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          Legolas heard the rumble of the cave as it began to shake and shudder.  "What were they doing in a cave helping dwarves for anyway?  How do I let Estel talk me into these things in the first place?"  Thought Legolas.      Just ahead of him he could hear his human companion running for all he was worth, the two of them trying to clear the entrance of the cave before the entire thing came down around their ears. 

Then it happened.  It appeared the wizened old dragon had found another way to escape her treasure room.  Estel made it to the "T" intersection a split second before Legolas and took the brunt of the attack.  With the young ranger's only conscious thought before he was hit full force with whatever magical object the dragon had launched at him, was to push his best friend to safety.  Estel could feel energy surge through him and it felt like every bone in his body was breaking and all of his skin was splitting at once.  Then he remembered nothing.

Legolas was horrified when he saw his friend struck by the energy blast.  He could hear the laughing of the ancient creature as she watched her victim writhe in pain on the hard stone floor.  The sound of her laughter blinded the wood elf with rage.  He knocked one of his last arrows and ran into the intersection firing at the dragon.  Luck or the gods were on his side that day because his hastily fired arrow found its mark in the wyrm's left eye.  Her shriek of pain was deafening, but Legolas paid it no heed as he hoisted his friend up and began to run full tilt to the exit without even checking to see if Estel was alive.

As soon as the dwarves at the mouth of the cave saw the elf running towards them, they began to loosen the stays holding a boulder which would collapse the final point of entry to the underground labyrinth, entombing the serpent in her lair until the end of time.  However, Legolas could not bring himself to rejoice fore he was too worried over his friend.  All he knew was that Estel was alive because he had heard the Ranger moan once, but he worried for what injuries might have befallen the young man.

Once again in the sunlight, and safely away from the mouth of the cave Legolas set down his precious burden onto the soft blanket of grass that covered most of the valley.  As he began to search his friend for injuries, what he found shook him to the very foundation of his soul.  The storm-grey eyes were already beginning to open and Legolas wondered how in the name of Mordor he was going to explain this to Estel.  Yes, the eyes were the same. The overall facial structure was the same; the nose was narrow, the lips shapely and the cheekbones high and angular.  The limbs were still lean and well muscled, at least from what Legolas could see from under the Ranger's cloths.  But that was where the similarities ended.  No longer was the chest flat, but rather now there were two largish mounds of flesh directly adjacent to his biceps.  Estel's waist was now small and waspy while his were full and round.  And even below his hips there were differences, as Legolas had thought to check while the Ranger had still been unconscious.  Yes, in all respects Estel was now a woman.  Even the voice that moaned was higher pitched, but still raspy almost sultry sounding.

Legolas dropped is head down into his hands, what was he going to tell Estel?

It had been three days since Estel woke up outside of the cave to a distraught Legolas, a pack of laughing dwarves and the biggest shock of his life.  They had consulted the oldest and wisest of the dwarves when they had gotten back to the dwarven stronghold and the tiny grey man had found a reference to a magical weapon from the first age which held the power to change the gender of a person.  He had also found that the only way for Estel to change back was to find an Istiri and have them do it.  So here they were in some no name farm town on their way back to Rivendell in hopes of finding Gandalf. 

Estel groaned and crossed his arms over his chest, trying his best to ignore the gelatinous blobs that quivered with every step of his horse.  Suddenly the wind picked up and whipped his, now much longer, hair into his face.  He had wanted to shear it back to shoulder length the morning after he had woken up, but Legolas had talked him out of it.  But he didn't care what the elf said; he was cutting it shorter than it was now.  As it was, the sable mass was below his waist almost brushing the back of his saddle and weighed a ton.  The young Ranger cursed as he again tried to clear is face of the dark brown curtain that had been blown over it.

Legolas laughed quietly at the antics of his best friend.  For all that his body had changed, his being was still the same.  But Legolas did have to admit to himself that Estel made a damn attractive woman.  His body was long and lean like that of an elf, but somehow stronger and more voluptuous than any elfmaid he had ever met.  And the offending hair that was causing Estel so much trouble was perhaps the icing on the cake.  Rather than falling in limp dark brown strings around his face, it seemed to take on a gorgeous sable colour, almost like a coat of a mink but fading down to a soft caramel colour at the ends.  And it danced and shimmered any time the Ranger moved almost like it had a mind of its own.  It was simply mesmerizing.  More than once the elf had had to restrain himself from running his fingers through the silky looking waves.

As the small party reached the tavern, Estel had to hold onto his leggings has he jumped down from his horse or they would have fallen onto the dusty street.  This would have caused even more of a stir than five dwarves, an elf and a human woman (dressed like a man and still armed to the teeth) were already causing.  In fact Estel was getting quite a bit of attention from the men in the town and it was making the normally confident young Ranger blush furiously.  Legolas, noticing his friend's discomfort, walked up and put his arm around Estel's narrow shoulders and led him into the tavern.  Estel smiled up appreciatively at the elf and Legolas's heart melted at the sight.

After a long afternoon of shopping for some new traveling clothes for Estel, or if you listened to him explain it, being tortured; Legolas and Estel were once again in the company of the dwarves.  After an hour of listening to his friend grump and grouse about not wanting to wear a dress or a bodice or anything even remotely feminine, Legolas decided that he would get the Ranger drunk tonight if for no other reason than to stop his constant stream of curses and complaints.  It was less than difficult to convince the dwarves to join them in a celebratory draught of ale or mead for dwarves are quite fond of spirits.

So here they sat, Estel in his new sage green shirt, black tunic and leggings, but still with his worn old overcoat covering the fine new clothes.  Some things would never change, Legolas thought.  Estel would be cold in the ground before he gave up that coat.  But the warmth of the fire, company, and mead had forced him to take it off.  Legolas smiled at his friend, who was well on his way to being quite inebriated, as the fire played with the colours of his long thick hair.  The elf was not the only one to notice his friend's looks with appreciation.  A rather rough looking hooligan had been staring at Estel all night and truth be told, Legolas was started to get angry about it.  Where the surge of jealousy had come from he could not say, but it was plain as day.

The filthy man waited until Legolas had gotten up to refill his and Estel's drinks before he made his move.  He walked up to the table and put his huge meat hook on Estel's delicate shoulder in a not so gentle manner.  "You sure do have purdy har wench."  The man slurred.

"Thank you, sir" Estel said politely as he attempted to shrug out of the man's grip.  But the foul man held fast.

"You sure do have a purdy smile too.  You got all yer teeth and ev'yting."  He began to slide his hand further down Estel's shoulder till it was resting on his collarbone inches away from his breasts.

"Thank you again, now please take your hand off of me and, pray, do not touch me again."  Estel had had more than enough of this ape.  Before the dwarves could react, the huge man spun Estel around and attempted to plant a kiss on his lips while fondling his breast.  Estel would have none of it.  Legolas arrived back just in time to see Estel draw one of his many concealed knives and press it against the man's family jewels.  The movement was executed with a speed that would be considered slow by elvish standards but lightening fast for a human.  The man had no time to move before his genitals' only protection from a wickedly sharp elven blade was a thin layer of fabric.

"I said, pray, do not touch me again."  Estel ground the words out around clenched teeth.  The man slowly walked away apologizing profusely for attempting to touch the Ranger.  After than incident no man in the pub would dare look Estel's way for too long.  Legolas rewarded the Ranger with yet another full flagon of mead.

Some time later that night Legolas attempted to get a very drunk Estel up the stairs into the room they were to share.  The two had thought nothing of sharing a room since they always had in the past, even though it got many a strange look from the staff to be sure.  Legolas half dragged and half carried the Ranger over the threshold into the small room.  Legolas dumped his friend on the bed and began to pull his shoes off.  Estel giggled at something only he thought was funny.  But then Legolas began to laugh as well, realizing that he too had had way too much to drink.

Legolas began to strip down to his sleeping clothes, and was surprised with Estel sat up and did the same.  At one point he looked over and his friend was gloriously naked until he pulled an old worn shirt over his new curvy form.  Legolas could see the outline of each pink nipple underneath the rather thin fabric.  When Estel tried to walk back to the bed he tipped over a recalcitrant boot and fell to the floor laughing.  Legolas thought nothing of going over to help his best friend back up.  He also did not give a second thought to it when he wrapped is arms around a very drunk Estel and picked him.  He tried not to think about how good it felt when Estel wrapped his arms around the elf's neck to steady himself.  But Legolas would forever think about the kiss he planted on the Ranger's lips once he had his friend settled in the bed. 

When the kiss ended Estel looked at the elf with a heavy lidded stare and mumbled something Legolas could not understand.  However, it was all the encouragement that the elf needed.  That night he showed Estel heights of passion he would not reach again for over half a century.  Legolas enjoyed every time his friend's back arched and he cried out in pleasure.  He truly could not remember a more beautiful sight than Estel open and ready for him.  It was a night that Legolas would hold with him until the end of the Earth.

The next morning Estel awoke to a pounding in his head and a far to happy Legolas.  The young human covered his aching head with the pillow and attempted to go back to sleep, but the insistent pounding and insistent elf would not allow it.  Finally he blearily sat up realizing every muscle in his body was soar, but he somehow felt very relaxed as well.  He tried to think back as to why he would be so soar, but the last thing he could remember was threatening some big ape with castration.  The rest of the night was a complete blank.

Legolas came over to sit beside him on the bed and waived a cup of willow bark tea at his friend.  He had planned to hold the cup ransom for a kiss, but the look on Estel's face changed his mind.

"How much did I drink last night anyway?"  Estel sounded about as miserable as he looked.

"I lost count, why?"  Legolas was enjoying watching the way his friend finger combed his hair while he scrunched his face up in thought, that was until he realized that it hurt his head.

"Because, I don't remember anything past that sweaty guy who tried to kiss me.  What else happened?"  The gods again had Legolas in mind this day as Estel was blessedly looking way as he spoke so that he missed the way Legolas's face dropped.  Estel did not remember the love they had expressed, the passion, the raw feelings.  There was nothing left to remember the best night of Legolas's life.

Estel looked at his friend and realized that Legolas looked like he was about to cry.  "What troubles you?"

"Nothing, I suggest you get dressed, I wish to make for Rivendell within the hour."  Legolas replied in his most distant and haughty tone.  Then he strode from the room without a backwards glance.  Fore had he looked back Estel might have seen the tears in his eyes.

"Great, between the pounding of my head and his mood this will be a wonderful ride back home."  Estel whispered to himself has he got up to wash and get dressed.  isHisHH