Chapter 6

0010 Hours

Mikey P.O.V

With a gasp, Mikey pushed himself off the cold floor, his stomach rolling in a way he had never felt before, causing him to hug himself tightly praying for the sickness to pass.

It took all of ten seconds to realise it wouldn't.

He felt his mouth become damp as the horrible churning worsened, so without even thinking, he attempted to dart towards the nearest corner of the concrete cell, yet he found – as he stood and his feet got tangled in the chain – that there was now a manacle attached to his ankle and the chain was coiled up beside him. Of course, thanks to his family's history of turtle luck, said chain was wrapped around his feet as well.

With a lurch, the youngest turtle went down hard, his arms, which were still gripping his stomach, were crushed under him and his chin hit the ground with a solid crack. This impact was too much and before he could calm his mind, or focus on his breathing or any of the other techniques Splinter used to drill into them as kids whenever they were sick, Mikey heaved up his guts. The pizza and noodles he had eaten the day before exploded out of his mouth, as tears welled up in his eyes from the pain of the fall and the disgusting experience. As the heaving slowed and only thin bile trickled from his lips, Mikey slowly squinted around the room, slowly recalling the tests that had been performed on him, and he guessed – his brothers as well. He remembered that freaky scientist dude coming over with a needle and the world turning to darkness…

Mikey, by nature, found it very hard to hate someone. Shredder being one of the very few people on that particular list, but now Mikey actually found himself adding someone even worse to his mental tally. This Master character was too creepy and was actually dangerous. Unlike Shred-head who did a lot of gloating then kicked their butts yet never to the extent that he had threatened, this Master did exactly what he promised and then went beyond his delusional fantasies. Mikey's wrists were still sore from their earlier electrocutions, with the fact he had been strapped down in the lab earlier not helping the already raw skin.

Great. And now his mind was going all over the place.

Rolling over with a groan, Mikey had a look at his bros and saw they were still out of it – probably the reason there hadn't been any comments about him throwing up. Raph was by the wall on his back, his limbs spread out and his head tilted slightly to the left, his brows slightly furrowed. Mikey propped himself up slowly, careful not to upset his stomach any more than it already was. As for Donnie, he had been left face down, his arms cradling his head, and if Mikey didn't know better, he would have thought his genius brother had done his usual trick of falling asleep halfway through a project. And then for Leo… Mikey turned his head to find his third brother and froze. He looked again. And again.

Stay calm, Mikey, stay calm, he told himself. Leo wouldn't want him to panic. There had to be a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why his final brother was missing. Maybe he was the last to be injected or maybe they were running more tests on him… But deep down, Mikey felt something tug at his heart. Growing up with only their other three brothers to rely on and play with, each of the mutants had developed a sixth sense when it came down to the wellbeing of the others, like when Leo got ambushed by the Shredder, they had all felt something wasn't right, yet the alien invasion had made them push aside their doubts. This felt just like that. Something must have happened.

Cursing himself for thinking like that, Mikey moved over to his brothers' sides and checked to see if they were alright. Leo will be fine he told himself as he checked Raph's pulse and temperature, Leo would be-


Mikey drew his hand back from his brother's forehead. It was burning up.

For the moment, forget Leo.

Donnie had drilled into them that the average human temperature was 37˚c so as part turtles, their body temperatures were slightly lower, meaning that if a turtle felt hot – they were seriously sick. Panicking slightly, the youngest turtle checked Donnie and found he was the same. Both his bros were burning up. The freckled turtle was just about to curse their bad luck but then the twitching started. At first, Mikey thought Donnie was waking up, relieved that his smart bro would be able to give some medical advice, but when the twitching didn't stop but instead got worse, Mikey knew something was wrong.

"Come on bro, snap outta it…" He found himself muttering as he took his brother's head in his lap and held him as still as he could, hating the way Donnie's svelte frame shook as his muscles contracted. "Calming thoughts, calming thoughts…" Blinking, Mikey realised he had begun to cry, hating himself for showing weakness, but terrified at what he could do except hold Don still and whisper to him. "Ochitsuite, ani, ochitsuite kudasai" Be calm, big brother, please be calm. He wasn't a doctor… He had no idea what was happening and once again wished that any one of his big bros would wake and tell him what he could do... "Ochitsuite, ani, ochitsuite kudasai…"

Gradually, the tremors slowed and the youngest was relieved to see the tension leave Donnie's face. The attack seemed to have passed. Mikey released a breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding and hesitantly loosened his grip on his brother, afraid that the moment he left his brother's side the attack would start up again.

Grudgingly, he realised he better check on his second eldest brother, just in case the same thing would happen to him too. Mikey winced at the pain in his stomach eased back into his thoughts as he moved, but with a thought of what any of his other bros would do in his place, he pushed the feelings aside and shifted himself over to Raph's side, glad that the chain attached to his ankle didn't stop him from reaching his bro.

"Raphie?" He pleaded as his brother shifted a little, yet no reply came. But thankfully this movement did not become an attack like what Donnie had experienced. There was nothing else Mikey could do…

With a stifled sob, the youngest rocked back on his hunches and fell back against the wall behind, still clasping his stomach. Why? Why was this man doing this to them? What had they done to deserve this kind of treatment? With a shake of his head, Mikey closed his eyes, wondering how much more of this they would have to go through before their father realised something was wrong, or Leo would come up with a plan to get them out of here… Maybe – Mikey's heart leapt at the thought – that was where Leo was at the moment, maybe he had found a way out of here, or had evaded his scientist and was now mapping out the building. Maybe –

The door across the room opened and Mikey's head shot up and his hopes instantly died.

In between two black clad men was Leo. Mikey's eyes widened. His brother was soaking wet and his entire body was limp. It was clear that these men were the ones holding him up. A moment of silence followed, then the men nodded as if getting instructions from ear pieces under their masks and proceeded to toss the eldest turtle into the cell, face first. Mikey noticed that his brother didn't even attempt to arrest his fall. Something was wrong.

A bottle of water was tossed in after with a snide remark of "Hope you choke on it freak" and the door slammed shut leaving the youngest turtle with three unconscious brothers.

"Leo." He whispered as he pushed himself up, once he was certain the men wouldn't return any time soon, and he fell to his knees beside his damp brother, wondering what had happened. Gently he turned the eldest over and that was the moment Mikey realised why his brother had been supported by the men. He wasn't breathing.

With shaking hands the youngest felt desperately for a pulse yet found nothing. His brother's skin was cool to the touch and not a single beat of a heart could be detected.

Leo was dead.

Forcing himself not to panic, Michelangelo recalled Donnie's advice on situations when someone's heart had stopped and, ensuring Leo's airways were open, began to perform CPR, pushing down slightly harder than what was recommended for a human due to their plastron protecting their organs more than a human's chest did.

"Come on bro," Mikey found himself begging no longer holding back his tears which had been threatening since he had woken up. "Please Leo… You can't…" There was a crack but still no sign of life. "Please." He sobbed, "You can't leave me…"

He checked for a pulse.

Still nothing.


Leo couldn't die… Could he?

He couldn't hold on any longer, so the youngest buried his head in his brother's chest plates and sobbed his heart out.

Splinter P.O.V

Sitting around the table with his son's friends, Splinter looked over the group of mutants with keen interest. So many different creatures and people whose stories were tangled so tightly with his and his family's. It was inspiring.

"Are you alright master Splinter?" The giant turtle – the one formerly known as Spike – asked from across the table, his features clearly concerned. With a smile the rat inclined his head.

"I am fine, thank you my friend. I am just thinking about my sons." He turned his gaze across the room to where the Mutanimals' phone hung on the wall. "I was under the impression they would check in whenever possible yet I have received no such call."

"I am sure those reptiles are managing just fine on their own." Rockwell – currently floating by the computers on the second level of the warehouse – sighed. "They were keen to get going so in their excitement most probably forgot their promise."

"Yeah, dude – um, I mean, sir – Mikey'll keep them out of trouble." Mondo slammed a fist down on the table as if to emphasise his point. Slash shot Splinter a look as if to tell him to ignore the gecko.

"Don't worry Master Splinter, why don't you ring them?"

The Ninjustsu master nodded and moved over to the phone, dialling the number of his eldest's phone from memory.

One ring.



"Hello?" Splinter breathed a sigh of relief. It was Leonardo.

"Hello, my son. Where are you and you're brothers at the moment?"

"Just outside the city, Sensei. We're all doing fine."

"WHO IS IT?!" Splinter heard Michelangelo in the background and then a slap. Obviously Raphael.

"He said sensei, idiot." Donatello sighed. Closer to the microphone, Splinter heard the young leader chuckle lightly.

"We won't be near the farmhouse for a while longer so we better conserve battery life. How's everyone?" Leonardo asked and Splinter spent the next couple of minutes telling his son that Casey Jones was very angry at being stuck at school while his friends went on a holiday and that the Mutanimals hoped to see them soon. Leonardo passed the phone to each of his brothers in turn who each said their goodbyes and then hung up.

Splinter smiled slightly to himself, cursing his paranoia. It was obvious his sons were happy and well.

"They alright?" Slash noticed the smile.

"Yes. It is the worries of an old man, nothing more. My thanks to you for your hospitality, but I must take my leave tonight, I am in need of some rest." The group called their goodnights and Splinter moved upstairs to the room he had been granted, shaking his worries from his mind.

While meditating he had seen a horrific vision of needles, glass chambers and water cascading from the heavens. He had also heard screams and felt a terrible pain in his arms, yet he could not isolate these sensations and was left confused and shaken. Yet his sons were fine, they did not speak of any danger, so Splinter pushed these images aside, hoping it was nothing more than an overactive mind. He entered his room and laid down upon the futon, praying sleep would not be filled with any other flashes of pain, only with promises of a bright future.

With a couple of deep breaths, he closed his eyes and was soon asleep.

And not a dream woke him.

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