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"Maybe if you jump of the roof, you'll get a quirk in your next life!"

The words repeated in Izuku's head, swirling up a storm. "Maybe kacchan's right..." He mumbled, trudging home. He wished he stayed at school. He wished he stayed at school and went to the roof, and jumped.

He arrived home, but his mother wasn't home. She had left a note saying she had gone shopping for groceries in order to get ingredients to prepare katsudon, Izuku's favourite meal. How unfortunate that her son would never eat this katsudon. As Izuku changed, a thought occurred to him. He didn't need a roof to jump, a high place would do. He prepared a note himself, with only 3 words: 'Goodbye. Sorry mother.'

It was a nearby mountain, with many rumours surrounding it, how people who fell in it disappeared, how some people say they feel, an aura, like magic, emerging from it.
It was his best option, it was nearby, isolated, and tall.
Izuku was not crying. He almost felt elated, knowing he would suffer no longer.

As he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he saw warning signs, telling explorers to turn back, for the mysteries relating to this mountain were unsolved. He ignored them. He climbed, and climbed, and came across a deep hole, almost falling in. He could not see the bottom.

This is it.'

He slowly felt his repressed emotions rising up. Tears began to stream down his face, as he looked over the abyss. He didn't want to burden his mother with his death, but he also didn't want to burden her with his life. He thought about the last time he hugged her, talked to her, which was this morning. He longed to hug his mother one more time, but there was no turning back now.

He took a breath, and leaned forward. He felt the wind pick up, as he fell, hurtling towards the ground.
Suddenly, regrets filled him, as his life flashed before his eyes. He saw a golden flash.

This must be heaven..

The ground was soft.

Izuku say up, dazed. He had no serious injuries, in fact, he was fairly unscathed. He realised he was sitting in a yellow flower bed. He stood up, taking a look at his surroundings. Everything was dark, apart from the flowers, which seemed to have a light, almost like a spotlight, shining on them.

Looking up he realised it was coming from the hole he fell through. A surge of joy, mixed with misery surfaced his emotions. He survived? But how?

He began to mumble to himself, searching for a way out. Going back up was out of the question.
Scanning the dimly lit room, his eyes landed on a faint exit. He walked through and saw a flower.

A talking flower.

The small boy jumped back in surprise!

"Howdy! I'm flowey. Flowey the flowey. You're new to the underground aren' tcha?" The way the... creature... talked, was as if to a little lost child, belittling them.

"Someone ought to teach you how things work around here. I guess little old me will have to do. "

The flower seemed friendly enough, but there was something that seemed off about it.

"See this? These are friendliness pellets. They give you power in order to help you get stronger! How about I give you some."

The flower sent some "friendliness pellets" at Izuku. Izuku, slightly suspicious, stepped aside, avoiding the little white things.

"Are you brain dead. Run. Into the. Bulle- friendliness pellets."

Again, it sent some small seed like objects at Izuku. Izuku was further disdained by the little flowers slip up, however his curiousity and current suicidical state made him stand immobile. The pellets hit him and suddenly Izuku collapsed onto the ground.

The impact of the pellet spread like poison inside of him, like an internal fire, setting flame to everything. He felt his life force draining from his body. He felt as if the slightest provocation could result in his death.

"You idiot. In this world, it's kill or be killed. Why would anyone pass up an opportunity like this! Die."

The flower began to maniacally laugh, surrounding the small boy with the "friendliness pellets".

Darkness began to overtake his eyes. Izuku had already accepted his death, he had planned to die when he first came he. Awaiting his inevitable, yet delayed fate, he lay there.

But it never came. He heard a yelp and looked up.

"What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor innocent youth."

What? Why? Again. Twice he had been saved from near death experiences. Did the world want to keep him alive to torture him?

"My name is Toriel. Come with me child, I shall guide you trough the catacombs."

The... large creature, resembling a goat, named Toriel, held out her hand. Her voice had a sweet, endearing tone to it. More trustworthy than that flower.

Flustered, Izuku however did not take her hand. He wished he was dead. He wished he would wake up from this hellish nightmare.

The goat lady took his hand and pulled him up. Somehow, Izuku felt refreshed, restored of life. He noticed there were sparks flying off Toriel's hands. Magic? Without his consent, she led the small child on trough the ruins, teaching him about the puzzles in the underground.

Izuku opened his eyes. He was glad to be up from that strange, nightmarish dream. He heard his mother's voice calling him.

"Oh child!"

That was strange, his mother never called him child. He looked at the ceiling. It was unfamiliar. He looked around the room, beginning to panic. It wasn't just a dream. It was reality. A cruel reality.

A delicious smell drifted to his nose.

He looked to his right and noticed a pie.


After guiding him to a room, she left. Gave him a phone, and left. Of course, Izuku followed behind, as she was the only creature that had been nice to him down in the underground so far, although he had only met 3 'monsters'. However she had disappeared, and Izuku was in a foreign place. He didn't falter however and kept his stride.

Suddenly, a white, frog like creature popped up. Similar to the one he saw earlier, however then he had Toriel by his side. The frog like creature sent flies. Judging by his experience so far, Izuku wisely dodged them. He punched back.

As his 'friend' kacchan and outshined him in everything, most people turned a blind eye to quirkless Izuku. What they didn't know was that he, determined to become a hero, had taken martial art lessons.

He was fairly physically adept he thought.

What he didn't expect however, was for the frog to disintegrate into dust.

He sat, looking at the floor, now littered with the dust of the frog he had just punched.

It began to set in

"In this world, it's kill or be killed!"

He had killed something. Strange frog like creature as it was, it was still a living breathing thing, that was simply fighting for its life. He felt himself get physically stronger, almost like a stat, specifically LV increasing in an rpg from exp.

He tried to put his recent murder to the back of his mind, playing it off as self defense, however the guilt lingered.

But he still continued on his journey, trudging through the ruins, with a distant look in his eyes. He began to mumble again.

That creature, monster I think, turned into dust when I struck it. Is it dead? Most likely it is but that easily? Did I honestly have to kill it? And what was the feeling I felt straight after? Like a stat increasing in an rpg. Does that mean the more I kill, the stronger I'll be? Does that mean, the stronger I be the higher my likelihood of escaping this place... and possibly... becoming a hero? Should I search for these monsters then? No that would be wrong, but perhaps when I... no I cant become a hero like this a hero would never kill something, human or not.

In his distracted state, he didn't notice he had walked straight into another monster, again resembling a frog. He took a fighting stance, however the creature only talked to him. "Use mercy human, when you can"


As he continued through the ruins, simply fleeing from any monster he encountered, he noticed there were many puzzles, some easy, some fairly difficult, but most doable.

He received a phone call.

"Do you prefer butterscotch or cinnamon?"

He still felt guilty, remembering he caused a monsters death. However he pushed the thoughts away, fairly easily as the monster held no resemblance to a human being, and picked up the pie. Strangely, he realised eating food would make him feel better, as he had discovered when eating the monster candy.

Carrying the pie, he walked to the living room.

"Miss Toriel?"

"Just call me Toriel please."

"Toriel, umm well,it seems that monsters posses some sort of 'magic ability'. Do you t-think it would be possible for m-me to learn it?"

Toriel sighed, relieved, as she thought Izuku wanted to ask about something else.

"Well, I'm not sure. I think I might've heard about some humans knowing how to use magic a long time ago."

"Do you think you could maybe... t-teach me?"

"T-teach you? Well my magic ability is no where near as powerful as some other monsters," she muttered, slightly flustered, realising this would be no easy feat "However, I will try my very best." The goat-like monster jumped at the opportunity to keep the small human child safe in the ruins, and to make him stronger. Maybe later she could even let him go, knowing his power will be enough to let him escape to the surface.

"Really? Thank you!"

"I realised that you never told me your name."

"Midoriya Izuku. That's my name."

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