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Chapter 2

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The bad guys were beaten. Their evil plans foiled again. The people of Middleton were safe, and so was the rest of the world. So how does our hero celebrate his victory?

With Bueno Nacho of course.

After tying the beaten Shego and Drakken up, Ron left the building. He had no doubt that Global Justice was on their way to the scene and would handle them accordingly. And with the conditions he left the villains, there was no way they'd be escaping any time soon.

So he made his way to the one place he could get his favorite food, now free of Drakken's evilness. While the place had been abandoned during the robot rampage, almost everything was still in tact. They also had plenty of the ingredients he needed to make his desired treat. Nachos and Tacos, making his famous Naco.

"Ah, food tastes so much better when it's not in the hands of the bad guy." Ron stated as he savored the bite. "Like you could taste the evil grip being released. Eh Rufus?"

"Uh huh!" The little rodent agreed as he consumed more than his body weight in cheese.

"Ron!" A familiar voice called. "I knew you'd be here! You always come here to celebrate!"

Kim wrapped her arms around her friend and pulled him into a big hug, just not tight enough to hurt him. He was already injured and she didn't want to make it worse for him. She was shocked when she didn't feel his usual warm re-embrace. Instead, he just stood there stiffly until she let him go.

"Ron, I know your mad about the whole-"

"I'm not mad." Ron admitted, cutting her off. "Just disappointed. You chose some guy over me, your best friend since childhood." He explained. "If it had been for love, I would have understood. If you had just wanted to be normal, I would have understood. Heck, in either of those, I would have supported you. But to actually choose someone you've only known for a few months, over your best friend for years."

"Ron, it was too ridiculous."

"You didn't trust me!" Ron shouted. "I let you drag me across the world to fight mad scientists, criminals and monsters! Actual monsters! With claws! I go through death traps and deal with henchmen and exploding buildings! I put my trust, my life, in your hands more times that I can remember!" He continued before sighing. "Yet you couldn't put your trust in me?"

"Come on, Ron." Kim spoke. "You're just over reacting, that's jealousy."

"Of course I was jealous!" Ron admitted. "You were pushing me to the side! Just like when Monique showed up and you dropped me for girl time. When Felix and I became friends, I tried to include you into our activities. And-"

The two teens jumped at the sound of the bell ringing as the door was slammed open.

"Ron!" A new voice called.

"I new he'd be here!" Ann Possible stated.

"Well if it isn't Mr. and Mrs. Dr. P and the tweebs." Ron greeted with a smile, as if he hadn't been arguing with Kim.

The family surrounded Ron in a group hug, only for him to hiss in pain.

"How were the rockets?" Jim asked.

"How fast did they go?" Tim added.

"They worked nicely!" Ron answered. "Might try and have you two suit up a few more of my stuff."

"Hicka-bicka-boo?" Jim asked.

"Hoo-sha!" Tim answered.

"Would someone tell me what's going on!?" Kim demanded.

Before someone could speak, the door opened again.


Ron and the Possible family turned to see the newest arrivals. It was Felix, Zita, Monique, Tara and Bonnie. The teens all rushed to Ron and pulled the blond into a hug making him grimace.

"I told you he'd be here!" Bonnie declared. "He's obsessed with the stuff."

"I'm not obsessed." Ron denied. "I just have a healthy appreciation for quality food."

"I'm sorry bud, but you're obsessed." Felix added.

"You do have a problem." Monique quipped.

"I think it's cute." Tara stated as she hugged Ron, only for him to hiss in pain causing her to recoil.

"What's going on!?" Kim demanded. "Why did Bonnie hug, Ron?"

"Friends hug friends." Ron stated.

"Bonnie has never been your friend!" Kim retorted.

"Better friend than you." Bonnie added. "Seriously, it was Camp Wannaweep all over again."

"What does she mean by that?" Kim's mom asked, drawing their attention.

"Back at the camp we were attacked by a mutated fish boy." Tara stated, shivering at the memory. "Ron kept saying that things weren't right and we-"

"We thought he lost his mind." Bonnie stated.

"But he saved us."

"Where were you?" Ann asked.


"Where were you?" Ann repeated. "When Ron was heading out on the mission by himself, where were you?"

It hadn't occurred to Ann, or any of the Possibles, until now that Kim wasn't with Ron during his appearance on the broadcast and the defeat of Dr. Drakken.

"I-at prom." Kim answered.

"...Did you know that the toy invasion was happening?"

Now that the question had been asked, all eyes were on the teen heroine.

"I-I thought he was making it up." Kim stated.


"It's-it's robot toys!" Kim exclaimed. "I thought he was

"You've faced monkey ninjas and mutants fish boys." Jim began.

"And think toy robots aren't real?" Tim finished.

"Ron, you-Ron?" Felix spoke, only to realize his friend wasn't there.

"Where'd, Ron go?"


The sound of Ron's scooter driving off in the distance answered that question.

The moment Bonnie had opened her mouth and made her comment, Ron made his escape. It wasn't that hard, he simply walked out of the door. The reason was simple, he wasn't dealing with that drama. He played it cool, but Shego had done plenty of damage to him. He was sore and his belly was full, all he wanted was to head to bed. Just like the mole rat sleeping in his pocket.

Lucky. He thought as he climbed off of his scooter.

As he entered the house, he noticed something was different. Maybe it was the leftover affect from his battle, but Ron was on high alert. He could feel Rufus stirring in his pocket before looking around, proving the blond right. Someone was in his house.

There in the shadows! He thought.

Ron picked up his leftover Nacho in sadness. Forgive me. With great aim he through the food as hard as he could to the intruder. The contents didn't spill a drop until it crashed into the wall after the intruder evaded it.

While the intruder was distracted, Ron reached into his pouch. When he drew something useful he looked to the figure, it was gone. His instinct had told him to look to the side and so he did while raising his fists. Before he could strike, the figure grabbed his arm in an iron like grip. The figure grabbed Ron by his jacket and with a powerful tug, the blond was tossed into his wall. The blow had raddled him for a second.

The intruder took a quick glance at the pouch, having torn it from Ron in the throw, before tossing it away.

Strange. Ron thought before ignoring it. No room for anything fancy, have to get close. With no weapon, Ron took a defensive position while the intruder did the same.

The teen threw a punch that was blocked, so was his second. The third had been dodged while Ron raised his leg to knee the intruder. It had been swatted away and he took a punch to the face.

That single punch had been harder than any Ron had in awhile. It through him off balance and made his next punch sloppy.

He had no time to think or even to properly retaliate. The ninja kept punching Ron to keep him off balance, any blows he could get in were too sloppy and weak.

A blow to Ron's gut brought him to his knees. The blond was able to wipe a stream of blood from his nose, that second was all he needed to recover. He took a deep breath before tackling the intruder into the opposite wall.

He through a punch that was blocked and held. Not letting go of Ron's fist, the ninja grabbed a handful of the blonds hair and slammed him to the ground.

The intruder then grabbed Ron by the jacked and tossed him across his room. Before he crashed he saw the stain of his sacrificed food on the wall. I wish I had eaten that. Was his only thought.

He landed on his kitchen counter.

Wait, kitchen...He thought frantically. Knives!

Ignoring the pain in his body, he picked up the closest knife he could find. He tossed it towards the figure who merely sidestepped it.

Grabbing a second, a cleaver, he got close to the figure.

With wild hacking and stabbing motions he attacked the intruder, all were missed. His arm was then pulled back in the iron like grip at a painful angle, then slammed into the table forcing him to release the knife.

With one last act of defiance Ron spit onto his assailant's mask.

The figure held the beaten Ron off the ground by his neck. Without so much as a grunt he tossed Ron through a wall.

All went black.

The intruder removed the mask to reveal...Yori.


Yori had been meditating, tying to bring peace and balance to her mind as well as her body. She had been deep in focus, in a near trance like state when she felt it. A disturbance in the fabric of the world itself. It was...cold. It made her feel alone, as if she had actually lost a part of herself.

With a gasp, she fell unceremoniously onto her back as she looked around for the source.

There stood her teacher, her master, looking his age instead if his the seasoned man she had known him as all her life. The look in his eyes troubled her to no end, for him to be worried only meant catastrophe.


"Ah, so you have felt it too?" The wise man asked without looking at her.

Yori nodded, it was not something that she could have passed off as a cold breeze. She had felt it deep within her very being.

"Yes, but I do not understand." She spoke in confusion. "What does it mean?"

"It appears that the Chosen One is at a crossroads." Sensei answered sadly. "He has had to take the burden of saving the world earlier than intended, having to rely on a darker source to aid him."

"The Yono." Yori whispered.

The very thought of it sent a shiver down her spine. She had only heard of the Yono in legends and honestly wished for them to stay there. The people infected, because an infection-a plague- was the only way to describe it, by it were less than people. They things they did earned them a title all their own, less than animals. Monsters. Demons. All because of their selfish desires for money, power and revenge.

The thought of her friend Ron, humble and silly as he was, falling into the path of the Yono was a ludicrous thought. But not impossible. If he could be tainted, then it could only spell doom for countless people.

"The path of destruction and death." The Sensei spoke with sadness. "Go to him." Sensei spoke. "He will need guidance, training, and most of all, he will need a friend."

Yori nodded.


That's what brought the young ninja to the Stoppable household. While her method was unorthodox, it was done for a reason.

She had the first of what she needed, now there was only one more test. The young ninja sat down and began meditating as she waited for her blond friend to wake up.

Ron woke with a start.

The first thing he noticed when he sat up was that he was on his couch.

The second thing was that he was not alone. There was the ninja, meditating in peace.

The third thing was that he was in pain. So much pain. He tried to sit up, only groan from the effort. It seemed that the fight with the ninja had caught up to him and his injuries from Shego weren't helping him in the slightest.

Thankfully, the ninja didn't notice that he hadn't awakened. No doubt, as sore as he was, he had been groaning in his sleep.

As silently as possible, Ron walked around to get a better look at the intruder. Hoping that knowing who it was would help ease the confusion. Once he saw the face, he realized he was only more confused than before.

"Hello, Stoppable-San." Yori greeted.

"Um, hi."

"I must apologize for my intrusion and assault." She stated as she bowed low to the ground. "I needed to see how far you have progressed. Your skills are remarkable, but still so raw." She spoke. "You have not been training properly."

Ron blushed at the statement, it wasn't an accusation, just a fact. He did train when he could to hone his skills, but doing so and keeping it a secret from his family and friends wasn't easy. Even then he never had the chance to truly put them to the test. Training alone didn't give one the proper lessons they needed, nor was it easy to motivate oneself in doing so. He couldn't train with the bullies, because he'd hurt them. He couldn't fight the villains or the henchman because that'd raise questions with Kim.


He no longer had her to hold him back.

"We must talk." Yori spoke seriously. "During your attempt at saving the world, you strayed from the path of good. You took the path of the Yono."

"The Yono?"

"The path of destruction." Yori explained. "Do you remember the feeling?"

Ron though back to the mission, trying to remember anything like Yori had mentioned. He remembered drawing on his training to help him, the Mystic Monkey power. Usually it was a difficult task, something he could only use in extreme moments and for a short time. When he did, he felt like he was able to do anything.

Then he remembered the other feeling. When he was fighting Shego, when she revealed the truth about Eric. He remembered the anger and the desire for revenge. Then power flowed through him like a raging river, wild and strong. It felt as if it was going to carry him away...and he was fine with that, he wanted to be carried away! To be consumed in the power!

He had used that power to demolish and humiliate Shego. And he had enjoyed every second of it. He enjoyed toying with her, mentally and physically.

Unlike the Mystic Monkey power, which required all of his focus and control, this one seemed to want to feed him more energy. It wanted him to go all out! He wanted to go all out, to feel that rush again. To lose control and just...act!

I could do it now. He thought. I can feel it in me. Like a switch, I can draw on all of it...and-come to me! Come to me and I'll-


Yori's voice had cut through his thoughts like a knife. She hadn't moved, but she was giving him a stern look. Then her eyes trailed down. He followed her gaze and froze.

Ron hadn't realized it, but while he had zoned out, his body had been acting on it's own. He had grabbed the Lotus Blade and now held it in a death grip.

With a cry, Ron dropped the weapon as if it had burned him and backed away.

Yori had watched him during all of this, never leaving her sitting position but still ready to act. She had mixed feelings about what she had saw.

On one hand, he had obviously been tainted by the Yono. This filled her with sadness, as she had been hoping it was all a mistake. Or that he was strong enough to overcome the temptation of the power. It seemed that he was not. Not alone anyway.

On the other hand, it showed that it hadn't consumed him. The fear in his eyes as he realized he had the weapon and his quickness to drop it was reassuring. To a person controlled by the Yono, they would have been eager to use it. But not Ron, he had been afraid of the concept. While not preferable, it was something that she could work with.

"What'st the Lotus Blade doing here!?" Ron asked as he tried calming himself.

"You called for it." Yori calmly grabbed the sword and held it to her blond friend. "It will always come to you, just as it did the day you defeated Monkey Fist and saved the school."

"So I'm gonna be evil!?" Ron asked as he began panicking again. "Am I going to be blue again?"

"The past is set in stone, the future is not." Yori stated calmly. "The future is like a river, always in motion and unpredictable. But with care and focus, one can navigate through it. Your destiny as the Chosen one is at a crossroads. You can either bring peace, or calamity."

"Wow, no pressure." Ron chuckled nervously.

"You and your American jokes." Yori chuckled. "There is very much pressure, for you will help decide the fate of the world. But fear not, I am here to help you stay on the path to a brighter world." Yori assured. "I am here to help you hone your skills and continue on your path of good."

"You're going to teach me?" Ron asked.

"Yes, Master-Sensei has entrusted me with this task." She answered with pride. "It is why I acted as an intruder and didn't reveal myself. I needed to test you fully."

"How badly did I fail?" Ron asked.

"There is no failing Stoppable-San, only progress." She answered. "Though I am happy to say you have done well, I know you can do better." She admitted. "You fought with everything you had around you, using even the most unconventional things to your aid. But you lacked true discipline in your skills, becoming sloppy and wild as we progressed." He lowered his head at her words. "Though" She spoke, making his head rise to see her smile. "What you lacked in skill, you made up for in strength and speed." She finished that statement by rubbing a fresh bruise.

"Thank you." Ron stated as he bowed.

"It is my honor to help you." Yori stated as she returned the bow.

"So what do we do now?" Ron asked. "Train, spar, meditate?"

"Now we go to school, you have already missed your first class."

"Oh man, that tanks!" Ron whined. "Wait, we?"

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