John Allerdyce moseyed down the long hallway in casual strides. There was no point in being early for class, was there? He didn't seem to think so. As he continued to walk, he felt numerous pairs of eyes on him. This, of course, he was used to, and he didn't mind it one bit. Here and there he would glance at girls as they passed him in the hallway; the more bold ones would blow him kisses while the shyer would just giggle to their friends. Feeling his ego expand, he spread out more enticing looks to almost every female in the vicinity, boyfriend present or not.

Of course, everyone knew Pyro was a flirt. And everyone knew about his huge ego. It wasn't his fault that he was conceited. Manipulating something that causes serious destruction does not make a modest person. Despite his frightening good looks and haughty air, John was actually a very bright student. People that just met him would sometimes brush him off and label him a "loser" or "dumbass", as some people liked to put it. But Pyro had to be one of the most promising students that the school could offer.

Finally, he lazily turned into his first class of the day- History with Ororo Munroe. He almost gagged at the thought. He hated history; why not just leave it where it happened- In the past.

"John." He heard her South African accent cut through his thoughts.

Trying not to smirk, he raised his eyes from his desk to look at his teacher.

"Yes, ma'am?" He almost laughed as she crossed her arms at him and gave him a disapproving look.

"Can you tell me why a leader who is brave is not always as good as a leader who is logical?"

Oh great, the first question of the day was directed toward him.

"Because a brave leader would just ride into battle and be killed, while a logical leader would make up some fancy tactic and then ride into battle and be killed." He didn't phrase it as a question which proved his arrogance even further.

He watched as Ororo unfolded her arms and placed one on her hip. She stared at him with dark eyes and stated shortly, "I suggest you learn."

But the comment was wasted on him, for he wasn't interested in this class anyway. Whoosh! Right over his head. Ororo, however, sensed this and walked back over to his desk. This, Pyro wasn't prepared for. Her voice was pure velvet as she spoke:

"Mr. Allerdyce, I expect a one-thousand word essay by Wednesday on that very topic." She paused for a moment and stared into his eyes, "And please, be logical."

'Oooo.' He thought. 'The woman has spunk.'

Of course he had gotten these types of essay's before, and he did actually do them. Everyone thought that was the strangest thing: he wasn't respectful in class, nor did he do classwork or participate, but he did the long writing assignments that were only assigned to him. What people didn't know, was that John was an avid writer. He wrote intricate plots to stories and created poems that flowed beautifully or hit you hard in the face with realization.

Yes, no one really knew who St. John Allerdyce was.

An hour had passed, and thank god that class was over. Now was physics with Professor X; he didn't dare mess around in that class. He had far too much respect for Xavier. Besides that, all of his menacing plots were destroyed by the man's telepathy, so all of his brilliant ideas were in vain.

For the rest of the day, Pyro wandered to his classes almost like a zombie, but arrogantly, of course. The same routine: hug this girl, wink at that girl, tease this girl, don't look at that girl... Yup, it was a 'day in the life' alright. English was the only class made him have a spring in his step on the way through the corridors. English, of course, was his favorite subject.

As he made his way to his final class, John heard a familiar voice behind him. It dripped with sweetness.

"Hey, Sugah!"

He turned around slowly and saw Rogue trailing behind him. For the first time that day, he smiled a real smile.

"Hey, you. Can I walk you to your class?"

She rolled her eyes at him. "We're only in the same class!"

Naturally, he knew that, but he just liked teasing her. He seemed to get along with Rogue more than anyone in the school. Save Bobby, he was pretty cool.

"No pun intended," He whispered to himself and laughed shortly.

Soon, they found their way to their class and plopped themselves down to get ready for their lesson. John was glad that the day was almost over.


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