What an Idiot! By: Time Warp

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Summary: "Stop staring at me with your mouth hanging open like that." That's Syaoran's first words to Sakura. That's quite the way to make the ladies like you right? Not really. From then on she despises him. But she has to learn to live with his constant teasing since he's a foreign exchange student living with her family. S+S E+T

Chapter one: That idiotic guy

What an idiot!

Yes, that was my first thought when I saw him. There he was standing there with that annoying impish smile of his saying, "Stop staring at me with your mouth hanging open like that."

I could tell already, he was going to be a living nightmare! Just the thought of him makes me want to push him down! Just one look makes me want to dash out of the room! Look at him! With his amber eyes, unruly hair (which happens to look like the color of dead leaves), and disgustingly charming smile. I hated him already and he was supposed to stay here. In the house, in my home! Well, my dad's home anyway. But still! I can't stand the fact that I have to see that idiot every single day.

Maybe I should back up a little. My name is Sakura Kinomoto. I am just a regular teenage girl. I have just gotten into high school and I wanted to live it up. It took a lot of studying to pass the entrance exam. I'm not so good at math.. But anyway I had just passed the high school entrance exam so, I was enjoying my summer break and the relief of getting into a good school when my dad, Fujitaka Kinomoto, announced to me and my annoying older brother Touya that we were going to house a foreign exchange student.

What a wonderful idea! I thought. Boy, how wrong I was! But, let's get back to my little tale shall we?

I was so excited about this so-called wonderful news that I called my best friend, Tomoyo, and told her the news. Of course at that time I thought this exchange student was going to be a girl, someone I could chat with until the first light of dawn or hang around with for some genuine fun. But no, I was stuck with him! The court jester of stupid! Oh, I'm getting off topic again aren't I?

Well, where was I? Right, I was calling Tomoyo. Okay, so there I was calling Tomoyo and she thought it was great. It was so great that we decided to go out for lunch. Or maybe we were just hungry? Well, anyway Tomoyo came over to my house a few minutes later and then we left to go to the mall. We were both a little low on cash, so we couldn't go anywhere expensive.

And whom did we meet at the mall restaurant? None other than the infamous Hiiragizawa Eriol, he was a guy who for some reason really makes Tomoyo mad. I don't really get why, he seems perfectly fine to me.

"Good afternoon," Eriol with that mysterious smile. He always seems to be wearing it wherever he goes.

I remember seeing Tomoyo roll her eyes and nonchalantly say, "Do you hear something, Sakura? Because there seems to be an irritating voice in my head."

"Then I suppose you should get your head checked," Eriol joked, "May I sit down?"



Tomoyo and I said both those things at the same time. Eriol chose to take my invitation and sat down next to Tomoyo. Tomoyo looked the other way and scooted as far away from him as much as the booth allowed.

"You wound me," Eriol said with mock sadness.

Tomoyo snorted, "Good, maybe you'd leave me alone then."

Eriol chuckled and ignored Tomoyo's comment. He turned to me and asked, "So, what brings you to the mall?"

"Oh, just lunch," I replied casually. I've always found Eriol easy to talk to. He doesn't tease you whenever you say something, unlike that idiot.

Tomoyo took a sip from her soda and said, "A lunch without annoying pests to bother us, might I add."

Eriol smiled and said, "Good thing I'm here to protect you from them then."

He reached for some of Tomoyo's French fries. Tomoyo slapped his hand away and said, "Get your own, you moocher."

Eriol laughed and said, "It seems I've over stayed my welcome. I'll leave since I'm hungry anyway."

"Good riddance!" Tomoyo called after him.

Well anyway, I spent the next few days wondering what the new exchange student would be like. I didn't really have to wait long to find out. On the second to last day of summer break he arrived to make my life a living nightmare.

All right, I'll admit it. I didn't really think, 'what an idiot,' when I first met him. I really wish I had though. And I am ashamed to admit that I thought he was sort of cute. Well, that is until he opened his big mouth and said, "Stop staring at me with your mouth hanging open like that."

From that moment on I knew I loathed him.