Author's Note: This is a request for Retro Mania (aka Jeh517 on Deviantart). He wanted one of the episodes from the Super Mario Bros Super Show, but with some characters added and some differences. So I chose the episode 'Two Plumbers and a Baby'.

Cast: I wanted to give each character paired up (not the shipping) for the retold stories. So here's some of them.

Mario and Falco: Both rescue damsels in distress (Peach and Katt respectively), are loyal, and wear red.

Luigi and Lucas: Both kind and a good teammate.

Peach and Zelda: Both princesses, duh! Also in the Subspace Emissary, the two appear together often.

Toad and Kirby: Both the youngest ones of the group.

Bowser and Bowser Jr.: Father and son. Like father like son. I just wanted to pair them up because of Bowser Jr. being the son of Bowser.

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Smash Bros and its characters.


The gang followed a trail of footprints. What they know is, that it lead to the Fountain of Youth.

"Look over there poyo!", Kirby shouted as he pointed at the trail they're leading.

"This is the end of the trail.", Toad pointed out.

"Ugh! Maybe next time, we take my arwing here.", said Falco.

"But you know that not everyone can fit.", Mario replied.

Falco just rolled his eyes.

"Besides, I was out of food when we came." The plumber pulled out an empty brown paper bag.

"Is that all you care about?"

Then they saw a car driven by, showing that there were three old men dressed as kids.

"Weird...", Falco muttered to himself.

The old men got out from the car.

"Last one to the Fountain of Youth is prune danish!", said one of the old men.

All three went down the slide.

"Fountain of Youth?", Peach and Zelda questioned.

"There can't be such a thing.", said Lucas.

"Prune danish?", Mario questioned. "If they got food there, let's follow them!" Then he went down the slide.

The others followed him.


The old men finally reached the Fountain of Youth.

"Soon, we'll all be 18 again!", said one of the old men.

What they didn't know, is Bowser and Bowser Jr sneaking to the fountain.

"Do you think the legend is true?", asked Bowser Jr.

"I'm pretty sure it is son.", Bowser replied. He went over to the lever saying, "They'll be 18 INCHES tall when I pull down the old foggie." The koopa then pulled the lever, setting it to the baby section.

The old men jumped into the fountain, having fun. But shortly after, they turned into babies. All three of them got out of the fountain, as Bowser picked them up.

"Now I have you little brats under my command!"

Bowser Jr taunted the newly made babies, but one of them pulled Bowser's nose, letting the koopa drop them. Then they ran away.

"Auugh! Albatross! Catch those bratty rugrats!" He then summoned the albatross birds. "Come on junior, help me get them."

"Yes papa!"

The albatross chased down the 'babies', each throwing a bomb-omb that contain nets. Each trapping the baby.

Mario and the gang finally made it down the slide.

Luigi noticed Bowser capturing the babies. "Holy puff! Bowser is capturing all those children."

Lucas gasped and said, "We need to save them!" He was about to ran over there, but Falco stopped him.

The avian along with Mario looked closely at the babies. "They ain't children!", he pointed out.

"There's those old people turned young!", Mario added.

The others gasped.

Bowser dragged the babies off as he laughed evilly.

"Now then.", Bowser Jr started. "With you pest babies under my dads control, you guys will do our chores, while I have my father-son time with my dad!"

The door closed.

"So that's what Bowser's up too.", said Peach.

"We got to rescue them, and turn them back to normal.", said Zelda.

The others agreed as they went to rescue the babies.

"That no good excuse of a parent!", shouted Toad.

The gang peeked through the window, seeing all the people-turned-babies doing work.

Lucas couldn't bare to watch, as he hid behind Falco.

"How terrible...", Peach muttered.

"We got to rescue those kids!", said Mario. "Somehow..."

Kirby then tripped onto a block, making the other blocks fall down.

The koopas then saw them.

"Hey dad! It's those pesky Mario Brothers and their friends!", said Bowser Jr.

Bowser then came on an ostro saying, "Hop on son!"

The young koopa then got on the back part of the ostro, as they started to chase down the gang.

Mario then threw one of the blocks to slow them down, followed by Falco reflected more at them before running again.

"Let's get out of here!", Luigi shouted.

As they were running, Peach and Zelda accidentally tripped on the blocks. Both tumbled into the Fountain of Youth. "Help!", they both shouted.

Mario and Falco helped them out of the water.

However, as the princesses got out, they were turned into babies as well.

Everyone gasped.

"Oh gosh!", Falco said in fear just by looking at Zelda. "If Link sees her like this, I'm in deep trouble."

"Princess!", Toad said to Baby Peach. "Speak to me!"

Peach barely understood what the mushroom-headed boy said.

"Now we gotcha where we want!", Bowser said as he manage to catch up.

Baby Zelda took something from Falco's blazer/jacket, his reflector, then threw it at Bowser Jr.

Baby Peach took something as well, this time from Mario's overalls. She pulled out his plunger, and threw it at Bowser.

"AAUGH!" The koopa tried to take the plunger off his face. "Show us respect! For us grownups!"

"Move it gang poyo!", Kirby shouted as everyone ran away.

"Seize them!" Bowser then send the albatoss to capture them. He turned to face his son, as he helped him up. "Just go look after those disgusting brats. I'll handle the rest."

Bowser Jr nodded, as he ran back to the castle.


"Watch out for the albatoss!", Mario shouted as they all ran.

One of the albatoss swooped down at them, not getting anyone.

"It doesn't seem like a good time for bird-watching Mario.", said Luigi as he tried to get up.

"I'm a bird you know...", Falco muttered as they continue to run.

"Use the bomb net you feathery bird brain!", Bowser shouted.

"Again...I feel like that's racist..."

The albatoss then shot out bomb-ombs, shooting out a net.

They didn't hit anyone, however, Mario and Falco tripped on one of the nets, resulting into letting the newly-born-baby-princesses flying.

Luigi and Lucas catch one of them each.

"Holy puff Falco!", Lucas shouted. "You know that she's just a child you know!"

"More bouncy!", Baby Zelda shouted. "More bouncy onii-chan Lucas!"

The blonde psychic boy blushed slightly as he was called 'onii-chan'. (Japanese word for 'big brother'.)

"Stop!", Bowser shouted. "Or I'll tell you too!" He sighed. "Man...I've been dealing with these little kids (excluding my own children) for too long!" Then a net caught him. "Net them you flying squwakbox! Not me!"


The gang found themselves in a play ground.

"Quick! Everyone on the seesaws!", said Mario.

The others hopped onto one side of the seesaws.

"Falco! Help me here!"

The avian nodded, as he and the plumber jumped onto the other side of the seesaws, resulting into flinging the others to the other side.

"Whee!", Baby Peach and Baby Zelda said, as they and the others were being flanged.

They all manage to land safety.

Mario and Falco followed them, as they jumped over the fence and into the canyon with the others.

"Let's hide until dark!", said Mario. "Then we'll go and free those helpless children."

"In the meantime.", Luigi started. "We got some baby princesses to take care of."

~~~time skip~~~

The Mario Brothers were pushing the baby princesses on a swing.

"I know about baby brussel sprouts, mini frozen pizzas, tiny tortellinis, but I don't know anything about how to take care of baby princesses.", Mario pointed out in slight shame.

"Is all you think about food?", Falco questioned in annoyance.

"It's easy poyo!", said Kirby. "If they get hungry poyo, we feed them poyo."

"If they get all sticky, we wash them.", Toad added.

"And if they get lost?", Luigi added.

They saw that the swing is empty. Then they all screamed as they saw the baby princesses climbing up the tree.

Mario and Falco climbed up as well to retrieve them.

"Don't worry princesses!", Mario reassured them.

"Yeah! Uncle Mario and onii-chan Falco will get you down!", said Falco.

But then the branch breaks.


Mario and Falco fell into a pile of leaves. The avian being the one to fall onto the plumber.

While the babies fell onto a lower branch.

"What do you think you guys are doing?", Luigi questioned. "They went that way." He pointed at the babies who were now falling.


Both baby princesses got their clothing stuck onto a nearby branch that is sticking out of the canyon.

"Now what do we do?", Toad asked.

"Well look at where I got this hang glider from.", Falco said as he pulled out a newly made hang glider. "Come on Mario!"

Mario got onto the hang glider.

The two then glide down and got the babies.

However, each baby tickled each of them.

"H-Hey! S-Stop it!", Mario said. "W-We're trying to help you get out!"

Mario and Falco then lost control of the hang glider, as they accidentally fell out from laughing. They both fell into a mud pit.

The babies made it safely nearby the mud pit. They jumped into the mud, saying, "I love you uncle/onii-chan Mario/Falco! You're fun!"

~~~time skip~~~

Mario and Falco took a shower (with clothes on) near the waterfall that poured on them.

The baby princesses were on rafts.

"After a nice relaxing bath poyo, we'll give you a relaxing nap poyo.", Kirby said in a soothing voice. "And then-"

Baby Peach was about to get off the raft.

"Nuh uh uh!", Toad said as he put Baby Peach back onto the raft. "Stay where you are little miss."

~~~time skip~~~

It was now nighttime, as the gang were putting the babies to sleep.

Kirby sang his version of the Jigglypuff Song (not in that terrible singing voice from the anime).

Once, they thought, the princesses were asleep, they turned away, but just to hear them cry again.

"Please stop crying poyo." He then got something. "Look poyo! I got fireflies for you poyo."

The princesses then enjoyed the fireflies before sleeping.

The others then huddled up away from them.

"I hate baby sitting.", Mario muttered.

"Aww come on.", Toad replied. "It isn't so bad. Look at-"

The princesses were gone.

"O-Oh no! They're gone!", said Lucas.

"They must be following the fireflies."

Everyone then followed them.

"And they're heading right to Bowser's castle!", Mario shouted.

~~~time skip~~~

They followed them to Bowser's castle.

"They're gonna fall into the fountain!"

Falco then grabbed them before they fell in.

"If they get in again, they'll disappear.", Luigi commented. He saw that the lever of the fountain is gone.

"Now we'll never get them back to their right age.", said Lucas.

"Sure we can!", said Mario. "We just need to reverse the flow of the waterfall."

The Mario Brothers did their best to fix it, but then they heard Bowser coming to get them. As they were almost finished they used a 'Y' shaped pipe to turn the dial to the normal setting. Also flinging Bowser into the fountain before it happened.

Bowser got out of the fountain, now turned into a baby.

"Papa!", Bowser Jr shouted as he ran to his father. "Are you okay?"

Bowser looked at himself. "What? Huh?!" He go so angry and shouted, "I'll get you next time you pesky little-" He started to speak gibberish, making it hard to understand him.

Once the fountain was turned to reverse the doing of it, all the babies ran out of the castle, and into the fountain.

Toad and Kirby then put the baby princesses into the fountain as well, resulting into everyone returning back to their own age.

"Wow! I forgot that being a kid was so tough!", said Peach.

"So did we!", said one of the other people. "We're grown-ups again! We can stay up 'til 10 'o clock!"

~~~time skip~~~

Everyone celebrated by riding ostros.

"You guys sure make great babysitters.", said Zelda.

"The only sitting I want to do, is eating pasta.", Mario replied.