What Dreams May Come

By Daimyo Shi

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'internal dialogue with parts of a personality.'

Keitaro was walking through Hinata Sou with a basket of wet laundry. (I should have the last of the laundry that needs drying now.) thinks Keitaro. He climbs the stair up to the Patio where the drying rack for clothes is. As he ascends the stairs, he hears someone already on the patio. He carefully peaks above the stair and there he sees Motoko practising with her Katana. Of course that would be very normal if it was for the fact that Motoko was completely naked. Keitaro's brain was telling him to run but despite that he kept watching checking his nose to make sure it wasn't bleeding. Keitaro is fascinated by Motoko's body in the warm summer sun. Keitaro follows the descent of a bead of sweat as it rolls down Motoko's beautiful face to her neck. The bead stopped for a second until Motoko's movement pushes it onward across Motoko's left Breast, then down Motoko's shapely abs and across Motoko's thighs before Keitaro loses track of it. Keitaro was awe struck at Motoko's grace and ability. He was barely aware of his brain's reminder that this was practice for Motoko punishments that sent him flying into Hina City. (Her movements are so smooth and graceful. I wonder why I never noticed it before. I though she was out with the rest of the girls shopping in the city. I though I was safe for a couple hours. Still I have to admit this is a wonderful view.) thinks Keitaro.

All of the sudden Motoko stops performing her kata.

"Keitaro, I know you are there. You better come out of your hiding." says Motoko.

Almost despite himself, Keitaro ascends the stairs to the patio. "Uh . . . Motoko-chan, It was an accident. I didn't know you were here. I just came to hang the laundry and thought you were out with the rest of the girls. I am very very sorry." pleas Keitaro bowing very low. Keitaro is averting his eyes from Motoko.

"Keitaro you were quite infatuated with my body a moment ago. Why are you not looking at me now? Asks Motoko.

Keitaro slowly raises his head and looks at the still nude Motoko and saw something unusual. Motoko was smiling, a very warm and inviting smile. Keitaro stands up as Motoko begins to speak.

"Now Keitaro, it is time for your punishment." says Motoko.

Keitaro closes his eyes and braces himself for Motoko's attack. Instead of an attack Motoko embraces Keitaro and kisses him. Keitaro's legs buckle from the shock slightly before Keitaro returns Motoko's embrace. Motoko tights her embrace. Keitaro can feel Motoko's tongue trying to get between Keitaro's lips. He parts his lips slightly so that Motoko's tongue can duel his. A moment later Motoko's hand reaches down and starts to undo Keitaro's pants . . .

Keitaro opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling in his room. Keitaro re-closes his eyes. A . . . dream? Maybe a Nightmare? Which was it? Well I might as well get a little more sleep. Keitaro tries to drift off to sleep but his brain cuts in to tell him that someone is laying on him. Keitaro looks over at who leaning on him and sees Motoko dressed in nothing except her pure white panties. Motoko's gi and hakama are laying off to the side of Motoko. Some what surprisingly Motoko is sleeping quite soundly on Keitaro.

(I AM SO DEAD!) thinks Keitaro. (She is going to kill me. How did she get there? Maybe she had too much to drink last night. The girls were having a bit of a party last night. I wasn't feeling well so I skipped it but it seams even that can't save me from problems. I wonder if she even remembers drinking last night before killing me.)

A slight knock on Keitaro's door made the doom he was feeling even greater. From beyond the door Keitaro could hear Shinobu asking "Urishima-senpai, are you awake?"

Keitaro quietly hopes that Shinobu will just go way if he doesn't answer. She hardly wanted to upset her. However, Keitaro's luck holds true as Shinobu slides the door open for a peak at Keitaro and sees Motoko almost on top of him.

"Urishima-senpai . . ." cries Shinobu as she then flees down the hall in tears.

"Shinobu-chan, wait. It is not what you think." says Keitaro as he pushes all the covers and Motoko off him. Motoko wakes up from this rough treatment of course.

"Urishima! I am going to kill you, you pervert!" shouts Motoko.

"Later, you can kill me later."

A combination of grogginess, being tangled in Keitaro's sheets and blankets and a raging headache manages to keep Motoko from following Keitaro. Giving up on catching Keitaro, Motoko attempts to extract herself from the blankets. (I will get Keitaro for this assault on my chaste body.) thinks Motoko. She manages to throw the blankets of her finally. (Wait, what is this? How come the outside of these blankets are on me? Shouldn't I have been in the bed? Come to think of it wasn't Keitaro in his normal sleep wear? Is it possible that Keitaro did nothing at all?) Motoko strains to remember what she did last night. (Well all of us were having a bit of weekend party. It had been a while since we cut lose I believe was Kitsune's rational behind it. That is right Keitaro excused himself early because he wasn't feeling well. I ended up having a drinking contest with Kitsune. She can hold a lot of liquor. I can't remember past that.) Motoko got up and looks at her Gi and hakama. (All of the ties are intact, it looks like it was dropped here as someone undressed. Looks like I came in here under my own drunk free will. Still, maybe Kitsune will have clear answer for me.) Motoko dresses in her gi and Hakima and leaves Keitaro's room for Kitsune's.


"Shinobu-chan, please stop and listen to me, nothing happened. I don't even know why Motoko was in my room! Please listen to me, Shinobu-chan."

Shinobu keeps running, and she enters the hot springs and Keitaro follows. Shinobu finds herself at the end of her run. Shinobu sees that Keitaro is dressed in his normal sleep wear and is slightly out of breath.

"Shinobu-chan, honestly I don't know how she got into my room. I went to bed early last night. I didn't do anything. Please understand, I don't know what happened any more than you did."

"Senpai . . ." whispers Shinobu.(I remember Motoko had a Drinking contest with Kitsune. Soon after that everyone went to bed, I though.)

"Please, I wanted never hurt you." says Keitaro with a helpless look.

A devil clad 30 centimetres tall version of himself appears next to Keitaro's head 'Yeah sure unless it meant fucking with Naru, which you do it a minute without giving a damn how anyone else though of it. I mean as long as Naru is willing, you are all for it.'

'Shut up, I deal with you later.' says Keitaro to his evil self.

"Senpai . . ., she was on top of you." sobs Shinobu

"Shinobu-chan, she was on top of me with all of my blankets and sheets between us. I am guessing she came in after the party broke up. Honestly, I didn't know she was there until moments before you open the door. Look, I am in one piece still, do you really think Motoko wouldn't have killed me if I had tried to make out with her."

"I guess that is true." replies Shinobu considering what Keitaro says.

'I can't believe you had a beautiful woman laying on you for hours and you didn't notice you are so pathetic' remarks evil Keitaro.

'I am not a pig.' says Keitaro.

'Please remember I am a part of you, so don't bull shit me.' remarks the evil Keitaro.

'I don't like women who beat on me.' says Keitaro

'Would you like to explain the S&M thing you have with Naru, huh? She always beating you and you never seems to remember it. Hey, you are not even her boyfriend so there would be nothing wrong with a casual sex with Motoko, Mutsumi, or Kitsune. You need to get laid!'

'Hey, Naru is very nice to me. She has helped me a lot in the last year.'

'Sure she has, she also tried to send you into low earth orbit seven hundred times, heck I think Motoko has actually beat on you a heck of a lot less.'

'Let me deal with this first I get back to you.' says Keitaro

"Shinobu, I never wanted to hurt you. I am sorry if I have." says Keitaro

"Senpai, I . . . I was just seeing if you were ready for breakfast . . . "

"I know, you just being helpful. To be truthful I really could go for breakfast right now. Why don't we go and get it?"

" . . . Ok." says Shinobu moves toward Keitaro, then Keitaro follows her to the kitchen.

'You know Shinobu as a nice ass.' remarks Evil Keitaro.

Keitaro swats at his evil counter part but his hand goes right through his evil counterpart.

'Dork, I am a mental construction. You can't hurt me.'

'Shut the fuck up, shit for brains'

'Actually it is dick for brains.' remarks Evil Keitaro off handily.

'Whatever, leave me alone.' says Keitaro to his evil half.


Motoko knocks on Kitsune's door after receiving no answer Motoko slides the door open. There before her lies Kitsune naked on her futon. Her clothes are a rumpled pile on her left and he sheets and a blanket is a pile on her right. Her naked body glistens with sweat. A several centimetres from Kitsune's hand is a clear red dildo. Motoko can feel herself blush.

(What do I do now?) thinks Motoko.

Kitsune stirs slightly, she looks up and sees a blushing Motoko.

"Ack.!" says Kitsune slapping her toy across the floor under the couch in her room.

"What are you doing here?" asks Kitsune.

"Well I wanted to know, what happened last night after the drinking contest. I don't remember." (I rather not tell her where I woke up.) thinks Motoko.

"Eh? Well I think we just went to bed, I mean you nearly passed out on the table. So we stopped the match. After you staggered out, I finish my drink and then came to bed and well as you can see relieved an itch that I had." Kitsune can feel a bit of a blush creep into her face. (Hey, what am I blushing for, just because I live with a bunch of girls that don't masturbate doesn't mean there is any shame in it.)

"Uh . . . I see. I am sorry to have bothered you." Motoko left Kitsune's room and head for the bath.

Kitsune cleans up a bit and then puts on some fresh clothes and heads for the kitchen for breakfast.


In the dinning room Keitaro is having a mental slugfest with his evil half as Shinobu finished making breakfast in the Kitchen.

'Hey, you would fuck any of these girls if they would let you.' says evil Keitaro.

'No, I would only have that kind of relationship with Naru because I love her.'

'You are such a fucken stick in the mud. You live with a great collection of girls in Hina City and you are not fucking any of them, hell you not even kissing or petting them! Pathetic!' remarks' Evil Keitaro.

'Hey, I have depth. I not out to just get laid. I want a meaningful relationship.'

'Pardon me? Do you want to be a virgin all you life? Come on casual sex isn't bad.' says evil Keitaro.

About then Kitsune walked into the room. "Hey, Keitaro is Shinobu cooking breakfast?"

"Hai." replies Keitaro.

'I bet Kitsune swallows. I wonder what kind of tricks she knows. I bet she could turn even you into a great lover.' remarks a smirking evil Keitaro.

'You going to give me a nose bleed.'

'Hey that not my fault. That quite the tank top she has on. She not wearing a bra, and the inn must be cold.' remarks evil Keitaro.

'Quit that!' Keitaro does all he can not to look at Kitsune.

After several minutes for fighting temptation Keitaro sees Motoko coming in.

oh shit, I am going to die! thinks Keitaro as he tries to figure a way out.

Motoko enters the dining room " good morning Kitsune, good morning Urishima"

Huh? Why is she not killing me?

'Do you really want an answer to that?' says evil Keitaro.


Soon after Motoko's appears Naru comes in doing her best impression of a walking corpse.

"Narusegawa, are you alright?" asks Keitaro

"Shhh, no so loud" says Naru while wincing at Keitaro's voice.

Shinobu serves up breakfast and asks "What do you think Su is having for breakfast in Osaka at the Japanese Science fair."

"I not sure, if they are smart, they give her a big bunch of bananas" replies Kitsune.

They all finish eating their breakfast and then go their separate ways.


Japanese Terms

Katana A Japanese long Sword that has a slightly curved blade, between 80cm and 90cm in Blade length. The sword and soul of a samurai.

Hakama is a pleated divided skirt that keeps a man from tripping on his Kimono tails, part of the Garb of the Samurai.

Gi a martial art top sort of a tunic length kimono or Yukata

Yukata a robe worn in the mostly summer time. Often made of cotton and considered less formal than Kimono. What westerns call Kimono is much more often like a Yukata than a true Kimono.

Senpai roughly means senior as student very common in Japan. In Ranma ½ it used often with Takiwaki Kuno which is why in the dub he called Upper class man Kuno. Shinobu often uses it with Keitaro, while it is true it also is seen as being a hint that Shinobu is fond of Keitaro since Keitaro often calls Naru by her last name with a similar romantic intent.

-chan, honorific means small or little often used between parents and children, sometime between friends can be use between lovers too. Most often used for girls.