Ever After

6 months later (and a certain snowy mission from the 3rd DVD)..

The day was beautiful, air was blissfully cool, skies were bluer then the most sparkling diamonds and sapphires, and the voices around you were filled with nothing but blissful happiness. This was life at its best. Upon a grassy hill stood a large and beautifully mastered/constructed house, its roof was light brown and was quite extravagant. A cross between modern technology and the simplest of home life's luxuries. A peaceful home to say the least.

The lovely home was on a small grassy hill that surveyed over a small town, with friendly people, plentiful stores, and a life one could never refuse. Bare calf muscles flexed as red boots stomped up the grassy hill, sweat drops wiped clean from the woman's lovely tanned cheeks. Smiles and happy feelings of warmth and joy filled Kei's heart as she looked up at the house. "You always did go for the simpler things in life didn't you Kev?" Kei said.

Movement stirred from her little packed attacked to her red vest, Kei chuckled softly "There really is no better place for you except here guy". Red gloved fingers knocked on the wooden door and a man stepped out with wide blinking brown eyes. "Well, well been a while since there eyes lay on such ravenous beauty" Kevin said with a warm chuckle to Kei's rosy blush. Kei smiled sweetly "Keep sweet talking me and I'm gonna ride you Kev.

I'll take you into that bed and show you why they call me the loose cannon" Kevin simply laughed at that as well, Kei joined in. It had been such a while since the 2 had been able to see each other and laugh at each other's words. "That felt good" Kevin said, leaning in and sweetly kissing Kei on her lips who eagerly kissed back. "But that felt even better" both Kei and Kevin said, blushing back at that. Kevin brushed strands of blue hair back from his eyes.

Blinking softly Kei looked down and giggled a bit, something she only did around Kevin. A small bundle was wrapped in warm blankets and comforters in her arms, Kevin asked curiously "What's that you got there?". Tufts of orange hair popped out and a pair of curious blue eyes poked out, Kevin gasped "That's a baby!". Slowly Kei nodded and handed the child towards Kevin, he opened up brown flight jacket arms and held the boy.

"His name's Keitaro and he's kind of the reason why I came over here, not that I didn't want to see you of course" Kei said as she extended her hand. Flashing that beautiful diamond engagement ring he gave her, "You're my fiancé after all" Kei replied grinning. Eyes traveled down then up, up then down, Keitaro then Kei, Kevin scratched his blue hair curiously at this. Giggles escaped Keitaro, playing with Kevin's fingers, "What?" Kei said.

Kevin frowned "After all this talk about me being your one and only, look who comes back with a baby. So was he good in bed or just a sexy milk dud?" Kei gasped out loudly and furiously blushed on her cheeks. "I UGH HEY HE'S NOT MINE well I mean he is but not that way oh YOU GRR" Kei frantically shouted. Roaring gentle laughter boomed from Kevin. "Calm down Kei I'm only kidding, Yuri called and told me everything" Kevin said.

Quickly Kei sighed with relief "So you know about the price that was on his head, the airplane, and all the other crap? Good then this makes my job easier". Confusion filled Kevin's face at Kei's statement, he looks at her while gently feeding Keitaro a bottle of fresh warm milk. "Yuri didn't explain "everything" there's a few things I need to tell you, ask you, stuff like that. I want to marry you Kev I really do but, you see" Kei said shakily.

A warm hand of Kevin's rubbed against Kei's cheek soon followed by a gentle kiss to the same area, "Relax angel just take it easy and be honest" Kevin said. Kei nodded and smiled thankfully, glad she had such an understanding fiancé. This definitely made things much easier for the dirty pair agent, Kei took a deep breathe and began "All right Kev here's the drill. Saying yes to your proposal was in all honesty the easiest choice of my life.

But as you know, my job isn't anything like that. I'm worried that some of those assholes that were after Keitaro might come after you cause of me, and maybe even those BCAN freaks. And if there's one thing this business has taught me it's that bad guys always know where to hit your heart the hardest. You see me and Yuri are going on a vacation this week and I" Kei's lips were suddenly stopped. The lovely woman blinked right at Kevin's finger.

"Say no more I completely understand" Kevin said smiling warmly, Kei blinked dumbfounded "You do?". Blue hair bounced as Kevin nodded hugging Keitaro closer to his warm arms as he grinned, and explained himself "It's simple you need to keep Keitaro and me safe from harm. You feel that even after 6 months the BCAN might still be after me, since I did kill Grishtar. And those creeps might be after the price on Keitaro's head.

So since I'm on vacation from my own missions and taking a break in my home out here, you figured Keitaro would be safe here. You're giving him to me because you want the heat to follow you instead of me, because you care about us. Keitaro and I are the only things that have ever meant anything special to you. Out of all years working at the 3WA you have never had anything to lose but your own life, but now you have people to care about.

People that you would gladly give your life for a thousand times if you could, and that's why you brought Keitaro here. You want to save the only meaningful things in your life just as we saved each other back then. Well don't give it a second thought sweetie; I'll see to it that he stays safe". Wordless stutters and oceans of tears flowed from Kei's crimson red cheeks, her smile unable to stop forming. Kei has never felt so happy in her life.

"Dam you..how do you always do that? You know what I say, what I feel before I can even express it" Kei said with shimmering green eyes of love. A warm pair of arms hugged across Kei along with Keitaro, the little baby giggled and snuggled his orange haired head against Kei's chest softly. "Because I know the part of you that counts Kei, your heart" Kevin said. The 2 lovers expressed another beautiful kiss of pure love and sweetness.

Honking noises came from behind as Yuri shouted "KEI come on I can't keep this guy running AGAIN because of your kissie crap". "HEY SHUT UP I'm coming sugar brains one second" Kei shouted back with a laugh. Kevin chuckled as well "Some things never seem to change". "Speaking of change how's the life of a Trouble Consultant suiting you? Hope it's been good" Kei said cheerfully. Blue hair bounced as Kevin nodded with a smile.

"Oh you wouldn't imagine I doubt I have enough wild tales compared to your missions, but I've had my fair share. But we can discuss that after your free from work Kei" he said tickling Keitaro's chin softly. The fiery hair of Kei blew as the hurricane jets of the Lovely Angel ship charged up, Kei nodded and kissed Kevin goodbye one last time. "Goodbye Kev and keep your ass above water, same to you little bugger so long" Kei said waving.

Yuri closed the ship door as Kei boarded on, her arm waving a kiss goodbye to Keitaro and Kevin, they happily returned the wave. "Bye for now Kei, have a nice vacation, Keitaro will miss you just as much as I will" Kevin shouted. Keitaro nodded and turned to Kei with a giggling smile, his young arms reaching out for her. Kei smiled wiping a tear from her eyes as she called out "Good bye my..family, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BYE".

And with a flash of light speed, extreme winds, and fiery jet engines, the Lovely Angel vanished. Keitaro was slowly unfolded from Kevin's both flight jacket, making sure that the little boy didn't get any dust in his eyes. "Family huh..hmm I like the sound of that how about you Keitaro?" Kevin asked as the baby laughed out loud to the question. "I'll take that as a yes. Well no matter what the distance Kei, we'll always love you very much.

More then you'll ever know I think. But don't worry a second thought on us; there will most definitely be a family waiting for you when you come back" Kevin said. Suddenly a thought streamed across the teen's blue haired head, and a realization shined in his brown eyes. Kevin pondered "I wondered if I should have told Kei and Yuri their hotel is right near the DeNoir castle. They are after all a famous family of assassins" Kevin scratched his chin.

Curious baby blue eyes looked around at the butterfly bouncing off his young nose, Keitaro googled as his stomach gurgled loudly. Kevin looked down and laughed "Looks like someone needs a refill eh little guy? I can take care of that, and don't worry about your mom Keitaro. She's one of the Dirty Pair, I'm sure they both are full aware about the DeNoir. Welcome Home Keitaro" Kevin said as the 2 entered his warm home, & shut the door.

Kevin: And this will be your home to Kei, when you get back. I love you so much Kei and so does Keitaro. So until you return..goodbye to you.


Of all the things I've believed in,

I just want to get it over with,

tears form behind my eyes,

but I do not cry,

counting the days that pass me by.

I've been searching' deep down in my soul;

words that I'm hearing' are starting to get old,

it feels like I'm starting all over again,

The last three years were just pretend,

and I said...

Goodbye to you,

goodbye to everything I thought I knew,

You were the one I loved,

the one thing that I tried to hold onto.

I still get lost in your eyes,

and it seems that I can't live a day without you,

closing my eyes,

and you chase my thoughts away,

to a place where I am blinded by the light,

but it's not right.

Goodbye to you,

goodbye to everything I thought I knew,

You were the one I loved,

the one thing that I tried to hold on to.

Ooh whoa....

and it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time,

I want what's yours and I want what's mine,

I want you,

but I'm not giving in this time.

Goodbye to you,

goodbye to everything I thought I knew,

You were the one I loved,

the one thing that I tried to hold onto

Goodbye to you, (goodbye to you)

goodbye to everything I thought I knew, (goodbye to you)

You were the one I loved,

the one thing that I tried to hold onto,

(the one thing that I tried to hold onto)

the one thing that I tried to hold onto.

(the one thing that I tried to hold onto)

Oh, oh whoa, oh, oh (one thing that I tried to hold onto)

and when the stars fall I will lie awake,

you're my shooting star..

(Beautiful song by the beautiful Michelle Branch with her song "Goodbye to you", thanks Michelle for the lyrics)

(At least till the wedding (: