Title: 6 A.D.

Chapter 1: Caught

Author: EC-Chan


Disclaimer: Own Star Wars I do not.


AN: I was writing 'Darkened Family' with Padme789 today, but she wouldn't go on..so I randomly decided to write this...it has nothing to do with it- I just really really really needed to write more star wars tonight -.-; and since Padme said I should post this I will ^^;


A woman cowered in the thick grimy corner of her unlit cell, hearing rather then seeing the approaching footsteps. They were coming for her. She knew this somehow innately. They were coming for HER. She trembled at the thought, her shaking hands clutching her sides and she fell in a heap, unable to control her agony..to keep it inside.

They snorted when they saw her like that- a balled up heap on the floor, too weak to pull out of their firm uncaring grip as they hauled her to her feet and dragged her out of the cell, uncaring that her legs were far too weak to support her weight. Halls upon halls past her by, but she saw none of it. Her eyes had dimmed too much.. Her thoughts had dimmed too much. She would die. Or be tortured. Or perhaps even raped. But she didn't care.

They were coming for her. She could still hear them stamping down the hall- could still feel the hard cold floor pressed to her cheek. Mentally she was still in that cell, her hands still clutching her arms. They were still coming. And then she was slammed down into a chair, a hard hot uncaring lamp shining into her wide eyes.

She cried out, trying to reel away from the newfound pain, but found that she couldn't- her head was still firmly fixed in place. The light blinded her and she snarled at whoever hide behind it, her feet desperately trying to gain a firm hold of the ground as her chest surged forward, attempting to burst whatever binding held her back in such a place.

She calmed after a few minutes of futile effort, though, and relaxed. The light lessened and she found herself staring into a large pale face of a well-manicured man. She gnashed her teeth at him, recognizing the face at once. The man who was responsible.. But that was all she knew.. All she remembered.

She hadn't always been like this after all. Or maybe she had..

"How long has it been since this one came?" The man turned to unseen others near him.

"Twenty-six years one month and two days sir," a shadow replied. "Near the end of the Clone Wars."

"And her excuse?"

"She was seeking refugee from her husband, but she wouldn't tell us who sir," he seemed to be reading something. "The Emperor himself ordered her imprisonment but it was never recorded why."

"I see," was all the man said before turning back to the woman, his large face widening into a sadistical smirk. She cowered from him, her back pressed as far back as the stiff chair would allow. Reaching out, his rough pudgy hand caressed her face, leaning in to coo in her ear, "My dear- the New Republic may have ordered for your eventual release, but the key word is eventual."

She made no sign that she understood why he had said. And in all fact she really hadn't- it had been so long since she had heard actually words besides "Ge'up you trash and eat!" or "Latrine bitch! I don't got me all day here!" and she didn't even remember her own name.. Everything was gone. Everything..

"Look at me when I'm talking to you," his voice held authority, but she merely blinked at him in an almost confusion. He sighed, stepping back. "This one has nothing left."

"But..the New Republic!?" the voice was muffled, almost panicked.

"The New Republic does not have to know- erase her records and let her loose," the man frowned. When the other man made no move to leave, he growled, "Are you questioning my orders?"

"No sir!" The shadow said quickly. "But what do you mean 'let her loose'?"

"There are enough nameless people on this planet my good man," the large burley man snorted. "What's one more added to the mix?"


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