Chapter 26

That evening Taylor and I had dinner with Zeus and Tessa at the Japanese restaurant on the tenth floor of the hotel. The food was good, but Zeus and Tessa hardly spoke.

Finally, Taylor asked, "Are you guys okay?"

"Yeah," they both answered timidly.

"Actually, not really," Tessa said. "I don't know. It's just that... I've been feeling el-waves all night. Come to think of it, I've been feeling them this whole trip, and they're definitely not coming from you guys."

"Really?" I asked. This changed things. "Do you know where they're coming from?"

She nodded and pointed to a table. A girl, about our age, sat there alone. Her curly dark hair tumbled down her shoulders to reach the middle of her back. Her baseball cap was pulled low over her thoughtful brown eyes, and her red Converse sneakers perfectly matched her shirt, which had something in Japanese written on it.

She stood up, and that's when I noticed how unusually tall she was. She left some cash on the table and walked off.

"Let's follow her," I murmured to Taylor.

"But what about dinner?" she whined playfully.

"If Tessa says she's electric, she's electric," I said. "And besides, we can always finish it later.".

We slid out of our booth and walked behind the girl, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. When she rode the elevator, we sprinted up the stairs, checking at each floor to see which one she had stopped on.

By the time we found her, she was already in front of her door, a key in hand. I motioned for Taylor to reboot her. She stood there for a moment before remembering what she was doing, and her keys jingled again.

Before I could register it, an arm flew out of the door next to hers and grabbed her by the shirt, pulling her into the room.

That was Jack and Zeus' room