Little boy timmy was asleep in his bed. He was SO asleep, in his bed, thinking aloud: "I hope I get a good night sleep that I am having right now."

Spooky and glutinous sounds came from the closest in timmy's room. This spooked timmy awake. So spooky.

"uh… mommy?"

This out of the closest came a huge stupid pink thin. He was mustiluar, and just a bit attractive it you were into the getting eaten by a monster thing, and he was also very spooky.

"AHHHHHHHH!" The boy screamed.

"Where are your parents little one?" Kirby gulped. His words weren't really like words, there were more like despicable monstocious and grunts formed together to for its own this. Man, Kirby is such a hipster, Timmy thought.

Kirby's body mass was so huge that it couldn't be distinguished from its shadow. You could tell by looking at him that his love was in food, not people, or maybe both if you get what I mean. He took out a big block of molded chease from it oozing body folds and ate it. He then proceed to burp and stracthc his butt, which could be anywhere on his body, since his body folds were very gross looking and the rest of his body was ambiguous looking.

"Uh… My mom is in the other room watching the cooking channel, and my father is on his fourth diner." But then, a sudden realization came through timmy's mind. "Father..?"

They was some sound that sounded like a groan, but it was sounds like a disfigured gruntle of a capsized cow projected through the crude speakers at timmy's school. it was a very specific sound okay.

Timmy was absolutely horrified by his father. Had he always been this ugly?

"What happened to you?" Timmy questioned the sad and pathetic abomination.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" It burped, then passed out. What a terrible turn of events.

He turned on the lights and proceeded to go to the living room for his mother's help. But what he saw was terrible, the fridge was left open. Curse you dad! You suck. Darn It. What made you this way? My mom should have married someone with more repsect, and that could be anyone but him. You should have never been born. I will you get so fat that you slowly expand into a painful death. Timmy thought subtlely and reasonably. Timmy slammed the door shut. Amateur….

Also, it seemed like all the food was gone, his father crushed his mother to death by presumably trying to sit on the couch and sit is lazy butt to watch TV. So he called the police.

"Uh officers.. My dad seems to be a piece of garbage that doesn't deserve to live." He spoke confidently without hestitation.

"Oh, Timmy. We are already on our way. Hopefully your father doesn't comit suicide by eating too much." The police officer and timmy laughed.

"So how are you timmy?" The man said.

"I am fine, I just got woke up by my father's ugly face"

"That's heavy…"

"Also, he left the fridge open, again"

Suddenly the police officers raised his voice as if he was affected by the mere thought

"WHAT?! After all you has done for him? Don't worry timmy, we will make sure to give him a thorough beating. That jerk!" Tummy could tell that the police officer was passionate about hurting others when they derserved it.

Just a few momments later, the police burst through the front door with a giant metal battering ram.

"Step aside timmy, we will deal with that Savage!" One of the patrollers at the front said. Timmy steped aside and watched at rows and rows of police men stormed the house with weapons and protective gear. Even then, he were afraid to see what would lie on the other side of the door.

Then, as the door cricked, the grown men squealed at the side of a horrendous blob. It was as though the skin was so diseased and damaged, that it coloured the whole body a viberant shade of pink. A few rookie police men, couldn't help but vomit at the sight of it.

"What is that thing?" One said.

"SHOOT IT" The lead man said. The whole squad firely rapid semi automatic machine guns onto the pink beast. Unfortunitely, nothing seem to happen.

Everyone stood in silence, as they were panicking for they own lives. It turns out that if they is enough grease, food oils and substances, and other bodily fluids on a body, it can be bullet proof. The "man" thing didn't even seem to be affected. But the noise did wake it up.

The sounds that ecos in the room was scary, like SOO scary. IT was as if Megan Holderings had a baby with Godzilla, of course you would only get that if you went to the same school as timmy.

Then, the beast started sucking. I mean, it already sucked, but now it was inhaling air in large quanities. The men were helpless as timmy's father ate them all at once. Tmmy was carefull, so he didn't get sucked in like those careless professionals.

"Father, I can't believe you have done this…"

I couldn't tell it had eyes, but I would imagine them too to be ugly. Just them however, the pink pimple started to glow, and not just from the reflective grease and brought akne all over him. He then became, blue an had a hat. It sort of like looking at a discussing sand mount with a police hat on it and it was lazily paint blue. By eating them, he now seemed to pocess their abilities. The power to shoot people…. With guns.


Timmy didn't know why his father was angry, but they was a lot of things that he didn't understand about his father. Like why he deserved to live at all.

They was a crunch and a popping noise as two floppy rubber guns came from the molded folders on his back, or maybe it was his front. He thing started to break the house down with the rubber, and he shoot from the guns as well. Rubber guns that was not really that solid don't shoot well, so naturally all it did was case noise, so he ate them instead.

Timmy ran as fast as he could as the pink menace broke through every wall and door in the house. Timmy grabbed his cell phone and called the US military.

"Uh… hello? Military people… my dad."

"We know timmy, we are on our way. Let's hope he does something right with his life and his himself to death" The military man laughed, and so did Timmy. He was humor based on an ideal circumstance they both wanted to come true.

"So how are you timmy?" The military man said

"oh fine"

"Hows school?"

"Oh, that. Well, I wouldn't say I am doing terribly excited about any aspect of it. Its just school, you know"

"IHAHAH, good kid. You know, when I was a kid, I would think the same thing aobut school. That was actually were I met my wife. Unfortunietly, it was kidn of an abusive relationship, so while I did enjoy it at times, It hurt me a lot too. A year ago, we finally finished the devoice papers, but then we realized we life eachother, but the problem is that she has married another man. Hey, timmy, do you think second chances are okay? Should we try it again. This reminds me of my father's relationship with my mom because they did the same thing and it didn't work out. I feel in my heart that it will turn out differently, but that it what he said when they tried. It turned out to be a messy ordeal, at it hurt me and my silbiings a lot, and I wouldn't want to put my children through that too, you know? What do you think timmy? What do you think I should do?... Nevermind. We probably should focus at the task at hand."


Finally, it seemed that the army showed up. They looked mean and ready for anything. Even a man in his forties. He looked at the army, at roared. But it didn't sound like a roar, it probably reselbed the sound of farting underwater. timmy hated my father, it probably was one of those people that voted trump, simply because his orange skin and hair looked very edible to him. When his father told him this before, it probably should have suspected that he was a canible, but it tossed it aside as friendly banter.

The tanks started firing at the Godzilla rip off. But we wouldn't want him to rip anything off, it was showing too much skin as he was now. Does that even classify as skin at this point.

Unfortunitely, he ate the tank shell, and once again transformed. This time, he was cosplaying as an anime tank, timmy was ashamed to say that he knew which one. He loved tank dating simulators… He feels nothing in his soul, don't judge him.

Timmy's father killed everyone, but timmy skillfully avoided any prevalience attack, unless those poor trained solders that let his father take the better of them.

The city was in ruins, everything was on fire, and everything was dead. It turned out that the fumes and toxic gas that surrounded Timmy's father was infact chlorine gas. Luckily, timmy avoided that too.

Timmy didn't think it would turn to this, but he had to get rid of his own father using the only thing he knew, videogames. So timmy quickly programed a machine to transfer his father into the video game universe so he wouldn't have to deal with him. He felt kind of bad because it knew that no matter where his father was, no one would love him. So he shoot his father, and his father disappeared in an exsplosion of spores; that couldn't have been heathy.

Timmy wondered how his father would be affected by this transition, or how the new universe would fair with his arrival. But at the end of the day, it make the world a better place, a place without him on it. It really did suck after all…