Hey there everyone! After a long wait, the promised recreation of "Kurumi Fearful" has arrived, now in its true form as part of the "Sephira Chronicles" series! Do know that while this first chapter's out right now, it'll be a while before you can expect any updates, because I only made this first chapter now to mark that it's been a year since I submitted its predecessor.

First off... if this is the first Sephira Chronicles stories that you're reading, here are some shared rules between them to help you understand the changes that result from Tohka switching places with another Spirit.

~ Shido will meet each Spirit during April, but on the day that matches their associated number, like how Tohka's is 10.

~ Instead of copying Tohka's story, the events of the Spirit's debut volumes will be adapted and merged into Volume 1's. In exchange, Tohka will appear when the focal Spirit would have appeared in canon, and do the same in reverse.

~ The DEM will only show up after Shido's dealt with 4 Spirits, reflecting how they didn't appear until after he re-sealed Kotori.

~ The swapped Spirit will often replace any Tohka specific scenes, but if a scene requires a scene with Tohka, then Mana will appear from the start to act in her place.

~ Depending on how certain events in the story go, others may be skipped due to it being necessary, or the story itself causes it.

Anything else that happens depends on my story writing, and etc.

Now, before anything else, since the original story was made with the inclusion of the events of Vol 16 in mind, I should get this particular warning out of the way before anything else.


With that all out of the way, the most important question I should answer about this story? How will Kurumi's powers be represented, since in canon, she'd have made Shido very OP had she been sealed at the start. The answer to that, Vol 16 explains she needs a lot of power to use her Sixth Bullet: Vav, so she'll be weakened after being sealed, while Shido can only use some of her bullets if he uses Zafkiel himself.

Also, in regards to Kurumi's personality, she'll still be the same. Volume 16's events seem to tell me the playful part of her was always there, while the more seductive part of her personality came from... well, I think the first time we saw her kill in Volume 3 says it for me. The only part of her that won't be the same is her bloodthirsty nature, and that'll only be after she's sealed. Basically, Kurumi's the same, but her character development is much faster.

Lastly, for those who've seen the original, you might be wondering about how things went due to the original ending, and some of the events in it. Well... I can only say it won't be exactly the same, though how much changes is what I'll keep a secret for now. There was nothing wrong with how I ended things on the original's first arc, but I feel that I may have written myself into a corner with how I did it.

For now, let's begin this story!

«» - First use of a Spirit's Code Name, or a Realizer's Name

‹› - Important Term, Phrase, or Detail

[] - Phantom Speaking

Bold Italic Underline - Major Battle Beginning, or its Result

「」 - Insert Song Beginning, or Ending

【】 - Voice made by an Announcement, or through an Announcer

『』 - Electrical Voice or Machine Speaking

Chapter 1, Kurumi Fearful Arc - Out of the Shadows

A girl wearing a black and red-colored Gothic Lolita outfit was seen standing in the shadows of the night, a dark look on her face as she stared at the bright city lights below her. Behind her, the sight of her shadow was seen... and it was wiggling.

"Kindness, and time... these two things are the same... for better, and for worse."

She sunk into her shadow, disappearing from view as it spiraled up like a weak whirlpool.

"They can be one of the kindest forces in the universe, ones that can eventually ease the suffering and sorrow a person can feel."

"However, they can just as easily be one of the cruelest masters of all, and instead create that suffering and sorrow. They only serve as reminders of pain, rather than joys that heal.

Coming out from these shadows, the girl appears within a crimson red realm, sitting on the ground within two spiked rings that overlapped. Two spiked rings that matched the pattern on her dress.

"I was once a kinder woman, one who learned just how to truly understand time, but... these two things were the cruelest masters to me. As long as I live, I don't think they'll ever be the kind force they could be for others, and even if they did, it's too late for me to turn back."

Turning to the side, the girl's red eye was revealed, but her left eye? It was gold, and had the shape of a clock inside of it.

As she looked at the screen, her red eye, which had a white pupil inside of it, suddenly gave an intense glow... a glow that matched the same fear she reflected in the terrifying expression she flashed, and the laughter that echoed from her mouth.

*Attack on Titan - Guren no Yumiya, plays*

(*near silence*) Kurumi is seen standing in the shadows.

[My name is Kurumi Tokisaki, Spirit No. 3, and this is what things would be like if I had been the first Spirit that Shido met.]

(Am I the hunted, or am I the hunter!?) She instantly turns around, giving a terrifying smile as she readied Zafkiel's twin guns, and fires each of them, making the screen shatter after three shots.

(*chanting as trumpets play*) The screen turns red, followed by many of Kurumi's clones slowly walking forward, swaying side to side as they give creepy smiles on their faces, all of them with their mouths wide open.

(My life started as something normal, but then it was thrown right out the window!) Kurumi was seen standing in a normal city, only to suddenly walk into a dark realm without understanding what was going on.
(I was touched by the blackest darkness, all because I trusted some "Ally of Justice!") A figure covered by light was seen, who handed her a black spherical gem, which she decided to touch against her better judgment.

(I bend time's fabric, but I can't change the past.) Taking out her Angel, she began firing at humanoids made of various elements, not questioning what she was doing as she took their lives with every shot.
(Just how long will this bad memory last?) A particularly fearsome humanoid made of fire charged at her, forcing her to evade as she fired at it as well, taking multiple shots to do it.
(Because of her, my future's now gone.) As it fell, she began to pant, but after walking a bit, she suddenly looked back before her eyes widened in horror.
(Time for my vengeance, I will wright this wrong!) Instead of flames that were shaped as a humanoid, she saw a normal human girl, making her hold her head as she began to scream, making the world around her turn dark.

(My hands have already been stained with blood... so why should I care, if I give myself more sins to bear?) Standing in an alley way, she gave a dull look before looking up, her formerly kind face filled with hatred for a singular being.
(I'll turn the clock back and erase my nightmare, letting me reclaim the dreams I lost!) Walking through the alleyway, multiple thugs and criminals suddenly fell before she finally stopped, turning around to show her face, with the screen showing only the colors of gray, and red across it.

(Today or tomorrow, no matter what you try to do!) Her clones all rose from the shadow, laughing as they charged across the sky.
(You can't run or hide, because I will find you!) Ghastly white hands stretched across the horizon, attempting to grab onto something, a something that was flying across the sky, trying to evade the clones.
(And there will be no chance to atone for your mistakes...) Multiple pocket watches were shown, their lids breaking off to show the clocks hidden within them.
(Because I've become the one that... You! Shall! Fear!) On each clock face, the sight of Kurumi's face was seen, all of them laughing as they tried to terrify the target she was chasing after.

(I'll cover this land in your crimson essence!) Mana Takamiya looked at the sky, turning with a determined smile on her face.
(You'll notice it as me scream show you I'm furious!) Kotori sat against a wall, holding a lollipop in hand, before turning to manifest her complete Astral Dress.
(My partner is this endless shade of the dusk...) Shido looked forward, with Kurumi turning to look back at him, a slight breeze blowing between them.
(Time for me to start my war!) Everything else on the screen watches away as a being covered in white light appears, holding her arms out in front of her before swinging them out, creating a rainbow flash in the process.

(*louder chanting as more trumpets play*) Shido walks on the leftmost side of the screen, his missing memories playing with him, and a figure hidden with a black silhouette, ending with Mana's presence at the end of it.

(*the trumpets get louder, as the chanting starts to focus*) Kurumi replaces Shido, but walks on the rightmost side of the screen, all of her memories playing with her without anything to hide them, though the person whose presence appeared at the end had her back turned to the screen.

(This is my... war!) In her Spirit Form, Kurumi's face appears facing the left, then fades to reappear facing the right, finally ending with her staring directly at the middle with tears in her eyes as she gave a mighty scream.

Through the shadows between two buildings, the sight of a dark red shade appeared without warning, opening up to allow a silhouette resembling a teenage girl to walk through it. For a brief moment, she was seen wearing a glowing outfit of black and red, only for it to be quickly replaced by a normal black dress, with no one present to have witnessed this logic defying act.

"Finally, I've finally made it here... Tenguu City." She smiled.

"It won't be long now, my goal will finally-"

She suddenly put a hand to her mouth, giggling a bit as she began walking out of the alley, and across the streets of the city she appeared in.

"Easy girl, don't get excited just yet. You need a bit more patience than that... and make sure you save the best for last." She reminded herself, licking her lips as she did.

She closed her eyes for a moment, causing her to miss the fact she was about to walk into someone, which she ended up doing. She looked to see a thug look at her, with two others joining him as they put their hands in their pockets.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. I guess I didn't see you there." The girl apologized.

"Yeah, what was that for, bitch? You've gotta do a lot more than say sorry if you wanna go free." The thug leader warned.

One of the leader's cronies looked at the girl.

"Damn, this one looks like she's seen some action before." The first crony said excitedly.

"Give us your name before we get down." The second crony chuckled, a perverted look on his face.

In most cases where a girl ran into a group of guys like these, she'd either get scared, try to run or if gutsy give them a nice kick where the sun doesn't shine. This girl however?

"Oh wow, so you want me to make it up to you with a different kind of bumping." The girl smirked.

Hearing her tone, all three of them got excited.

"Hot damn, you really are a slut! Awesome!" The first crony cheered.

"We're gonna treat that pretty face, real nice." The second crony smirked.

"Come now, there's plenty to go around... follow me and see for yourself." She replied.

As she walked into the alley, the trio of thugs began laughing.

"Why don't you guys hold her while I get this party started?" The thug leader suggested.

Once the three were in the alley, she suddenly turned at them, causing a bunch of ghostly white hands to reach out of the shadows. Before any of them knew what was happening, they were completely restrained by the mysterious limbs.

"W-what the hell?" The thug leader panicked.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but when I said bumping... I meant bumping your lives off this mortal plane." She smirked as her eyes gave a sinister glow.

A truck was seen driving closer to that alley, with a can of cherry soda rolling across the ground. As that truck got closer...


Unfortunately, there was no one who could hear their voices, and they screamed as in mere seconds...


The truck ran over the cherry soda, leaving the flattened metal on the ground under its former contents. Within the alley itself... the walls were stained with blood, with the mysterious girl being the only one left as the thugs' bodies disappeared.

"Thanks for the snack, boys." The girl said, licking her lips.

~April 3rd

Many students were seen gathered in one of the classrooms of Raizen High, ready to begin the first day of the new school year. One such student was Shido Itsuka, who at the moment was dealing with a very... eccentric friend of his.

"Nice coincidence, huh, Shido? Lucky you, being put in the same class with me again." Hiroto remarked.

"Some people would call this fate, I'd be one of those people." He added.

Shido sighed at that, his eyes closed.

"Of course, you would..." He said sarcastically.

A text sound was heard, making Hiroto grab his phone in response.

"Hold on, that's my girl." Hiroto apologized.

"What? Girl, like... girlfriend?" Shido said in surprise.

"Oh yeah, wanna meet her?" Hiroto offered.

And... Shido instantly realized the girl was fake, as it was a girl that resembled his sister... in a dating sim.

"That's a dating sim!" He stated.

"Yeah, so what? Doesn't change the fact she's my girlfriend." Hiroto replied.

Shido sighed at that.

"This particular app is groovy because she lives in your-" Hiroto continued.

"Shido Itsuka."

The turned to see a girl with short, white-colored hair as she stared at the boy she called out to.

"Uh... how do you know my name?" Shido asked.

"You mean you don't remember?" She replied.

He just stared at her for a while longer, and once she realized he didn't remember her, she just sat down.

"Hey, who is she? Am I supposed to know her?" Shido asked.

"Of course you are, that is Origami Tobiichi, otherwise known as the super genius! She always has some of the best grades of our class, she's ridiculous at sports, totally gorgeous, and on the school's list of: "Girls that I'd like as my Girlfriend", she's never left the Top 3." Hiroto explained.

"But, more importantly... why in the world does Origami know who you are?" He inquired.

"I have no idea." Shido admitted.

At that moment, the bell finally wrong, and everyone sat down as their teacher walked in.

"Oh, heck yeah! it's Tamae!" Hiroto exclaimed, with most of the class cheering in response.

"It's Ms. Okamine, please. Now quiet down." Tamae greeted the class.

Everyone settled down, and that's when Tamae finally spoke up again.

"Now, before we begin class, may I have your attention? It seems that someone signed up right before classes began, so we have a transfer student joining our class!" She announced.

Most of the students were surprised at that, wondering what this student would be like.

"OK, come on in." Tamae alerted her.

Hearing her cue, the girl from the other day opened the door, and walked into the room. In just moments, she caught the attention of every boy in the class, seeing her beauty, which matched that of a rich girl who should really be in Rindouji, rather than this school. Once she walked in, she wrote the kanji of her name on the chalkboard, which ironically held the kanji for 3 inside, making it seem like this was date due to the current date.

"Hello guys, my name is Kurumi Tokisaki." Kurumi greeted as she turned to the class.

After saying that, her entire figure sparkled, showing off her silky black hair, low twin tails tied by yellow scrunchies, and how only her right eye's red color was shown due to how she styled her hair. The guys all gave shouts of excitement, while the girls gave friendly looks... with Origami being the exception, as she gave a surprised reaction. After the class calmed down...

"Just so you know, I'm actually a Spirit." Kurumi suddenly stated.

Upon hearing that, most of the class became confused by her claim, while Origami suddenly sweat a bit as her suspicions were confirmed.

"Just kidding, I may have a little chuuni in me." Kurumi giggled.

"Well, that was... one of the more unique introductions I've seen. Go ahead, and take any of the open seats you'd like." Tamae replied.

"Before I sit, could someone do me a quick favor?" Kurumi asked.

"Oh, do you need something?" Tamae inquired.

Kurumi nodded, soon putting a hand near her chest.

"Since I registered at the last moment, I didn't get the chance to learn my way around the school. Would anyone be so kind to show me around after class?" Kurumi requested.

"I'm really sorry to trouble you, but I promise to make it worth your while." She added, an alluring look on her face.

Most of the boys get excited at that.

"Yeah, you bet! I'll do it!" Hiroto offered in an instant.

"Not you, but thanks." Kurumi refused with a smile.

"Oh..." He sighed sadly.

A few of the students giggled over how fast she got shot down, while Kurumi aimed her eyes at a certain boy.

"Would you be interested in helping me? Shido, right?" Kurumi requested.

That surprised must of the class, including Shido, at how she already knew his name. It wasn't impossible for her to know it, as she had to have learned of her classmates ahead of time, but to know which one was him from the start?

That was an impressive achievement.

"Uh... yeah, OK." Shido agreed.

Kurumi smirked at his reply, while Origami looked at her worriedly.

Inside a building allied to the military, an organization that was completely unknown to the public was seen looking at a screen, monitoring Kurumi's readings as she was in the school.

"So, you're completely sure that's «Nightmare» in Raizen High right now, without a doubt?" Ryouko questioned.

"I am." A JGSDF analyst confirmed.

The AST captain put a hand to her chin, trying to think on the Spirit's reasoning.

"I know she's not our typical Spirit, but why did she transfer into a High School? Could she be looking for something? Maybe even... someone?" Ryouko thought aloud.

"Captain, should we alert one of the AST members that attends the school?" The analyst suggested.

"Yes, that might be a good idea, and I think I know which one to inform." Ryouko agreed.

Taking out her phone, she opened her contacts before pressing a familiar name, making her phone start to ring.

While class was going on, Origami saw she had a message on her phone, recognizing the number. Knowing she needed to answer it, she slipped it into her pocket before raising her hand.

"Yes, Origami?" Tamae asked.

"I need to use the bathroom, may I be excused?" Origami asked.

"Oh, go ahead." Tamae approved.

Getting up, she left the room before heading to a janitor's closet, and hiding herself inside. That's when she answered her phone, placing it by her ear.

"Master Sergeant Tobiichi reporting." She answered.

『"Glad you picked up, I'm calling because-"』 Ryouko replied.

"Because you sensed a Spirit, I'm already aware. For reasons unknown to me, she said it to the class like a joke, but I'm certain she was warning anyone who was part of the AST." Origami explained.

Pausing for a brief moment, the AST Captain sighed.

『"I see, then be careful, the Spirit you've encountered the infamous Nightmare."』 Ryouko warned her.

Origami briefly flinched, recalling what she read about her. She was the only Spirit with clear signs of claiming lives without Spacequakes, and even worse, she cunning enough that top wizards were often sent to stop her.

No such wizards were currently stationed in Tenguu City.

"Alright, what should I do?" Origami inquired.

『"Is there anything about your behavior you think could hint to her plans?"』 Ryouko responded.

"There's one thing... she asked to be shown around the school after class, and when someone offered, she declined before asking for another classmate of mine. His name's Shido Itsuka, he's the one I met... back then." Origami explained.

After another pause...

『"I'm not sure why, but keep an eye at him, but don't engage under any circumstances. Also, make sure to avoid being left alone with her at all costs, as being in a public place will not keep you safe."』 Ryouko advised her.

"Alright, Master Sergeant Tobiichi out." Origami replied.

She hung up the phone, and then got out of the janitor's closet once the cost was clear... unaware of a pair of eyes watching from the closet's shadows.

'I'll make sure to deal with you soon enough.' Kurumi thought with a smirk.

Up in the skies above the school, the sight of a mosaic could be seen, taking a humanoid shape.

["It seems that Kurumi's finally arrived... I hope this gambit of mine pays off."]

It looked through the ground, with its vision piercing through the walls to look at Shido in class, and making its unseen face give a longing look.


The enigmatic being disappeared from view, not a trace of its appearance noticed by anyone.

Once class had ended, Shido was seen looking outside the window, feeling a bit nervous over what had happened earlier.

"OK, calm down Shido... you just had a girl ask you out of everyone in your class to show you around after school. There's nothing strange with that. But wait, if she picked me out of everyone, does that mean she might like me? No way, she just met me, and it's only the first day, so that can't be it... right?" Shido said to himself while he sweated a bit.

'Unless... yeah, maybe that's it. I don't remember anything from that day 5 years ago, and considering Origami knew me, there's a chance we met that I just don't remember. Asking that isn't weird if I bring that up.' He thought as he relaxed.

Taking a deep breath, he didn't notice the girl he was thinking about walking behind him.

"Hi, Shido."

Turning around, he noticed Kurumi looking at him.

"Are you ready to show me a good time?" He inquired.

"Uh... sure." He replied, trying to hide his nervousness.

As the two walked out of the room, Origami watched them leave, soon checking her phone. A live feed began playing, showing she hid a camera on Shido while he wasn't looking, and minimizing the risk of getting in danger.

'Shido, don't worry... I'll protect you.' Origami promised.

However, before she could do anything... a hand suddenly grabbed her, catching her off guard. She tried to scream, but her mouth was muffled as she was dragged into the wall, her phone included.

Origami was thrown out of the shadows, coughing a bit as she tried to regain her breath.

"You seem surprised, don't you?"

Origami's eyes widened as she looked up, seeing Kurumi staring at her... yet she should have still been with Shido, scaring her.

"What? No way, but you should be-" Origami panicked.

"With Shido, right?" Kurumi finished for her.

Before Origami could react, a bunch of ghostly hands reached out of the ground, pinning Origami to the wall, and holding her throat enough to keep her weak, but avoid giving her a sleeper hold.

"Why not get your answer through... this?" Kurumi offered.

Origami saw Kurumi was holding her phone, and it showed... that Shido was still with her, despite she was standing before her!

"There's... two of you?" Origami gasped, feeling a rare instance where she was truly afraid.

"You should know who I am by now, so... you should have heard that the DEM's already murdered me quite a few times." Kurumi answered.

Widening her eyes, it suddenly became clear to her how Kurumi was in two places at once...

The real Kurumi was with Shido, and the one before her was a copy. In fact, looking at the hands coming out of the shadows, she realized what they truly were. Seeing her reaction, the Worst Spirit giggled as she got closer.

"That's right Origami... I'm. Cheating. Death." Kurumi emphasized.

"What is this... what are you going to do to me!?" Origami whimpered.

Kurumi smirked as she got closer, and slightly brushed the hair from her left eye, causing Origami's to widen in shock as she saw it was gold-colored, and there was a clock like the ones seen inside pocket watches.

"You could say I wanted to try out school, and I'll admit, it's been a fun experience. But no, that's not why I'm here, as what really brought me to this school was someone told me Shido is special... enough that I crave him." Kurumi revealed.

Origami's eyes widen, knowing that her definition of "craving" meant.

"You bitch! Don't you dare touch Shido, or I'll-"

Origami's voice was cut off as the hand grabbing her throat tightened, starting to choke her.

"Don't test me Origami, because I could eat you anytime I wanted. So, if you know what's good for you... get out of my way, and never talk to Shido again." Kurumi warned.

"I don't care how you threaten me, I'd die before I let you hurt him!" Origami wheezed out.

Kurumi noticed this, and smirked a bit.

"Really? Well then, let's see how true that is if I told you that I was there that day, when your parents were murdered, right?" Kurumi stated.

Origami's eyes widened at that, and the Spirit of Time realized she caught Origami; hook, line, and sinker.

"Alright then, I'll give you a little hint... including myself, there were four Spirits that day, and out of those four... «Efreet» and I were not the ones who did it." Kurumi revealed.

"Who did it, tell me... tell me!" Origami coughed, about to pass out.

"Sorry, but that's where my generosity ends. Either you give up on Shido, or... that information disappears, and you possibly die. I'd choose wisely, Origami Tobiichi." Kurumi warned.

Origami watched as the hand on her throat loosened, and she immediately gasped for air... right as she saw Kurumi let her true, unhinged self, let loose, and cause more of her clones' hands to roam out of her shadow.

"Soon, very soon... I'll devour the power of the Spirit sleeping within Shido's body, and everything I've worked for these last few years will be realized! Nothing can stop me now, especially not you... Mio Takamiya."

After a few more seconds, Origami was finally released from the hand holding her, only to immediately faint on the ground as Kurumi's last words rung through her mind. Taking the moment to finish up, Kurumi disconnected the phone's connection to the camera she put on Shido, and slunk back into the shadows.

As the real deal was walking with Shido, she giggled a bit to his confusion.

"So, what romantic getaway should we head to first?" Kurumi teased.

"R-romantic!?" Shido exclaimed.

Kurumi looked at him, and just kept giggling, meaning he had no idea if she was serious, or if this was another joke like in the classroom.

"Uh... how about the cafeteria, and the student store?" Shido offered.

"OK." Kurumi agreed.

As he led the way, Kurumi's eye briefly shined as she spotted the camera on him, quickly swiping it off to make sure Origami didn't have a way to reconnect it. Upon arriving at the cafeteria, Shido pointed at the various bread options that were listed.

"A lot of people like Yakisoba bread, it's a cafeteria classic." Shido mentioned.

"How interesting." Kurumi remarked.

In response, Shido pointed at a different option among the list.

"I'll give you my personal recommendation. It's this one, the Durian bread, though you'll have to brush your teeth after eating it." He added.

"How interesting." Kurumi repeated, but in a lower pitch this time.

"Hmm?" Shido raised an eye brow.

He turned his head at Kurumi, noticing how she just said the same thing twice.

"Are you even listening to-"

He jumped a bit once he noticed how close she was to his face, even giggling a bit.

"Uh... are you OK?" Shido asked.

"Yeah, just zoned out for a second. It's hard to concentrate with such a handsome man in front of me." Kurumi answered.

"E-excuse me?" Shido questioned with a blush.

'Oh god! Picking me definitely can't be a coincidence anymore!' He thought nervously.

At that moment, Kurumi smirked a bit as she leaned near his ear.

"Hey, Shido... wanna see my panties?" She offered.

"Say what!?" He exclaimed.

Unfortunately, it seemed Kurumi decided his answer was "yes" on her own, and slowly lifted her skirt, teasing him by slowly moving one hand at a time to slowly pull it up bit by bit. Right as he was about to see it, Shido finally regained his senses.

"Stop, that's good enough!" Shido begged.

Kurumi giggled, and looked like she was about to drop it, when... she instead pulled it up. Shido screamed with a heavy blush, falling on his butt as he saw incredibly lacy, black-colored underwear.

"Aw, you're so cute when you're shy." Kurumi smiled, blushing as she put a hand to her cheek.

"Uh... OK, I have a question for you." Shido replied, trying to catch his breath.

Kurumi had an idea of what she'd ask, and just nodded her head.

"By chance... have we met before?" Shido inquired.

Or... maybe not, because she expected him to ask about her comment as a Spirit.

'Does he not know about the Spirits?' She wondered.

"No, why do you ask?" Kurumi inquired.

"Oh, well... Origami knew me, but I don't even remember meeting her. Truth is long ago, I lost my memories, on two occasions no less." Shido answered.

This surprised Kurumi, having not expected it.

'Lost his memories? No way, did she erase his memories as well?' She thought.

Kurumi made a sad expression, deciding to play along.

"I'm sorry to hear that, I can relate to that, as I once lost my memories as well." Kurumi replied with genuine sympathy.

"Uh... thanks, but if you don't know me, then how did you know my name?" Shido answered.

Kurumi giggled at that, slowly walking closer to him.

"That's my little secret, but there's one thing I can reveal... ever since I first found out about you, I've been in love, and hoping you'd notice me." She revealed.

Shido gasped as his eyes went white, his face steaming up a bit.

"I'm so happy the two of us are finally alone, it's exactly how I dreamed it would be." Kurumi smiled as she grabbed his hands.

"So, now that I've got your attention... I need you to do a favor for me. Think you can handle it?" She requested.

Taking a moment to find his voice, Shido gulped a bit.

"W-what is it?" He asked.

Kurumi neared his ear again, and then...

"Wait, do you know what time it is?" Shido suddenly panicked.

Kurumi blinked a bit as he checked his phone, then suddenly paled.

"Oh no, I'm so late!" He realized.

"I'm sorry, but... think we can talk again some other time? I promised my younger sister I'd meet her at a restaurant after school." Shido apologized as he put his hands together, still blushing.

Kurumi sighed a bit, smiling as she put a hand to her face.

"Aww... I had the perfect mood to ask you on a date, and that ruined it." Kurumi playfully bemoaned.

Shido blushed at that, followed by Kurumi looking at him.

"So, are you free for one this Sunday?" She inquired.

"Oh, uh... sorry for ruining the mood, but... yeah, I think I can do that. Though I do need to hurry, so... think you can just give me your number tomorrow?" Shido agreed.

"I can wait a day or two, go ahead." She smiled.

At that moment, he quickly rushed off, with Kurumi smirking as she completed the first step of her plan.

"Glad that went well."

Kotori puffed out her cheeks, tapping her foot as she stood outside the entrance to Danny's, looking at what time it was on her phone.

"Where are you, big brother? It's been half an hour!" Kotori whined.

"I'm... here!"

Kotori's eyes widened as she turned, seeing Shido run into view, panting heavily as his school uniform had sweat stains in a select few places.

"What took you long anyways?" Kotori asked, still pouting.

"I'm... sorry Kotori, but..." He stopped a moment as he wheezed, trying to get some air in his lungs.

"My class had a... new transfer student, and... I was asked to show her... around, which made me... forget until a few... minutes ago." Shido apologized, kneeling over a bit.

As his sister watched him, she blinked a few times, until he finally recovered enough to talk normally.

"After that, I ran here as fast as I could." He finished.

In response to his explanation, Kotori just smiled, waving it off.

"It's OK big bro, we're here now, so let's eat!" Kotori cheered.

Shido chuckled a bit at her energy, and then went inside with her. She quickly ordered her Deluxe Kids plate, while he just had a simple salad due to what his sprint did to his stomach.

"So, this transfer student you mentioned, what's she like?" Kotori asked.

"Well, her name's Kurumi Tokisaki. She's got long black hair in low twin tails, which she's styled so its longer on the left side of her face, red eyes... kind of a tease, and fairly flirty. Oh, and she claims she's a bit of a chuuni, having jokingly told the class she's a Spirit." Shido described.

Right as he tried to eat his salad, he suddenly heard Kotori coughing.

"Are you OK?" He asked.

"Yeah, just went down the wrong pipe... give me a second." Kotori coughed more, getting out of her chair.

Kotori quickly rushed into the bathroom, and once she did, her panic finally poured out.

'What's going on? Why has Nightmare suddenly enrolled into my big brother's school?' She tried to understand, sweating heavily.

'Come on, think Kotori, just what's there for her to-'

Right in the middle of her thoughts, she suddenly gasped as the answer came to her.

'Five years ago, this has to be related to this... she's hear because of me! If that's the case, then Shido's in danger!' Kotori realized.

She instantly switched the white ribbons in her hair with black ones, making her expression become more serious as she tapped her ear.

"Reine, are you there? We've got a situation."

High on the rooftops of Tenguu City, the sight of Kurumi was seen, wearing the outfit she had entered Tenguu City in.

This outfit was a crimson and black-colored Gothic Lolita outfit, with the crimson parts glowing, as if the dress was made out of light. On her head, she wore a big crimson net bow to hold her hair, which was still tied in twin tails, but in the style more often referred to as pig tails. There rest of her attire included a frilly, red and black collar on her neck, and flat black boots.

"Hmm... well, that's not going to be nearly enough." She remarked.

["Having an afternoon snack, I see?"]

Kurumi turned, soon looking at the humanoid mosaic from before.

"Oh, didn't expect to see you... Phantom." Kurumi replied.

The enigmatic figure got closer, standing close to Kurumi.

["So, did it go well?"]

"Yes, it was just wonderful. Who knew someone like that actually existed? I still can't believe it." Kurumi answered, followed with a giggle.

["Well, I gave you a good reservoir, so will you finally tell me why you've been gathering all this time for a while now? Are trying to gather power so nothing could match you? Perhaps you want me dead in the future?"]

Phantom sighed after sighing, crossing its unseen arms.

["Then again, I probably shouldn't expect you to tell me."]

"Hmm... yes, I did promise that, didn't I? Alright then, I'll tell you." Kurumi decided.

Phantom was surprised at that, and turned to her.

"In order to use Zafkiel's final attack, Yud Bet. I need to gather enough power... the same power he possesses, and I will gather it." Kurumi revealed.

["Ooh! To think you'd actually share that with me, well... it seems you're quite the noble Spirit after all."]

It suddenly dodged a shot that Kurumi fired at her, the Spirit of Time giving her an annoyed look.

["OK, you're not noble... happy now?"]

"Don't doubt me on this, because I will never, ever give up." Kurumi replied.

She fired Zafkiel at herself, causing a clone of herself to fall off of her body, and then sink into her shadow to join the others.

"Then, I will travel to the past 30 years ago, and kill the Origin Spirit, the source for all other Spirits came... the First Spirit. I'm going to kill her with my own two hands." She declared, giving a sinister smirk.

Hearing that, Phantom went quiet.

"What's wrong? You've gone unusually quiet." Kurumi asked, still smiling.

["Forgive me, but how else would one react when you give such a surprising goal. Just what makes you strive to such a grand goal in the first place?"]

Kurumi turned to Phantom, and then... her smile changed into a look of pure hate.

"I will never forgive her... for everything she took from me. So, I'm going to pay her back, with the very power she brought into this world."

After leaving Danny's, the Itsuka siblings returned home on a bus, and began walking back home as the sun set, discussing dinner plans.

"How do you feel about burgers tonight?" Shido suggested.

"Ooh, that sounds good! Go with that!" Kotori begged.

Shido chuckled at her reaction, though he paused once he saw someone up ahead. It was a girl around what looked to be Kotori's age, having the same blue hair as Shido, which was tied in a small ponytail. She was looking around, apparently lost.

"Hey, are you lost?" Shido asked.

"Yeah, I'm looking for-"

As the girl turned around, revealing a face just like Shido's, only with the addition of a beauty mark under her left eye... right as it widened in shock.

"Uh... hey, are you alright?" Kotori asked in response to her freezing up.

"I don't believe this, it's really you..." She breathed.

She walked up closer to Shido, smiling at him.

"Hi." She greeted.

"Eh..." Shido replied in confusion.

At that moment, she suddenly hugged Shido close, surprising Kotori. However, before the redhead could say anything...

"Big brother!" The girl exclaimed with happy tears in her ears.

The Itsuka siblings blinked, and then... their eyes widened, going white in shock and disbelief.


And with that, all I can start the end notes off with is... here's Mana! *giggles* Well, that's it for the first chapter of Kurumi's story, and it feels like I'm getting a fresh start with this one. Unlike before, I'm gonna reduce how much of Kurumi's anger shows up, because I think in the original story, that might have been a little out of character for her. While she does get angry, it's pretty rare for her to fully show it.

I kept the small sub-arc with Origami, which I felt was both necessary due to Kurumi being vital to how she becomes a Spirit, and because I remember one person mentioned they liked the growth I gave her in the original. I've got an interesting thing planned for her, but I can't say anything other than don't expect her arc to happen the same, mostly because it can't.

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