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Charmed Again: Spellbound
i (one): Something Wicca Comes Again

Piper sent down a plate of toast on the small table in the nook of her kitchen, smiling at the small feast she created. With her two adult sons and her husband's stomachs, they'd absolutely eat everything on this table plus more. It was days like today, hearing the loud thuds of footsteps about her that she relished in. She finally (and for a while) had her normal life. Since the fight with Billie and Christy, the next generation of witches took over, allowing the Charmed Ones to grow and teach their own children until it was their time. Piper got to have the family life that she wanted, soccer mom and all. Although Wyatt was more track and field and Chris preferred no sports at all; Melinda was a busy bee throughout her grade school years. It'd be a boring life without magic, so whenever the occasional demon popped up, Piper almost enjoyed it, taking pleasure in the rare vanquishes.

But of course, as Chris and Wyatt grew older, being 22 and 24, respectively, it was inevitable that their time would come for the family legacy. Melinda probably still had a few years to come into it, her being only 20. This is what Piper was dreading. The time when her children would take up the arms in the ever present good vs evil battles. And she knew, just like she and her sisters, that they would face an ultimate battle. Many of them, most likely. Slowly, the demon count raised in their attempts to take down the Charmed brothers before they fully came into their time.

Admittedly, the best part of Piper having children early, was that her sisters had their own children stacked. Yes, there was a bit of an overlap between the kids but the youngest of the Charmed children was 16. And given when the demons decided to attack, they wouldn't come after Peyton and the cousins in her age range for at least another 5 to 8 years. By then Chris, Wyatt and Melinda could focus on their normal lives, them at the age of settling down. Destiny had been kind to them in that fact.

"Hi honey," Leo walked into the kitchen, dressed in a button down and dress pants. He kissed his wife on the cheek, eyes brightening as he saw the spread his wife made. "Did you make frittatas?" He asked excitedly.

"Yes, I did," Piper smiled, taking a seat at the head of the table. "Were you able to finish the grading you needed to do?"

Leo grabbed a frittata. "No, but luckily today they have a test, so I can finish it up then." As he grabbed a muffin, he asked, "How much longer does Melinda have with the accelerated program again?"

"It runs until the end of July," Piper told her husband. "Melinda texted me. Apparently she attended a party last night," she pursed her lips in humor.

Leo raised an eyebrow. "A party?"

Piper shrugged, smiling. "A version of it. The students in the program all got together and had a decathlon of some sorts," she laughed.

"That's our daughter," Leo bragged, smiling at the love of his life.

It all seemed so normal. The ideal picturesque dream. Normal conversation, normal breakfast. Until the familiar blue and white lights came down.

Wyatt orbed in, presumably from the attic as he was holding the Book of Shadows. "Mom, are we out of pig's feet?" He placed the book down on the island in the kitchen and opened the fridge, searching through the many food items for his missing ingredient.

Piper looked up at her husband, her hands instinctively setting on top of his for comfort. "Yes, we are. Why? You don't need it for a vanquishing potion do you?"

"I might," Wyatt sounded muffled, his head almost halfway in the fridge. "PJ had a premonition about a demon possibly attacking so I wanted to premake it just in case." His head popped back out from the fridge. "I'll pick it up righ—" His eyes fell upon the feast his mother made. Like his father's before him, his eyes brightened and a smile grew on his face. "Right after breakfast," he amended his previous statement. He orbed the book back into the attic and took a seat at the small circular table, grabbing food in each hand and adding it onto his plate in front of him.

"Where's your brother?" Piper asked, grabbing herself a piece of toast.

"Dunno," Wyatt chewed through a mouth full of food. "Pass the frittatas," he asked his father.

The Halliwell in question came into the kitchen, his face in contemplation. He walked to the table and grabbed a piece of toast and started walking back out.

"Chris where are you going?" His mother called out.

"P3," he stopped in the middle of the small walkway between the kitchen and the dining room. "Some of the drink shipments are delayed and they haven't given me a good reason so I'm going down there to straighten some things up," he explained.

"Can you have some breakfast first?" Piper pleaded. She was started to get worried about Chris. He was nearing the age where he passed away some 20 odd years ago. She and Leo assumed his memories from his other life could come up sooner or later and they were bracing themselves for the inevitable blow up.

"It's really good," Wyatt again spoke through a mouth full of food. He held a frittata in one hand and toast with scrambled eggs in the other.

"I really shouldn't," Chris eyed the table full of food carefully. He was really hungry. And really, what was the harm in being a little late? The shipment was already late anyways. "But I will," he walked towards his table and pulled up a seat. His family's laughter echoed around him.

"Parker! Peyton! Do you need me to pack you two a lunch or are you okay with buying from the school today?" A frazzled Phoebe called out. She wore a simple suit, her hair pinned back.

A tall dark haired teenage girl came into the small kitchen of her mother and father's loft. "I'm good with buying today, mom," she told Phoebe. "You look nice today," the girl grabbed an apple. "Something special going on today?" She sat at the high table across from her mother.

"No, Parker," she addressed her daughter. Phoebe poured herself a well needed cup of coffee. "I'm meeting with my publishers today."

"Oh! Writing another book mom?" A shorter darker haired girl came bounding in from the opposite end of the kitchen, taking a seat next to her sister at the counter.

"Maybe," Phoebe told them. "Oh, Peyton you have softball today right?" She pointed to the shorter girl. "And Parker you have play practice?"

"No mom," Peyton giggled.

"I have softball," Parker pointed to her sports bag lying on one of the chairs in the kitchen. "Your baby has play practice." She pointed to her younger sister.

"Oh, right! I'm sorry, honeys," Phoebe sighed. "My brain's a little frazzled. As much as I loved writing my first book, the thought of doing it again makes me feel so overwhelmed," she waved at her body as if she were overheating. She shut her eyes to concentrate. "Right so, Henry Junior is taking you home after softball practice, Parker, since his football practice is at the same time. And Peyton, PJ is taking you home from play practice," she pointed at her two daughters.

"Ooo, PJ's coming home?" Peyton smiled at the thought of her oldest sister coming down to visit her.

"No," Phoebe frowned. "She and your cousins are still at that accelerated program," she rolled her eyes.

"Could you imagine it? Melinda, the twins, and PJ, using their smarts to take over the world," Parker smirked at her baby sister. "Me and Junior being sports legends. You, baby sister, an oscar award winning actress," she leaned over and kissed the top of said sister's head. "Chris and Wyatt, the Charmed legacy. Us Halliwells are doing well for ourselves," she smirked, looking much like her mother.

"Parker," Phoebe smiled at her daughter. "Wyatt and Chris aren't killing demons for the rest of their lives while you kids have fun. Your time will come and you'll join them. And when they settle down and have their own families, you'll pick up the slack for them like they're doing now."

The girls watched their mother and nodded their agreement. As much as they liked kicking the occasional demon ass, they really appreciated the fact that their eldest cousins did most, if not all, of the vanquishing so that the rest of them could focus on school and life until they came of age. It seemed fair that when it was time for the boys to have a normal life, the rest of the younger children would pick it up for them.

"Daddy's in Canada, right?" Peyton asked, changing the subject.

"No, he's in France," Parker shot back.

"No, he's in Italy," Phoebe corrected her girls. "Turns out the Spellman couple worked it out on their own," she smirked. "He's moved on to his next couple."

"Ooo, I can't wait until I can help dad with his cupid duties," Peyton jumped in her seat, a smile on her face. She got all of her father's cupid powers while her older sisters only got beaming abilities and love empathy (a combination of her father and mother's powers).

"You know your father is still trying to convince the Cupid's Temple to allow you to become a cupid when the time comes, so it's not guaranteed, sweetie," Phoebe tried to lighten up the blow for her youngest daughter, who looked up to her father immensely. Phoebe knew she had a handful with Peyton the minute her water broke with her. Her youngest was the most like her, much to the psychic's chagrin.

"Yeah, I know, but it's still nice to hope for it," Peyton, ever the optimist, grinned. "Besides, why would the cosmos give me majority cupid powers if not for becoming a future cupid?" She challenged her mother. "They allowed Wyatt to be a whitelighter and gave Chris the option to be one too. What's to say they won't possibly give me that choice?"

Parker and Phoebe stared at Peyton, then looked towards each other. The youngest cupid-witch wasn't wrong. She had a very valid point. A shrill alarm coming from a phone at the table broke the slight silence. "Oh! I gotta go!" Phoebe yelled. "Do you girls need a ride to school?" She walked over to the living room, grabbing her bag containing her laptop.

"Yes!" Her children called out.

"Okay, let's go, let's go, let's go," Phoebe smiled, watching her daughters scramble around to grab their own bags. She'd finally had the life she's been wanting. A nice balance of magic and a normal life. Not too much and not too little of each. Just enough to make her feel like she was making a difference in everyone's life. She had the love of her life, the love she'd never thought she could actually get. The love that gave her the same giddy feeling she got whenever she watched Billy from Kill It Before It Dies. She finally got the daughter she'd always seen in her visions, three times over. She had an amazing normal job, with no deadlines to worry about. Destiny had been kind to her.

Things over at the Matthews-Mitchell household were rather...loud. Tamora and Kat, Paige's twin girls were having a conversation with themselves, using fast twin speak as they maneuvered their way around their father and brother in their small kitchen. Henrys Sr and Jr were talking football since Junior had practice later after school. Although things seemed chaotic, it all had a seemingly perfect flow. Chaotically good. They bobbed and weaved around each other, making sure no one was bumped into.

"Where's mom?" Tamora asked, adjusting her wire wrapped glasses on her face.

"Helping a charge," Henry Sr muttered, stirring a pot of oatmeal on the stove. "Sorry guys, it's oatmeal this morning. I overslept this morning," he grimaced. "I'm getting too old to do stakeouts," he groaned.

Kat giggled, reaching up in the cupboard above her to grab five bowls for the family. "You're a detective, just make your underlings do it." She grabbed spoons from the drawer slightly below her and walked over to the small table in the kitchen nook.

"I wish it were that easy," Henry Sr laughed, turning off the burner and bringing over the steaming pot over to the table. "Somebody got the syrup? Or the toppings?" For lack of better terms, he slopped spoonfuls of the beige porridge in each bowl.

"I got the fruits and honey," Tamora called out, her hands full of strawberries, blueberries, bananas and a jar of honey.

"I got granola, nuts, chocolate, cinnamon, and brown sugar," Henry Jr dropped the items on the table in front of them, taking his seat and beginning to add his toppings to his bowl.

"Somebody make mom's bowl please?" Henry Sr sat at the table, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"On it!" Kat added her mother's favorite toppings in a bowl set out for their whitelighter mother. She frowned as she looked at all of the food items at the table. "Where's the orange juice?" She asked.

Tamora lifted her head up from her bite of food. She looked over to the counter next to the fridge and saw the carton there. "Orange juice," she called, orbing it to her sister.

Henry Sr smiled. "What do we say?"

Tamora and Kat pouted. "No magic at the table," they spoke in unison.

Henry Jr snickered at his older sisters. "As much as it sucks not having powers, it's so much fun watching you guys get in trouble for it," he gave his sisters a playful grin.

The twins stuck their tongue out at their mortal adoptive brother. Anyone could tell that Henry Jr was adopted, his skin color and race clearly so much different and darker than theirs. But regardless of not sharing blood or magic, they were all siblings and they all shared a sibling bond and would defend each other no matter what.

Paige orbed in, her hand on her head in exasperation. "I'm so sorry you guys," she took a seat next to her husband, greeting him with a kiss. "My charge was dealing with a lot of things and I had to sleep over and do that whole older protective friend thing. Ugh, I cannot wait until she finds out about magic so that I can just orb back when I can," she looked at the bowl in front of you. "Oh I love my family so much," she smiled.

Her children and husband smiled at the head of their house.

Paige took a bite of her oatmeal. "Stakeout again, babe?" She addressed her husband.

Henry Sr made a face. "Don't remind me. That is the last time I offer to do a stakeout," he told his wife. He shook his arm out, trying to make his watch fall closer down to his wrist. He looked at the time on his watch. "Junior, you'd better get going if you don't want to be late for school."

Henry Jr leaned over and looked at his father's watch. "Oh shoot, you're right," he got up, taking his empty bowl to the sink. "Tamora, Kat, you guys need me to drop you off at university for the program you're in?" He looked around the room, peering into the living room as he searched for his backpack and sports bag.

"Nah, we'll orb. Melinda's covering for us since we wanted to come home for the night," Tamora spoke, her eyebrows furrowing as she watched her brother. "You missing something, bro?" She asked, slightly amused as he ran like a chicken with his head cut off.

"Yeah, my bags," the dark skinned boy frowned. He comically opened some of the kitchen cabinets and drawers, unwarrantedly hoping his bags were in one of them.

"Here, I'll get it," Kat told her brother. She held her hands out. "Junior's bags," she called out, immediately feeling the weight of her younger brother's bags in her arms. "Oof," she groaned. "Geez, Junior, what do you carry in here, bricks?"

"Um excuse me, personal gain!" Paige reprimanded her twins.

"Gotta go," Henry Jr kissed his sister's cheeks, the top of his mother's head, and fist bumped his father before grabbing his bag from his sister and walking out of the kitchen, and out of the house.

The twins placed their bowls in the sink then turned to face their mother.

"If you didn't like that, then you're not gonna like this, mom," Kat said sheepishly as she orbed out of the home.

"Sorry mom. Love you!" Tamora orbed away.

Paige sighed. "Will we ever reign those girls in?" She asked her husband.

Henry Sr laughed at his wife. "No, probably not."

Paige shook her head, smiling at her wonderful husband. "I'm sorry for not coming home last night," she frowned, grabbing his hand.

Henry Sr turned his hand over, allowing his wife to hold his hand. "Hey, it's okay," he said gently, his thumb rubbing circles on the back of Paige's hand. "I get it," he told her. "Your charges are important, just like my own personal charges are important. If no one else gets it, I do," he told her firmly. "You don't need to apologize every time you stay with a charge. You've done it almost the past 20 years of our marriage and you do it still now. I married you because of that heart of yours. Always caring and always balancing your worlds perfectly. You are fine," he stood up, grabbing her face and kissing her. "I have to go to work. I love you," he told her. "Get some sleep."

"I love you too," Paige told her husband, watching him place his bowl in the sink. "So much," she sighed in happiness as her eyes followed his still amazing looking backside out of the kitchen. She smiled to herself, spinning her wedding ring around her ring finger. She certainly was lucky. All she wanted in her life was a family, and she got that. Then when she found out she was a witch, all she wanted was a man who accepted her with her magic and she found that with Henry. He gave her three beautiful children, two of her own, and one adopted, something she'd always wanted to do because she herself was adopted. Thankfully both she and her husband were adopted and shared in the goal of adopting a child, and they got Henry Jr. She was truly happy. Destiny had blessed her and all of her sisters so very well, with everything they wanted and everything they never even knew they wanted.

A woman with long curly blonde brown hair slid things around in her mauve velvet shoulder bag. She bit her plump pink lip as the shrilling sound of her cell phone ringtone repeated again and again. "I gotta change that dumb sound," she muttered before returning her teeth to her bottom lip. The hand in her bag connected with something smooth, cold and metal. Her lips lifted in a smile, grasping the item, only to be let down. "Keys," she spat. She felt around again, again feeling something smooth, cold and metal. She grasped it, making sure it was her phone. And if by the vibrating pulses it gave out, it was. "Aha!" She cheered, pulling the communication device out of her bag. The annoying ringtone got louder as she grimaced. She tapped her phone, placing it to her ear. "'Lo?" She coughed.

"Hey Winnie!" A cheerful voice cried out from the other line. "Are you doing anything today?"

"Um," Winnie looked around at her surroundings, sitting on a stone behind a wishing well. She watched people walk around, some with phones to their ears, some with spouses, some with kids, some alone. The sounds of cars whooshing up and down the roads around the small park, birds chirping, the sounds of nature around her. "Not really. Unless you count having a date alone," she joked.

"Can you come in and help out for a class I'm subbing today?" The woman on the phone asked. "The school's having a meeting with me to see if they want to hire me as a teacher and not a sub, but the meeting takes place during a class I'm having. Do you mind…?" The woman's voice trailed off at the end.

Winnie smiled. "I'll come in. Baker High School, right?"

"Yes! Thank you so much Winnie, I owe you!"

Winnie laughed, shaking her head as she hung up the phone call. She sighed, throwing her phone back into her shoulder bag. She got up, walking over to where she parked her car.

Winnie walked into a hallway, following the ever familiar trek in the school. It'd been about 6 years since she step foot in Baker High. The smell didn't change. The paint didn't either, judging by the scrape of paint that everyone claimed looked like a giraffe. The young girl counted the lockers, tapping each one until she found her old one. She stopped in her tracks and smiled at the nostalgia. She gave her old locker a loving pat and continued to make her way down to the classroom that her friend was teaching. She approached room 248 and rapped her knuckles on the open door. "Hey Stacey," she smiled at her blonde friend, watching the class working together in groups of threes.

"Hey Winnie," the tall blonde approached her and gave her a small hug. "Thanks so much for coming. I let the school know that you're a teacher's aide and they're okay with it. I have to go because I'm late." She was frazzled, trying to grab her folders full of paperwork.

"So what do I have to do?" Winnie asked, watching the kids write on paper and some had out thesauruses and dictionaries. "This is a summer program right?" She dipped her head, removing her shoulder bag.

"Yeah, for poetry," Stacey informed her friend. "Most of them have sports or play practice after." She rapped her stack of papers on the table, straightening them.

"In the summer?" Winnie laughed.

Stacey raised an eyebrow. "Says the one who got her associates degree when she graduated high school," she ticked off one finger. "Did as many summer programs as she could," another finger ticked off. "And did almost all of the extracurricular clubs possible," she challenged her friend. "Oh, let's not forget you started school early so you were already ahead of everyone in your age range." Stacey laughed.

Winnie smiled and joined in her friend's laughter. "Okay, you have a point. But I was an overachiever! You can't blame me," she pointed out. "So what do you need me to do?" She asked, regarding the class.

"Just watch over them, help them as they need it," Stacey explained, putting on her black blazer. "They're high schoolers," she gave the blonde brown woman a look. "They're not gonna need much, but when they do, just...answer them accordingly," she waved her hands out. "You know how we were in school."

Winnie nodded. "Unfortunately I do," she wrinkled her nose.

Stacey gave her a smile. "Okay class," she clapped her hands. "This is Winnie. She's the teacher's aide come to help you guys out while I'm in a meeting. Same rules apply for her as it did to me," she gave them a stern look. "Respect and all that jazz," she rolled her eyes. "She's really good at rhyming so she'll be helpful for the project. Please be nice," she begged. "I don't know if I'll be back by the time you leave and if I'm not, have a good rest of your day." She started to make her way out.

"Bye Miss Miller," some of the students waved.

"So what should we call you?" One red haired boy asked.

Winnie walked over to the front of the table and leaned back on it. "It doesn't matter," she shrugged. "Winnie, Miss Turner. Whatever feels comfortable to you guys."

The class nodded and got back to their work. Winnie watched with a smile on her face as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"So which shipments are delayed? Liquor, soft drinks, or drink mixes?" Chris sat at the bar, different papers in his hands. He held his face in his hands, hoping that it wasn't the liquor that was delayed or else he'd have a hard time trying to open the club later that night.

"Drink mixes," the lead bartender informed the brown haired man.

Chris let out a sigh of relief. "Thank god. That's fine, Charlie." He sifted through a few papers before finding the one he wanted. "We just won't serve special drink mixes tonight. Did the delivery man tell you when the shipment would come in?" He held his pen at the ready.

"Ronnie said it'd come by tomorrow or Friday," Charlie said as he cleaned a few glasses. "He wasn't exactly sure; the distributor didn't really tell him why it was delayed either."

Chris groaned, writing down that piece of information on his paper. "I might change suppliers. That's the third time this month that this company's done this," he shook his head. "And it's only the second week of July."

Charlie's dark eyebrows furrowed in worry, stopping his cleaning movements. "Does that mean Ronnie won't be delivering anymore?"

Chris let out a chuckle. "No. I'm just changing suppliers. You and Ronnie are free to play this 'do I like you or not' game for a little while longer," he shook his head, smiling at the silliness of one of his employees.

Charlie gave Chris a sardonic smile. "Leave our foreplay alone, it's how we'll get to be in our relationship together. It's an amazing story we'll tell our kids," he smiled, putting the glasses back in their original location.

Chris arched an eyebrow. "So hopeful already? You and Ronnie aren't even dating yet," he informed his barkeep.

"I know what I feel and how I feel," Charlie stuck his tongue out at the new owner of P3. "On another note, when the hell are we gonna get you a girlfriend, Halliwell? Or are you joining the other team," he wriggled his eyebrows. "Because I'll convince Ronnie to be polyamorous for you. It won't take much convincing," he laughed. "You're quite the eye pleaser," he jokingly purred.

Chris joined him in joyful laughter. "No, I'm not 'joining the other team'," he told him. "And I don't need a girlfriend, I'm fine. Please don't turn into my mother," he begged. "I'm just not in the mood to date right now. I have the club to worry about right now." For emphasis, he lifted up the stacks of paper in front of him.

"Okay? But it's not like you have anything else going for you right now," Charlie argued. "It's a nightclub, you only need to work at night. Therefore you have a whole day's worth of time to find and woo a girl. It's not like you're in school or have another job to do," he shrugged.

"Yes, I do," Chris furrowed his brows.

"What?" Charlie asked.

Realization dawned on Chris as he realized that he's said too much. Charlie definitely did not know that Chris was a whitelighter/witch. And it needs to stay that way. "Uh, I help Wyatt," which wasn't a lie.

Charlie was confused. "With what?"

"Um, counseling," Chris spat out. "He counsels with our Uncle Henry sometimes and when he can't get through to a few of them, he calls me," he lied easily.

"Oh," Charlie nodded, accepting of Chris' answer. "Your family is so selfless. You, your siblings, your mom and dad. All of you are so great," he suddenly said. "I guess I just want to see you find happiness like you deserve," the man shrugged.

"Thanks Charlie," Chris said sincerely. He'd always liked the barkeep. That's why he hired him. It was one of his first decisions when his mom gave the club to him. He wanted to have a friend around that was trustworthy and give him the absolute truth, even if it hurt.

Charlie and Chris both attended school together and were often in the same classes. Chris defended Charlie after a group of boys tried to get on Charlie for being gay. Another time, Charlie defended Chris back when the same group of boys tried to bully Chris when they brought in old pictures of his Aunt Phoebe. Charlie confided in Chris, telling the witchlighter that his parents wouldn't send him to college unless he chose to be a lawyer, but Charlie wanted to go for fashion design. So after high school, Charlie enrolled in bartending classes, saving enough money to put himself through school. As soon as Chris had P3 in his name, he hired Charlie, knowing that he was a great bartender and a great assist to the club. And most importantly, a great friend.

In a cemetery, not far from downtown San Francisco, a cloak covered figure could be seen digging in an open space. They were hunched over while digging, but also had a slight camel's hunch on their back as well. They groaned each time they had to bend over to dig out more dirt. Thud. The figure's head tilted. They tried digging again. Thud. Tink! The figure knocked it's shovel against the blockage a few times. Tink! Tink! Tink! The figure looked around before using telekinesis to lift up the blockage.

It was a box.

The hunchback opened the box and turned it upside down. It watched as ashes flew out from the object onto the ground. They threw the box to the side once it was empty. The figure leaned against the handle of the shovel as they waited.

Wind came across the cemetery, blowing across all of the tombstones, coming closer to the figure. It blew across the ashes on the dirt - then it circled back around the ashes. Circling and circling like a tornado until the ashes lifted up into its vortex. The ashes formed together, first making what looked like a cloud, then coming together to make a person.

"Who unearthed me?" The demon grimaced, looking around its settings.

"Don't worry about that," the gravelly voice of the hunchback figure said. "Find the Halliwell brothers - and Winnie Turner." The figure waved its veiny hand, watching as its magic worked on the lazarus demon. "You should know where to find them now."

"Hi, Miss Winnie?" Peyton Halliwell walked up to the desk that the tan skinned woman was sitting on. "Can you help us?"

"Yeah, sure," Winnie followed the dark brunette haired girl to the group of desks corresponding to the student's group. "What's up?"

"We're having trouble finding rhymes," one girl spoke up, her abnormal pink hair surprising Winnie.

"So this is for poetry, right?" At the nod of the girl's, Winnie continued. "Okay, so what's your issue?" She pulled a desk up to the small group and sat on the chair to be involved in their group.

"We can't seem to find a rhyme for this word," Peyton looked up, her eyes meeting Winnie's and her jaw dropped. "Y-your eyes," she breathed in wonder. She had violet eyes.

Winnie smiled slightly. "Yeah, I know," she giggled. "No one in my family knew where they came from but they're there," she shrugged. "But you know poetry doesn't necessarily have to rhyme, right? There's haikus, limericks, stanzas. A lot of poetry doesn't rhyme."

"Yeah, but we need it to rhyme," the third partner stressed. She had black frizzy hair, frizzy most likely due to the fact that her hair was naturally curly, but the girl had used a low voltage straightening iron on her hair.

"For what?" Winnie inquired.

"For a spell," the pink haired girl blurted out. Her hands went to her mouth.

Winnie's eyebrows shot up to her forehead. "A spell?" She blinked.

"Isis!" Peyton pushed her pink friend's shoulder, her eyes wide with horror.

"We're writing a story," the black haired girl smiled easily. "About witches. So we need spells. Lots and lots of spells," she grinned.

Winnie arched a brow. So she was the talented liar of the group. "Okay..." she smiled at the girls. "Do you mind if I see?" She held her hands out.

Peyton, who held the notebook with the working spell in front of her, bit her lip. She was clearly hesitant to give this new person her book. It's bad enough she somehow convinced Isis and Layla to help her write a spell under the guise of writing a story. But something in her told her that she could trust this violet haired stranger. Her energy felt familiar to her, honest. Show her... a soft voice blew through Peyton's ears. She blinked, her eyes shifting to her friends to see if they heard it to. Judging by their reactions, they didn't. You can trust her. The warm voice said again. Peyton's lips shifted to the side of her mouth shyly as she slowly handed the notebook to Winnie.

Winnie nodded and smiled slightly at the girl, sensing how hard it was for her to do that. "Thank you," she said gratefully. "Before I check it out, what is your intention?"

Peyton's head jerked back as if she was stunned. "What do you mean?"

"Your intention?" Winnie asked. She crossed her legs in the desk chair as best as she could. "Spells typically have an intention, something to give it its power. So that the spell knows what you want it to do," she explained simply.

Isis and Layla turned to their best friend, the one who had the idea to write a story about witches.

"Uh, well," Peyton stammered as she scrambled to come up with a believable excuse. She took a minute to think, realizing that it was best to go with some form of the truth. "There are three witches...that are related. There's a spell that they use to vanqu-uh, get rid of the dem-bad guys. It's only one line, but it only works for the three sist-uh, family members. But they have children that need to use the spell, but can't. Because the spell is only meant for the original three," she roughly explained.

Winnie nodded, reading over the spell. She raised an eyebrow slightly, trying not to give away her reaction to the young girls. "The power of three will set us free," she read. She took a minute to think. "So the power of three is these original...family members?"

"Yes," Peyton nodded. "We were trying to reword the spell, maybe add on another line so that it can work for the children and other descendants of the family. Just in case they need it," she shrugged. She tapped her pen on the desk, her leg shaking as she continued to form her small web of little lies. "But every time we add on a line or change the words, it doesn't work."

"The spell doesn't work?" Winnie tried to hide her smirk.

"In the story!" Peyton yelled, trying to cover up her tracks. "The spell doesn't work in the story," she gave a sour smile to the teacher's aide. "It doesn't flow right, it sounds out of place," she shrugged nonchalantly, trying to pretend her obviousness earlier didn't happen.

Winnie hid her amusement in the situation, highly suspecting that this young girl was either a witch or the young girl just didn't quite realize how real her story is. "Well I think you should leave the spell as it is," she said simply. "I think the spell can work without changing it."

"No, it won't. We've tried it," Peyton said impatiently. She took in a deep breath to calm herself. "It doesn't fit," she said again. "It's not right."

"But it is," Winnie smiled at the girl, trying to ease the girl's growing anger. "Remember what I said? About intention?" When the three girls nodded, she continued. "If you put in the intention that you want this spell to work for the girls, have the girls believe beyond belief that it will work for them. That the spell has no option but to work for them," she offered.

"But how do you know that?" Isis asked the slightly older woman.

Winnie shrugged. "It's what I believe. Positive manifestation and all that jazz," she waved her hand slightly. "And if that doesn't work, why adapt on an old spell? The old spell will associate itself with the original three. Make a new spell for the new three," she handed the notebook back to Peyton.

Peyton nodded, thinking about what the teacher's aide said. She looked at the clock in the classroom. "Oh! We're late!" She looked around to see the classroom empty minus Winnie and her two best friends. "Thank you so much, Winnie!" She thanked her.

Winnie smiled and nodded, watching the three girls scurry to grab their things to make it on time to their play practice.

Chris and Wyatt were in an herb shop, walking amongst the eclectic aisles. The small store smelled of multiple essential oils, but not overbearing. It was pleasant.

"So do you know what demon is coming to attack?" Chris asked his brother.

Wyatt moves some jars around, trying to find a specific one. "Nope. But PJ said just to be prepared, which is why I have some premade potions," he reached into his pocket and showed his younger brother a bottle with purple vanquishing potion in it. "But we're out of pig's feet, so I want to stock up." He grabbed the jar he was looking for and smiled as he saw all of the pig's feet in them.

Chris grimaced. "Gross."

"I agree," Wyatt used the tongs and placed three pig's feet into a paper bag. "But necessary for our survival," he shrugged. "Did you ever get the delay fixed at P3?" He asked his brother as he walked over to the cashier.

"Yeah," Chris placed his herbs that he wanted for himself on the counter for checkout. "It's just the drink mixes that were delayed. I'm just not gonna have the bartenders serve special drinks. It's just gonna be liquor and sodas for tonight," he informed his brother. He nodded to the cashier in thanks as he grabbed his paper bag full of herbs. "Did the elders give you a new charge yet?" He asked as they walked out of the small shop.

"No," Wyatt furrowed his brows, walking to the car and having it automatically unlocking the doors as he walked by with the key fob. "And they don't know why…" he sat in his car.

"What do you mean?" Chris sounded just as puzzled as his brother felt.

"They want to give me a new charge, but they aren't," Wyatt said. "It's like they can't. Every time they try to give me one, I don't get the ringing feeling in my ears, and the call bounces to another whitelighter."

Chris narrowed his eyes in thought. "That doesn't sound too good," he mused. "It sounds like there's bigger powers at play when it comes to whoever your new charge is."

Wyatt rolled his eyes. "Great. Of course there is." He began his drive back to the manor, abnormally deciding to take some back roads. He narrowed his eyes as a wave of...something came over him. "Did you feel that?" He asked his brother.

Chris furrowed his brows. "Feel what?"

Wyatt frowned. "That energy change."

Chris pursed his lips, closing his eyes to take a moment to feel the energy around him. His head lowered in concentration as he tried to sense it. His shoulders tensed up and he lifted his head up. "What is that?"

"I don't know, but it's not good," the Twice Blessed man's fingers tightened on the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white from the ischemic compression.

Both Halliwell men became on alert, their eyes shifting every which way on this small back road, waiting for something to coming.

Suddenly, a wind came across the distant road ahead of them, bringing with it ashes. The ashes formed together to make a man in torn clothes, standing directly in front of the car.

Wyatt instinctively turned the wheel violently, swerving across the road. It was instinctive in him to do so, subconsciously thinking it was a human running in the road. But it wasn't. It was a demon. That he hit anyway. Wyatt had to hold the wheel tight as to not lose control of the car.

The demon ashed away and his ashes started flying into the car. He reformed in the back seat. He squeezed his hand around air, causing the seatbelt to tighten around Chris' neck. His other hand did the same to Wyatt's seatbelt, watching as the car swerved around even more as the eldest Halliwell boy released one hand from the wheel to grab at his neck.

Wyatt, as he was choking, decided to slam on the brakes, trying to save the lives of himself and his brother.

Chris grabbed at his neck as he gasped for air. He knew he had to do something so he removed his other hand. He did a motion he rarely liked to use, his hand squeezed in the air, the image of the demon's throat in his head. In his mind's eye, he visualized the demon's muscles tightening, moving closer together. He imagined the tendons stretching past their origin, the bones bending and snapping. His eyes narrowed in concentration as his hand tightened closer together. He heard the demon choke and gasp for air. Shifting his eyes to reality, he saw the demon struggle to breath, then explode into ashes. Immediately the grip on his seatbelt released and he gasped for air. He shut his eyes as the red hot pain in his neck surged in all at once. "You..." he gasped for air. "Okay?" He asked his brother.

"Mhm," Wyatt nodded, grabbing at his own neck. His other head went up to his forehead, wiping away the slight sweat that was there. He looked through the windshield and his jaw dropped. "Oh, no. You've gotta be kidding me," he groaned.

"What?" Chris asked him.

Wyatt pointed out of the windshield. "The demon," he breathlessly said, in shock.

Chris turned his head to see the demon reforming once again. "Are you serious?" He clicked his seatbelt and removed it violently. He wrenched open his car door and stomped over to the demon. He used his telekinesis to throw the demon back more.

"Damn you!" The demon yelled. "You can't escape me Halliwell boys!" He waved his arm again, causing Chris to fly back.

Wyatt followed his brother, albeit a little more calmly, out of the car. Watching the demon land roughly on the ground as a cause of his brother's powers, he lifted his hands and sent a jolt of energy. A orange wave emanated from his hands, rolling towards the demon and causing it to burst into ashes. He watched as the ashes didn't reform this time, but instead moved as if a wind took it away.

"That's not enough," Chris groaned as he stood up.

"We're gonna have to chase this demon down," Wyatt grimaced. He shook his head, suddenly hearing ringing in his ear. He placed his middle finger in his ear and shook it. It still didn't go away.

"Bastard," Chris spat, beginning the chase for the demon.

"Chris," Wyatt ran and addressed his brother. "There's ringing in my ear."

"Oh great, now we have to deal with your charge on top of this?" Chris grimaced as he ran. "Just another Halliwell day," he muttered.

Winnie straightened up the desks back into rows, from when the students circled them around each other. She was alone in the room, the students all gone to their extracurricular activities. Her friend messaged her, letting her know that she was still in the meeting but that Winnie could leave anytime she wanted.

Winnie was getting ready to leave when she sensed...something. She rolled her neck, trying to roll away the feeling. She tensed up, her shoulders lifting closer to her ears subconsciously.

If she noticed, she would've seen ashes blowing in from the small space underneath the closed door. If she noticed, she would've seen the ashes coming together, forming to corporealize. If she noticed, she would've seen the demon lift his arm and wave it, throwing her against the wall. But she didn't.

Landing on her back and neck, Winnie grabbed the back of her head which was now throbbing in pain. She looked up to see a filthy looking demon glaring down at her. "Oh, you are so lucky that the students are gone," she hissed, waving her arm to make the demon fly with her telekinesis. She quickly got up, her eyes narrowing at the fallen demon. She shook out her hand, concentrating on flowing energy down. It worked as an energy ball formed in her hand.

The demon's eyes widened. "You're a demon?!" He yelled.

Winnie gave him a mocking smile. "Just half of me is," she threw the ball at the demon, watching him blow up into ashes. "Huh," she pouted. "Ashes instead of flames, that's new," she shrugged. She rubbed at her shirt, wiping away any dust or ashes from the vanquish. She walked back over to the desk, tidying up.

Again, if the young half demon noticed, she would've seen the recently vanquished ashes reform once again into the same demon as before. But she didn't.

"Winnie!" The demon growled.

Winnie's eyes widened as she spun around to see the same demon she just vanquished well and alive. "What the hell? You're back?" She gasped.

"Creature didn't tell me you were a demon!" The demon yelled. He grabbed a desk and threw it towards the young woman. He smirked in disgusting glee as the metal desk hit the girl in the stomach and she violently fell back.

"Creature shouldn't know that because I'm half demon," the girl hissed again. "Shouldn't you be in a cemetery?" Winnie got up, groaning as she grasped her stomach in pain. She placed her hand underneath her shirt and touched her stomach. Removing her hand, she looked at the scarlet colored fluid covering her fingers. She clenched her fist in anger then opened it, creating an energy ball as she did so. "Come and find me," she teased darkly as she shimmered away.

Winnie shimmered to the back of the high school where she knew it to be empty. She closed her eyes, sensing for the demon. Her eyes opened as she felt the energy around her change. She could hear the ashes sliding across the air and held her energy ball tighter. She watched the demon corporealize. Once it did, she hurled the ball at it, watching it explode in ashes once more. She decided to make it chase her.

"C'mon Chris, he's around the corner!" Wyatt Halliwell yelled to his younger brother. They were currently chasing down a demon that tried to attack them in their car on the way home from grabbing some supplies at the herb shop. He ashed in the car and tried to telekinetically crash the car. While Wyatt instinctively grabbed the wheel to control the car, Chris telekinetically crushed the demon's heart. After the demon was vanquished, the Halliwell brothers thought they were in the clear, but then the demon ashed back into the middle of the road again. Wyatt ran him over and parked the car, the brothers beginning the chase. While running, Wyatt orbed home quickly to grab a potion from their stockpile in the manor and orbed back to see his brother kill the demon again. But like before, the demon resurrected himself.

"Here, take the potion!" Wyatt yelled as he orbed the potion to Chris since he was closer.

Chris felt the weight of the bottle land in his hand and he tightened his grip on it. He was about to turn the corner when he could hear grunting and shouting - male (most likely their demon) and female. He stopped in his tracks and let out a silent grunt as his brother ran into his back. "He's got an innocent," he whispered as he heard the innocent woman and the demon battle.

"Let's go," Wyatt nodded, knowing their duty to be done. He turned the corner and again stopped in his tracks, shocked by what he saw.

A girl, a woman, their age was fighting their demon. Kicking their ass was more like it. She had a tan complexion and long curly blonde-brown hair. She had a curvy build but was small in height. She had the demon hunched over as she lifted her leg in the air and brought her leg down on his back in a wicked kick.

The demon cursed as he grabbed his athame from his side. He kicked the girl on her side and grabbed her from behind as he held the athame to her neck. The girl spun in her arms and jumped in the air, levitating away from him.

"S-s-she levitated," Wyatt pointed at her, blinking in shock. "Chris, the ringing's gone away," he turned to his brother.

Chris, always the quicker brother, nodded. "She's magical." And beautiful, he thought to himself. He shook his head. Focus on the demon, he told himself. He ran into the alleyway to try to help her.

"Wha - Chris!" Wyatt shouted after his brother and ran after him.

"Athame," Chris called for the knife.

When the ceremonial knife was away from the demon, the girl levitated back down, jumping on the demon's back. The demon grabbed her sides and flipped her over, slamming her on the ground.

"Wyatt, the potion!" Chris orbed the potion back to his brother as he grabbed the girl from the demon. He grabbed her waist and pulled her aside, pushing her into the brick wall behind them, shielding her from the inevitable explosion. He pushed her head into his neck and shielded her with his body, pressing up against her in protection from any...demon projectiles flying towards her.

"No!" The girl shouted, twisting and turning against Chris' tight grip. "He's gonna get away!" Her hands pushed at his waist as she fought against him.

Glass broke and liquid flew as Wyatt threw the potion - to no reaction from the demon. "What the hell?" Wyatt questioned.

The demon sneered. "Stupid Halliwells, didn't your mother teach you anything?" He laughed. "You can't kill me," he told the boys. He turned to the girl. "I'll be back for you Winnie, for the Halliwell boys," he gave the girl and brothers an evil look. He fell into a pile of ashes as he teleported away.

The girl, Winnie, slumped against Chris as she groaned. "You idiots," she sighed. "He can't be vanquished with a potion. He's a lazarus demon," she explained. "And get off of me," she pushed Chris' body away from hers. "What kind of witches don't know that?" She rolled her eyes at them and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Lazarus demon? Don't they have to be buried to stop them?" Chris asked Winnie, barely getting his footing together after she pushed him off. She was strong. And still so beautiful and fierce, even in the face of a demon, he again thought to himself.

"Yes-" Wyatt and Winnie spoke at the same time.

Wyatt, ever the gentleman, motioned for the girl to go first.

"Lazarus demons have to be buried in a cemetery to get rid of them," Winnie sighed as her hands shifted to her back pockets. "Nothing can officially kill them. Not a potion, not an athame, nothing."

Wyatt nodded, cosigning her information. After she told them about the demon, he could suddenly see the page from the Book of Shadows in his mind's eye. "They get stronger the longer they're surfaced. Mom and the Aunts battled them once or twice. I can't believe I forgot about them," he shook his head.

Chris nodded, accepting the information and trusted his brother's word. But, pushing away his growing attractiveness to her, his paranoid mind raced. His head tilted at the girl. "So why were you after him?"

Winnie raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest. "I could ask you the same thing," she gave him a challenging smile. She scrunched her nose up, playfully mocking the youngest Halliwell boy.

Wyatt and Chris looked to one another, using their sibling connection to determine what to do. They weren't sure if they could trust Winnie (they couldn't determine if she was a demon or a witch like them). Wyatt raised his brows at his brother which in turn Chris shook his head at. Chris narrowed his eyes as Wyatt pleaded with a sigh. The Twice Blessed begged his brother with his eyes to accept this girl; he could tell that she was going to be important. Especially seeing how his younger brother just gravitated towards her. Chris sighed in resignation and nodded.

Chris turned to Winnie. "He tried to attack us in our car," he explained. "You?"

Winnie narrowed her eyes and observed the boys. She sighed and lifted up her shirt to show her bruised and bleeding stomach. "That bastard found me at the school I volunteered at. When I was fighting him, he threw a metal desk at me." She pulled down her shirt. "And you two geniuses let him get away."

Chris furrowed his eyebrows. "Um, if you didn't notice, he almost got you," he told her. "I called the athame to me. We saved you." He gave her a mocking smile, turning the tables back on her.

Winnie tilted her head, throwing him the same smile back. "Didja now? How did you save me? With that oh-so successful potion you threw? Yeah, my hero," she sneered sarcastically. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a demon to bury."

"Wait," Wyatt called out. He held his hand out. "I have healing powers. Can I heal you?" He asked.

"Wyatt, we don't even know if she's to be trusted," Chris reprimanded his older brother, his rational mind coming back to him. He was trying to push away his hormonal mind and feelings towards her.

Winnie rolled her eyes. "I can be trusted. I'm a witch. Well half witch, at least," she shrugged. "Will you allow your brother off your leash and let him heal me now?" She asked Chris rhetorically as she lifted up her shirt.

Wyatt smiled in amusement at the bickering Winnie and Chris and walked up to her, hovering his hand over her stomach. He felt the familiar warm healing sensation go through him, to his hand, to Winnie's stomach and watched her wound go away. "Your name's Winnie, right? That's what the demon said."

"Yeah, I'm Winnie," she smiled at them as she looked down at her painfree stomach. "You're handy to have around. When you're not using the wrong potion to vanquish a demon," she teased Wyatt who laughed in acceptance. "Chris, Wyatt, right?" She pointed to each of them as she addressed them.

"Right," Chris looked to his brother, hoping beyond hope that she wouldn't guess their second identities as part of the Charmed legacy. Usually other witches - and demons - would've figured it out by now. The lazarus demon even gave her a head start by saying their last name.

Winnie nodded and clapped her hands. "Well, it was nice meeting you. Thanks for the healing, but I've got me a demon's ass to kick and then bury."

"Wait!" Wyatt called out again. "Why don't we...bury him together?" He shrugged and gestured to he and his brother. "He's not only pissed you off, but us. Bastard probably dulled my tires down with all the swerving I had to do," he muttered, sounding much like his mother as he did so. "None of us are gonna stop until he's buried, so we might as well just join together."

Winnie looked at the boys in speculation before pushing her lower lip out in a thoughtful pout. "Fine," she acquiesced. "But I get to scry for him," she took the athame from Chris' hand. He'd picked it up when he tried to protect Winnie.

Chris took the athame back. "At our place." He smirked at her.

Winnie narrowed her eyes at him. "Fine, fine," she finally gave Chris a warm smile, noticing his shining green eyes. She giggled as Chris slightly blushed and looked down.

Wyatt parked the car in the long driveway of the manor. "My mom and dad should be home. Melinda might be at another one of her college parties," he rolled his eyes at Winnie through the rear view mirror. "Melinda's more focused on college than magic right now," he shook his head as he opened his door.

"Stupid," Chris muttered under his breath. He opened his own door and turned to see Winnie struggling with her door. He smiled and waved his arm, telekinetically opening her door for her. "The door sticks," he smiled at her as she faced him since she was on his side of the car.

Winnie laughed. "Thanks," she told the brunette haired man as she looked up at him. God, he's so tall, she thought. And his eyes...his lips...he's so, she thought to herself. Perfect, she outwardly smiled at her thoughts and Chris' apperance.

Wyatt shook his head, smiling, watching as his brother tried to fight his attractiveness to Winnie. "Personal gain," he singsonged to his brother in amusement.

Winnie smiled as she playfully shook her head at Chris. "Naughty, naughty," she narrowed her eyes at him as she teased. She gave him a wink as she followed Wyatt up the small stairs to their front door.

Chris smiled, licked his lips, and looked down. He nodded in acceptance as he followed the two.

"Whoa," Winnie breathed as she walked into the iconic pink manor. She looked all around her, taking in the beautiful wallpaper and the interior designs of the manor. "This is beautiful. And big," her eyes were wide. Her jaw was agape in wonder.

"Thank you, kind woman that my sons brought home," Piper Halliwell stood by the dining room table. "My beautiful sons, why did you bring a pretty lady home? Is there something you want to tell me?" She smiled, all her teeth showing her displeasure.

Chris smiled at his mother's overprotectiveness. "Don't worry, mom. Winnie's a witch," he nodded to the short blonde-brown haired woman. He began to explain their earlier ordeal with the lazarus demon. "We followed him into the alley, wher-"

"Where Winnie was kicking some major ass," Wyatt interrupted to give Winnie some props. He grinned.

Winnie smiled, rolling her eyes. "And where your sons forgot that lazarus demons can't be vanquished, you can only bury them. So imagine my surprise when Wyatt throws a silly little potion at the demon, causing him to get away." She teased the tall blond man.

Wyatt playfully frowned. "Hey, I forgot that lazarus demons even existed. It's been so long since one surfaced. Probably before I was even born," he looked to his mom for confirmation.

Piper nodded in the affirmative. "You're right, honey. The last time was at Phoebe's fir-" she looked up, stopping herself as she remembered that they didn't like to mention Phoebe's first husband. "Was a long, long time ago." She pursed her lips then furrowed her eyebrows. "Who unearthed a lazarus demon? And why were they after you three?" She started to get worried about her sons, and in turn, this young witch as well.

Wyatt and Chris shrugged and looked to Winnie for an explanation.

Winnie shrugged as well. "I don't know. He popped into the school I volunteer at and I didn't want him hurting the children. Luckily they were on lunch break, otherwise it would've been bad," she shook her head, trying to shake away the mental images of the kids being scared to death. "He knew my name," she said curiously. "I've never even known a lazarus demon and I don't think my mom did either." She pouted her bottom lip out in contemplation.

"Wait, he knew your name? Just out of nowhere?" Piper walked up to Winnie, her hands outstretched as if to grab her close. "That's not normal," she looked to her son, alarmed. "Lazarus demons don't know that magical go ons of this world unless whomever unearthed them tells them and has an ulterior motive. Especially if there was no reason to attack you," she told Winnie.

Chris frowned as he realized his mother was right. "He knew our last name too," his eyes shifted to his brother.

Piper sighed deeply and ran her hands across her face. "So that means someone unearthed the lazarus demon and gave him information about you three for whatever benefit they want," she shook her head. "Did they say anything about Melinda or 'The Charmed Ones'?" Her voice took on a mocking tone as she repeated her and her sister's commonly known identity.

Wyatt shook his head. "No, none of you guys. Just 'the Halliwell boys' and Winnie," he repeated what the demon said.

"Wait, The Charmed Ones?" Winnie asked, confused. She blinked, "what do you mean by the Charmed Ones?" She looked at Piper and her sons for answers.

Piper's head swiveled to her sons. "She doesn't know?" Her eyes were wide.

Wyatt's eyes were also widened in alarm. "We thought she knew?" He turned to his younger brother.

Chris was stammering. "I-I don't know. I thought everyone knew about us...and the Charmed Ones." He stared at Winnie carefully, waiting for her reaction.

Winnie was taken aback as she stared between the boys and Piper. Realization dawned upon her. "Oh my god," she whispered more to herself. "You're a Charmed One," she said to Piper before turning to Wyatt and Chris. "And you two are her sons. Her very, very magical sons," her eyes widened, suddenly very scared for her life. What the hell am I getting myself into? Winnie, abort, abort! Her mind whispered to herself.

Piper smiled, surprising the three young adults. "Well...I'm glad you didn't befriend my children due to their magical heritage like most other magical beings do," she walked up to the young girl and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, squeezing it in a half hug. "I like her," she approved, smiling at her sons. She laughed at their amusement. "Let's check the Book of Shadows."

"Wait, the Book of Shadows?" Winnie asked, staring between the two brothers and their Charmed mother. "As in the most magical tome in all the world?"

Piper was amused as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Yes. The very same."

Chris furrowed his eyebrows. "Why are you so surprised? Everyone knows that the Charmed Ones own the Book of Shadows."

Winnie thought for a bit, then nodded. "To be fair, I only just put together that you," she pointed to Piper. "Are a Charmed One. And that you two," she pointed to the boys. "Were her famed sons."

Piper smiled kindly. "She is right, you know," she turned to her sons. "About that and also about the lazarus demon," she brought their attention back to the problem at hand. "We just need to check the book; I wrote the last place we buried them in there." She explained and began up the long trek up the stairs, hearing the footfalls of the three young adults behind her. As she reached the attic, she let her sons and the girl they found lead ahead.

"Whoa," Winnie looked all around at the attic in amazement. "This is so cool." Her eyes traveled around everywhere as she spotted more and more witchy things. "I only have a super cramped old nursery for my stuff," she breathed. Her eyes then landed on the iconic big green book. "Holy hell, that's huge," she laughed as she followed Wyatt and Chris to the book.

Wyatt smiled at her enthusiasms looked over the top of the small woman's head to his brother. He nodded to Chris. "Go ahead, open it," he smiled. He wished that he could feel her reaction to the book. He's grown up with it all his life and didn't get the chance to have that type of reaction.

Winnie looked up at him, worried. "Oh I don't know...are you sure?" She looked from him to Chris to Piper. "This is your family's very, very, very important book." Her eyes were wide again.

Wyatt shrugged. "Your demon, you look it up," he told her. He slightly pushed her shoulder with his arm. "Go," he whispered more soothingly, giving her an encouraging smile.

Winnie bit her lip nervously and breathed in deeply. She placed her hand on the book and felt a slight shock. "Ow!" She retracted her hand and rubbed it.

Chris' eyes immediately flashed to his mother's worriedly. Winnie couldn't be a demon, could she? His brow furrowed with concern. God, it would just be his luck if he crushed on a demon. Just like many of the members in his family.

Demons were nowhere on Wyatt's mind. He was none the wiser of his mother and little brother's mental conversation. He wrapped an arm around Winnie's shoulder. "You okay?" He felt protective of her. Especially with her being his new charge.

Winnie smiled up at Wyatt. "Yeah, just static shock," she explained as she shook her shocked hand slightly. "You guys have carpets everywhere." She joked and opened the book again. "How do I know where to find this demon? You guys have a lot of them in this book," she flipped through the many, many pages.

"Just flip through it, sweetie," Piper called out to Winnie, giving her a cautionary look before looking to Chris. She and her second son were on the same wave when the book shocked her but the book seemed to let her in now. She couldn't be a demon or else the book would've shot away from her grip when she touched it again, but it didn't do it. Piper narrowed his eyes slightly at Chris. Keep an eye on her, her eyes read.

Chris nodded as he watched his mother leave the attic. He turned his attention back onto Winnie and Wyatt. "Wait, wait. There it is," he flipped back a few pages. "Lazarus demon," he pointed to the page holding the title.

Winnie leaned down to read the words, pushing her hair behind her ears as she did so. "*Rare, high-level Demons with Telekinetic powers. When vanquished they will continue to reconstitute until their remains are buried in a cemetery. Lazarus Demons gain strength the longer they are out of cemetery ground. Once buried they will stay dormant until they are dug out of the earth again." She read. She smacked Chris' chest. "Told you," she gave him a mocking look. "My family's Book of Shadows may not be the Charmed Book of Shadows, but it has some decent information."

Wyatt laughed at her teasing. "When were they last buried?"

Winnie looked to the book. "2002, at the cemetery a few blocks from here," she shrugged. "So now we just have to wait for this demon to show up. Have a box or a bottle?" She asked.

"For what?" Chris asked.

Winnie looked at him weirdly. "To put the demon's ashes in so we can take it over to the cemetery," she said like it was obvious.

Wyatt nodded as he searched through the attic for an empty box. During his search, he looked up to his brother and Winnie, "we might need mom to freeze the ashes so the demon doesn't regenerate on the way."

Chris raised an eyebrow. "Or we can just orb over there and if the demon regenerates, you blast him and kill him and we put him back into the box," he said slowly as if he were speaking to a child. "We rinse and repeat if he regenerates. Easy."

Winnie jutted her lower lip out in a pout and turned to Wyatt. "Chris has a point," she shrugged. "Easy and fast. Or we wait here, let the demon come to us, vanquish him, put him in the box and then orb to the cemetery and take care of business," she offered her own plan.

Chris shrugged and nodded his agreement with her plan.

Wyatt smiled and nodded as well. "Go flip through the book," his head lifted towards the book. "I know you want to."

Winnie looked in between the two brothers. "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to intrude in your family's...magic."

Chris, still standing next to Winnie, nudged her with his arm. "Go ahead," he smiled gently at her as he walked over to the couch and took a seat, waiting for the lazarus demon to come along. "Check the bottom of the potion cupboards, we have empty boxes from the potion bottles," he told his older brother.

Wyatt nodded and leaned down open a cabinet to check for a box.

Winnie gave both brothers a smile and waited until they turned away to begin enthusiastically flip through the book. She smiled as he found familiar spells and potions that were also in her own Book of Shadows. She inspected the entries she didn't have closely, trying to memorize the information for her own personal needs. She caressed the book, loving the feel of the generations of good magic coursing through it. She could tell the book was well cared for. She smiled as she flipped another page over, seeing a big red and black demon on the right side. She lowered the left page that she held in her left hand and upon looking at it, her breath caught in her throat. She looked up to see if the boys noticed her sharp inhale of breath; they didn't. Her breath began to speed up as she took in the pictures and information.

"*Cole's human form," it read.

Winnie blinked rapidly. She noticed Chris begin to turn around and she flipped the page again. "Got the box?" Her voice sounded confident and sure, opposite of how she felt. She told herself that she would get to the bottom of this layer.

"Yup. And now we wait," Wyatt smiled.

The room suddenly tensed up.

"Not for long," the lazarus demon ashed in from behind Winnie.

Winnie turned her head and elbowed the demon in the stomach. When he leaned over in pain, she grabbed the demon's head and flipped him over to the center of the attic.

Chris took the athame from his back pocket and threw it at the lazarus demon, stabbing him through the stomach.

Wyatt watched as the demon snarled and turned into ash. "Ashes," he called out and watched as the blue lights surrounded the ashes and flew into the cardboard box he held in his hands. "Winnie, c'mon. I'll orb with you to the cemetery so he doesn't regenerate. Chris is gonna find a tombstone for our little friend."

Winnie nodded and walked from the book stand over to Wyatt.

"Find an old one," he told his younger brother before putting his arm around Winnie's shoulder. He took in a deep breath as he orbed them to the nearby cemetery. His grip tightened on Winnie's shoulder to keep her from falling. "You okay? I know orbing is sometimes hard on first-timers. My ex-girlfriend fell when we landed," he chuckled.

Winnie shook her head; she was used to orbing...or at least something similar to it. "I'm okay," she gave him an amused smile. If only he knew... "Let's go find Chris," she walked off in search of the brown haired man.

After sometime of walking and observing the many different birth and death dates of everyone, Winnie and Wyatt finally located Chris with an already dug hole in front of a tombstone that read the date as 1850.

"Good pick," Winnie complemented Chris. "And thank you for doing most of the work," she smirked.

Chris smiled back at her. "I had some time while you guys found me," he pointed to the hole. "Wanna do the honors of dumping him in here?" He motioned for Wyatt to give the young woman the box.

Winnie tilted her head, smirked, and waved her two fingers, using her telekinesis to send the ashes into the hole. "You two aren't the only ones with telekinetic powers," she teased. She opened and stretched her palm out and lifted it in the air, causing the dirt that Chris dug to levitate. She flipped her hand over, palm down, causing the dirt to cover the ashes and fill the hole. "Bye bye lazarus," she laughed. "Well, it was nice working with you two, but now I must go," she smiled.

"Go?" Wyatt frowned. "Go where?" He questioned.

Chris hoped Wyatt would convince her to stay. He also didn't want Winnie to leave, though he couldn't explain why. I just probably think she's hot and want her to stay, he shook it off.

Winnie shrugged, looking down. She wanted to get home to question her father. "Wherever. Around," she narrowed her eyes. "Why?"

Wyatt shrugged. "It was fun getting rid of demons with you. It's usually just Chris and I since our baby sister is focusing on college more than magic." He looked at his brother and shook his head.

Chris sighed and smiled sadly. "Melinda prefers regular school to magic school," he repeated the sentiment from earlier in the night.

Winnie blinked. "Magic school?" She looked when the two and let out a dry laugh. "Right...cuz there's such a thing as that," she shook her head, smiling. "You know, cuz we're living in the Harry Potter world," she said sarcastically.

Chris furrowed his brow. "You don't know about magic school?"

"Your parents didn't tell you about magic school?" Wyatt was puzzled. Magic school was something all magical beings knew about, even demons knew about it.

Winnie shook her head. "No," she lifted her eyebrows. "My mom died when I was six and my dad was, is, a ghost." She decided to keep the more pertinent information about her dad to herself. She looked down in pain at the mention of her mother.

Wyatt's heart felt for Winnie. "Winnie...I'm so sorry," he walked over and placed an arm around her shoulders. He was blessed to not feel the loss of his family, let alone his mother, but he still felt immense empathy for her.

"So how were you raised?" Chris was confused. "Unless your dad was still alive after your mom...passed," he tried to be gentle with mentioning her mother's death.

"My dad..." She looked between them.

Chris looked to Wyatt who was still giving Winnie sad eyes. He inwardly rolled his eyes. Still cautious, despite his draw to her, he decided to keep an eye on her like his mother told him too. She could be lying, Wy, he thought to himself. Though I really hope she isn't. "How? They," he pointed to the evening sky, referring to the elders. "Would never let a ghost raise a child." He chuckled a bit at the idea.

Winnie shrugged and began to slightly tell a white lie...with some truths in it. "My dad always kept an eye on me so he didn't always have to be around. I had school and a bunch of extracurriculars, plus I got early admission into college through dual enrollment. I made myself be busy so he didn't have to come down as often. He was only there when I was home alone and had nothing to do. Which wasn't often because of all my schoolwork and after school stuff," she explained. Her mind was spinning, weaving a web of lies and truths. "Plus he couldn't help much with magic. He just showed me my mom's Book of Shadows and altar room. He told me as much as he could about magic but he wasn't a witch when he died so there wasn't much he could show me. I taught myself everything," she shrugged.

Chris looked at Winnie, admiring the woman she is. He wanted to trust her. And he did. He just wanted to make sure that Winnie wasn't a threat to his family. But he couldn't help himself as he just melted into her and her aura. He, like his older brother, felt for her. She went through too many hardships, something no one should go through, alone at least, and she came through it all in stride. She even taught herself magic, and from what Chris could tell, she was a very powerful witch. All self-taught. He was impressed, and intrigued by this woman. Not to mention, incredibly attracted to her. Her independence was also extremely attractive to him. "You're amazing," he said to her.

Wyatt was also really impressed by Winnie. Although not as impressed as Chris was. "Really, you are," he agreed.

Wyatt had an idea and vocalized it. "You should come to magic school," he suggested. "You obviously already know everything, but there's nothing wrong with enhancements. Plus if you don't need magic school, you can help teach a few classes. We help our dad with that; he's the headmaster there." He shrugged.

Winnie slowly shook her head. "I really can't..."

Chris shook his own head. "I think you should. You'd be helpful. Either in class or teaching. But only if you want," he told her. He hoped that she would take Wyatt's suggestion, if only so that he could spend more time with her.

Winnie looked between Chris and Wyatt. She thought for a moment as she pursed her lips. "Can I think about it?" She asked. "I'm used to being alone and this is the first time I've talked to people about magic. Let me get back to you," she promised.

Wyatt laughed. "And just how do you think you will be able to contact us?"

Winnie smirked and rolled her eyes. "I'll call for you one of you. I'm sure that you guys will respond," she smiled. "Now one of you orb me home," she waved her hand around.

Wyatt laughed. "I like you," he told her.

"So do I," Chris said, albeit more seriously.

Winnie bit her lip. "Jury's out on how I feel about you two," she teased. "Home please," she smiled.

Chris waved his hand, orbing her away as he and Wyatt watched the blue lights surround her. They smiled as they heard her amused voice yell out a 'thank you'. After the lights dissipated, Chris turned to his brother who had an ear splitting grin on his face. "What?"

"You like her," Wyatt had the smile of the cat that ate the canary.

"What? No I don't," Chris shook his head, exasperatingly kissing his teeth and blowing out air in his attempt to deny it.

Wyatt nodded. "Yeah you do. You're all over her," he chuckled.

"Was I? Do you think she noticed? Aw man," Chris groaned.

Wyatt guffawed. "Look at you! You're sprung! I've never seen you like this," he smiled.

Chris shook his head. "I don't know what it is, Wyatt. I can't explain it. She just makes me feel like..." he sighed deeply. "I don't know. Like my blood is on fire and I'm nervous and excited all at the same time." He shrugged. "Sometimes I don't know what to say and other times, I'm exactly on her wavelength and confident."

Wyatt wrapped his arm around his younger brother. "She intimidates you but you're drawn to her, right?" They started to walk away from the cemetery, deciding to take this time to brotherly bond and discuss girls.

Chris looked at Wyatt. "Yeah, how'd you know?" He fell into step with his brother.

Wyatt smiled slightly as he thought about someone. "It's the same way I get when I'm around Rachel."

"Rachel?" Chris furrowed his brow, the name was really familiar to him. "You mean your prom queen from high school? Isn't she off in New York doing broadway?" He asked.

"She's coming back," The Twice-Blessed child grinned widely. "A production company here asked her to join the cast of some musical. We've kept in contact since high school."

Chris narrowed his eyes as realization dawned on him. "Oh! I remember now! You had this super sick crush on her since you met her but because she was mortal, you tried to deny it. You dated Emily to try to hide your feelings," he laughed at his brother.

Wyatt rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. We all know I've been in love with Rachel since my freshman year of high school, let's rub it in," he laughed. "But yeah, that's how I got, and still get, whenever I talk with Rachel." He told Chris.

After a brief few steps of silence, he spoke. "Can I tell you something?" He asked Chris.

"What's up, bro?"

"Don't deny your feelings for Winnie. If they grow from just attractiveness, I mean," Wyatt shrugged at his brother. "If you have real feelings for her, don't do what I did. I missed out on some real chances and time with Rachel if I had just taken my head out of my ass," he admitted.

Chris smiled. "So when Rachel comes back?" He trailed off.

Wyatt's grin turned into a recognizable one. One that read of a man in love. "I'm asking her to be my girlfriend as soon as I see her." He told his brother.

Chris arched an eyebrow. "Ballsy. What makes you think she even likes you back?"

Wyatt laughed before giving his younger brother an eyebrow back. "I'm Twice-Blessed," he cockily said.

Chris shook his head, laughing into the night with his brother.

Meanwhile, Winnie landed in front of her driveway and walked down the sidewalk to the front door of her house. She waved her fingers to unlock her door and sighed deeply as she removed her leather jacket and threw it on the coat rack next to the door. "Dad!" She yelled at the ceiling. "Dad! You get your ass down here right now!" She crossed her arms over her chest as she waited. "Dad!" She screeched and stomped her foot.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming," his voice called out. "What did I do now?" His figure dusted in through his power.

Winnie turned around to face her father, tilting her head as she narrowed her eyes at him. "You tell me, Belthazor," she raised an eyebrow at him as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Cole Turner, Winnie's father, grit his teeth and groaned. He gave his daughter a smile. "I have some 'splaining to do, don't I?" He joked in a Ricky Ricardo voice.

Winnie let out a giggle. "Yeah, you have some 'splaining to do," she smiled at him, amusedly shaking her head.

* : bolded, italizied, and underlined means i took it from the book of shadows in the Charmed universe wiki.