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"Ah, finally, school's over. Now that the weekend's up, I can do whatever I want."

            It was about three in the afternoon as the bell had rung.  Usagi along with Rei, Ami, Minako, and Makoto sat on the steps of the school as it had slowly emptied out.

            "Usagi-chan," Ami glanced at her friend. "You're always looking forward to getting out of school."

            "Yeah…well…so…" Usagi stuttered trying to form a sentence as her friends gave her the weird look.

            "Hey, who's that guy?" Rei said suddenly looking up gazing at a form in front of her. Everyone else looked up as they saw a tall figure with aquarium blue hair and red eyes wearing a black school uniform, different from the school's uniform.

            "Who is he?" Makoto gazed at the man who didn't seem to notice anyone watching at him as he leaned against the tree.

            "I don't know but he's sure cute." Rei and Usagi gazed at him with dreamy eyes.

            "Usagi-chan, Rei-chan," Minako looked at the two that gazed at the man not far way from them. "What about Mamoru-san?"

            "We still like Mamo-chan." Rei and Usagi replied like little children.

            "Let's just not bother him." Ami glanced at the tall figure, then to her friends. "After all…" but before Ami could finish what she was saying, Usagi jumped up and ran over to the tall, mysterious man.

            "Usagi-chan, wait!" Rei cried out.

            "Usagi-chan, come back." Minako yelled.

            Laughing like a little girl, Usagi ran to the mysterious guy who leaned against the tree. The guy, however, seemed to have noticed this as he slowly looked up seeing Usagi running towards him.

            "Hello!" Usagi popped in front of him, smiling.

            "Huh?" the mysterious guy turned back seeing Usagi. "Hello."

            He's cuter than I thought.  Usagi gazed at his perfect, sculpted face. His face was beyond cute, beyond handsome, beyond delicate. It was a face that she had never seen before.

            "Could I help you?" The man replied tilting his head slowly to the side gazing at her.

            "Well," Usagi replied, smiling, as she wrapped her arms around him. "I notice you seem to be alone so I just wanted to introduce myself and wanted you to have a friend."

            "I…don't go to this school." The guy replied.

            "Huh?" Usagi gazed at the cute guy confusingly. "Then why do you hang around here?" She waited for an answer but he remained silent.

            Suddenly, a young girl, perhaps a bit younger than Usagi, slowly came down the steps, her eyes gazed toward Usagi. Her hair was in an unusual style as one side was coiled into a bun while the rest of her hair came out from that bun, coiled with a red ribbon. Slowly, she walked towards the guy she knew too well, then rested her gaze at Usagi.

            "You're…You're that new transfer student aren't you? "Usagi stuttered a bit as she pointed her finger to the young girl.

            The young girl nodded as she continued to keep her gaze towards Usagi. "Who are you? Why do you bother with other guys when you yourself already have one?" Her voice seemed quite calm though with a tone of anger.

            "Hey, hold it!" Usagi replied raising a fist to the new girl but suddenly, a hand comes out holding Usagi's fist, as if to let her avoid hitting someone. Looking back, she saw the familiar Mamo-chan.

            "Mamo-chan" Usagi looked up seeing him.

            "Usa-ko, what's going on?" Mamoru wondered gazing at Usagi with a bit of concern.

            Knowing that Mamoru would probably not love her anymore because of flirting with other guys, Usagi decided to do some acting of her own.

            "Mamo-chan," Usagi had tears welled up in her eyes as she collapsed onto Mamoru. "They were picking on me and calling me names." And at that, she pointed to the young girl and the other guy standing.

            "You little brat!" Mamoru yelled out to the girl. "Didn't your parents teach you any manners at all?"

            "My parents are gone for quite some time." The girl replied softly.

            Rei, who stood up, shouted out to the young girl. "Hey, aren't you Miyu, Miyu Yamano?"

            The young girl looked up at Rei, and then nodded. Then turned back to both Usagi and Mamoru, the young guy still right behind her.

            "Yes, my name is Miyu. He's Larva." She then points to the guy right behind her. "I believe we should go." She said softly to Larva as they both walked away.

            "Hey hold it!" Usagi yelled. Eventually, both Miyu and Larva stopped, glancing at them.

            "What is it?" Miyu glanced at Usagi calmly.

            "I wanna settle this!" Usagi yelled. "Me and you. My Mamo-chan versus your Lava, or Larva, or whatever you call him." Both Mamoru and Usagi started laughing, slapping each other high-fives as the other girls had laughed.

            "How dare you insult him." Miyu glared at Usagi, her eyes changing from a shade of brown to a glittering gold. She held out her hand as a small ball of fire began to form but a hand covered it setting the fire out. Miyu glanced up seeing that it was Larva who stopped her from doing such attack.

            "Miyu," Larva spoke silently. "We have no need for such mortals, such humans as these."

            Miyu nodded, then glanced at Usagi, smiling. "All right, a match, a somewhat wrestilng match as you humans call it. No disqualification what so ever. That means anyone can interfere and you use any weapons you choose."

            "Fine!" Usagi yelled watching the two walk off, slowly disappearing from view.