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Chapter Seven

Piper paced the attic briskly, Wyatt tucked to her chest. Holding him in her arms, she couldn't seem to reconcile this sweet little baby with the monster who'd tried to boil his little sister's blood. She shuddered, pulling him closer.

'How?' She wondered despairingly, not realizing she'd spoken aloud. 'How did everything go so wrong?'

"I dunno honey," Phoebe murmured. "But that's why Sophie came back. To keep it all from going wrong."

"She shouldn't have had to," Piper whispered. "It should be us responsible for fixing this. My daughter shouldn't have had to be in charge of saving the world. It's way too much for a child to deal with."

They were going in circles, but Piper couldn't keep herself from going back to that fact. Her babies were paying because Piper had been too obsessed with having a normal life to protect them. She was certain that was the reason Wyatt had been taken.

"If you guys don't start taking your Wiccan duties seriously, you're gonna regret it!" Sophie's warning from the Gith incident echoed around her mind. Why hadn't Prue's death made them realize that they weren't invincible? Piper cursed herself for her arrogance and stupidity. The image of San Francisco, reduced to ruins by her son, played on the backs of her eyelids.

"Sophie's not really a child though," Paige pointed out cautiously. "She's what, twenty-two, twenty-three?"

The others exchanged uncertain looks, and Piper's lip trembled.

"Oh god," she said, past devastation by now. "She's been here for months and we don't even know what age she is. The only reason we know she was born in October is because of that damn spell!"

Wyatt started to cry at Piper's raised voice and Leo reached out to take him. She turned away, comforting the baby herself.

"I can take care of my own children thanks," she hissed at him.

"You're being unfair Piper," he replied lowly, strain clear on his face. "I'm struggling too."

"What's unfair is that you chose the Elders over our family, and our daughter is the one who suffered because of it," Piper snapped.

"Enough!" Paige cut in. "Both of you! This isn't helping, and you're upsetting Wyatt. We all need to calm down and work on a plan to save Wyatt, and fix our relationship with Sophie. So stop taking your anger out on each other, and focus on your kids! Okay?"

Her chest heaved as she finished her speech, but it definitely seemed to help. Piper straightened, looking determined instead of broken, which was far more like the Piper they knew than the tearful mess she'd been since they'd learned the truth. Leo also seemed to calm a bit, though the strain was still obvious in both of them.

"I think we should get some advice," Phoebe suggested. "Grams would know what to do about Wyatt and Sophie."

"Good idea," Piper agreed immediately. "Grams knows more about magic than anyone else in the family, and she always knows what to do."

"Okey-dokey then," Paige clapped her hands together. "Candles! Circle! What?" She shrugged at Leo's mildly chiding look. "We're on a deadline here, remember? Mid-October is when Ghost Piper said Wyatt was kidnapped. We're losing time here people!"

Piper and Leo both went pale.

"I didn't even think of that," Piper breathed in horror. She tightened her grip on Wyatt. "And didn't I say I was on bedrest for my pregnancy with Sophie? And when do we need to conceive her? I'm letting my baby be erased from existence!"

"Of course not," Leo agreed. "Wyatt's birthday, remember? You pretty much said so in the memory of when Sophie was a baby."

"Okay, let's put that to the side for a mo while we call Grams," Phoebe cut in.

"Oh, you know I suddenly feel really bad about talking about sex around Sophie," Paige announced. "No wonder she's always so uncomfortable. Who'd want to know about their mother and aunts having sex? We've probably completely traumatized her."

"Paige!" Piper shrieked. Her eyes narrowed. "No one is ever mentioning our romantic," she stubbornly emphasized the word. "Lives around my kid again. Got me?"

"Yes ma'am!" Paige gave a mocking salute. She hid her grin by starting to flip through the Book.

'Mission accomplished' she thought smugly. Piper was no longer wallowing in her guilt and misery, and was returning to the strong, viciously protective woman that Paige knew and loved. At least for the moment anyway.

"Hear my words, hear my cry, spirit from the other side," Paige chanted after she'd finished double-checking the familiar words of the seancé spell. "Come to me, I summon thee, cross now the great divide."

To their surprise, Grams wasn't the only one who appeared in a swirl of soft yellow lights.

"Oh my god," Phoebe clasped a hand over her mouth, tears welling in her eyes as she stared at the woman in the centre of the three witches. Penny and Patty had gentle looks on their faces as they stepped to the side to let the sisters take Prue in properly.

Prue looked exactly like she did the day she died. Her dark hair reached a little past her shoulders, and her green eyes sparkled with lively determination and love as she smiled at her younger sisters.

She was dressed in a loose white top and skirt, similar to their mother and grams. Paige vaguely wondered in the back of her mind if Heaven had some sort of dress code or something, because that really wasn't the style Prue had in life from the pictures.

"Prue?" Piper's voice trembled with hope and longing as she drank in the sight desperately.

"It's me," Prue promised. She spread her arms and Piper and Phoebe let out choked cries. Piper shoved Wyatt into Leo's arms, before dashing to her older sister, where she and Phoebe clutched at her fiercely, sobbing the whole time.

Paige hovered uncertainly in the background, biting her lip.

"Hello sweetheart," Patty came up to her youngest child, wrapping her arms around her. "How are you, my love?"

"Paige darling," Grams greeted her warmly, following Patty. Paige sighed slightly in relief, accepting the hug. She felt some of her own strain release. Surely, now that Penny, Patty and Prue were all there to help, they'd be able to figure out a way to fix the mess the Charmed Ones were in?

"Paige come on," Phoebe called eagerly, not letting go of Prue. "Come meet Prue!"

Paige's nervousness shot right back up, and she gave an anxious look at her mother as she stepped forward hesitantly. Patty smiled encouragingly at her, nodding in Prue's direction. Piper and Phoebe finally stepped away from Prue, giving Paige supportive smiles.

"Prue, this our baby sister Paige," Phoebe introduced, wrapping an arm around Paige's shoulders and squeezing her lightly. "Paige, this is our eldest sister Prue."

Prue, like she always had when she was alive, took the initiative. She strode forward and pulled Paige into a firm embrace, kissing her cheek.

"I," she announced. "Am so glad to finally meet you Paige. I just wish it happened sooner."

"Me too," Paige choked out. Hesitantly, she brought her arms up around her sister. Piper and Phoebe joined in, and all four of the Charmed Ones hugged each other for the first in history.

"Well, my darlings," Grams sighed later on that day, when they'd finally explained the whole painful situation. "I'm honestly not sure what to say. It's not a good situation dears."

"Ya think?" Piper retorted. "My daughter hates me, and my son is going to turn," she faltered, unable to finish. To the Halliwells, turning evil was worse than death.

"Piper," Patty chided her lightly. "Nothing you've said has led me to believe that Sophie hates you. Is she angry with you? Certainly, and I'm sure it's for more reasons that you know of. But she doesn't hate you."

"How do you know that?" Piper argued. "We've treated her awfully."

"Yes, you have," Patty agreed quietly. "And frankly, I'm very disappointed in all three of you for being so cruel. Especially as you all know the rules of time travel. You knew better than to be so cruel when she was simply obeying the laws of magic." Her daughters flinched, glancing at the floor as Patty continued.

"But she still loves you Piper. If she didn't, she wouldn't be so upset."

"But how do we fix it?" Piper begged. "And do we save Wyatt? I can't lose either of them Mom, I just can't. They're my children."

"And you won't," Prue insisted firmly. "They're both gonna grow up to be strong, powerful kids, utterly spoilt by their parents and aunts. I promise honey."

Piper bit her lip, eyes shimmering with unshed tears. "We have no idea what turn him though," she pointed out. "And from the sounds of it, it turns him slowly. Every time we've come across spells or whatever that turn somebody evil, it's been instantly obvious that something's wrong. But it seems like we didn't notice in Sophie's timeline. What if he's not turned by a demon, what if it's just that I failed to raise him properly?"

"But there's Sophie to consider," Patty pointed out gently, grasping Piper's hand. "if your parenting was the problem, she wouldn't be the Good young woman you say she is. And Phoebe's daughter Rose stayed Good as well. Every parent makes mistakes, but all of us have complete confidence that you set the right example for your children."

"I think we need to call Sophie," Grams interjected. "And get some more information on Wyatt's turning from her."

"She won't say anything about the future," Phoebe warned. "She's very tight lipped about it."

"I somehow suspect that it depends on the subject," Grams answered dryly. "I won't be asking how many great-grandchildren I'm going to have, but how Wyatt turned is important. Worst case scenario, if we can't prevent his kidnapping, we can still reverse the damage if we know how he was turned."

"I agree Mother," Patty murmured, still stroking Piper's arm. "You see sweetheart? We'll keep Wyatt and Sophie safe."

Piper nodded silently, looking exhausted. It was like her life had suddenly gone into super speed, and she was struggling desperately to keep up with everything. She hadn't felt this overwhelmed and emotionally spent since Prue's funeral had resulted in Paige's existence being revealed to them.

"One slight problem with the whole 'talking to Sophie' thing," Paige drawled. The ghosts glanced at her with raised eyebrows as she explained. "Sophie isn't answering our calls right now."

Grams huffed at that. "Well she'll damn well answer me, or she'll regret it!" Piper cast her grandmother a warning look at the threat as Penny stood and started yelling at the ceiling.

"Sophie Halliwell! Get here right now young lady! Warren women do not sulk, do you understand me? Come here right-"

"I was not sulking, I was demon hunting!" Sophie appeared in a swirl of blue orbs, utterly indignant at Penny's accusation. "What do you want anyway?"

Penny narrowed her eyes threateningly at the young woman. To her satisfaction, Sophie didn't cower, lifting her chin up defiantly instead. 'Oh yes,' Penny thought approvingly. 'She has the right spirit to be a Warren matriarch.'

Still. "Don't take that tone with me young lady," she warned. "We need to discuss Wyatt's turning. What were the signs, how suddenly, when did he go completely off the rails, that sort of thing."

Sophie stared hardly at her for a moment before nodding curtly. "Fine. What do you want to know then?"

"Everything you know about Wyatt's turn to evil," Penny answered promptly, sitting down in an armchair dragged from the sitting room to the conservatory by Paige. Piper didn't dare look away from her daughter, instead she desperately drank in every little detail, right down to the faint, almost invisible scar on Sophie's temple.

Sophie looked reluctant but she gave a curt nod.

"Wait, you're seriously going to talk?" Paige blurted out before Sophie could speak. The youngest Halliwell woman rolled her eyes irritably.

"I'm not going to tell you anything about your kids or husbands, 'cause that could damage your future relationships with them if you expect them to be a certain way," she explained with a huff. "But I plan on changing Wyatt's allegiance, so explaining what happened to him in my timeline won't cause any harm. I didn't say anything before because I didn't want to tell you that he turned evil."

"Makes sense I guess," Paige muttered. She shifted, her guilt rising up again now that she was seeing Sophie in person and didn't have to be strong for Piper. Prue had taken over that particular job, stroking her arm as Piper looked longingly at her youngest child.

"Go on then," Prue prompted her niece. Sophie studied her with an assessing look for a moment, and Prue thought she saw a bit of wistfulness in her eyes. But that might have been wishful thinking. Who knew what relationship any of them had with Sophie in the future, save for the fact that it was definitely a bad one when it came to Leo.

Sophie nodded again, opening her mouth and beginning to explain Wyatt's years-long descent into evil.