"I'm so tired of getting asked the same questions over and over again!  I'm going to start telling the truth soon and…"

            "Corryn, you can't do that!  It would make for a huge scandal and you might lose your career before it…"

            "I don't care, Shelly!  Can't you see that?  I don't care about my career.  If it wasn't for Winston, I wouldn't have one and it's certainly not my fault that we fell in love with each other."  Tears welled in Corryn's eyes.

            "I know, sweetie, but it's just not a good idea, especially if what you've said about his wife is true.  Just play off the question like you always do and everything will be O.K."

            "I don't know that I can anymore.  Every interview is the same: 'Are you seeing anyone?' 'Is there someone special in your life?'  Why can't they ask more about the album or the tour?"

            Shelly, Corryn's manager in L.A., paced as she spoke.  "That's what it is to be a celebrity, Corryn.  Let's face it; you're clean.  You don't go out and get trashed, you don't cause any problems in public, you don't run around half naked…it's all the press has to get on you about." 

            "And what if they find out about Winston?  What am I supposed to do then?"

            "Tell them it never happened."


            "Corryn, if you're ever asked, you can't say that you had an affair with him, you'll be ruined."

            "It wasn't an affair!  He served Claudia the papers…more importantly we fell in love, Shelly!  God, doesn't that mean anything?"

            "Not in this business.  The press would see you as trying to ruin his marriage and…"

            "He didn't have a marriage, he still doesn't!  Claudia was…is nothing more than a drunken leech that wants Winston to be miserable."  Corryn's voice softened.  "If I deny that anything happened and Winston saw it or read about it…he'd be so hurt…I just wouldn't be able to do that to him."

            "Corryn, how do you know he hasn't moved on?"

            She looked at Shelly, hurt reflecting in her eyes.  "Don't play those games with me.  You know full well he hasn't, you've seen the letters."

            "Well, then you need to be the one to close the door, Corryn.  You're miserable and…"

            "And my album's flying off the shelves…people love songs about heartache and passion and that's what I'm giving them.  He's fueling my music."

            "You're going to tour for the first time, you need to be excited about it."

            "I am."  Corryn walked across her living room to a framed picture of she and Winston.  "First stop is New York City.  He'll be there you know."

            "With his wife.  Corryn, don't do this to yourself, you're going to get hurt even more."

            "I don't think that's possible.  I love him, Shelly, and he loves me too."

            "Promise me you won't try to see him, you know your life's at stake."

            "I need to get some rest…and I can't make that promise; you know that."

            "I know."  Shelly gave up and decided that Corryn did indeed need to rest.  "'Night, sweetie, see you tomorrow."

            "Goodnight, Shelly."  She walked her to the door and went upstairs to her bedroom.  She changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed.  Before shutting off the light, she looked at Winston's portrait on her nightstand and wished him sweet dreams; this was something that had become a bit of a ritual for her.  She then shut off the light wishing to be with him in her dreams.