On a peaceful day at the School of Friendship, Rainbow Dash quickly zoomed inside. She was flying so fast, that when she past Yona, Silverstream, Apato and Jr who were talking with each other. The papers Yona was holding flew out of her hoof, Rainbow flew back and grab the papers and gave them to Yona. Rainbow quickly zipped off, but the sheets flew out of Yona's hoof again.

meanwhile, Twilight and the others were at a room, and Rainbow arrived.

"Did I miss the Teacher of the Month announcement?" Rainbow said.

"You're just in time." Said Applejack. "But it's gonna be me."

"Yeah, right. I got this one nailed."

"And the Friendship School Teacher of the Month is..." Twilight announced as Rainbow and Applejack had big smiles. "Fluttershy!"

Rainbow and Applejack's smiles died.

Applejack groaned. "Again?"

"Come on!" Rainbow complained.

"Oh, my! I don't know how I keep winning." Fluttershy said surprised.

Then Spike went up with a camera, and took her picture. And the flash had her disoriented for a second.

"Yeah. Me, neither." Rainbow crossed her hooves.

"The award is based on the students' vote." Said Twilight. "They must really like you."

Spike brought out the photo, and looks at the wall. And realize that Fluttershy the same look 10 times in a row now.

"You might want to started finding a way for everyone to have a chance, Fluttershy." Said Tyrant. "Seems you have enough Teacher of the Month awards now."

"Congratulations, Fluttershy!" Twilight using her magic, brought a award trophy and passed Applejack and Rainbow with disappointed looks.

"next item of business - I've been looking into a new activity for our friendship classes. Spike?" Twilight announced.

Spike carried the Friendship rulebook, which was heavy for him. He tries to open it, but it was too thick for him to flip it open. So Twilight used her magic to open it for him.

"Section one-forty-seven, paragraph two states that teamwork is a key part of friendship." Twilight reads the book. "And section two-two-nine, paragraph nine says outdoor activity reinforces learning. Add that together, and what do you get?"

"Ooh, ooh!" Pinkie raising her hoof. "Okay, let me see. One-forty-seven, two-twenty-nine, carry the two... 387?"

"Mm-mm" Twilight shook her head. "A teamwork field trip. Leading it is a Teacher of the Month-type job, so I thought I'd ask..."

"I'm your pony, Twilight!" Applejack volunteered, but mainly sees a opportunity for the award trophy. "Sweet Apple Acres has taught me a thing or two about workin' together."

"yeah, but being a Wonderbolt's the definition of teamwork." Rainbow seeing her chance for the trophy as well.

Applejack chuckled. "I'm sure you're not sayin' fancy flyin' makes ya a better choice than me."

Rainbow chuckled as well. "I wouldn't say "better". Just a little more qualified. No offense."

"Maybe you can lead the field trip together." Fluttershy suggested.

Rainbow and Applejack widen with stunned looks, and stuttered.

"Of course!" Twilight liking the idea. "Who better to model the importance of working as a team?"

"Um, Rarity? Fluttershy? Me? Spike?" Pinkie then brought a flowerpot. "This flowerpot?"

"Both of you are teamwork experts." Twilight walking up to Applejack and Rainbow. "If the students see the two of you teaching together, they'll learn more. I know you've been competitive in the past, but I'm sure you'd never let that get in the way of friendship education."

"Of course!" Said Applejack.

"Totally!" Said Rainbow.

Twilight turns away.

But then the 2 groaned, and then they chuckled.

Sometime later, Twilight was leading the Young 13 outside.

"I've never been on a field trip before." Said Ocellus.

"Yeah, what the point of this exactly?" Smolder questioned.

"Getting out of the classroom. Duh." Said Gallus.

"With you on that, Gallus." Said Rex.

"Yak best at field-tripping!" Yona said and then trips over on purpose since braids have been tied together.

"That's what we're doing?!" Silverstream said. "So fun!" She then did the same.

"Uh, I honestly don't think what a field trip is Silver." Said Apato.

Sandbar chuckled. "Pretty sure the headmare has something else in mind."

"But, what exactly?" Jr asked.

"All right, class." Twilight getting their attention. "Today you'll learn how important working together is for building a strong friendship."

"Hey, I'm familiar with teamwork." Said Jr. "My mom and her sisters were great working together."

Then Applejack arrived. "Hey, y'all! Ready to get out there and do some learnin' the Apple family way?"

Then Rainbow swooped in. "This is basically gonna be the best field trip in the history of ever! With me in charge, that is." Then Applejack shoved her. "Whoa!"

Applejack chuckled nervously. "With us in charge." She reminded and then whispered. "Meanin' mostly me."

"Yeah. Good one."

"And what teamwork activity do you two have planned for today?" Twilight asked.

"Shed buildin'/Canoe racing!" They both said at the same time.

"No... way." Silverstream said excitedly. "We get to do both?!"

"I bet that's exactly what your teachers had in mind." Twilight said a little uneasy and Applejack and Rainbow glance each other. "Why don't you start with shed building first?"

Applejack made a quick smug smile at Rainbow and turn back to Twilight. "Heh. Don't mind if I do! Everycreature, follow the leader!"

The Young 13 began to follow Applejack.

"I'll check in later to see how it's going." Said Twilight. "Remember to work together!"

And soon, Rainbow follows up the end.

Soon they arrived at a apple field. And Applejack takes in a deep breath of the fresh air.

"Now take a good, deep breath." Said Applejack. "What do you smell?"

Gallus took a sniff, but held his nose. "Uh, yak?"

Yona sniffs her fur coat. "Mm-hmm!"

Rex need sniffs her. "Ugh! By any chance have you ever heard of a bath?!"

"Nope. Try again." Said Applejack.

"Um, apples?" Ocellus guested.

"And...? Anyone? Anyone? No? The promise of... teamwork!" Applejack then points over to a shed and shed building materials. "That's there's an apple shed. And this here is what we're gonna use to build it. Nothin' brings friends together like a little hard work and honest sweat."

Then Rainbow laughed and smacked herself. "Sweat? Seriously? That's supposed to be part of friendship?"

"Not everypony would know that, Rainbow Dash." Applejack pointed out. "Just "Teacher of the Month" kind o' ponies."

"Whatever. Let's just get this done so we can move on to my activity."

Applejack glared, as the students glanced a little concern.

Half hour later, the students have begun work on building a shed.

"That's it!" Applejack said. Measure twice and cut once! Haste makes waste! Slow and steady!"

"Emphasis on the slow." Rainbow holding a few boards.

She then zoomed off and then started building a shed in midair really quick.

"Rainbow Dash! Ya can't build an apple shed like that!" Applejack said.

Then Rainbow went up and scoffed. "Oh, yeah?! I just did!"

Then the shed drops on the ground, and it's almost finished.

"Whoa! No way!" Sandbar amazed.

"That has to be a new record!" Scar looking at it.

"Impressive... if you can call an apple shed impressive." Said Gallus.

"Just 'cause it's fast don't mean it's good!" Applejack to Rainbow.

"Oh, sorry, can't hear you." Rainbow pretending she didn't hear her. "Too busy practicing my "Teacher of the Month" pose." Rainbow then strikes different poses.

"Don't count your pictures before they're snapped, Rainbow Dash."

"Oh, come on! These students are totally gonna vote for a teacher who gets things done!"

"No! They're gonna vote for a teacher who gets things done right!"

"Competitive ones, they are." Said Patchi.

"Yeah... This isn't awkward at all..." Smolder said.

Later, Apato using his head and long neck pushes up the wall and holds it. While Ocellus ans Silverstream hammered the wall in place.

And soon, Yona and Apato begin to lower the roof, And Jr holds the rope from getting tangled. And Gallus and Smolder guides it down.

"Steady... Steady... Take 'er nice and slow..." Applejack guided them. "Little to the left..."

Smolder and Gallus moves the roof slightly left.

"Uh, a hair to the right..."

They slightly moved it right.

"Now, a hoof shavin' higher..."

The roof is then lifted up.

Rainbow was now getting too impatient with the slow stuff and growls.

And then zooms over to Yona, Apato and Jr. "JUST BRING IT DOWN ALREADY!"

The shout made Yona and Apato let go of the rope, and Jr was pulled up still holding the rope up to the branch. And the roof came crashing down on the shed as everyone got out of the way.

When the dust cleared, they went over to the shed remains. And Rainbow chuckled nervously. And Apato helped Jr down.

"I'll give ya one guess whose side is still standin'." Said Applejack glaring at her.

"Yak side!" Yona placing her hoof the front wall which was standing still.

But then it tips over, and fell. Sandbar was missed being and was now in the gap. But it hit right on top of Rex. Leaving a Rex back shaped on him, and through the wall. Then Rex drops to the ground completely dazed.

"My head!" He cried.

Applejack sighs in upset.

"Um, professors? I'm a little confused about teamwork now." Said Ocellus.

"Yeah, me too." Said Blaze.

"That's because you need a different teacher." Said Rainbow. "Follow me! Last one to the stream is a rotten apple shed!"

She then zooms off, and Applejack growled.

A few minutes later.

"Who's ready to smash the all-time Equestria speed record for river canoeing?" Said Rainbow now in river gear.

As well as everyone else.

A moment of silence filled the air.

"Is that even a thing?" Gallus asked Sandbar.

"First I've heard of it." Sandbar admitted.

"So, uh, what's the goal, here?" Buck asked. "What are we doing?"

"We need to get to the finish line before this alarm goes off." Rainbow holding out a stopwatch. "that means you gotta move fast!" She tossed several oars to the students. "Any questions?"

Apato, Rex, Scar, Patchi, Buck and Blaze raised their front foot and hand up.

"Uh, Yona has questions." Yona raising her hoof and looked nervous.

"No time for 'em! Get in the boat!"

They begin to climb into the canoe. And Applejack confronts her.

"You really think winnin' some canoein' record is gonna get you that Teacher of the Month trophy?" She said.

"I'm pretty sure everycreature's gonna like it a lot better than pounding nails and cutting wood." Rainbow smirked.

Applejack narrowed her eyes.

Meanwhile, as the students climbed into the boat. Yona and Rex stopped at the water's edge.

"Yak not like water." Yona said nervously.

"Uh, g-g-guys. When it comes to water, I'm-I'm more cat than fish." Rex admitted uneasily.

"Sometimes, when I'm scared to try something new, I whistle." Ocellus said encouraging.

Yona starts whistling, and begin to climb in the canoe. As well as Rex.

"We got you, Yona." Gallus helping her inside with Smolder helping.

Then Rex slips in upside down, but manages to flip over.

"Um, Little help, here." Jr trying to hop in.

Luckily Apato helps Jr inside.

Back over with Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

"Way I see it, Twilight's gonna give that teachin' trophy to a teacher, not a racer." Said Applejack.

"We'll see about that." Rainbow smirked.

"Two can play this game!" Applejack thought in her head.

Soon, Rainbow is coaching them of stroking.

"Stroke! Stroke Stroke!" Rainbow shouted as Yona, Gallus, Smolder, Rex and Jr stroked their oars in the water. But it was a challenge for Rex due to his small arms. "Put your backs into it, newbies!"

"Stroooooke... Stroooooke... Stroooooke... Slower..." Applejack with the other students. "Focus on your paddle technique, y'all."

"Woo- hoo! We're really going now!" Said Silverstream.

"So... when do we get to the part when we move?" Smolder questioned.

Since because half the students were facing one direction, and the other. They were in the same spot.

"Uh, I thought we've been in the same spot." Said Patchi.

"When everycreature starts listening to me, the leader of my activity." Rainbow gritted her teeth. "APPLEJACK!" Then the other student lined up facing her. "Now STROKE!"

And soon they started stroking, and headed down river.

Half hour later, they were still moving down river. And Rainbow takes a look at her stopwatch.

"Dig in, team! We can still beat that record!" Rainbow yelled.

Then Applejack noticed something ahead of them. "Stop!"

"GO!" Rainbow called.

"Which way do we go?" Ocellus asked.

In the middle of the river was a large rock.

"Left!" Rainbow yelled.

"Right!" Applejack yelled.

"Aye-aye, captains!" Said Silverstream, but then realized something and now confused. "Wait, what?"

"Left!" Rainbow called. "I can see the finish line from here!"

The left path showed a clear shot to the finish line. By there was some piranha like fish with wings in their way.

"If we go left, we'll be headin' straight into the bite-acuda fish!" Said Applejack.

"Who cares about a few fish?" Said Rainbow.

"Uh, professors?" Sandbar said.

"You'll care plenty when they bite ya!" Said Applejack.

"Guys?" Sandbar trying to get their attention.

"We'll just go around them!"

"ROCK!" Sanbar screamed.

"Rock?! Where?!" Jr jumping onto Apato's face.

"Ah! No! Jr, I can't see!" He yelled.

His sudden movement cause the canoe to shift sideways, and the boat crashes into the rocks.

The canoe broke into pieces, and soon everyone swam up to the surface. And Jr climbs on to Apato's back. And then, Yona and Rex flown right under a branch and their life jackets got caught, and the current cause them to be rip out.

"I love field trips!" Silverstream said.

"This is... not ideal." Said Scar.

"I hope you're happy." Applejack said to Rainbow.

Rainbow looks at her stopwatch. "Obviously not! Because there goes our new speed record!"

Then they noticed 2 ripped life jackets, and then they saw Yona and Rex struggling to stay afloat.

"Help!" Yona shouted. "Yak not swim!"

"Don't you dare sink!" Rex trying to climb on her. "Cause, I can barely swim!"

And then, both of them sank under. Then Ocellus and Silverstream took her helmets off, and turned into Hippogriffs.

"That's okay! Your friends can change into creatures that do!" Ocellus and Silverstream got Yona and Rex, and swam up to the surface.

"Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Rex holding them.

Then they heard a voice.

"How's the canoeing... going?" Twilight asked now confused of them in the water.

"About as good as the apple shed building." Smolder said.

And then they begin to climb out of the water.

"I totally had things under control until Applejack messed 'em up!" Said Rainbow.

"I did not!" Said Applejack.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Yup. It's been like this all day." Said Gallus.

"You're telling me." Said Rex.

"I wouldn't say all day." Said Sandbar. "Just... 99% of it."

Twilight then turned back to Applejack and Rainbow Dash as they continued to argue.

"Not!" Applejack said.

"Too!" Said Rainbow.





Then suddenly a large foot stomps catching everyone's attention. And then Tyrant lets out a thunderous roar, being heard for miles.

"WHAT IS GOING HERE?!" She shouted.

"It was her!" Rainbow and Applejack pointed each other.

A few minutes later, Twilight, Tyrant and Blue were talking with the 2 competitors.

"I can't believe this! You're not teaching teamwork!" Said Twilight. "You're competing with each other! I thought you were past that!"

"We are!" Rainbow said. "Mostly."

"We got carried away with wantin' to be the Teacher of the Month is all." Applejack admitted.

"This isn't funny, you two!" Said Blue glaring at them. "Someone could've been seriously hurt! And don't you two have enough trophies of your own, by now?"

"The Teacher of the Month wouldn't care about being the Teacher of the Month!" Twilight said and agreed with Blue. "I know Fluttershy would be thrilled to see another pony."

"But if you two keep this up, she'll just win the next one!" said Tyrant.

"That's it!" Twilight said firmly.

"For the safety of the class." Blue said.

"I'm taking over this field trip!" Twilight finished.

"Along with me!" Said Blue.

They begin to walk off, and Applejack and Rainbow panicked. And they don't seem to want to give up just yet.

"H-Hold up, Twilight." Applejack stopping them.

"Ugh! What now?!" Blue said.

"Don't count Rainbow Dash for the reward just yet." Applejack trying to reason them. "You shoulda seen her fire up those students to build a shed."

"No way! You're the one the students listen to." Said Rainbow. "Besides, you saved us from those pony-eating fish."

Then the 2 had innocent smiles on their faces. Twilight raised a eyebrow, Blue and Tyrant just stared.

"Uh, long story." Rainbow said. "But Applejack should definitely be Teacher of the Month."

"Hmmm... Maybe you two have learned something, after all." Said Twilight.

"Does that mean you'll give us another chance at the Teacher of the..." Rainbow place her hoof over Applejack's mouth.

"Field trip?" Rainbow said.

"Well..." Twilight still having doubts.

"Come on, Twilight. We get it. No more arguing. Right, Applejack?"

"Right as rain and twice as fresh!" Said Applejack.

And the two, high hoof each other.

"Fine." Twilight said. "But I'm picking the next activity you two lead. A nature walk. Nopony could possibly argue over that. Right?"

"Right!" They both said.

"See? We're agreein' already." Said Applejack.

Twilight nodded, and leaves with Tyrant. But then Blue turns to them.

"You two better not compete on a nature walk." Blue said in a warning tone. "I've dealt and handle animals as big as you 2 countless times. And trust me, it doesn't end well." Then Blue brought her hand claws in a threatening way.

Rainbow and Applejack cringed, and then nodded.

Minutes later, they were leading the students through a nature trail. And then came across a fork in the path.

"Well, look at that." Applejack said. "The path splits up ahead. Left or right?"

"Ugh. Here we go again." Smolder groaned.

"Oh, come on." Said Rex.

"Not again." Apato shook his head.

"Where to, Rainbow Dash?" Applejack asked.

But Rainbow seems more concern about Blue's warning. "I was thinking right... unless you want to go left. Because what makes you happy makes me happy."

Applejack seemed concern about Blue's warning as well. "Aw, heck. Forget about me. You want to go right, we'll go right."

"But teamwork means listening to other ponies, so it's up to you."

"Well, aren't you as sweet as sugar apple pie? But it's up to you."

As they talked, the students were getting impatient.

"Follow me!" Yona finally spoke. "Yak know best way!"

"Yeah, I'm with her." Rex following her on the right path.

"Yeah, me too." Said Apato.

"Hey, where are y'all goin'?" Applejack said as she and Rainbow ran after them.

2 hours later.

The group have now wandered all across the forest, and now were on a ledge.

"I think we've gone in the same circle 5 times." Said Ocellus.

"I counted 6." Patchi said.

"I thought I counted 20." Said Jr.

"Only because someponies won't make up their minds about which way to go." Sandbar glaring back at Applejack and Rainbow along with the others.

"Do you want to keep going in a circle, Applejack?" Rainbow uneasily asked Applejack knowing their mistake.

"Up to you, Rainbow Dash." Said Applejack. "I insist."

Rainbow chuckled. "No, no. I insist."

"Heh. But I insisted first."

Then the 2 glared as if they can't take it anymore.

"Well, that's just great!" Scar said. "We're completely lost, no idea we're even are! And all thanks to you 2 trouble markers."

"Are we still on a field trip?" Silverstream asked. "'Cause this just feels like being lost."

"We are lost, Silver." Said Apato.

Then Smolder flew up to get higher look of the area.

"See anything up there?!" Buck called.

Soon Smolder spotted the school only a mile and a half away. "We can still get back to school before dark if we cross that ravine and stop doubling back."

Rainbow and Applejack glanced each other.

"We knew that. All part of our plan. Right, Applejack?" Said Rainbow.

"Uh, yup!" Applejack said. "All we have to do is, uh... build a bridge 'cross that, uh, giant canyon, and we're home free. That is, if-if you think a bridge is a good idea."

"Only if you want to build a bridge."

"STOP!" Gallus screamed.

"Scar, Apato." Rex said.

Scar grabs Rainbow as Apato grabs Applejack, and then Rex slammed their heads together.


"Listen. We can just fly everyone over and be done." Said Gallus having enough of this.

"Nope!" Applejack refused. "There's still plenty o' time to teach y'all a lesson in teamwork."

"Cooperation!" Said Rainbow.


"You are so right!"

"Only as right as you are!"

"OKAY!" Smolder getting between them having enough. "We'll build a bridge! What do we use?"

"Branches!/Vines!" Applejack and Rainbow at the same time.

The 2 glared.


They glared again.

"I'm goin' with your idea! Vines!" Said Applejack. "No buts about it!"

"I-I'm building with your idea! Branches! End of story!" Said Rainbow.

The 2 glared again.

Minutes later, both have made a bridge but both looked as if they could break any minute.

"Wh... I would rather die." Rex stubbornly refused to cross any of them.

Applejack soon tightens the bridge finishing it. "Why use a branch when you can use a vine?"

She then pulls on the vine, but then snaps as she fell. But luckily she caught the vine and climbs back up. And Rainbow adds the final branch to her bridge.

"Why didn't I think of branches to begin with?" She said. "They're so..." Then suddenly, a branch snaps and the bridge drop a bit. "easy to work with."

The students got concern.

"These here vines are just the thing, Rainbow Dash!" Said Applejack with a vine in her mouth.

Rainbow held up 2 branches with her legs. "Not to disagree, but these here branches are the way to..."

Then suddenly the branch bridge gave loose, and started falling. And crashed into Applejack and they both fell, And soon they were in a ball of vines and branches hanging from both sides of the cliff.

"HELP!" They both cried.

And both were 20 feet over a river.

High above, the students looked down.

"Uh, at least now they're agreeing on something." Said Ocellus.

"Yeah. Last time, possibly." Said Blaze.

Back down below, Rainbow is still trying to get free. But the vines are too tight for her to squeeze.

"I can't get out!" She said.

"Let me try." Applejack said.

And then brought out a vine, and throws it up. But didn't make it to the ledge, and it fell, and then a Deinosuchus clamps his jaws on the vine.

"Let me guess. Deinosuchus?" Rainbow questioned.

The Deinosuchus then surfaces, and holding his head out.

"Mm-hmm." Applejack nodded. "And he looks mighty hungry."

Back up on the ledge.

"We gotta get our professors out of there!" Said Sandbar. "Anycreature have a plan?"

"Leave 'em hangin'?" Gallus and Rex said.

"What?!" Silverstream said.

"We're kidding!" Gallus said.

"Kinda." Said Rex.

"We need to work fast!" Said Ocellus. "And together!"

Then a vine weakens and begins to break.

"But mainly fast." Said Smolder.

"Okay, guys. I have a idea." Said Jr as they got in a team huddle. "This something my Mom and sisters often used. It's called the Double Reverse Delta. Now here's what we're gonna do. Here's the plan."

Then the vines snap, and Rainbow and Applejack were lowered. And now were hanging by one vine. And the giant crocodiles lunges out of the water, snapping his jaws only missing them.

"I hate to admit it, but..." Said Applejack.

Then they jolted downwards.

"...this whole mess is kinda our fault." She finished.

"Yeah. No trophy is worth getting eaten over." Said Rainbow.

"So what do ya say? You want to team up and get ourselves out of this here pickle barrel?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Then they a giant monstrous bite-acuda flying next to them. And they screamed.

"Don't worry." Said a familiar voice which is Ocellus. "I'm just the distraction."

"Ocellus?!" Rainbow stunned.

Applejack sighed in relieve. "You nearly scared the cutie marks off us!"

Then Ocellus dove in the water, and rose in front of the crocodile. And then she let out a vicious roar, and snapped her jaws. It was enough to send the Deinosuchus swimming away and yelping like a scared dog. And Ocellus chases him away.

Then the remaining vine snaps as Rainbow and Applejack fell to the water. But then, they suddenly came to a halt.

"Need a lift?"

They looked up, and saw Silverstream and Gallus holding some vines. And soon they were lifting back to the ledge safely.

"Yak smash!" Yona approach them.

Soon they begin to break their teachers out of the ball of vines and sticks.

"Welcome back, professors!" Said Sandbar.

"Now, that was a rescue!" Said Rainbow.

"And y'all did it together!" Applejack said.

"it was my idea." Jr said.

And the students cheered.

"No big." Said Gallus. "Those fish weren't even a thing."

"Yeah. I could've done that if I had wings." Rex said.

Then they heard some growling and saw Ocellus still a giant bite-acuda. And the 2 screamed as Rex leaped into Gallus's arm.

Ocellus chuckled. "Oops. Sorry." She then changes back to a changeling.

Silverstream giggled. "Best... field trip... ever!"

It was now sunset, and they finally arrived back at the School of Friendship.

"How was the field trip?" Twilight trotted over to them. "What did you all learn?"

"Uhhhh..." Rainbow and Applejack uneasily.

"Yak learn ponies smart!" Said Yona.

"Yeah! Professors Applejack and Rainbow Dash were such good teachers!" Said Silverstream.

"Despite their competition between each other." Said Apato.

"It was kind of crazy genius." Said Gallus. "They showed us what not to do so we'd figure out what we should do."

"Yep." Said Scar.

"Really...?" Twilight a little confused.

"Yeah." Said Patchi.

"It took us a while to get it." Said Sandbar.

"Especially at the ravine." Smolder pointed out. "It would've been so much easier to just fly home."

"Yeah. So much easier." Said Jr.

"But instead, our professors built bridges the wrong way just to show us how important teamwork is." Said Silverstream.

"Yeah. That was super dangerous." Gallus said." Talk about commitment."

"You're telling me." Said Rex. "A bit over the line, literally."

Rainbow and Applejack glance each other knowing their right.

"We know it's too early to pick the Teacher of the Month." Said Ocellus. "But we'd like you to consider Rainbow Dash and Applejack."

"Thank you for telling me." Said Twilight. "I'm so glad to hear your field trip was a success. I'll make sure to schedule another one right away."

The Young 13 cheered and begin to turn in for the night.

"You were actually just competing the entire time, weren't you?" Twilight smirking to Rainbow and Applejack.

"To tell you the truth... yeah." Applejack admitted.

Tyrant who was close by, just shook her head.

"Well, not all the time." Said Rainbow. "I agreed with you for the whole nature walk."

"Only 'cause you were anglin' for that Teacher of the Month award!"

Twilight groaned. And walks away.

"You were the one doing the "angling"!" Said Rainbow.

"You were more like fandanglin'!"

"What does that even mean?! No one here can understand your country bumpkin talk...!/Look, all live in the same town here...!"

Soon Twilight joins Tyrant and Blue.

"Let me guess.' Blue looking at the arguing ponies. "They were competing the entire time, weren't they?"

"Yep." Twilight nodded.

"Oi, those two." Tyrant groaned.

"And they completely forgot the warning I gave them." Said Blue.

"What are going do?" Twilight asked confused.

"Send them running out of their skins."

As Rainbow and Applejack argued, a sudden loud screech made them immediately froze in fear. And remembered Blue's warning, their manes and tails stood on end. And then they made a immediate zoom out of the school.

Twilight, Tyrant and Blue stared at each other. And then started laughing.

Happy 3rd Anniversary of Jurassic World.

Now, I need a vote for the voice of the Indoraptor. For the upcoming My Little Pony: Fallen Kingdom story that's coming in 10 days.

James Spader who played Ultron

Liam Nesson who played Phango

Or Djimon Hounsou who played Drago Bludvist.

I also need a name for the Indoraptor. One idea is Indo, but any other ideas.