Chapter 1

I, Sawada Tsunayoshi always know that I not only born as a Sky but also as a Sun, though only I know that I was born just the very same as Xanxus whom has dual natured flame as in Stormy-Sky which named as Flame of Wrath and while me my dual natured is something I called as a Sunny-Sky, and this very secret is something that I planning to take to my grave.

Tsuna POV

It's all started from when I am just a 4 year old little boy which will be a 5 year old in 1 week. At that time I am really happy because my father who been long gone have come back to celebrate my birthday and so, with mom we go to the airport to greet my father and with him, he brought a kind old man whom I called grandpa after he secretly gave me my favorite candies which mom never let me eat too much behind mom and father back.

After we celebrate my 5th birthday, just 2 days away just before father and grandpa have to go back to work, grandpa did something to me that I won't remember, (not until I am 14 years old which by then I remember what he had done to me) when I return home after trying to fetch the ball that I been playing with which has flying outside the garden which then Billy (more like Bully) the Chihuahua chased me and then bite me, father who heard me crying me home and talked with grandpa about something with magic words that I don't understand and then I blanked out and by the time I wake up I don't remember what happen.

And that incident is what the start of my hellish life that known as "Dame-Tsuna". It's started from tripping over the air which I never had done before, I started don't understand any lesson teacher teach at all along with grade dropping drastically which I know its weird as before I known to ace all my studies, people somehow started to be mean to me from either bullying, saying bad and hurt words and hitting me and many more and in short my live started to become a living hell. And worse at all I never knew what's wrong though deep inside somehow I knew that it's all the fault of Iemitsu and that evil old man. And not until 8 years later after I turned 13 when that "better be-dead father" whom dared to decided selling me of into the mafia and let them to mold me into a boss of crime syndicate, that I know what's wrong with me and its all started with a baby hitman named Reborn come into (more like forced himself into) my life that I learned the crime they have done to me. Although I must say I never once regretted to be able to meet my family…my Famigilia.

During those 8 years of hell, I always noticed 'that something' always healed me whenever children and sometimes adults decided to punching and hitting me and then leave me to die when they done with their deeds. And often then not the wounds I received always healed within a few minutes if its light wounds like scratches or few days if it's worse ones, but when its life treating ones it's always healed within spans of seconds as 'that something' trying its hard to keeping me alive, in which I am thankful for it, I also learned 'that something' always takes form of a very beautiful sparkly yellow colored flame.

Under the teaching from Reborn I soon learned that beautiful sparkly yellow flame is called Sun flame with properties of healing which would explain why I still survival my hellish childhood days with the everyday wounds I always receives. Although I know that my sun flame won't be easy to be active with my Sky flame being unsealed by Reborn when he first arrived, which one of the side effect of it is that my sun flame being forced to be deep inside my mind as the Sky flame takes temporary place as my main flame although I know that my main ones is Sun flame. Through with my Hyper Intuitions I know that my Sun flame didn't mind as its knew that The Sky flame just want to free and useful to me after its being sealed for years and the Sun quietly wait inside my mind while occasionally tried to healing me from my worse wounds and of course doing it so that Reborn never noticed it.


Even though I decided to never tell everyone about my nature as dual-flame user, I soon hit the wall when both of my friends landed into 10 years later future and had to handle with problems of this said future, even with the training from Future Hibari-san and Lal Mirch it's still hard to control my flames and doing it while hiding my true nature.

It's been a week after we arrived at the future and I still have a little progress with my training and currently I shut myself down in my own room after dinner to thinking to myself for the first time for the first time in a while which I never had time to after Reborn come into my life.

And while I keep think about why I couldn't control my flames both the Sun and Sky while back then in my own timeline I was able to, with the stress and frustration I run my hand down on my hair with frustrating manner while tried to hold my tears on bay and tried to console myself that I am not a dame….Suddenly I heard voices that sound like Fuuta just outside of my room with curiosity, I walked toward the door and opened a small creak of it so that I can heard clearly of what my self-proclaimed younger brother been talked about.

"Yeah….I just got the confirmation on the information that Lambo and Hayato-nii got few weeks ago when they near Shizume city while tried avoiding the Black spells. It seem like the Red king have die while he lost control of his power.

Then a grunt can be heard and I recognize who talked with Fuuta as I have been Training with him for this long week and I was right with Hibari-san said "hn….what the fate of his pack?"

Fuuta then said with a sad voice "killed….the Red king lost control of his power, he tried to stop the Red king but he didn't managed to stop his best friend and died by his said best friend and king hand. And only by his fading life the Red king managed to snap himself back just to see his only friend and clansmen died. After the Red king realized that he killed this only friend, the red king with anguish and regret surrender himself to the blue clan even knowing he will just being killed, still he surrender himself maybe he wish join his only friend in death."

"I see…what a sad and lonely fate the Red king has gone through for someone who has great power…." Said another voice who immediately recognize as Bianchi, and after that they started talked about another topic which I didn't cared about as I slowly closed my door and tried processing the information I just got.

As I keep processing the information about how this red king has died in lonely way without being surrounded by those important to him….and that he incidentally killed his only friend…I started to shed tears for this Red king as I can't image that I killed my friends and if I ever do I am sure I rather to kill myself just like him as I will be unable to bear the weight of the blood of my friends on my hand. And as keep to keep to shed my tears for the stranger I have never meet before, deep inside me the Sun within me reared its end with pain of anguish and then I started to know that this person is my Sky…my one and only Sky…and with that realization I started to cry harder for my Sky death. But then I stopped to cry when I started to realize that the Red king still alive in the present…my own timeline…which mean that still can save my Sky, with that I started to stand up and with resolve to meet my only Sky when I got back to my time and then I will make him to feel the warmth of Family and friends so that he will never feel lonely again and with that I started to run to the training room to once again to try and challenged the flame control exercise again and I got the feeling this time it will work.

On the same night….I started to sneakily gone to the computer room to search the information and data about the Red king and when I found it, I then started to search for his name. after I went through of couple documents I finally found my Sky name, with tears started to pouring out from my eyes I started to repeat mutter for his name as I memorized his form, his face and name in my mind "Suoh Mikoto…Suoh Mikoto…Suoh Mikoto" and then once again I vowed to make him happy and safe.


After the whole fiasco of defeating the SIEMA (Stupid Idiotic Egomania Marshmallow Addict) or known as Gesso Byakuran, we once again thrown into the battle with Simon Familia and then defeating my only sane best friend named Enma that set by that psychopath melon head known as Daemon and then the whole Representative Battle of the Rainbow aka Arcobaleno battle and the result is that we managed not only removed the curse on the Arcobaleno but we also managed to save this generation of Arcobaleno (aka Reborn and his friends) from death.

After a few week of peaceful rest, I then gathered my courage to ask Reborn about bonds of the Sky and Elements, what I learned it's surprising but at the same time is not. That each of Elements had their very own destined Sky that make them feel complete, accepted and safe which is the same as every Sky have their very own destined Elements that make them feel protected and accepted no matter of their fault and because of that, no matter what the Elements will try to seek out their destined Sky as they want to feel at home, safe and warmth along with to be accepted no matter their flaws.

A month after the explanation, I started to formed many plans of a 'what if I become Decimo' and started to write those plans out in hope that these will be useful when I disappear to find my Sky which I know it will not hurt my friends and guardians but also ooka-san too but I know its something I have to do.


Two months have passed and 2 week after my inheritance ceremony as Vongola Decimo has passed too, I have decided that tonight I will gone to search for my Sky and in hope that my guardians and friends wouldn't miss me too much, I spend my entire day to entertained, playing or even sparring with them and by the night rolling and everyone had gone to sleep, in the darkness of night I gone from the house and town that I had grown up on and the place I where met many great friends and my beloved guardians in order to search my very own Sky…my one and only Sky.

After all I am not just the ever accepting and forgiving Sky but I am also a Sun, and hell be damned! I will find my own Sky and save him from his lonely path and I will shine that lonely path into a path full of life and warmth.


After a few hours of journey with train, I finally arrived at Shizume city. With an awe I looked around at the city which entirely different than Namimori or Italy. Shizume city is much more technology advanced with many skyscrapers, I also spotted train that have the track above the ocean and many electronic shops that sell products that I only seen on future. As I looking around, as my hair is really catching attention with their gravity defying, I decided to chance my appearance to by entering a hair salon. After I straighten my hair and then bleached it a little lighter than my original color, I looked at the mirror and what I see is that someone else starring at me instead. Stratify with my look I also decided to change my name too, after all a new look deserve a new name, no?

With that I decided to be called Totsuka Tatara. Totsuka from and ancient sword called Tostuka no Tsurugi and Tatara from a furnace used in ancient steel-making. As I gone out from the hair salon I then closed my eyes and breathe a deep breath, when I opened my eyes all I see is a vast blue sky. With a smile I then taken my first step outside as Totsuka Tatara and then decided to search for my Sky while wondering about what kind of person my sky was.