Twilight and her friends were at her castle and discovered that the Friendship map has new locations.

This happened while we were gone? Twilight said stunned.

Wow, those are all the places we went when we left to save Equestria! Applejack said.

Ugh, there's that horrid town where we were almost sold! Rarity said annoyed pointing the town where they met Capper.

The pirates! Rainbow said seeing Celaeno's ship. They were awesome! Uh, once they decided not to throw us overboard.

And Mount Aris! Pinkie said bumping Applejack. Ooh! Starlight, did you know we made seashell necklaces for allllll... Inhales. lllllll the seaponies?

I... you... really? Starlight asked stunned. What about that dinosaur, the one that attacked Canterlot?

Tyrant! Said Twilight. I invited her to come to Ponyville, and she wanted to spread the word of the Indominus Rex's defeat! And share what she learned about friendship.

Y'all think that's why the map grew? Asked Applejack. Friendship guest beyond Equestria?

I hope not! Fluttershy begged. I've had enough life threatening adventures, thank you very much.

Then Pinkie brought a tape measure and measured the room.

How many friendship quests do you think we need to go on before we have to expand the throne room?

We can't do it all alone. Twilight said firmly.

Sure we can! Said Pinkie. We just need to knock this wall down, get some paint...

No. I mean, the world is full of so many different creatures who know nothing about friendship. We need help if we're gonna teach them all about friendship. Lots of help.

Perhaps. Rarity agreeing with Twilight. But where does one go to learn about friendship?

Here! Twilight pointing to a spot by Ponyville. They can all go here! Because we're gonna open a school!

Later, Twilight and Spike have met up with Princess Celestia and Blue. And explained about the idea.

I think a school of friendship is a wonderful idea, Twilight! Celestia agreeing with her. I'll help at any way I can.

Twilight wrote some notes while obversing a classroom next to them.

I just have a few questions. She said running up to her. What time should school start each day?

It really d...

She was cut off by Twilight.

What's the ideal length for class? Do you test regularly?

Oh, well, that's...

What about class projects?

That's a very...

Assigned seating? Open seating?

Is she always like this? Blue asked in a whisper.

You'll get use to it. Celestia answered.

Or is that... too unstructured?

Oh, Twilight. Celestia said. You are my star pupil. If anyone knows how to run a school, it's you.

There's a big difference between attending a school and running one. Twilight pointing out. It's not like there's a rule book to follow.

Actually, there is. Celestia said. The EEA guidebook is very specific about how to run a school.

The EEA? Twilight asked. I've never heard of that. Should I have heard of that?

Of course not, you've never run a school before! The Equestria Education Association is a board of learned ponies that oversee every school in Equestria.

Even your school? Spike asked. But you're you.

Not even a princess can do whatever she likes when it comes to shaping young minds. The EEA ensures that whether it's unicorns studying magic, pegasi learning weather, or earth ponies researching agriculture, all schools are held to the same high standard. They'll need to approve your plan before you can move forward.

Okay, Spike, looks like we have a presentation to make. Said Twilight.

Hah, after everything we've been through, how hard can it be? He asked.

And the 2 were positive of this.

Or not.

The pair were now in a darken room with 10 other ponies.

I'm gonna go with "really hard". Spike said hiding behind 10 books stack on each other.

Uh, hello. Twilight remaining calm. My name is...

Princess Twilight Sparkle. Said a firmed elderly unicorn with green eyes and a black mane and seems cold hearted. I am Chancellor Neighsay. Equestria owes you a great debt. But princess or no, we expect you to do things by... the... book!

He then magically lifts the book in front of place of him and brought to Twilight. She brought it up and reads through the pages.

I think you'll find my curriculum meets all your requirements, Chancellor. Twilight said remained positive and magically brought the 10 books to each council pony. And Neighsay red through his.

And can we trust you to follow through this plan? He asked. Will you leave the school unattended to gallop off on your ' adventures'?

My journey beyond Equestria showed me firsthoof that the treats out there are greater than we imagined!

The other EEA members whispered to each other.

If we want to keep our land safe, and create a friendlier tomorrow, we need to teach the Magic of Friendship far and wide. Twilight said.

A school for ponies to learn how to protect themselves. Said Neighsay.

Uh, more like respecting differences and communicating? Twilight corrected.

Neighsay look to his other members and they nodded in agreement.

The EEA concurs. Every pony should be prepared to defend our way of life. Neighsay spoke. So, if your work is in order, provisional EEA approval is granted.

Twilight and Spike at each other happily.

We will need to observe your school up and running before it can be fully accredited. Neighsay said.

Then please, join us for Friends and Family Day. Twilight said believing to be the best time. It'll be perfect time to see our progress!

Neighsay stamped the file with the EEA symbol.

Many weeks later, the school has finally been built at the waterfall right next store to Twilight's castle.

It's too much. Said Rainbow. Too much!

Ugh, you think so? Asked Rarity now in a teacher's dress. I had hoped that dressing the part would make me feel the part!

Not your dress! Rainbow flying up to her face. This! Us! Teaching?! They're gonna think I'm an egghead!

Well, the students are gonna love my confetti cannon class. Pinkie said rolling in her party cannon. It's gonna be... a blast!

She was then shot out.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy was practicing her teaching with Angel, 2 birds and a ferret.

Um, hello there. I'm your teacher. I hope you enjoy class. But if you don't enjoy it, that's okay, too.

Angel hit himself.

I don't know about all this. Said Applejack unsure.

It's going to be fine. Twilight reassured reading the rule book. Everything about this school just feels right.

See? If Twilight isn't stressed, you've got nothing to worry about. Said Starlight.

And you're sure you want us to be teachers? Applejack asked. In classrooms?

The EEA is very clear about how schools should be run. Twilight showing them the book. We have a huge responsibility, and I need you all to do this by the book. That means no cannons in class, Pinkie.

Aww, not even a teeny cannon? She asked. bringing out a small cannon the size of penny and could fit in one.

I know it's not some big adventure against the forces of evil, but this could be the most important thing we've ever done. Said Twilight. I can't run a school of friendship without my best friends! Can I count on you?

Of course you can, darling! Said Rarity.

Call me Professor Egghead. Said Dash. I'm in.

Then the school rings for the very 1st time.

First day at school! Pinkie screamed. So many new ponies!

About that, one thing I forgot to mention. Said Twilight opening the doors with her magic. It's not just ponies.

A few ponies entered the school, and there was a dark orange dragon, a blue colored Griffon, a young yak, a changeling, a light pink Hippogriff, a young green T. Rex, a little raptor in similar colors to Blue, a young brown Apatosaurus, a young Edmontosaurus, and young brown/orange Pachyrhinosaurus with a hole in the right corner of his frill and 2 young Maiasauria.

That was unexpected. Pinkie surprised as well as the the others.

The ponies and new arrivals were looking around.

Oh, students certainly travelled from far and wide to attend our school! Rarity impressed.

Princess Celestia helped me reach out to all the kingdoms. Twilight explained. After all, friendship is something that needs to be shared with every... creature.

She then went up to greet the soon to be students.

Welcome to the School of Friendship! She announced. I'm your headmare Twilight Sparkle. Please follow Counselor Starlight to sign in and get your class assignments. Then we can show you your living quarters!

Among the crowd, one particular young colt sand colored, blue colored mane and has a cutie mark of 3 blue Sea Turtles. Began to walk, but bumps into the blue Griffon and Apatosaurus.

Whoa, sorry! He said. I'm Sandbar! Are you 2 students?

Name's Apato. The Apatosaur introduced. And apology accepted.

No, I thought I'd just randomly stand here and assume any ponies would walk into me. The Griffon said sarcastically and blows his feathers on his head straight.

GALLUS! Shouted a voice.

The Griffon now mention by name Gallus walks over to a elderly Griffon.

Grandpa Gruff? Rainbow said surprised to see him. What are you doing here?

Flew all the way from Griffonstone to introduce Gallus. He answered.

Rainbow Dash, right? He asked. Glida told me about you. You're a teacher? Huh. I thought you'd be... cooler.

That shocked Rainbow.

Then the door slams open. Showing Prince Rutherford.

PONIES! He shouted.

Prince Rutherford! Pinkie yelled.

This Yona Yak. He introduced to the young yak with long braids. She come to pony school. Hah, make it better.

Yak can't wait to meet ponies and tell all about Yakyakistan! She said excited and ran, but trips on her braid and falls over. Hitting the wall, and Pinkie caught a small tree in a pot and the tarp.

Why don't I show you around before you destroy the place? Applejack suggested.

Then DragonLord Ember appeared dragging the orange dragon.

The dragons are better than this! Said the orange dragon. Why am I here?

Because as dragon lord, I'm ordering you to be here! Ember said.

Then Ember notice Spike.

Hey, Spike! She called. Come meet Smolder.

Great to see you Ember! Spike ran up and hugged her. Uh, which one is Smolder?

Next to Smolder was a tan colored dragon and appeared to be shy.

Ocellus! Thorax appeared. What did we talk about?

The dragon then turned into a light blue Changeling with red wing covers.

I told you, stay in your own form. He said firmly. It's the polite thing to do. Sorry, she's shy.

Then behind the 3 dragons was the young Hippogriff.

What is that? She said excited.

Ocellus panics and turns into a pony, and hides under Fluttershy's mane.

No way! The Hippogriff said. I didn't know ponies could into... um... what are you?

A changeling. Thorax said.

Ponies can turn into changelings?

No, the changelings can turn into ponies. Said Fluttershy.

Huh, that's confusing! She said.

Then a adult Hippogriff appeared, and Ocellus hid under Thorax now a changeling again.

I am General Seaspray, of her Majesty Queen Novo's Navy. He introduced. I would like you to introduce the Queen's niece, Silverstream.

This place is amazing! Silverstream said. I've spent most of my life in a coral reef, underwater. I was a Seapony, but now I'm a Hippogriff. Long Story. Anyway, WOW! Is that a YAK?!

She them zooms away.

Meanwhile, the little raptor feeling nervous was hiding behind a pillar. Then Blue appeared.

What are you doing here, JR. Said Blue.

Sorry Mom, just feeling a little scared. Said Jr. Can't I stand with you and Dad.

Hey, you'll be fine. She reassured. Trust me.

Okay. Jr said getting up and walks away.

close by, the young T. Rex felt uneasy of being here.

Rex, aren't you going in there? Said Tyrant.

Just, a little uneasy. He said.

You'll be fine. She reassured his nephew.

Meanwhile, the Edmontosaurus, 2 Maiasauria and Pachyrhinosaurus were exploring.

Sure is crowd, huh Blaze? Asked the Maiasauria.

Sure is, Buck. Blaze answered her friend.

I'm sure we'll be fine. The Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi said.

Patch does make a point. Said the Edmontosaurus.

Thanks, Scar.

Scar was given that name for the scar on his left eye form a near death experience by a hunting Gorgosaurus.

Thank you so much supporting the grand opening of our school! Twilight announced. I hope you'll all join us for Friends and Family Day to see the amazing progress your students are making!

Everyone cheered of that.

Looks like school's in session! She said to herself.

Soon the students walk down the halls to their classrooms, and each the Mane 5 taught a class. The next morning, they were back in class. Each of started doing there own thing, Rainbow doing trust falls, Pinkie with party cannons, Fluttershy teaching animals and bringing some of her animals friends. And Rarity a sewing lesson, and Applejack showing her applebucking.

The School of Friendship, first day of class

Will we fail or will we pass?

Students come far and wide

Brand-new friends here by our side

Take a breath, look around, it's amazing

I can't believe that it's real

Students galore, new ideas to explore

Can't contain the excitement I feel

Can't mess up, can't afford a mistake now

Think "succuess", keep it firmly in sight

Make sure to do things by the book

Make sure to do it all right

The School of Friendship, must get to class

Will we fail of will we pass?

Students learning from the best

Taking notes to pass the test

But Twilight has caught each of them, and tells to go by the rule book. And soon the students were getting upset and bored, even her friends. And it appears that Twilight might be following the rule book a little way too far.

Wait, hold on! Not like that! Just a second!

I'm not sure if that method's approved

Let me take a look - yup, right here in the book

Come on! We just got in the groove!

Can't mess up, can't afford a mistake now

We are shaping young minds to ignite

Do it like it says in the book

Now make sure you're doing it right

There's not an equation on how to have fun

The students look bored now - oh, what have I done?

Can't teach bein' honest, not sure what to do

I'm quite certain I'm lost

None of us have a clue!

School of Friendship, another class

Wish it were more of a blast

Thought this school would be more fun

Can't wait for our classes to be done

School of Friendship

(Can't mess up, can't afford a mistake now)

No way to have fun

Oh, what have I done?

Bored with this class

(Think "success", keep it firmly in sight)

Wish that we could leave our desks

(We don't have a clue)

Listen to this one request

Make things fun, we're really stressed

Make sure to do things by the book now

Can we tell her this thing is a mess?

The group of 13 students were now walking through the hall, but now were completely bored.

Is this what boring is? Silverstream asked. Am I bored?

This is what boring is, Silver. Apato answered her.

Ugh, please. Smolder groaned. These are the heroes of Equestria?

Listen, these ponies saved all of us from the Indominus! Sandbar reminded.

Who turn out to be a cold blooded killer. Rex reminded as well.

How, by boring her into surrender? Gallus asked sarcastically.

Our teachers are a little different than I expected. Ocellus said.

Here, here Ocellus. Said Patchi.

Ugh, pony school waste of time! Yona complained. Yak school teach how to braid yak hair! Braiding yak hair is best...

She then trip on her braids and ran into Smolder.

Is there anything in Yakyakistan that isn't the best? Smolder asked.

Yes! Wait. NO! Yaks best.

No claws, no wings, no fire. What is it exactly you're proud of?

Sandbar could tell its getting tense. Whoa, cool it! No need to harsh Yona's love for her heritage, kay?

Maybe, we should head to class. Jr suggested.

Aw, are we not being sweet and friendly enough for you, pony? Gallus asked sarcastically.

Ha, ha, nice one. Rex chuckled. And the fist bump each other.

That was sarcasm, right? Silverstream asked. 'Cause you weren't being sweet or nice?

Does everything always have to be exciting for you, ponybird? Rex said.

Maybe dragons and griffons are just too tough for friendship. Smolder said as she, Rex and Gallus did a fist bump.

Yaks tough, just not nasty. Yona glared at Gallus.

Who you calling nasty, you big woolly Mammoth?! Rex said.

Okay, let's just back away from each other and calm down. Scar said trying to stop this.

You stay out of this! Rex shoved Scar.

Then why did you asked?! HE yelled and shoves him back and Rex begins to tense up. I was only trying to...

Okay, break it up! Rainbow appeared and getting between them. BREAK! IT! UP!

Applejack lassos Rex's mouth shut as and Starlight pulls Scar back with he magic.

What is going on here?! Starlight asked.

Just a friendly discussion about the magic of friendship amongst friends. Gallus said sarcastic.

Rex snaps the rope off his snout.

Everypony... I mean, everyone go to your next class! Applejack said firmly and they left. I can't believe it, fights breakin' out when they're supposed to be learnin' friendship?

Things definitely aren't going as by the book as Twilight planned. Said Starlight.

That's because we're terrible teachers! Rainbow said. Face it: this school isn't gonna work.

The others met up with Twilight at her office, but they were talking at the same time and Rainbow showed a drawing her with her cracked open.

I get it, things are getting off to a rougher start than expected. Said Twilight. But it's okay!

Spike then climb on to her desk and went up to her face. Who are you and what have you done with Twilight Sparkle?

Twilight pulls Spike away. Every school in Equestria follows these rules. She brought out the book again. As long as we do too, we'll be fine.

Maybe we should... try something new? Starlight suggested.

The EEA will be here this afternoon for Friends and Family Day! Twilight said. They need a school that follows their guidelines!

Even if those guidelines aren't working? Fluttershy asked.

Well then, we have to try harder and make sure they do. Twilight said firmly.

The others were unsure of this, and Twilight was starting to sound like a EEA member. But then the school bell rang.

Another morning, another chance to inspire our students!

The girls soon left. Soon after they were gone. there was a knock on her window. Twilight look and saw Tyrant outside. She teleports outside to talk with her.

Is there something you wanna talk about? Twilight asked.

yeah, I just heard in from my nephew saying there's a small problem about the school. She said.

It's just the first few days that are the hardest. I'm sure he's find.

Uh, Twilight, don't you think you're following your rule book a bit too far?

The EEA wants every school to be they should.

Okay, just... try to don't anything you're going to regret.

Tyrant soon leaves. And Twilight wondering if she was following the book too serious.

Meanwhile Sandbar saw Smolder, Gallus and Rex heading the opposite direction off their class.

Hey! Professer Dash's class is this way. He pointing the right direction.

Where are you going? Ocellus asked as she, Yona and the others appeared. You're not... She gasped. skipping, are you?

That's exactly what we're doing. Smolder said fist bumping Gallus and Rex.

But Friends and Family Day is...

Is after class. Rex cutting off Silverstream. Relax, this is just a quick... mental health break.

Ocellus's group whispers to each other.

Maybe we should...

Get in here. Jr pulling down Apato's head.

That sounds legit! Silverstream agreeing. We're in!

I guess I'll tag along too. Sandbar said uneasy. Make sure you don't get into... trouble.

They began to head down the hall, but when they got to a turn they heard a familar voice.

This way, Angel!

Professer Fluttershy! Silverstream cried. We're busted.

Ideas anyone?! Scar asked.

Ocellus then turns into Rarity just as Fluttershy appeared.

Oh my! Fluttershy said seeing them. What are you all doing? Aren't classes that way?

Ah... A generosity field trip, daaaaarling. Ocellus said pretending to be Rarity. I'm taking the students to the lake to look at our divine reflections.

The others were completely shocked. Both of her turning into Rarity, and it's probably working.

Oh, that sounds nice! Fluttershy said. Have fun!

As Fluttershy leaves, Angel was suspicious off what's going on.

When they were gone, Ocellus turns back. And they ran off.

I take back everything I said about you! Smolder said. That was cool!

Thanks! Ocellus said and realize something. Wait, what did you say about me?

Sometime later, Twilight and Starlight were at the courtyard.

You sure sticking to the book is gonna work? Starlight asked.

My friends can handle anything. Twilight reassured. They'll have these problems turned around before we know it.

Problems? Neighsay asked stepping out of a portal behind them.

Chancellor Neighsay! you're here! Twilight said surprised.

Yes. And you seemed unprepared. He said. If there are problems...

Problems? Ha! Of course not! Said Twilight acting calm. We can't wait to show you around!

Meanwhile the group of 13 were at the lake hanging out.

And that's why Griffons breathe fire when we get mad. Said Gallus.

They do not! Said Silverstream. Wait! Do they? No! Really?

Griffons just full of hot air! Yona said.

The students laughed at that.

And yaks are actually good at jokes! Said Smolder. How about that?

What are dragons good at? Ocellus asked.

Yeah? What'd you guys do? Apato asked.

Competition! Smolder answered and flies up. Who's up for a race?

That sparks the others interest.

Meanwhile Twilight and Starlight were showing Neighsay around. Then suddenly Rainbow Dash rush in.

Rainbow Dash! Twilight surprised. Why aren't you in class teaching?

Because my students are gone! Rainbow answered.

The panicked and singled her about Neighsay. Uh... gone somewhere else! Doing a loyalty lesson! And, and I was just going to grab, uh... this pencil! Because I need it. Whatever they are! Which I know, 'cause... I'm the teacher!

I see! Twilight laugh nervously. Well, Chancellor, we have other classes, we can just...

Let's follow this professor. Said Neighsay. I'm quite curious about this lesson in loyalty.

Rainbow realize know she was in trouble.

Meanwhile the 13 students were racing each other around the lake. Yona was about to trip but Sandbar quickly caught her and Apato as well with his long tail.

Of course, we want to instill a sense of loyalty towards others. We encourage acts of generosity and kindness.

Then Gallus lifts Sandbar off the ground and flies of, Silverstream and Smolder lifted Yona as well. And Ocellus turns into a large dragon and lifts Rex, Jr, Apato, Patchi, Scar and Buck and Blaze.

Figured we shouldn't be the only ones enjoying the view. Gallus said.

Waaaah! Yak noe best at flying! Yona cried,

And appreciation for the value of laughter

Soon Yona was enjoying it.

Flying is best! Said Yona.

Congratulations, Yona! Said Silerstream. You are officially the weirdest thing I've seen before!

What do you say, Ocellus? Smolder asked. Can you be weirder that a flying yak?

Twilight and Starlight are still giving Neighsay a tour.

... and to always be honest in any situation. Twilight finished.

Honesty is imperative. Said Neighsay. Princess, are we going circles? Getting Suspicious.

Uh, look at the time! Twilight said bringing out a watch. We'd better head to the lake for Friends and Family Day. I'm sure all the students and faculty will be there.

And they headed outside.

Outside everyone is having a good time. And getting to know one another. But then strangely the ground begins to vibrate.

What is that? Ember pointing ahead.

Then suddenly a huge herd of Brontosaurus came in to view running for their lives. And the 13 students were in front of them running as well. It was quite possible they accidentally spooked them.

Ponies began fleeing for their lives as they got closer. And soon Twilight's group and saw the stampede.

Ah! The school is under attack! Neighsay covering his head.

among the chaos, Gallus accidentally drops Sandbar. And he crashes into Seaspray, Rutherford and Thorax. Then Silverstream, Yona and Smolder fell down crashing into a booth. And a cake hits Grandpa Gruff in the face.

Then Ocellus lost control and crashes into the school, causing a tower falling down. Then just where things didn't got worse... this happen.

The lead Brontosaurus trips over the bridge leading to the school. He tries to regain his footing, but he then came crashing down and slides. And when he hits the lakes rim, he's momentum cause his body to raise up and came crashing down with a huge thud. Then a second Brontosaur behind them crashes into him and trips and hits the ground doing a front flip. 2 ponies barely got out of the way in time. Soon one by one the giant dinosaurs trip and stumble over each other. Then 2 Brontosaurs got thrown in the air as Blue quickly grabs Jr out of the way from the falling giants. One Brontosaurus on top falls off the huge pile of dinosaurs stack on to each other. Soon the rolling giants stopped, and were completely stuck within each other. Any that were behind the herd came to a complete stop.

The dust soon clears and luckily no one was hurt or flatten among the stampede or the huge dogpile of dinosaurs.

Is everyone okay?! Tyrant called.

Uh, maybe skipping class wasn't the best idea? Said Silverstream.

Remain me, to NEVER fly too close to a herd of Brontosaurs. Said Rex. And we are not doing that again!

How dare you? Neighsay furiously. This act of aggression against ponies...

I'm so sorry, Chancellor. Twilight tried to explain. We clearly had some students get a little carried away.

Those are students? He asked in disbelief. But you said you were opening this school to protect Equestria! To defend ponies from... dangerous creatures who don't have our best interests at heart! He pointed to Thorax, Seaspray, Rutherford, Ember, Grandpa Gruff And Tyrant.

My school teaches for all of us to work together through friendship. Said Twilight.

Then do you know these creatures won't take what they have learned here and use it against us?

Friendship isn't just for ponies.

It should be. He said coldly.

Unicorn thinks yaks no need friendship? Rutherford in disbelief. Maybe yaks no need pony school!

Well, perhaps you should return to your kind. Neighsay said coldly.

Your kind?! Ember said in disbelief. Smolder, let's go!

Smolder soon follows Ember.

Queen Novo will want to hear of this! Seaspray said leaving.

Well this place seemed lame anyways! Grandpa Gruff said following his lead.

Maybe it's best we leave, Rex. Tyrant said unsure and left with her nephew.

Soon the other children went with their elders.

It's fine. Thorax said despondently. We know not every pony sees us the way you do. We're used to it.

Then he and Ocellus flew away. Then Twilight went up to Neighsay.

Princess Celestia helped me reach out to all the kingdom! She said. And when she hears that you closed the school because...

Because you failed to meet the EEA standards? Neighsay cutted her.


Irresponsible teachers, students skipping class, endangering ponies! Your school is a disaster! Perhaps if you had higher standards for who was admitted, this could have been avoided! Regardless...

He then press his badge, and magically made a huge chain and the door was lock by a magically lock and chains.

By order of the EEA, I am shutting this school DOWN!

To be continued...

Author's Note.

The Brontosaurus stampede I used from the one in 2005 film King Kong.

And would have thought that Novo had a niece. Guess where her excitement came from.

Rex is base on the infant in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Scar from March of The Dinosaurs, Patchi from Walking with Dinosaurs, Buck and Blaze from Dinosaur Planet. And Apato is base on a young Apatosaurus in Jurassic World.