so i've had a lot of stuff going on lately and this is the official story notice that i'm quitting fanfiction.

it's not a complete quit. i've just quit all my forum obligations and mostly i'm just popping in randomly over here to post stories when i get the muse. i really can't deal with the stress and right now i just need writing as a calmer.

all my fandoms are fair game, tbh idgaf if anyone reads or not because i'm barely even on fanfiction at this point.

just a life update, idc if you don't care :)

wc: 213

. . .

The gods bicker, the gods fight, the gods control. From his spot on the meager Earth in the crowded Hermes cabin, Luke watches.

He looks at the sky and at the storm raging above — there but not touching the camp. He watches the rain and thinks of the man who controls the water. He watches the entities quarrel and he watches them destroy themselves and perhaps it destroys him in the process.

The gods make him feel bitter. They are pointless fighters, have been here for too long and are too proud of themselves to admit the fact.

And Luke cannot say a thing to them, so he watches, watches, watches, as they burn the world around them, burn the belief systems that keep them alive, and burn all the bridges until all that's left is a gaping hole the size of their egos.

Luke watches as they burn themselves at the stake. It drives him mad.

He watches until he is blind and he is driven so mad it feels like nothing and everything. He watches until he cannot watch anymore, and that is when he steals it.

It's more than a lightning bolt. It's destruction, and Luke intends to cause it.

He is tired of watching. He cannot see anymore.