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As I entered the gym, as I said before. Some of the occupants had spotted me, and judging from Kanata, it seemed he had talked to this lot. Wonder if he'll go back out again like Anju then?

Turning my gaze from Kanata, I looked over to the other occupants...there wasn't that many in here. Most classes or batches from what I read online about Hope's Peak was that classes were mainly sixteen students at minimum and twenty at maximum for one class.

Usually there was only around twenty students per year, but sometimes there were exceptions to this rule. Well rather it was the batch being split in half. One year could be split in half to have students in class A and others in class B. Sometimes the numbers were equally divided...and sometimes, they weren't divided equally at all. Some having a class of sixteen, the other class having small numbers like seven for example.

But enough about that, seems that not everyone was here yet. Even if our batch was split into two, we would have meet the whole batch before that. I guess I better get on and introduce myself to everyone else.

So I started walking to the closest person that wasn't Kanata.

The person I approached was a lean male with an athletic build, having brown skin, and possessing short wild messy black hair, along with violet eyes. It seemed he has some scars along his body as there seemed to be one healed up on the side of his face and was wearing a long sleeved white shirt underneath a sleeveless black hoodie, as well as black jeans and sneakers.

As I approached him, he turned his head to me. Currently holding a basketball in his hands after dribbling it on the ground.

"Hi, I'm Suisei Yozuru, Ultimate Ghostwriter," I introduced myself as the taller teen smiled back as he introduced himself, holding the basket ball.

"Nice to meet you Suisei," he gave me one of those toothy eyes-closed smiles, "the name's Leon Walker, Ultimate Basketball Star."


Leon huh, that name, rings a bell. I gave a small nod after his introduction. "Mind if I call you, Leo?" I asked. While I remember seeing Leon, I couldn't remember anything else of the forum. Guess I was sicker than I thought.

"Sure!" he gave another bright smile.

The Ultimate Basketball Star huh, must be good. But how good? So I asked.

"Um, odd question right off the bat, but...did you practice to get so good?" he started dribbling the ball on the floor, thud after thud as he nodded his head.

"Yep, I practised." well, that was blunt.

I guess it was better than what he could have said. He could have said that he never practised a day in his life and was naturally skilled.

"What about you Suisei?" the basketball star asked.

"Ah, no I practised."

Leo then threw the basketball behind him, without even looking as the ball went through the hoop, no touching the ring, no bouncing off the ball, straight in and through the hoop.

While it might not be that impressive to some, the ball came back as he threw it again, this time to another side. The ball bounced off the wall to the ceiling, back on the floor for a bounce and into the hoop.

"..." okay, that was definitely showing off now.

And the ball came rolling back.

"Judging from your name, I believe your from overseas?"

"Mhm." he nods, picking the ball up again. Please don't show off more. "America."

Oh, interesting. Seems we'll also have overseas students in our batch. Hm, I guess I better get going and greet the others.

"Nice meeting you, Leo," I gave another nod. He smiled and waved, probably already knowing I was going to introduce myself to the others.

That's one down.

Time to move onto the next one. Looking at the few in the room, I headed over towards the one a bit further away from the others.

As I walked to the person sitting down away from the rest, they didn't responded to my presence or at least, not vocally.

The person in question was a girl with dark red with streaks of black, long, messy curly hair that ends at her lower back, dark green eyes, fair white skin and uh...how do I say this? Uh, B cup chest, skinny physique, rosy pink cheeks, dimples, trimmed fingernails with callouses on her palms, a cherry birth mark on her right shoulder and a scar on her left leg and it was quite hard to assume her height when sitting.

She was wearing a black sundress with a red ribbon on the front, a bright red hood like Red Riding Hood around her neck laced with black ribbon, transparent black stockings, red flat shoes with black bows on the front straps, a black rose hair pin on the left side of her head, a white daisy chain bracelet on her left wrist and a red ribbon band wrapped around her right wrist. She seemed to be carrying a handmade basket with a red and white checkered cloth over what I presume to be homemade snacks inside.

The Red Riding Hood spoke up, "Hi...Akahana Shokuryo...Ultimate Forager...nice to meet you..."


"Why are you sitting so far away?" after asking the question, she just looked up at me from the seat.

"I...like the quiet," she answered me. "It also helps me think better..."

Ah, I see.

She was avoiding social interaction. A shy girl almost antisocial. I can see why she was sitting far away from the others now.

At least I have a name to go with the red riding hood.

"If you don't mind me asking..." I started, she might not like how I'm continuing the conversation, but if we are going to be classmates, it wouldn't hurt to learn a bit more. "Do you like fairytales?"

It seemed I hit a cord there as her eyes seemingly brightened. "I do." again, not an overly vocal response. She seemed to play with a bit of her hood.

"Red Riding Hood?" I asked and got a nod in return. Oh yeah, almost forgot.

"I'm Suisei Yozuru," I greeted. "Ultimate-" I stopped myself as I looked at her, seems she was getting uncomfortable. Good work me. "I'll...tell you later..."

And that's when she nodded as I left to the next. I couldn't actually see her face due to the hood as she sat down, but I guess socialising for long might make her uncomfortable.

"See you, Akahana." I gave one last verbal goodbye, not really expecting a response.

"Bye." there it was.

I turned my sights to the last four in the room with me. I approached a girl with a natural peach complexion, hair being a powder blue, thick and wavy and reaches to her knees while her eyes are a piercing silver colour that gradient into a lilac near the pupil, captivating really. As she saw me approaching, she gave a smile showing her pearly white teeth and I won't go much into her body...due to last time, but it was very feminine and I think I spied a piercing in her ears.

She wore her hair down and wavy with a part tied back in a curled ponytail which was being held by a light pink bow, her bangs are split down the middle, leaving the right to be pushed behind her ear while the left is curled. The first accessory to catch my eye was around her neck, a white lace choker. She also had earrings, a pair of diamond studded earrings that catch and reflect the light in a shimmering fashion. Her real outfit was a sleeveless link pink button up with a folded down collar and white buttons, she also had detached belle sleeves, two of them that are trimmed with white lace and match the colour of her shirt, her legs being cover by her grey skirt and nude thigh high stockings with a pair of grey fur boots.

"Hi there! My name is Astin Luxelle, Ultimate Teen Idol! It's nice to meet you!" she greeted me first.


"Suisei Yozuru, Ultimate Ghostwriter," I replied politely. She seemed to illuminate a bright light around her.

Teen Idol huh? Judging from her name, I guess not only her parents didn't know what gender she will be but also from overseas.

Had to briefly remind myself that idol's out of Japan weren't pop sensations or apart of singing groups like in Japan, but rather role models and those greatly admired. Guess she was a role model for teens then.

She only introduced herself and I can already see why.

She smiled at me again. "So you write stories, Suisei?"

I nodded.

"Oh! Mind sharing some of the titles? I might have read some." she clapped her hands together and gave another bright smile.

"Oh, um. Sure." I paused for thought. There was quite a few books I wrote for others. "Mind if I tell you later? Uh, there's some others I want to introduce myself too."

She nodded. "It's fine, Suisei." she smiled. "Oh, um..."


"You'll tell me about those books later, right?" I immediately nodded. She gave a wave and bid me farewell as I walked off.

I approached the next.

The person I approached next had a fair skin tone, oval shaped, slanted monolid brown eyes, and a neck length black hair with brown highlights. His body was large and manly, a lot of hints of athleticism. He wore what seemed to be a black tuxedo.

"Hi, I'm Suisei Yozuru, Ultimate Ghostwriter," god, I feel like a broken record...

Then he turned around.


The left side on him was completely different. The left side had light make up that made it look like a woman, a lighter skin tone and the eye seemed more larger as well as the hair being more curly and past his chest in length.

The female side wore a white dress, black tuxedo on one side, white dress on the other. White and black shoes fitting each side and a black top hat for the female side, a bit small though.

"Aaa~ I see a beauty of Japan, a part of Asia that is far from my home country." they sang in a singsong kind of way. "I'm Hudson Wibama, I'm know as the Ultimate Split Singer, darling."


"Split...singer?" have to admit, never heard that before.

"That means I can sing both in a male and female voice."

"Oh, I see." Interesting.

But uh...was he flirting?

"I hope we can get along Hudson," I smile.

"I'm sure we will darling," he winked.

And so I moved on to the next.

The next person seemed to be sleeping, then again not everyone was here yet so I suppose it was fine, besides I was just asleep until a little while ago.

The person in question was another girl with light brown hair tied up in a messy bun with some wavy strands framing her face, lightly tan skin, A cup chest, skinny physique, black bags underneath her eyes, French manicured nails and a mole near her right cheek.

She was wearing a light blue button up dress shirt with a dark blue blazer over it unbuttoned with a small gold plane pin on the left side pocket, a knee length blue handkerchief skirt that reaches her knees with an airplane etched onto the bottom hem, dark blue high heels with grey transparent stockings, a white and green ribbon necktie with the poof, a gold bracelet with a heart charm hanging from it on her left wrist and a pair of black rimmed glasses in her right blazer pocket.

She seemed she was getting some much needed sleep. So I think I might leave her for a while...

"Yozora Omotenashi...you need anything...no...good night." she spoke, eyes blinking open showing her tired eyes.

Well...since she's awake. "Suisei Yozuru, Ultimate Ghostwriter," I said quickly.

She gave me a dirty look before closing her eyes. Her eyes were sleepy, like she done multiple all nighters and they seemed to be light blue eyes.

"Ultimate Flight Attendant," she started, "or Ultimate Stewardess, your choice. Now night."


...But it was morning, ah, back to sleep she goes.

The last person in the room I have yet to talk to, I walked over and was overwhelmed by the glare I got.

Another male with lightly pale skin, intimidating and almost blood-thirsty red eyes, and bleach blonde hair which is insanely spiky, it was like he achieved the form of the legendary warrior and was about to go even further beyond to a longer haired third form. He has a lean, athletic build and a bit shorter than Leo and split teeth which gave him the appearance of having sharp fangs from what I can see.

He was wearing a black coat with white fuzz outline, though he wasn't wearing it properly, it was zipped up at the top so it hanged off of him like a cape which was worn over a red sleeveless t-shirt with a vicious looking lion decal on the front of it. He was also wearing a pair of skinny dark blue jeans which are torn around the knees, a pair of black steel-toe boots, and a pair of black fingerless gloves with spike strips on the knuckles.

Before I even opened my mouth, he spoke quite rudely. "Tadakatsu Mikami, Ultimate Yanki. There I told you my name. Now get the fuck out of my face before I kick your fuckin' teeth in."


Wow, rude.

Yet I didn't really feel overly offended, maybe because I kind of expected a rude attitude by the glare he was giving me moments prior.

But Yanki, damn he must have been a nasty delinquent to be called the Ultimate Yanki. Got to be careful if he gets a kick out of blood and violence.

"What?! Got something to say?!" he punched his fists together.

I don't know if it was because of his attitude but, "Yes."

"Oh, don't we have a fucking smartass." he cracked his knuckles. "Who's shit do you think you are?"

"Suisei Yozuru." I calmly replied.

"Huh? Think you're a fucking wise guy?"

Before I could even retort, Kanata appeared. "Okay guys, calm down." he waved his hands to calm us down. "The headmaster will be arriving shortly right?"

"Tch." Tadakatsu put his hands in his pockets. "Fine..." he mumbled.

"Come on Suisei." he beckoned me over to the seats.

I don't know why I pushed the guy like I did. Eh, think about it later.

After that exchange, I walked back to Kanata and sat down next to him.

"So you talked to the others?" Kanata asked as I sat down.

"I did," I paused to scratch the back of my neck. "However, it was more brief than anything."

"Well I guess you can save it for when classes actually start!" he beamed.

"Oh, speaking about classes, is this it?" I asked. "I mean, when everyone gets here, will we be split up?"

Kanata seemed to ponder the thought. "No, I doubt it." he seemed to be thinking about it.

"How so?"

"Don't know!"

I gave him a deadpanned look. Seriously? He rubbed the back of his neck as he laughed softly.

It was then the doors opened again, and more students, one by one, entered. Seems like there was more students to meet.

Now to meet our fellow classmates as they appeared through the door.

Here's the first chapter detailing the first few students of the killing game. I did want to feature everyone here, but after so long thought I'd update the story and there are still spots open.

4 in fact. 1 male and 3 females.

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- Astin Luxelle (Ultimate Teen Idol - RubyLeo)

- Hudson Wibama (Ultimate Split Singer - Shyjoker)

- Yozora Omotenashi (Ultimate Flight Attendant - Liammarklh88)

- Tadakatsu Mikami (Ultimate Yanki - Maestro Infinite)

Yet to Be Introduced

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