So, this is my first ever story. Constuctive criticism is appreciated. I have seen very little Pokemon/40k fanfics, and so I though I might write one my self.

In the mountains of Kanto, a man blizzard winds whipped at his clothes and skin. Snow crunched beneath his feet, his trail quickly being covered by the heavy winds. Such conditions would kill a man in hours. And yet, the man continued impeded through this terrible weather. He was determined to capture the Legendary known as Articuno that was spotted around this mountain.

It was a dangerous endeavour, for the mountains were steep and treacherous, one wrong move and it could spell the end. And if the mountain didn't get you, the wild Pokemon would. But the man overcame all of these challenges. Strangest of all, he did it without any Pokemon.

But, as he walked to his destination, he found himself doubting himself. Why should he attempt to tame the creature in battle? Why not just capture it with his powers and be done with it?

"Because that would make the creature rebel in the future, ruining everything I had planned." He thought. He sighed. When he first arrived over a decade ago, he was, at first, confused. Why did he have a body? Why was he alive? And most importantly, what had become of humanity? And so he searched, and found what he was looking for. He found a small town, with humans and strange creatures that took on a myriad of shapes and sizes. And so, using his abilities to cloak himself from sight, he went to the town to investigate.

What he found surprised him. Humans getting along with xenos. He had long thought any xenos humanity got along with either died during the Age of Strife or betrayed them. And yet here they were, coexisting as if the horrors of the Old Night had never happened. After reading the minds of some of the citizens of the town, he learned that these creatures were called Pokemon.

What strange creatures they were. Most of them looked so small and fragile and yet most of them could give even an Astartes trouble, never mind the stronger ones that could take on squads of fully armed and armored Astartes and have a decent chance of winning. And then he learned of Legendaries. Creatures of awesome power that could give even the mighty Titans of the Mechanicus trouble.

That thought led him down a path. What did the humans do against such creatures? Did they have weapons to take down such beast? With some more mind reading he got his answer. The local humans of this world had made devices called "Pokeballs" to capture the creatures and use them in battle.

He was surprised by this level of technology. Humanity from his universe hadn't discovered mass to energy conversion technology until the 13th Millenia. How they got this technology, he did not know. But, there was a pattern he noticed. Most technology revolved around these "Pokemon." From their medical tech, to military, to even their power on occasion.

And so he looked in to it more. Turns out, at the age of ten children go on something called a "Journey," were they grab a "Starter Pokemon," or are given one from their parents, and go out on their own. It was strange, such a thing was almost unheard of in his universe, and yet…

His thoughts stopped abruptly. He sensed his target. He couldn't see it of course, the falling snow was far too thick to see anything, his sight limited to within three feet in front of him. With a thought, a flaming blade was in his hand, the heat from the blade melting the surrounding snow almost instantly.

He looked around with his Witch Sight until he found his target. There was the Articuno, fifty feet away from him, looking right at him. The man prepared his powers.

"ARTICUNO!" The sheer power from his voice seemed to calm the blizzard, and the falling snow cleared up enough to his target. The Kanto Legendary looked surprised, as if not expecting such power from a human. The Legendary bird took off, it's majestic wings flapping, and the blizzard started once more, as if trying to escape.

The man would not allow it. With a telekinetic pull, the Legendary fell to the ground, snow exploding upwards from where it crashed. It quickly recovered, and gave the man a stare that would freeze a person solid.

"I have come for you," the man said, his every word filled with power "and I will not be denied. Face me, and see if you are worthy."

The Legendary felt insulted. How dare this human, and one without a Pokemon at that, say it was not worthy. So it took off once more, and the man did nothing to stop it. Now in the air, it began to charge an attack. A light blue energy formed at its mouth. An Ice Beam was fired, the very air chilling as it surged towards it's target. The man just stood there, doing nothing.

Power surged from him, and a small gold halo appeared above his head. The man then raised an eyebrow. The Ice beam stopped, as if it was frozen in time. The next thing the Articuno knew was that it was teleported front of the frozen Ice Beam. The man snapped his fingers. The beam began once more, hitting the Articuno. It was not prepared to have it's own attack used against it and fell from the sky. It hit the ground hard, almost twenty feet away from the man, making a small crater.

An Ultra Ball was quickly thrown, arcing through the air, hitting the Articuno. It was quickly sucked in, and a few moments later, a ding signaled a successful capture. The man calmly walk forward, his sword still in hand, halo still above his head, and picked up the Ultra Ball.

"That was far too easy." He thought, clicking his tongue disappointment, "It seems this one was a weaker one. A single Ice Beam, even from a Legendary, shouldn't be able to hurt it so much."

Shaking his head, he put the Ultra Ball on his belt. He mentally made a note to put extra training on this one. With a thought, his sword disappeared. The halo that had appeared above his vanished along with the sword. The man looked around. The falling snow had calmed, the blizzard caused by the Legendary gone. There was a nearby cliff, looking down on the valley. He started walking towards it.

The sight was breathtaking. Rolling hills of green stretched as far as the eye could see. Lakes glittered as if made from diamonds. The village, where one could start their journey up the mountain, was a pinprick from this height. The man savored every moment, taking in every detail.

He turned away, looking at the battle site once more, he sighed. For over a decade he has lived with this humanity, and yet still barely understood it. It confused him at times, and other times frustrated him. Of course, there was similarities to his humanity at times, but always different. But he would endure, for he loved humanity no matter what. For over 50,000 years he has loved it. And he would help it no matter what, even if it was a humanity in a different universe.

With that, the Master of Mankind looked at the valley once more, and with a thought, teleported back to his headquarters.