A month passed.  Both Corryn and Winston were still very much heartbroken.  Winston had started drinking more; Corryn wrote lyrics constantly; Claudia shopped.  Winston confronted Claudia, but the only thing she'd say was that perhaps Corryn left because she knew she would never win.  Winston still feared for the safety of his lover and didn't push the issue…and what if Claudia were right?  What if Corryn just gave up all together after promising him she wouldn't?

Corryn certainly hadn't been feeling herself, but it wasn't only mentally.  She was run down and felt horrible.  Feeling that she was stressed, she really didn't say anything to anyone.  Shelly noticed Corryn's condition and was a bit worried about her.  Corryn insisted that it was nothing, that it must be a little bout of depression and that she just needed some time to rest.

The tour had been pushed back since the trip to New York.  Corryn knew that she wouldn't be able to give her fans one hundred percent so she rescheduled things to have some time off.  During rehearsal for her first concert since her break, her abdomen started to cramp.  She stopped singing and stood clutching her stomach for a moment before yelling for Shelly; she knew something wasn't right.

"Corryn?" Shelly yelled, running onto the stage.  "What's wrong?"  She didn't need to answer; the white pants that Corryn was wearing were starting to turn a deep shade of red.  "Oh my God," Shelly said, hoping Corryn wouldn't hear her.  "Call the paramedics."

"Shelly, God it hurts."  Corryn was totally unaware of what Shelly and everyone else had seen.

"I know, sweetie." 

When the paramedics arrived, Shelly told them to just take Corryn to the hospital; she didn't want them to do anything in front of anyone there, especially if her assumption was correct. 

Once in the hospital, Corryn's life was once again tossed about.

"Miss Rawlings," a doctor said.  "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you've suffered a miscarriage."

Corryn sat speechless for a moment.  She then looked at the doctor and said, "That's not possible.  It has to be something else."

Shelly, who was at Corryn's side, stroked her hair and said, "It all makes sense, hun.  Why you've been a little run down, not feeling well…"

The doctor interrupted.  "You didn't know you were pregnant?"  Corryn didn't answer.  "You weren't very far along, five weeks at the most…I'm very sorry."

"What do you think happened doctor?" Shelly asked.

"Miss Rawlings, have you been under a great deal of physical stress lately?"

Corryn shook her head, but Shelly answered for her.  "Today was the first time in almost a month that she's really done anything physical."

"How about emotionally, mentally?"

Corryn began to cry; again Shelly answered for her.  "Yes, a great deal."

"That is most likely a great factor."  The doctor looked at her chart.  "You can be discharged as soon as we finish up your paper work.  Again, I'm truly sorry."  The doctor left the room.

"Oh, sweetheart," Shelly said stroking Corryn's hand, "I don't know what to say."

Corryn looked up at Shelly and the pain in her eyes was unmistakable.  "He wanted a baby," she whispered through her tears.


"He said I made him want things he never did before…one thing was a child…and I lost it."

"No, Corryn.  Oh, hunny, you didn't lose it; it's not your fault.  You didn't know."

Word leaked to the press that Corryn was rushed to the hospital and that her concert was to be postponed yet again.  Shelly quickly released a statement saying that Corryn suffered a serious case of food poisioning, but that she would recover.  Luckily, the press bought it.  She informed certain people at Radiance Recordings about it to make sure they could stop other things from circulating among the press.  She also told them that Winston Newquay was to have no knowledge of what happened whatsoever…