Sith Lady's survival another time." Organa nodded sitting forward. "What about the droid?" he asked again. "Anakin is smart, he would have ordered R2 to evacuate from the ship before it crashed. If we can reach R2 we have more chance of finding Anakin." Obi-Wan suggested. "We will send search pilots out to locate Master Skywalker, in the mean time General Grievous still remains at large, he must be destroyed." Palpatine said, writing down a few notes before looking over at Windu. "The Jedi will take care of General Grievous. We appreciate the help Chancellor." Windu responded with a nod. "The Clone wars are in its final days, we must trust in Anakin to do the right thing if the sith lady is still alive. We will continue with our course and we will also have our droid specialists locate R2. "Organa added as they all come together to try and resolve this issue. "Senator Naberrie, I can assure you that you will have your justice when it comes to the Sith Lady, the Jedi council promise you that." Windu told the queen. "Thank you, Master Windu." Sola nodded softly. "Destroy Grievous, Master Kenobi you will, Find Skywalker we will." Yoda ordered, with a soft nod before the meeting was declared over.


The planet Anakin had landed was Glovis E16, it was a planet that not many outsiders visited, it was known for its constantly changing climate and known for its own personal battles. The planet itself could be quite a peaceful place if its habitants where peaceful people. Instead it was full of violent mutants that where at constant war with each other for resources, power, riches and other pointless aspects. Not everyone was war focused, some just wanted a peaceful planted to call home and those in power made it hard for civilians to leave.

The area in which Anakin had landed was away from all the battle, it was out in the forested areas, which meant to find anyway of getting into contact with his masters or Coruscant he would have to walk a good thousand miles. The crash had left him unconscious, luckily his fighter had not filled with water after it submerged into the huge lake, but he was woken with a sudden gasp of air when his oxygen levels had started to get low. Breaking out of his fighter, he used all his energy to swim to the top and when he finally found air he took a large gasp before swimming back to land. Checking his lightsaber still worked, he looked around to try and figure out where he was, but he couldn't quite make it out. He let out a sigh and began walking, the heat of the planets sun drying him out quicker than expected. As he walked through the wooded area, with a slight bleeding on his head, he stopped in his tracks when he felt an unease, he looked around cautiously not moving from the spot he was in, before drawing his lightsaber. "You can put that away Jedi. I am not going to kill you." He heard a female voice come from behind him, he turned and looked at the sith lady who kept her hood up, "Certainly looked like it." Anakin simply replied. "I was targeting your master, if you hadn't interfered we wouldn't be in this mess." She scowled at him. "You should have stayed in hiding." Anakin withdrew his lightsaber not feeling at threat by her. The sith lady smirked at him, "You've grown into quite the Jedi, Master Skywalker. You'd make a fine addition to the empire." Anakin's eyebrows arched when she said empire, what empire? But he ignored her comments and took out some cuffs from within his Jedi robe, something all Jedi where required to carry along with their lightsabers. "I'm keeping you my prisoner until we find a way to get out of here. After that, you are the council's problem." He told her, walking towards her, cuffing her. "You know I can break out of these rights?" She smirked to him, she was evil, but she was a playful evil, it was almost as if she was a nice person just being sassy. But Anakin did not fall for her ways. "I know, but you won't, if you do I will kill you." He assured her, tightening the restraints around her wrists before removing any weapon she had on her. "Killing an unarmed prisoner, how Jedi like." She mocked him, with a smirk. "I'm sure the council will make an exception." He replied in a very neutral yet pissed off tone, before he pushed her forward to start walking.