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Hey readers, it's been a while since I have posted an Ace Attorney story, so hopefully you all enjoy this. When I posted Strikeout last year, I had planned to make the events of this cross-over happen, was just slow at getting it out, so for those of you that read Strikeout some of these scenes will look familiar to you, but that was the best way I could write this to blend the happenings of the two stories together.A Disconnected Link is still in the works, but I will be posting it once it is finished since it's a one-shot fanfic. With out further ado,

Let The Story Commence!

Paris France Airport

September 15th 2027

5:30 PM

"Thank you for choosing iFly Airlines. We have now arrived at your destination." The flight attendant's voice spoke over the plane's intercom, as the pilot was landing the plane on the runway at the airport. Once the plane had landed the passengers had begun to exit the plane, all except a defense attorney who remained in his seat still feeling sick from just experiencing a flight that lasted over ten hours.

"That's the best news that I have heard in hours. I was beginning to feel like this flight was never going to end." The passenger, Apollo Justice, said to his assistant,Trucy Wright as they got out of their seats to retrieve the luggage that was waiting for them in the cargo hold.

"I thought the flight was fun, Polly! Looking out the window seeing the clouds up close and watching how small everything looked on the ground. It was almost as fun as watching a magic show or you and Daddy in the courtroom!" Trucy piped up. She had clearly enjoyed the flight.

"The flight wasn't fun if you felt sick almost the whole time. Flying is the reason why I did not want to attend this Legal League Of Attorneys Exchange in the first place." Apollo told Trucy, picking up their suitcases.

"I'm sorry, Polly. I forgot you were scared of heights." Trucy took her suitcase from Apollo with an apologetic face.

"That's fine, Truce. I figure you had forgotten about in the midst of your excitement. Let's go to our hotel so we can get settled in and then call Mr Wright to let him know we have safely arrived in Paris." Apollo stated while he and Trucy walked towards the rental car that would take them to their hotel.

"This is a great hotel room. I will definitely like staying here for the next few days. You can call Mr. Wright, to let him know we have arrived." Apollo said, getting comfortable in the chair that was in the suite.

"So can I." Trucy agreed, taking her cell phone out of her bag to call her father, to tell him that they had arrived in Paris and to also thank him for booking their hotel room. The call did not happen though, when both Apollo and Trucy heard a loud explosion sound, coming from a few blocks away from the hotel, as the attorney's assistant was getting ready to dial her father's number.

"Polly, what was that loud explosion sound?" Trucy nervously asked, pretty certain of what the sound was, but asking just to be sure.

"It sounded like a bomb or something went off. The city of love must not be feeling so lovely today." Apollo, looked out the window trying to see what was going on. I sure hope we are not under attack.

"POLLY, THAT BUILDING JUST FEEL OVER! Trucy screamed, giving into her fear upon the sight that she and Apollo had just witnessed from the window. The younger assistant being a magician as well as an assistant to her father the well-known defense attorney Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice in the courtroom, the girl usually did not scare easily but a possible attack on the city that she and Apollo were visiting was enough to scare not only her but the attorney as well. He, however, did not show his fear though.

"It seems like if an attack was happening the city would be in a complete panic since we only heard one explosion sound, maybe they are filming a movie Trucy. Apollo stated pretty certain;y now it was not an attack, but a movie being filmed on a real-life location since the city did not appear to be in a state of panic or fear. Judging by what they could see from the window at least.

"If they are filming a movie can we go watch, Polly?! Trucy excitedly asked, knowing that the attorney made a good point, thoughts of an attack no longer in her mind.

"Alright Trucy, we can go check it out. The Legal League Of Attorney's Exchange is not until later tomorrow morning anyway." Apollo replied, bringing a smile to the face of the excited assistant who could not wait to arrive on what they thought was the filming of a movie scene.

"This makes no sense, Truce. I thought they may have been filming a movie but there's no one here. I don't think they could have picked up their equipment so fast, not to mention the fact that this street still normal except for that building and the baseballs so they must not have cleaned up yet after the filming." Apollo observed the area. The building that was at the furthest end of the street was the one he and Trucy saw get completely demolished, yet the street itself, however, was perfectly normal except for the baseballs that were scattered all across the street.

"It's possible they haven't cleaned up after the filming yet, Polly. I wonder what actually did happen on this street if they were not filming a movie." Trucy said, also thinking the current circumstances involving the street and collapsed building strange.

Apollo and Trucy were so in thought over what could have happened to cause the destruction that neither had realized the two superheroes that were standing on the roof of one of the streets building, trying to devise a plan to stop the villain that was the root cause all of the destruction.

"Lucky Charm!" The voice rang out from the roof of a building, this got the attention of Apollo and Trucy who did not notice the two super hero's until they heard the voice and saw an object that looked like a baseball bat appear out of a flash of light, leaving the attorney in complete shock, his assistant, however, was thrilled over the sight they just got to behold.

"Polly, they have super hero's here! Trucy squealed with joy, I can't wait to tell Daddy!"

"I can't believe this. There is no way a lady who is dressed like a ladybug and a man dressed like a cat, could be superheroes." Apollo said in disbelief now seeing the dynamic duo on top of one of the street's buildings in a fight with a real life super villain. Or is possible somehow? Trucy and I did just see that lady get a baseball bat out of a flash of light.

"A baseball bat? What do you plan on doing with that, milady?" Cat Noir asked his partner while dodging yet another baseball, that was thrown by the villain, while he was trying to back over to Ladybug. Ladybug, however, did not answer the question right away, instead, she was observing their surroundings and the villain trying to decide how she and Cat Noir should use their baseball bat.

"Cat Noir, we both agreed that the Akuma has got to be in his baseball bat since his ultimate goal is your and my Miraculous, I'm going to use this baseball bat to challenge Strikeout to a winner takes all baseball game."

"Are you sure you want to take a gamble like that?" Cat Noir asked Ladybug, hoping that if they went with this plan that she was a good baseball player, but yet at the same time, he also had the confidence in the fact that if she was willing to suggest such a plan, that she must have some good skills in the game of baseball.

"You're not turning into a scaredy cat are you, Cat Noir?" Ladybug smirked at her partner, who did not seem to find the pun as funny as she did.

"Why don't you leave the puns and the jokes to me yours are little lacking, no offense."

"Fine with me, especially since I haven't given you, your part of the plan yet."

"What do you want me to do, Bugaboo?"

"Cats are good at sneaking up on people, so while I am challenging him to my winner take all game of baseball, you are going to quietly sneak up on him, take his baseball bat, then throw it to me so I can release the Akuma then we will finally be able to end this battle." Ladybug explained the rest of the plan to Cat Noir who now agreed with no hesitation.

"This kitty is ready when you."

"Hey, Strikeout! You've been having fun challenging us all evening to your baseball game, now I want to challenge you to a game, the winner gets Cat Noir and my Miraculous." Ladybug told Strikeout, standing in a batter's position.

"I accept your challenge Ladybug, you won't stand a chance in a baseball game against me." Strikeout proudly proclaimed, getting a baseball out of his poach that seemed to have a never-ending supply. Strikeout was so focused on getting a ball to pitch to Ladybug that he did not notice that Cat Noir had quietly but quickly taken his baseball bat from him, until after he had thrown the bat to Ladybug.

"Ladybug catch!" Cat Noir called out to his partner throwing her the baseball bat like she had asked him to.

"Noooooo! That was a foul play!" Strikeout yelled, grabbing two baseballs to throw at each of the heroes.

"Thank you, Cat Noir!" Ladybug thanked her partner as she caught the Strikeout's akumitized baseball bat, the hero then set the bat down on the ground so she could release the Akuma.

"Miraculous ladybug!" She then exclaimed tossing her yo-yo up in the air restoring all of the destruction that had been caused by the Villain. The attorney and his assistant watched in amazement as the demolished building became whole again, the broken windows were all repaired in an instant, all of the baseballs were removed from the street and the villain had appeared to be completely reformed.

"Polly, that was amazing!" Trucy exclaimed, completely awestruck by the super hero's performance.

"That is amazing, Truce." Apollo agreed also watching the hero's victory.

"Do you think we will get a chance to meet them?"

"Probably not Truce, although it would be cool to meet a real-life superhero."

"Can you imagine defending a superhero in court?" Trucy fantasized. That would be so awesome!"

"That could also be challenging. Superheroes have a lot of enemies that could try to set them up for a crime they didn't commit, just to get their arch-nemesis out of their way to achieve whatever their goals are as a villain. Superheroes also tend to have secret identities, so you would also have to try and win the case without revealing who they are.. outside of the mask in the case of those two." Apollo replied as he and Trucy watched the two superheroes give each other a fist bump before they each went their separate ways. The ladybug jumped down from the roof of the building, while the cat used his pole to slide himself, along with the now reformed villain, down from the building's roof to the ground.

School Baseball Field

September 15

8:30 PM

"Plagg, that was the most beaten up I've gotten from a battle in a long time." Adrian Agreste, said to his black cat Kwami, after transforming out of his superhero personage, Cat Noir.

"So you're beaten up and I'm hungry, what a great combination," Plagg replied, in a tone of sarcasm causing Adrian to sigh.

Adrian did not reply to his Kwami at first, however. He was searching through the school's baseball field bleachers trying to locate his school book bag that he had to abruptly leave behind, due to his transformation into Cat Noir.

"Here it is. Father would have wanted to kill me if I lost my schoolwork." Adrian said, picking up his book bag, completely ignoring the Kwami's comment.

"Your father would not have wanted to kill you, Adrian, he would have killed you."

"Give me a break Plagg, you know he wouldn't have killed me. I probably would have been grounded though."

"Can we just go home now so I can eat? You got to eat during the game before you transformed and I haven't eaten anything in hours." Plagg complained, bringing to Adrian's attention his need for food.

"Yes Plagg, it's getting late so we have to… Adrian's voice trailed off, after seeing what he thought was a person under the bleachers on the opposite side of the ball field.

"What's wrong, Adrian?" The Kwami asked, knowing something must have been wrong for him to stop mid-sentence.

"Do you see that person laying under the bleachers, Plagg? He looks like he could use our help."

"I don't have the energy for you to transform so at least this time helping out won't need a transformation." The Kwami said, going back to hiding under Adrian's jacket so he wouldn't be seen.

Thoughts on if the man was injured or even dead did cross the mind of the teenage boy as he got closer to the bleachers.

When Adrian had reached the bleachers, a scent that was even more unsettling then that of his Kwami's Camembert cheese filled the air. The scent of blood.

"Plagg, that smells like blood." Adrian told the Kwami, who wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Obviously, since we both smelled it. My cheese should smell sweet to you compared to that." Plagg stated from under the jacket, as Adrian's attention was drawn to the red splatters of blood on the ground by where the man was laying.

Hoping the man was not dead. Adrian reached out his hand to touch the man's shoulder. The boy's face had then turned white as a sheet.

"Plagg he's… he's dead." The teenage boy jumped back, a little shaken up by the fact that he had just touched a dead body.

"So what are you going to do, Adrian? We need to get home."

"I know we do, Plagg. Before we go home, I'm just going to go down to the police station, to let them know a murder took place on the school's baseball field.

"Make it snappy, because I'm hungry." Plagg said, causing Adrian to sigh yet again, as he was getting ready to walk out from underneath the bleachers.

"This is the police! Come out with your hands up!" The voice of an officer on patrol called out to the teenager, as he pointed a flashlight in the direction of the boy who froze in shock unsure of what he should say to the officer that had appeared to be accusing him of the very crime that he was just getting ready to report.

"It's not what it looks like, officer. I saw the man under the bleachers and went to help him, once I realized he was dead, I was going to head down to the police station to report it." Adrian calmly approached the officer, who upon a closer look at the boy recognized him instantly.

"You're Gabriel Agreste's son, aren't you?" The officer asked, wanting to be sure.

"Yes, sir. I am."

"Considering who you are, you don't strike me as someone who would have committed a crime such as murder, but I'm still going to have to take you down to the station for questioning since I did discover you leaving the scene of the crime." The officer explained, opening the back door to his squad car. He did not really want to take the boy to the station, but the officer did not have a choice in the matter.

"Do you have any other suspects, besides me, even though I didn't do it?" Adrian asked, getting into the squad car.

"No, at the moment we have no other suspects, but we did find your prints on the weapon and I did find you here at the crime scene."

"How could my prints have been on the weapon? I didn't kill him."

"We are investigating the crime for more leads and possible suspects, but for now I have to take you in." The officer answered the question while shutting the squad car's back door.

"That figures. Not only am I the only suspect in a murder, I am also going to need a lawyer as well, this has got to be one of the worst nights of my life." Adrian told the officer who started the car to take the only current suspect of the crime down to the police station.

On that note chapter one comes to a close. So the building that Apollo and Trucy saw fall over was the very same building that Cat Noir had accidentally destroyed with his cataclysm in Strikeout. They were certainly not expected to see real life (for them anyway) superheroes when they arrived in Paris for the Legal League Of Attorneys Exchange but they arrived just in time to witness Ladybug and Cat Noir doing what they do best. Since this is going to have investigation and trial chapter(s) the updates for this one may be a little slow but I am looking forward to continuing writing this. Hope this was fun to read! I am collaborating with PierceTheVeils and her co-writers to write Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth: End Of An Era, so please go over to her page and check out our collaboration, you all will really enjoy it.

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