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This has been done a million times of course, but I've put my own spin on it by making Christopher Perry Halliwell a girl named Sophia 'Sophie' Prudence Halliwell. Enjoy and R&R!

Chapter One

"Are we sure about this?" Paige asked hesitantly. "I still don't think this is a good idea. It seems like serious personal gain to me."

"We have to find out what Sophie wants, one way or another," Leo insisted. He was wearing the same expression of dislike that he'd been wearing toward Sophie since her arrival, only more intense. The sisters had never seen him so hostile to anyone they'd met before.

He had been the one to come up with this plan, intent on proving that Sophie was untrustworthy. Paige privately thought he just didn't want to admit that he'd ruined his marriage. Given that Piper and Leo had been fighting for months though, she thought it was unfair to blame Sophie for everything. Sophie hadn't forced him to accept the position of Elder, after all.

"Paige, this is my son," Piper pressed, grasping her baby sister's hand firmly. "Your nephew. We need to do this. We need to find out the truth. I refuse to believe that my baby could be evil. Please Paige."

Paige bit her lip, but reluctantly gave in."Okay,"she sighed. "Let's get this over with then." She suspected they were making a very big mistake, and by the looks of it, so did Phoebe. The sisters grasped hands, beginning the chant.

"Coming to us from another time, the answers are hidden in Sophie Perry's mind. Show us what we wish to know, is she friend or is she foe?"

They were enveloped by a whirlwind of sound and colour. It seemed as though they were falling down a long tunnel, clutching hands. Leo had been dragged with them somehow, but when they landed, they were relieved to see that Wyatt wasn't with them.

"We're in the Manor," Phoebe stated as they glanced around. The house looked mostly the same, but there were some new pictures and furniture. The door opened and they all panicked as Piper stepped in, wearing an exhausted expression and holding a phone to her ear.

"We can explain," Paige began, but Future Piper didn't notice, simply stripping off her coat and continuing her conversation on the phone.

"I get that, Darren," she said. "But I have another PT meeting about Wyatt tomorrow. Please cover for me, I swear that I'll give you a bonus to cover the overtime that you've been doing. Thank you."

"Another PT meeting?" Paige whispered under her breath to Phoebe, makes it sound she has a lot, doesn't it?" Phoebe nodded, looking worriedly at Future Piper.

"I don't think that we can interact with them," Leo murmured, also watching Future Piper. She looked prematurely aged, stress-lines deep on her face. There was an unfamiliar, faded scar on her cheek and her hair was pulled into a bun, and she was dressed in a green sweater and a brown skirt. Her ring finger was bare.

"Hey, I'm home!" Piper called after hanging up. A girl, around twelve, rounded the corner with a toddler on her hip.

"Tadaima," the brunette girl greeted Piper with a grin. "That's Japanese for welcome home." Piper laughed, moving forward to hug both girls. She took the younger from the teen, grunting slightly from the effort.

"I wonder who they are?" Paige questioned, studying both girls. There was something familiar about them both, definitely.

"Japanese, huh?" Future Piper grinned. The teen nodded. "Is everyone here?"

The teen bit her lip, before shaking her head with an apologetic look. "I dunno where Wyatt is," she admitted. Future Piper closed her eyes tiredly. "I haven't seen him today. But all the girls are here. They've all had lunch, and I was just helping the twins and Phay with their homework for Magic History."

"Have you done your homework yet, Sophie?" Future Piper raised an eyebrow. The past observers all gasped in surprise.

"Sophie?" Piper demanded "That's Sophie, as in our whitelighter Sophie? What's she doing at our house as a teenager?"

"Babysitting apparently," Paige replied, a bemused look on her face. At least now she knew why the teen looked so familiar.

The memory continued. Piper put down the little girl, who promptly ran back into the conservatory. "Yeah, I just have to do some research on my science report," Sophie assured Future Piper. "I got most of it done it in study hall, I swear."

Piper smiled at her in a motherly fashion. "I know you did, sweetheart," she ran a hand over Sophie's hair before pulling her to her in a side-hug. "You're such a good girl, you know? What would we do without your help?"

"Oh, you'd manage," Sophie murmured modestly. "I'm not special." Piper pulled her close.

"Honey, you are so special," she insisted. "And my life wouldn't be half as good as it is without you."

Sophie smiled and opened her mouth, but they were suddenly scooped back up by the tunnel of colour and noise without hearing her answer.

"Wow," Paige said as soon as they settled on solid ground again. "I guess that explains why Sophie was the one to come back in time. I never guessed that she knew us."

"It makes sense though," Phoebe pointed out. "She knows her way around the house, she knows the Book, and she knew that we were the real Charmed Ones during the Spellman sisters incident. Remember? Even Leo didn't realize it wasn't Piper. Only Sophie. She seemed really close to you, Piper." Piper nodded in acknowledgement, guilt stirring in her stomach. It had to have hurt Sophie, someone who was obviously a close parental figure being so cold to her.

"Maybe it's because of her being part whitelighter, part witch," Piper suggested. "It'd make sense to put her in contact with us, especially since Wyatt's about her age, I guess." They all blinked as they realized for the first time since Sophie's arrival how young she was.

"Where are we now?" Leo asked, wanting to distract himself from the realization that he had attacked and continually threatened a young girl whom he would see grow up. It wasn't a pleasant thing to realize, and he didn't want to feel guilty. Sophie Perry was an evil liar, she had to be. Otherwise Leo was the one the one at fault for ruining his marriage, and he didn't want to admit that.

They all looked around. It was a small hut, with a bunkbed in the corner, and stacks of books and papers littering a desk. Other than some maps, with various coloured pins stuck in them, there was nothing on the walls. It wasn't a particularly homey place. The only personal effects were some clothes, spilling out of a drawer in the corner. Curled on the bottom bunk, with a miserable look on her face and clutching an old photo, was another brunette girl, about twelve they guessed, though she was very thin and dressed in old, illfitting clothes. Tears streamed silently down her face. It was heartbreaking to see for them all.

The door opened, letting in Sophie. She looked like a shockingly malnourished seventeen-year-old, with dark circles under her eyes, and all her bones sticking out sharply. Her hair was pulled back into a tight French braid that showed off a half-healed cut on her temple, and a faded bruise on her left cheek. She was dressed in a plain green shirt, obviously old and past the point where it should've been tossed, a pair of equally worn jeans, combat boots and a leather jacket.

"Oh my god!" Phoebe exclaimed, pressing a hand to her mouth in dismay. "What happened to them?" The others shook their heads, equally unhappy to see a pair of young girls in such a state.

"Rose," Sophie sighed, closing the door. "Why weren't you at class?"

Rose didn't look at her. "What's the point of going? You're never gonna let me leave the base unless it's to go to another damn safehouse anyway."

"Why does it seem like Sophie's her parent?" Paige wondered as they watched Sophie close her eyes and run a hand over her face in blatant exhaustion. The gesture looked a lot like something Piper would do. Of course, seeing as it seemed like Sophie had grown up around them, it made sense she would have some of their mannerisms.

"Maybe they're sisters, and orphans?" Phoebe suggested uncertainly. "That'd explain why Sophie would be like a mother to Rose. Prue was like that with us." They shrugged and continued to watch as Sophie walked over to the bunkbed and sat down. Rose rolled to face the wall, her back to Sophie.

"I know it's rough," Sophie finally said. "And that you want to help. But you do help, without going on missions. You help in the infirmary, and the nursery, and with research and spellwriting. We need that support so much, Rose. And you getting killed-"

"Would let Wyatt receive my powers, and damage our morale, and yadda, yadda, yadda," Rose snapped, twisting to face Sophie. "I hate this! I hate all of it! I hate how you're always gone, risking your life on stupid missions that don't make a single goddamn difference, and-"

"They sound like they're soldiers in a war or something," Phoebe pointed out, discomfort on all their faces. Dread was mixed in for Piper and Leo, though. Sophie's admission regarding Wyatt, the whole reason that they cast the spell, rang through their minds.

"This isn't about me," Sophie sighed. "I just realized. Today would've been your mother's birthday, wouldn't it?"

Rose's eyes filled with renewed tears. "How could you not remember?" She whimpered. Sophie looked away, pain flashing over her face.

"I try not to think about them," she admitted. "It hurts less that way."

"That is so sad," Phoebe whispered, eyes filling with tears. Paige nodded, and Piper and Leo linked hands without noticing.

"Tell me about her," Rose begged. Sophie hesitated, a look of reluctance on her face. "Please," Rose pressed. "Just something. I barely remember her. I was only six when they died."

Sophie sighed, giving in. "Alright," she sighed, running a hand through Rose's wavy raven curls. "Your mother was," she paused to think before continuing. "Compassionate. She was always willing to give people second chances. You wouldn't have been born if she hadn't given your dad another chance. And she was great for confiding in. I could always go to her when I was upset about something. Mom and I were close, but I never wanted to burden her. "

"Do you think Wyatt ordered the attack?" Rose whispered the question.

"No!" Piper and Leo both denied together. Yes, Sophie had claimed that Wyatt was evil, but they couldn't bring themselves to believe it. Not without seeing it personally.

Sophie sighed again, looking away at one of the maps. "I think that it's likely," she admitted. Piper and Leo glared at her, shaking their heads. Phoebe and Paige meanwhile, exchanged anxious looks. After all, if the adult Charmed Ones could be turned evil by demons, a young baby certainly could.

"Why?" Rose begged. "Why them?"

Sophie stroked her hair as she answered. "The Charmed Ones were the most powerful witches alive," she reminded her. The observers stiffened in dread. Why was she talking about them instead of Rose's mother? And why was she implying that they were dead?

"They were the only ones who could have stood in his way," Sophie continued, looking drained. "And as for the others, he didn't want to risk that the Power of Three might be reformed by you and your sisters, or by any of the family."

"Would she be proud of me?" Rose asked. Phoebe felt her heart wrench painfully at the anguish in the young girl's eyes. Sophie managed a wan smile.

"Are you kidding me Primrose? Aunt Phoebe doted on all three of you. She would've been so proud of you. Heck, she is proud of you."