Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1

The sounds of a busy city train station echoed through the air. Whistles from Conductors. Chimes from clocks. People talking and bustling around quickly. Sounds of busy city life.

In the midst of it all, A mother and daughter rush through the crowds almost in a panic.

" If you don't hurry your going to miss the train! What will you do then? " A woman with fiery red hair was almost dragging a young girl behind her as she parted crowds as best she could and dodged luggage carts and Conductors.

" Oh i don't know mum... Use magic? " The young girl, A girl with bright ocean blue eyes and raven black hair that flowed down her back freely, Spoke cheekily as her mother stopped and glanced at her with a half sarcastic and half scorning look on her face before smiling and kissing the young girls head gently.

" That's my girl. Don't you ever change Silvina." Silvina's mother tousled her hair gently before looking around. After a moment she saw what she had been looking for.

The sign for platform nine was on the left side of a wall and the sign for platform ten was on the right side of the same wall.

" This is it sweety. Are you ready? " Silvina's mother spoke nervously.

Silvina giggled softly before replying playfully. " Oh sure i was only born for this sole purpose right? "

As Silvina laughed happily, her mother knelt beside her and placed her hands on Silvina's shoulder.

" Silvina... It is ok to be nervous. And remember... " Silvina's mother stopped as Silvina finished her sentence.

" That even though we are a pureblood family that doesnt mean we are better than anyone else. I know. And im not nervous... I... I'm terrified. " Silvina shook slightly before looking towards the wall between platforms nine and ten.

" Honesty always was your best trait sweetheart. Now let's go. It is almost time for the train to leave. " Silvina's mother smiled happily as they walked through the wall between platforms nine and ten.

The sight that greeted them was magnificent. A black and red train sat motionless as steam poured out of its funnel while numerous young witches and wizards boarded the Hogwarts Express.

" This is it sweety. Time for a new adventure! " Silvina's mother smiled brightly as Silvina giggled.

" I've been having new adventures since we left Australia mum. This is just the latest one. " Silvina smiled happily before hearing the final call and running off to get onto the train. As a Conductor loaded her luggage, Silvina found an empty compartment and went in before opening the window and callng to her mother.

" Bye mum! " Silvina waved happily as excitement welled up inside her.

" Goodbye sweetheart! Have a great time and make lots of friends! " Silvina's mother waved happily as Silvina sat back inside the compartment and closed the window.

" I'm really going to miss her... " Silvina's mother sighed softly as a feminine voice spoke beside her.

" It is hard saying goodbye. But it is only temporary. It's the silence in the house that might upset me. I'm sorry where are my manners? I'm Ginny Potter. Pleased to meet you. And your name is? " Ginny spoke softly with a smile on her face as Silvina's mother turned to face her and shook her hand gently.

" I'm Nyllani Vissity. My daughter Silvina is leaving for her first year. I'm worried.." Nyllani spoke calmly but had tonesof concern in her voice as Ginny replied.

" She will be ok. Kids are strong. Our son is going for his first year aswell. But we aren't worried he will struggle. We are worried the silence at home will drive us mad. " Ginny giggled softly as a young boy waved to her from a nearby window.

" Silvina is a strong girl. And she is so unique in so many ways. I'm not worried that she will struggle. I am worried because i know how well she will do and that it might... Single her out. " Nyllani looked towards the compartment where her daughter was sitting to see her talking to another young girl and smiling happily.

" Or i am just overthinking and will be proven wrong. "

" She already has a friend. She will be just fine. " Ginny smiled as a tall man with glasses walked over to her and they left the station as the trained began to leave.

As the trained started to leave, Nyllani turned to leave but stopped as her daughters voice called out to her.

" I love you mum! I'll miss you! " Silvina smiled brightly and waved as Nyllani beamed proudly.

" I love you to sweetheart! I'll be waiting to hear all about your adventures! " Nyllani waved and cried happily as her daughter once again sat back in the compartment and closed the window before the train left the station and headed toward Hogwarts.

As the train puffed along, Silvina sat in the compartment alone. The girl she was talking to had left to find her friends. As she sat in the quiet compartment, Silvina twirled her wand through her fingers.

After a few minutes, Silvina heard a knock on the compartment door as a soft and shy sounding voice filled her ears. " I.. I've never seen a wand like that one.. Did you get it at Ollivander's? "

A girl with short crimson red hair and light green eyes stood in the doorway looking at Silvina's wand twirl through her fingers with wonder in her eyes as Silvina spoke softly.

" No. I got my wand before me and my mum moved to Britain. I got my wand while we were living in America. From a young witch who called herself Wolfe. She said that her ancestor used to make special wands for gifted witches and wizards and that her family had passed down the wand making techniques from mother to daughter for years. She made my wand for me. " Silvina smiled as the girl stepped back slightly. " My name is Silvina. What's yours? "

" I.. I'm Mika.. Sorry that's my short name.. I'm Anaramika Kessora. But my family all call me Mika. Can.. Can you tell me more about your wand? It's really pretty. " Mika twirled a strand of her hair through her fingers nervously as Silvina smiled and asked her if she would like to sit with her. After Mika had nodded happily and closed the compartment door, Silvina handed her wand to Mika and began describing her wand and how she got it.

" Me and mum had only just moved to America. We were sitting in a wizard book shop and she dropped her wand. When i picked it up, Flames shot out of the end and set a shelf full of spellbooks on fire. Wolfe was in the shop and saw what happened. We were paying for the damage when Wolfe approached me as mum was apologising to the owner. She offered to make me a wand that would match my unique personality. Normally wands are bought at a shop and Wolfe said that a wand chooses the witch or wizard. But she did'nt have any wands with her. She said that even though it was a newly made wand that she was confident that the wand would choose me. When i asked her why she said that i was gifted and that i was capable of becoming a very special witch. I didn't understand what she meant back then... Until a few months ago. My wand had never worked for me until then. It refused to cast spells at all and wouldn't respond to my will. But a few months ago i was sitting in a park and a hooded figure was walking towards me with a wand pointing at me so i picked up my wand and it reacted to me. It cast a spell that i didn't even know and.. destroyed a building. Seven people were hurt. The wizarding government in America said that i was dangerous and asked us to leave the country. That's when we moved here. After that day my wand felt like it was a part of me. It always cast spells when i wanted it to and even though it can be difficult sometimes.. I wouldn't trade it for any other wand on the planet. " Silvina trailed a bit as she told her story with a sad smile but cheered up quickly as Mika spoke.

" It looks wonderful. Ive never seen a wand with patterns on it like that. " Mika held Silvina's wand tenderly as if she was expecting it to explode as Silvina spoke.

" It's ok. You can't use it. My wand doesn't cast spells for anyone but me. Even mum can't use it and she has tried atleast two dozen times. The wand is Acacia wood with a Thunderbird tail feather core. Eighteen inches in length. Wolfe said the carvings hold the blessings of her ancestors and that they make the wand special. My wand is special to me in more ways than just the carvings though. " Silvina smiled as Mika handed her wand back to her gently.

" Hey.. um.. Silvina.. " Mika looked out the window shyly as Silvina turned to face her. " My.. My mum says i need to make new friends... Do.. Do you want to be my friend? "

Silvina looked suprised but smiled happily before speaking. " That sounds wonderful. Mum told me to make some friends to. Maybe we can even be best friends. "

" I've never had a best friend before.. " Mika looked sad for a moment before Silvina spoke as she looked out of the window sadly.

" I've never had a friend before. Other than my mum. " Silvina's lip trembled slightly as Mika shuffled over and put a hand on her shoulder gently.

" You do now though. I want to be your friend! " Mika smiled brightly as Silvina nodded happily. The two girls sat and talked for a few hours before there was a knock on the door and a lady with a cart full of food asked if they wanted anything. Silvina handed her several gold coins and was given enough sweets and treats to share with Mika. They sat and enjoyed all the wonderful... and in some cases wierd... treats as the train continued to rattle towards hogwarts.

After a few more hours, The train slowly came to a halt at the station for Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As all the students got off the train and stood on the station, A very, very tall man with black hair and a black beard holding a lantern called out loudly. " First years this way! Come on now don't be shy. Hurry up we don't want to be late! "

As the tall man waited for all the first years to hurry over, he spoke again loudly enough for everyone to hear. " I am Rubeus Hagrid. I'll be showing you to the boats that will take you to the castle. Please follow me and do not push and shove. "

Hagrid turned and walked slowly toward what looked like a massive lake with a dock area. Floating on the gentle waves were a number of smallboats. As the students followed Hagrid, He turned and spoke loudly. " Alright then. Four students per boat. Hurry along we are already behind schedule. "

Once the first years had climbed into the boats and sat down, The boats began floating gracefully towards the massive castle that had an air of mystery and intrigue about it. Out in front was Hagrid in a boat by himself.

After about an hour, The boats arrived at what looked like another dock area with stairs leading up towards the castle. Hagrid got out first before standing at the base of the stairs to wait for the students. All the students got out of the boats carefully before standing in front of Hagrid as he spoke.

" Alright then. We go up these stairs and into the castle. Come on then. " Hagrid turned and began walking up the stair with the first years in tow. As they walked up the stairs, Mika gripped Silvina's arm firmly.

" What if we are in different house Silvina? " Mika spoke softly and nervously.

" It won't change anything. We will still be friends no matter what house we are in. " Silvina smiled as Mika nodded happily.

After a few minutes, The first years stood before two huge doors. Hagrid walked towards the doors which seemed to open by themselves and began walking up a much smaller staircase leading to two smaller doors. At the top of the small staircase, A tall witch with black hair and wearing crimson red robes stood waiting.

" Good evening Professor Vector. Ready for the first years then? " Hagrid greeted the witch in a friendly manner before she spoke.

" Not quite yet Hagrid. I will guide them from here. " Professor Vector spoke calmly and politely as Hagrid nodded and walked down a corridor to the left of the doors.

" Now. These doors will lead into the Great Hall. In there you will be sorted into your houses. We are not quite ready for you so you will wait here while i go and finish preperations. " Professor Vector turned and walked towards the two door which opened just enough for her to enter before closing.

As the doors closed, The first years began talking amongst themselves. Silvina spoke softly to Mika as the staircase filled with conversation.

" I can't wait to be sorted into a house. I wonder which one i'll get... " Silvina thought about the different house and suddenly realised that she didn't know much about them. Turning to Mika, Silvina asked her about them.

" The houses? Well there is Gryffindor. Students that get sorted into Gryffindor usually exhibit courage, chivalry and determination. Then there is Hufflepuff. Students in Hufflepuff usually display or value hard work, patience, fairness, loyalty and dedication. Ravenclaw students normally value wit, wisdom, learning and creativity. The last is Slytherin. Slytherin students often value or display cunning, ambition and resourcefulness. Each house has a set of colours and a house head. " Mika smiled as Silvina processed the information that was just given to her.

As Silvina was about to speak, the two doors once again opened slightly and Professor Vector walked through them.

" We are ready for you. During sorting, Your name will be called and you will sit in front of the other students and the Sorting Hat will be placed upon your head. The Sorting Hat will tell you which house you are in and then you will go and sit at the table for your house. Come along. " Professor Vector turned as the two doors opened fully, Revealing a massive hall with a night sky covering the cieling.

There were four long tables in the hall, Each of which had dozens of students sitting at them. At the end of the hall was a tall podium and behind it was another long table that had adult witches and wizards sitting at it.

As the first years walked through the hall, Slivina could hear several whispers from nearby students. As they approached the end of the hall, Professor Vector walked forward after motionng for the first years to wait, And stood beside a small stool with a hat on it. After taking a scroll out of her robe and unrolling it, Professor Vector picked up the hat and read the first name on the list.

After several students had been soughted and Silvina was starting to think that it was going to take all night to get sorted, Her name was called.

" Silvina Vissity. " Professor Vector called her name clearly.

Silvina walked forward slowly and sat on the stool. As the Sorting Hat was placed onto her head, She almost jumped as it spoke loudly.

" Interesting.. Most interesting... A keen mind. Very perceptive. Your a fast learner too aren't you.. Hmm... But you also show courage, cunning and dedication. Difficult... But.. I daresay... Ravenclaw! "

Silvina smiled as the hat was taken off her head and she walked past Mika with a smile and sat at the Ravenclaw table and met the other Ravenclaw students.

Immediately after Sivlina was sorted, Mika was called.

" Anaramika Kessora " Professor Vector again spoke loudly enough for the students to hear.

Mika walked forward nervously and sat down. The Sorting Hat was placed onto her head and sighed for a moment before speaking.

" Hmmm... Another difficult one. You value hard work, Are quite patient and often display fairness. Ah... But there deep within... A spur of cunning and ambition. Slytherin would teach you well but i must say... Hufflepuff! "

Mika smiled and walked calmly over to the Hufflepuff table before Silvina waved to her happily. Mika waved back as the sorting continued. Once all the first years were sorted, An older witch wearing blackish-grey robes walked toward and stood behind the podium.

" Good evening students. For our first years, I am Headmistress McGonagall. Before we begin the feast, I have two new teachers to introduce. One of which is late. However i will introduce her nonetheless. Firstly, I will introduce our current teachers for our first years. Professor Flitwick teaches charms. Professor Vector teaches Arithmancy and Advanced Arithmancy. Professor Longbottom teaches Herbology. Professor Trelawney teaches Divination. Professor Binns teaches History Of Magic. Professor Hagrid teaches Care Of Magical Creatures. Professor Sinistra teaches Astronomy. Professor Babbling teaches Ancient Runes. Professor Bell teaches Transfiguration. Professor Macmillian teaches Muggle Studies. Professor Abbott teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts. Finally, Professor Patil will be teaching potions. Now onto our two new teachers. Firstly i will say that we are now offering a new subject to third years and above. Students of third year and above can now take Wandlore. Which will be taught by Professor Wolfe. " Headmistress McGonagall paused for a moment as Professor Wolfe stood. Silvina immediately recognised her and waved to her happily. Professor Wolfe noticed Silvina wave and smiled happily before waving back. After waving, Silvina was bombarded with the question of how she knew the new professor.

" She made my wand while i was in America. She is quite lovely. " Silvina smiled as her fellow Ravenclaws sighed in admiration.

After Professor Wolfe sat down again, Headmistress McGonagall continued. " Onto our final subject. Flying. This year it will be taught by.. "

At that moment, The doors to the Great Hall flew open and a witch adorned in black cloth with crimson leather padding and a second broom held over her shoulder flew into the hall on a broom and dismounted quickly, Landing solidly a few feet in front of Headmistress McGonagall as she finished her sentence. " Professor Vissity. Wonderful of you to join us. "

" I apologise for my tardiness but i had found a few things my daughter forgot to pack. Like her broom. So i got a little... distracted. Plus its a good two hour flight by broom from London. " Professor Vissity smiled before looking around to see her daughter looking at her in shock. After walking over to her daughter and kissing her head gently, Professor Vissity handed what looked like a Firebolt Broomstick but had very tidy and well maintained twigs at the end and had several carvings in the polished black handle to her daughter. " Forgetting a broomstick. So like you Silvina. Don't forget it for class ok? "

" Professor Vissity, First years are not allowed their own brooms. The school supplies brooms adequate for use. " Headmistress McGonagall spoke plainly but was not expecting a response.

" I was unaware that you have taught flying before Headmistress. With all due respect i will be assessing the flying capabilities of my students and expect at least consideration for any students who show capacity or skill. My daughter has already mastered her Firebolt. If you have a better broom for her than one she grew up with than by all means let me see it and i will tell you if it is adequate. Otherwise i expect my students to use a broom that they are confident in using. " Professor Vissity spoke bluntly and rather matter of factly as looks of shock appeared on numerous faces around the room.

" Come to my office later to discuss this. For now first years are not able to have a broom. " Headmistress McGonagall was a little taken aback but remained composed and calm as Professor Vissity shrugged and walked back to her daughter before taking the Firebolt away from Silvina calmly.

" I'll hang onto it for you sweety. Don't worry i'll make sure you get it back. " Professor Vissity smiled before turning away.

As Professor Vissity walked to the teachers table and took her seat, The Ravenclaw students around Silvina asked her why her mother was a teacher.

" I don't know. She never said she was going to be a teacher... " Silvina looked toward her mother and smiled at the thought of her mother being part of her school years as her mother smiled back happily. " But i am glad she is teaching. I'll get to see her all the time now. "

" Now that introductions are out of the way. " Headmistress McGonagall smiled before walking toward her seat. As she sat down, She finished speaking. " Let the feast begin. "

As the students turned back to look at the tables, Food of all sorts appeared before them. Silvina saw a plate full of chicken in front of her with a plate of braised vegetables next to it and a plate of very delicately sliced lamb on the other side. Silvina filled her plate with more vegetables than meat and ate her dinner gracefully as her mother had taught her as a child.

After dinner, The house prefects lead the first years to the dormitory. As the Ravenclaws approched the door to theyre common room, The prefect spoke softly with a smile.

" Perhaps we should see if our first years can gain access without help before we head inside? Don't hesitate to answer the question. " The prefect stopped speaking as the eagle shaped doorknocker spoke in a deep voice.

" Is death truly the end? "

The majority of first years looked as if they had been hit by something as a soft voice immediately answered.

" No it isn't. " Silvina's soft voice sounded through the silence before the other first years parted to allow her to walk to the door.

" Explain. "

" Personally i believe that life is a journey. It has no end. Death is simply the next step of an everlasting cycle. " Silvina spoke plainly but with conviction and confidence as the door chuckled softly.

" Indeed. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Simply the answer you believe to be true. Welcome to Ravenclaw Tower. "

Silvina smiled happily as the door to the Ravenclaw common room opened slowly to reveal a very wide, circular room decorated with beautiful blue and bronze silk curtains and banners. The floor and roof were a midnight blue carpet with stars to reflect the night sky. At the far end of the room was another door which had a large white marble statue of Rowena Ravenclaw.

As Silvina stepped into the common room, The prefect started speaking. " Now then. Dormitories are through that door next to Rowena Ravenclaw's statue. Your belongings are already in there. Class schedules will be handed out tomorrow at breakfast. Also... " The prefect was cut off by a sudden question.

" What about our owls? " A first year spoke up curiously as Silvina looked around the room in awe.

" They are in the school owlery to be cared for. Now.." The prefect was once again cut off as another first year asked a question.

" Can we have friends from other houses in here? " A first year asked a question that everyone was wondering

" There are currently no rules against it so as long as your friend can answer the door then yes. But they are expected to abide by common room rules while they are here. Though i am unsure if you will have the spare time for bringing friends here. Now before anything else please go and make sure all of your belongings are accounted for. " The prefect smiled as the first years all nodded and walked calmly to the dormitories.

Silvina walked up the stairs leading to the girls dormitory excitedly. As the door opened, Silvina noticed her belongings next to a large bed next to an arch shaped window. The bed had midnight blue blankets on it and bronze silk pillows. The window was adourned with a large blue and bronze silk curtain. After sorting out her belongings and putting her folded clothes and spare robes into the set of drawers beside her bed.

After sorting her belongings, Silvina yawned softly before changing into her pyjamas and going to bed.

The Next Morning

Silvina woke up slowly before stretching and yawning. After getting changed into her robes, Silvina brushed her hair and left the dormitory. As she walked through the common room, Several of the other first years ran around in a panic, clearly under the assumption that they had overslept.

Silvina smiled before leaving the common room and walked happily to the Great Hall. Upon entering, the tables were filled with students reading pieces of parchment and discussing them with their friends. As Silvina sat at the Ravenclaw table, Professor Wolfe sat next to her. " Good morning Silvina. How is your wand suiting you? "

" Morning Wolfe. Yeah my wand is amazing. It was difficult to get it to work for me and sometimes it cast spells on it's own but it works perfect now. How have you been? " Silvina smiled as Wolfe ran her fingers through Silvina's hair gently.

" I have been quite good thank you. In fact i have something for you. A few weeks after you left America, Nyllani sent me a letter saying that you had been accepted to Hogwarts. She also said that you didn't want an owl, cat, toad or rat. So i brought something special for you. " Wolfe spoke calmly and smiled as she stood and put her fingers to her lips and whistled. The sound was like a soft flute and had an echo to it that made it fill the Great Hall. Everyone stopped and watched as the whistle was answered by a soft but enchanting screech that was almost musical.

After a moment, A small bird with gold feathers and pearly white feathers covering it's underbelly, two long wings and two shorter wings, a hawk like head, two hawk like legs and a tail that split into two long tails that had the same gold shimmering feathers on the end flew through an open window and swooped down gracefully before landing on Wolfe's outstretched arm and screeching again.

Wolfe sat back down next to Silvina before moving her arm toward her. Silvina stretched her arm out slowly before the small bird moved happily from Wolfe's arm onto Silvina's.

As Silvina stroked the bird gently, Wolfe told her about it.

" This is Kari. She is a baby Thunderbird. In the months since you left i have been breeding them. Kari was born two months before i was asked to teach Wandlore here. I have taught her that you are hers and she is yours using pictures of you Nyllani sent to me. Kari is very, very intelligent and incredibly loyal. I have taught her to respond to the whistling sound i used and don't worry i will teach it to you. Also she will eat most meats but keep an eye on what you feed her. Just one more thing... Thunderbirds are a protected species so you have to take exceptionally good care of her for me ok? " Wolfe stroked Kari's feathers gently and tenderly as Kari nuzzled Silvina's cheek gently and chirped happily.

" Don't worry Wolfe. I will care for her like she is the last Thunderbird alive. I promise. " Silvina smiled as Wolfe stood and tousled her hair gently before walking back to the teachers table. Kari moved to Silvina's shoulder as Silvina picked up a piece of bacon and held it up for Kari to nibble on. After a few minutes, Silvina held her hand up to her shoulder for Kari to move to. After stroking her feathers gently and being nuzzled again, Silvina held her hand up so that Kari could take off. As Kari flew back out the open window with a happy screech, Silvina almost screamed in delight at having a very special companion. After a soft bell sounded, Silvina headed to her first class. Her first class of the day was charms. As Silvina walked into the classroom, She was greeted with almost being tackled. After a moment she realised who it was and laughed happily.

" Hi Mika. How was your first night in Hogwarts? " Silvina smiled as Mika gave her a big grin.

" It was great! I met new people and made some new friends. How about yours? " Mika smiled happily as they both sat down and waited for the class to start.

" It was pretty normal really. Checked all my stuff and sorted my drawers then went to bed. I was really tired. " Silvina smiled as the last students entered the room and Professor Flitwick began the class.

" Welcome to Charms class first years. We are going to start with a basic spell today. Wingardium Leviosa. This spell is used for levitating objects. Please get your wands out and follow my movement. A graceful but precise swish and flick. " Professor Flitwick spoke cheerily as the students followed his movements. After a few minutes of practicing the movement, Professor Flitwick handed out feathers and showed the students how to cast the spell. As each student tried, there were feathers hovering milimetres above the desks or high in the air. Silvina and Mika watched for a minute before agreeing to try it themselves. Mika went first.

" Wingardium Leviosa! " Mika spoke clearly and made the movements but the feather did not react. After several tries, Silvina had a turn.

" Wingardium Leviosa! " Silvina spoke the words clearly and made the graceful movements as she was shown. The feather rose gracefully before floating up to the cieling and and descending back to the desk before Silvina put her wand away.

" Don't worry Mika. You'll get it right i know you will! " Silvina smiled as her friend tried one more time and squealed happily as the feather rose off the desk slowly. After about an hour, Another bell chimed signalling the end of the first lesson. As Silvina walked out, she waved to Mika and proceeded to her second class.

New friend's, adventures and experiences await!

Does this spell a pleasant future ahead?

Or untold misfortune?

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