My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

'Civil War'

Chapter 1: Strength

It is 1902, and tensions between Princess Celestia and the surrounding kingdom have erupted into Civil War. The First Equestrian Civil War. Factions were formed, and choosing their sides. Negotiations for peace fell on deaf ears. It seemed the only way to peace and unity was by the gun. Yet there's one kingdom that stayed neutral.

The Griffon Kingdom experienced a time of growth and prosperity away from the affairs of Equestria. There is one that felt that the clouds of war will soon be at the walls of Griffonstone. Princess Ghislaine De Falkeland, Daughter of Queen Galiana I, went to see the queen as she was doing queenly duties, "The war will come here,"

"I know, faction after faction has sent their envoys to me, requesting our presence in the war...and we turn them away," said the Queen,

"Still in light of the present situation, we have done all we can to prepare," said the Princess, The Queen knew that was true having modernized the armed forces in case of an attack on their kingdom. It started with a most basic necessity: the rifle. The griffon soldier is armed with the famous German Mauser Karabiner 98B bolt action rifle.

An evolution on one of the most handsome rifles ever made, the Karabiner 98B made it a more than great replacement for the Sharps-Borchardt M1878 that served the Griffons so faithfully for over two decades. With a steel 'Ersatz' bayonet and the Griffon mentality: there is no surrender, no retreat, and be ready to fight to the death.

Griffon soldiers are known in Equestria as the 'Grey-Birds' for their 'Landwehr' green-grey fatigue shell jackets, and Pattern 02 peaked caps with silver teutonic crosses and leather chinstraps. This uniform has changed little since the 1880s with the only thing changing being the service rifle. Officers in rank wear the gold double eagle

"You have a meeting with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna today?" asked the Queen, her daughter nodded lightly to the Queen

"I do, I will be sure to have guards with me," said the princess. Royal Guards wear blue shell jackets with brass buttons, and have bersaglieri side plumes and golden teutonic crosses front and center on their dark peaked caps. These are best soldiers in the army, battletested and the most disciplined regulars in the Royal Griffon Army.

The princess arrived in Cantorlot, she and her two guards touched down at Princess Celestia's balcony, "Princess Ghislaine, it is wonderful to see you in these most troublesome of times," said Princess Celestia. The two royal guards had the bayonets of their rifles facing up, and stood at attention for Princess Celestia, showing her respect.

"These times are indeed very troubling, I do not know how much longer my forces can stay neutral," said Princess Ghislaine to Princess Celestia

"You have our enemies sending envoys into Griffonstone, the more you keep turning down their offers, the more likely the chance is they will come with rifles and cannons instead of pen and paper," said Princess Celestia, "I need to know if I can trust you to come to the aid of my kingdom when the time comes?" asked Princess Celestia.

"Of course, it is only a matter of time," said the Griffon Princess acting as an envoy. A treaty was signed recognizing the Griffon Kingdom as an ally of Equestria. Such news came back to the Kingdom, and the drilling of their armed forces began. The Griffon Kingdom Army focuses on mobility as seen with their cannon: Mle.1897 or 'French 75'.

The Griffon Kingdom wanted to keep up with the other kingdoms. So they adopted their first machine gun: the Hotchkiss Mle.1900. Using belts of 7mm Mauser instead of 8mm Lebel in stripper clips, it provided infantry support needed for troops on the move. It is an air-cooled machine gun, making it lighter than her water-cooled kin.

"Only a matter of time," said the Princess quietly to herself, watching troops practicing their marching drills to her.

Princess Ghislaine saluted the troops as they marched passed her booth with Queen Galiana saluting too. At her side is a Pattern 1889 infantry sword and a Colt M1898 'New Service' revolver in a leather holster. A double action revolver in .45 caliber, this is the standard sidearm for officers. Ghislaine had a lot of faith in her fighting griffs.

"Equestria needs our aid, we should open ourselves up to them, and offer our service to their cause, the divides between the kingdoms are only growing deeper, it will soon be our war too," said the Queen, with that they decreed that the Griffon Kingdom will go to war for the first time as an ally of Equestria. They are 250,000 strong.

"Equestria will have our answer in due time," said the Princess, and her second-in-command, Gabriella, was at her side, "Gabby,"

The Griffon Army captain had a cute round face with puffy cheeks, and beautiful eyes. Gabby is Ghislaine's best friend, and a reliable officer. The captain unsheathed her sword, and saluted the princess. Ghislaine did the same for Gabby as a show of respect between officers and friends. The sheathed their swords, and nuzzled cheeks.

"It's great to see you, your majesty!" said Gabby, bright, spunky and cheerful as ever, the princess rubbed her cheek softly to calm her down to the chuckles of a battalion of soldiers. There was a brotherly and sisterly bond between soldiers in the service. Ghislaine inspected her troops that will march in Cantorlot to show their power.

"They're ready," said Gabby, and moved out, "forward march!" she bellowed. They marched out of Griffonstone, and off to Cantorlot to meet Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They shouldered rifles with fixed bayonets, machine gun crews carried their Mle.1900s, and artillery were pulled on parade. Be prepared, here come the Griffons.