Scrapyard of Talent

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"Welcome to the scrapyard you ultimates! Thrown away like scrap! I hope you enjoy your stay, because your gonna stay here until you rust away! So now you have two options either be recycled into brand new junk and taste freedom or you'll be discarded like the scrap you are! Upupupupu."

If you were told of a place where only the best of the best could attend, you'd probably think those of millionaires or geniuses. But what if I told you it was a high school. A high school created for the sole purpose of nurturing the talented youth and sending them into the work force with one hundred percent guaranteed?

You'd probably think that's crazy or insane. You'd probably be right. But, that is a reality, a reality where such a school exists.

Hope's Peak Academy.

A school well known for bringing students that were the best from every field imaginable. A government school of privilege that nearly everyone would die for a chance to enter, or rather, be accepted.

Entering is easy if you were eligble for high school and were considered the best at what you do. A talent. Meet those two requirements and maybe, just maybe, you'll be scouted into the school itself.

Graduate from the school and you will have a guaranteed job, no university needed. But if you'd still want to, you could go onto said university with the same guarantee from the school. Guaranteed work, guaranteed education, guaranteed success, guaranteed happy life work wise.

It sounds too good to be true.

I looked down at the open envelope on my desk, its contents empty as the letter laid next to it. A letter of recommendation of my talents to join Hope's Peak Academy.

I was quite curious to wonder how they found me. My talent for the most part left me in the shadows of others. It must have been from word of mouth.

The scouts of Hope's Peak must be very talented to find someone like me.

Ah yes, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Suisei Yozuru and I have been scouted by Hope Peak's Academy as the Ultimate Ghost-Writer.


That's right. The ultimate ghost-writer.

Mainly writing stories for others under their name. Sometimes doing songs for popular idol groups, speeches for politicians and of course, writing the stories and mostly fake autobiography of others.

So either the scouts were really good, or one of those I wrote for either recommended me by word of mouth to other authors, let it slip, or one of the many other reasons for it. I don't personally care for how I got scouted, but I'm now a student of Hope's Peak now.

But I questioned how that would help my career. For starters, I'm a ghostwriter. Will I still get work? They say it's guaranteed, but my job requires me to write for others, and people would suspect a ghostwriter would be behind what they had just read.

Well, I already accepted. So its too late to think about those things.

I glanced back to the letter, underneath it was a catalogue-looking book, basically a guide to the school as well as the location should you not know where it was, which I believe everyone already knew where it was.

I also glanced to my computer, currently looking up other information about other ultimates said to also be going to the school, and who would be my fellow classmates. Well, that was still up for debate, but there was that possibility.

Usually information spread like crazy, and by means it was in its own right.

After logging off the computer, I went and fell onto my bed. I'm a Hope's Peak academy student now. I, never thought I would be one honestly.

I wonder what types will also be there? I closed my eyes for a second, all this Hope's Peak excitement was tiring me out.

Now, here I am. Standing in front of a mirror, getting ready for my first day at Hope's Peak Academy. It looks like I'm ready, my navy blue hair reaching past my ears and down to my nape at the back while the front of my hair hanged just above my orange eyes which blinked back at me combined with my near pale skin.

Actually...I'm kind of nervous.

It'd pass in time, but still.

I ignored that sickly nervous feeling as I re-entered my room. I heard the school also had dorms, maybe I'll send for a few of my things while I'm done there? Eh, see how we go.

I reached the door before giving myself one last look over at my attire. Quite a simply dress code of a pair of black pants, with a pair of sports shoes with black and dark blue patterns. A long sleeved white button up shirt, collar popped for no particular reason. It was only orientation day, so we could wear what we wanted today and also get out uniforms too.

After deeming myself ready for orientation, I left home to the nearest station. Only a quick ride towards Hope's Peak thanks to the train, but I should have brought a book with me. Upon stepping off the train with a bit of walking, I was now standing before the illustrious high school, Hope's Peak Academy.

There was that nervous feeling again.

I walked closer and closer to the gates, the school's building becoming larger the closer I got. The school's symbol shined, it was pretty nice looking, as well as the school itself. I just hope the gates weren't locked. I wasn't feeling it in me to jump it.

I grabbed the gate and it opened up. Turns out it wasn't locked, thankfully.

"Guess I should enter the building now." I walked into the school building, as that sick nervous feeling was getting stronger. The school's interior was quite pleasant to look at, clean too. I think I can see my reflection on the ground.

"They didn't say where to meet..." I looked around, a classroom would do right? But where was everyone else? The halls were empty.

I entered one of the classrooms, judging from the sign outside and instead of looking around for hidden bear coins, I looked right at the time.

Huh, guess I was early. Oops.

I pulled out a seat and learnt something.

I wasn't nervous.

That feeling returned stronger. I wasn't feeling nervous! I was feeling sick!

"I really hope I didn't catch a disease." I looked to down at the desk. "Ugh." I could really feel it now.

A quick glance at the floor showed how pale I was. Sickly pale, like I could throw up any moment. With my arms folded on the desk, I rested on head on them, eyes closed.

After what felt like a minute I lifted my head...and opening my eyes was a mistake. The room swirled, like it was trying to eat itself like an Ouroboros, like reality was twisting into itself. My head re-entered the warm embrace of my folded arms as I closed my eyes and before I knew it, I lost consciousness.

"Hey, wake up," a voiced called out to me.


"Dude, wake up."

My eyes slowly blinked open, I was still sitting at the desk, but looking up I saw someone poking me. "Stop it..." I lazily called out, which came out as more of a unintelligble groan.

"Sorry dude, no can do," the voice was unquestionable male as my eyes blinked open. That's right, I fell asleep due to feeling sick.

Huh, guess I slept it off.

"I see your awake now," he said as I got a better look at him. He was around my age, presumably one of my future classmates or perhaps in the same year.

He had short brown hair, but the front of his hair was the most eye catching. Going from left to right was the colours of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The rest of his hair was brown except for those parts at the front as well as having a similar complexion to be, however due to seeing more sunlight being less pale than my own with eyes the colour of turquoise. Next was his clothing, somewhat baggy pants khaki green pants reaching his ankles with he wore white and black patterned sports shoes. He also wore what seemed to a red and white long sleeved shirt with the sleeves mainly being white while the rest was red while having white around the neck and red around the wrists.

"I'm Kanata Mukai, the Ultimate Street Artist." he introduced himself.


"Ah, well I'm Suisei Yozuru, Ultimate Ghostwriter." I returned the gesture. Now that I get a good look at him, he seems to be around my height, and last I checked I was around 172cm.

He smiled. "Good to know!" he said cheerfully, he seemed like a nice guy. Friendly too. "There are a few others here too. I don't know the exact numbers, but they're here."

Ah, the other students have finally arrived? That was good to know.

I rose from the desk, luckily I had no drool leaking out of my mouth. That was lucky, I could have embarrassed myself. Getting to my feet, standing up straight, I finally took in the classroom I was in. Maybe I was too sick last time to notice but...

"Is that a camera?" I asked, spying one of the mounted cameras.

"Oh yeah," Kanata looked at the camera. "There's quite a few of them. I suppose for security reasons."

It makes sense if it was for security.

"Hey, uh." I mumbled out, it was on my mind but I had to ask. "What-"

"What's a street artist?" he cut me off. "And how is it different from a graffiti artist?" Sitting there silently with a nod, he went on to explain.

"The main difference between graffiti writing and street art is intention. Graffiti writers are not interested in the general public understanding their artwork. They are primarily concerned with other graffiti writers who can decipher the coded tags and appreciate the style of the writing." Kanata explained to me. "However, I also do it legally."


"Yes. Legally." he smiled. "All my work, was done within the law as well as being done as a job."

"People paid you to perform your street art?"

The smile got bigger, practically grinning. "Yep. You might know one of my more famous pieces, Descend Into Darkness." oh, so that's who he was. It was art painted on a astronomical observatory, which was originally white, that depicted the night sky, even stars were added. Don't know why is was called Descend Into Darkness. Probably sounded better than something like beyond the stars.

"Doesn't make too much sense...huh?" he poked his fingers together. He looked kind of down as before looking at me.

"Hey, shouldn't we go and find the others?" as I offered my thought, he stopped.

"Well, technically. When we woke, there were some post it notes saying to come to the gym or something," he then looked towards the desk. "While you were sleeping, a note was there too." he mumbled.

So we were all given a note?

"No time to waste on that. Let's get a move on." he suddenly said as I found myself nodding.

As we left the classroom, I heard someone to our right and turned to see.

"Ah!" the teenage girl around our age lit up as she saw us, or rather me as she came over, holding a microphone in one hand. "Your the genius behind A Comet's Trail and Night's Crane, right?"

She wore what appeared to be a business suit. Black dress pants with dress shoes, the jacket of matching colours with the white button shirt similar to the one he wore and had skin that had saw more sun than mine, more along the line of Kanata's skin tone. Her hair was like snow in colour, reaching her shoulders and oddly had a pair of white irises on her.

"Uh, yes..." and that was practically my name, but how did she know? Oh wait...the internet. "Suisei Yozuru, the Ultimate Ghostwriter."

"What a scoop!" she cheered looking pretty excited while Kanata chuckled, it seemed like he went through the same act before. "Do you mind if I hold a interview with you about your work?" as she had been talking, she had been moving that microphone between us, like she was really doing an interview on the scene.

It was kind of cute.

"I'm Anju Ikehata, the Ultimate Reporter," she introduced. She stood a little shorter than me, probably around 166cm, if I took a wild guess. Give or take.


"We were on our way to the gym actually..." I started as she held the microphone towards me.

"I just came from the gym myself," she revealed, she moved the microphone towards herself. "There was only a handful there, so I thought I'd get some interviews with others."

"Wouldn't it be easier to...wait in the gym?" she took on a thoughtful look, thinking over what I said.

"That would make sense, but then I wouldn't get private interviews." she responded with a pout, and please get that microphone out of my face now please.

"I guess we better get to the gym now, Suisei." Kanata smiled. "We'll see you later, Anju."

We then bid our farewells as we headed towards the gym.

"Um." Kanata stopped and turned his head to me.

"What's wrong?" he asked me.

"'s just...why is there a bunch of areas that are locked off it seems."

As I mentioned it, he seemed to stop and look towards one of those areas. "Yeah, then again. If we're in here, it would make sense if they lock off parts so we don't get lost."

Makes sense, don't want students getting lost now. Seemed only the gym, classrooms and the two restrooms were the only ones that were free to enter.

Standing in front of the gym, I couldn't help but feel...uneasy. A little nervous. God damn it.

Well, better enter anyway. Judging from what Anju said, there wouldn't be a lot of people in there due to her roaming the halls for an interview.

Kanata had already entered as I followed in, and there I stood after wandering in, and spying see some new faces, I couldn't help but stare.

It was like a tornado went off. A drastic change from the classroom and colourless hallways. But enough about that, seems some of the occupants have spotted me.


Time to put on a smile and greet some of my future classmates.

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