This is dedicated to all Haru x Kisa fanatics…no flames, ok?

Iridescence. A rainbow-like play of color.

I tend to look at her in 7 shades, and these shall be explained in my simple tale.

01: Blue

The rain was slowly falling, and I, having nothing to protect me, chose to take off my school jacket instead, or else I would have nothing to use tomorrow.

I looked up and realized that the sky was still azure, and there was even a sun out, shining cheerfully. I smiled.

"A rainbow is coming."

I've always liked the rainbow. I guess it's because the notion of it as a sign of a sacred covenant – one tracing its roots from biblical tales of the Noah and his Ark, just as my cousin, the quiet Sohma Kisa says. If I am lost on my way, I always would search the sky, hoping to find a rainbow. Even if it was thirty-eight degree Celsius outside, or perhaps, sub-zero degree? If, by fortunate circumstances, I do find one, I follow where the color arc ends. My logic is, I would either find my gold pot, or it would bring me somewhere destiny wanted me to go.

Shigure thinks I'm treating the rainbow as a traffic light. I don't think so.

Anyway, I took my bike and started to pedal away. It felt good to be awashed by the rain, as if it was washing away my troubles too. Cleansing, as gurus say.

But when I neared the playground, I noticed a sight that seemed like an insult to the wonderfully weird weather that time. I pedaled towards the swing set. It took me only one look to realize who it was.

"Kisa," I called gently.

She removed her delicate hands away from her face. Her eyes looked swollen, as if she just cried her heart out. "Haru-san?"

I settled on the next seat beside her, then looked at her inquiringly. "What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing." She looked down again. "I'm fine."

"When depressed, people say that they are fine. When they say 'nothing', it means that they have a lot of tales to say," I said, not meaning to sound philosophical. When she didn't reply, I looked up at the sky and savored the heavily feeling of gentle rain on my face.

"Although it rains, the sun remains smiling cheerfully, so its happiness is reflected on the raindrops. It smiles through heaven's tears." I turned to her. "You must be like the sun, Kisa, who smiles through problems and depression. Because in the end, your smile of courage will be brighter than all of the golden sun rays in the world."

She still didn't reply, but I saw her nod.

"The rain has ceased," I observed some minutes later. The sky was much bluer than before, and the sun much brighter than before. I stood up to shake my hair, letting sprinklets of water fall on the girl. I rejoiced when I heard her giggle softly. Finally.

"Let's go home," I said, offering her my hand. She accepted it after momentary hesitation. I then lifted her up into my bike. "Cling to my neck," I instructed.

I then pedaled away, passing by the blue pools of water that were remnants of the sunny blue rain.

02: Green

I have always loved to be surrounded by plants, perhaps because my cousin, Yuki, likes them too. Undue influence, I guess. I visit his little garden whenever I have free time, just like today.

"But I was surprised to see someone else working in the garden today. "Honda-san?" I guessed.

The girl turned to me and smiled shyly. I smiled back. Of course, it was Kisa. I forgot that she likes plants too, almost as much as I do. Tohru's undue influence too, perhaps. Sometimes, when her nee-chan is sick or too busy, she takes over the job of maintaining the garden.

"Haru-san, what a surprise," she said pleasantly as she straightened up. I had to remind myself again wryly that the only thing that makes me remember how time flies is how Kisa grows up to be a lovely young woman. Still in the cocoon of womanhood at age fourteen, but already, she has a considerable number of suitors.

A tall, slender young lady, with kind eyes and angelic smiles, although dressed ruggedly, she still exudes the grace of a fine woman. Hiro Sohma truly has a reason why he should always be on guard for his fiancée.

"Pleasant, I hope," I said as I knelt beside her. "So how are you today?"

She shrugged, looking away shyly. "As usual."

"As usual what?"

Her eyes crinkled into a smile. "Ano, why should we talk about me? It's not very interesting."

The way she talks so shyly, as if being caught by the headlights of attention can make her fold up like shaking leaves of a budding spring flower…it was poetry in motion.

"Ah, Haru-san, you must see how the flowers are growing so beautifully!" she said, looking down at her plants. "Nee-chan will be very glad, don't you think?"

"I believe so, with all my heart," I said, grinning. I watched as she went back to work, digging out the weeds that grew around some of the plants. I was then surprised when I noticed that she carefully set them aside.

" Why don't you burn them yet?" I wanted to know.

"Because…" She looked down. "Weeds may be useless and are a nuisance, but I still think that they deserve to live. They deserve a space in this beautiful garden too."

I was silenced. I couldn't help but feel my heart ache for her.

As a child, Kisa was not happy. Often bullied and isolated, she had learn to build a cold wall around her. She desperately want to belong somewhere, but the world was not kind to her.

I know exactly how she feels.

I felt that way too.

Back when I was teased as dumb, just because my animal sign is so. I became so difficult then. I lost control of my own emotions – I ended up pushing away everything! May it be something that angers me, or something makes me happy. I was so miserable, and yet I had to live with myself.

I was alone. Nobody wanted me. I was worthless.

But then, Yuki taught me that if no one would love Sohma Hatsuharu for what he is, then at least I should. If I wouldn't, then I would really be worthless.

Kisa and I…we both feel like weeds. We both feel that we are being deprived of the chance to live just like those beautiful creations do.

And for a moment, as I watched her eyes soften as she dig another spot on the other end of the garden for the weeds, I could almost reach out to her. Touch her vulnerable soul that only a few chosen ones like Honda Tohru-san can touch intimately.

"They'll grow up someday, beautiful as these other flowers," murmured the girl. "Someday."

"I shall wait for that," I said.

She turned to me and must have realized that I was one with her emotions too. She stood up shakily, the ran towards my chest, sobbing.

"H-Hey!" I said, slightly panicking. "Why are you crying?"

"I-I just remembered…" she said softly. "Back when I was in elementary, I never said the reason why you found me…crying."

I remembered that instantly. "So?"

"I'll tell you now." She looked up at me, misty-eyed. "I saw the school gardener use weed killers…and I realized how unloved those weeds must have felt. I was…crying for them…" She wiped her tears away. "Corny, isn't it?"

I wiped the smudge of dirt her glove caused on her cheek. "I see."


"I'm sure that those weeds… they will soon be growing into real plants someday," I said reassuringly.

"N-No…" she said quietly. "I still want them to be weeds in their next lifetime. I don't want them to change just so they would be treated better. But then, just like a cycle, they will be killed cruelly again," she said bitterly.

"It's a fact of life," I said, but found weak conviction.

"No, it's a fact of existence," she disagreed. "Life is given to everyone, but then only a few can live it fruitfully."

I bit my lip. When she put it that way. I realized that she was right. But what else can I do to console her? I held her closer, rocking her gently, as I smoothed the soft tangles of her hair.

She then blinked, and blushed. She jumped away, face all flushed. "A-Ano!! I-I'm sorry!"

"For what?"

She shook her head. "I was too emotional."

"You were just being true to yourself, I believe." I then shrugged. "Very well, let's get some snacks, shall we?" I headed for the left area.

"Um, Haru-san, the house is this way," she said laughingly, pulling me in the opposite direction.

"Do that again," I said as we walked back to the house.

"Do what?"

I smiled brightly. "Laugh heartily. Crying is unbecoming of a tiger, you know."

She nodded. "Yes, Haru-san, I will do it for you."

I messed her hair fondly. "Don't think that you are nobody's girl."

"But I am!"

I frowned thoughtfully. "On second thought, you are right. I am a nobody, and you are a girl. Therefore, you are my girl."

She blinked, then giggled while blushing.

I wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "That is right. You are now my little girl, Kisa dear."

That sounded so good and so right to my ears.