A/N: I was having a craptastic day, working on Aces, life in general being life, and knowing I'm about to take a writing break because I "have" to watch Grace over spring break (I so volunteered). I decided to write something for me. There's a belief in TV, movies, comics, and all entertainment of having couples experience will they/won't they. Me, I believe they will, and let's build something good out of this. This is a one-shot fluff piece that if I did ever decide to make a series it would simply be places the writers could have put the two together. If you want something deep, this ain't it. This takes place towards the end of vs. The Helicopter. I hope you enjoy The Kiss.

He stood there watching her, burying her partner. He felt horrible, terrible, he didn't know how many other adjectives he could pull out, but they all fit. He had been a jerk. He had gotten scared and he had lost it. The one person who had his back, he had betrayed her, and he felt awful. He watched her leave and realized Casey was there watching him. He thought for a second and realized it was a bad idea what he was thinking, but compared to the other bad ideas he had this mission, this one was pretty good. He walked over to the Nerd Herder and drove to her hotel. He got out, went up to her door, steeled his nerves and knocked on the door. There was no answer.

"Sarah," he said.

"Not now, Chuck," Sarah replied. "Not now."

"Listen, I need to say some things, starting with I'm sorry, I messed up," he said. The door opened, and she was there. If he didn't know better he thought she had been crying. "You know what, maybe you're right; this is a bad time." She shook her head and opened the door, pointing inside.

"No, you started this, finish it," she said. He gulped and entered. He turned around rubbing his hands together, nervously.

"Look, I've got a lot I need to say, but I need to get it all out, so how about you let me say what I need and then you can yell and scream at me all you want," Chuck offered. She studied him a minute and gave a quick nod.

"I'll decided on the yelling and screaming when you finish," she replied. Chuck pressed his lips together, nervous.

"Okay, here goes," he took a deep breath. "I'm nothing like you," he said. She wanted to be mad, but a small smile hit her face just for a second. "You are…amazing. I put my trust in you, and I flashed on someone I didn't recognize that looked a lot like you. You have had to do things, things that hid the real you. I realize those people you killed were bad, and yeah, it scared me, but you did it to save lives of good people. I assumed your name was Sarah Walker, which obviously means it's not, but whoever you are, I know you're here to protect me, and I do trust you. What you do scares me, but I trust you. I am not used to this, and I freaked out, and if we're going to work together you need to know it might happen again." The smile she was fighting flashed again. "So I apologize. I apologize for not trusting you, because you are the one person who's had my back since this began. You are the one person I CANNOT do this without, especially if they throw me in a hole."

"I'm not leaving," she mumbled, then she realized she hadn't let him finish. "Sorry for interrupting."

"No, that interruption, that's good," Chuck said, grinning. "That helps, because the next part, you're going to yell." She raised an eyebrow, and he swallowed. "I am sorry about everything except about trying to save you." She opened her mouth to speak and he cocked his head and raised a finger, he was shaking from nerves, but he did it all the same. She couldn't help but grin. "Listen, I will do everything you ask, but I will not sit by when you two are in danger. If one of you got hurt because I did nothing, what do think would happen to this?" he asked, pointing at my head. "You already think it's affected by my emotions, and me getting someone killed, how would I react to that?" She had to admit he had a point. He paused, and looked around, unsure.

"You're on a role, get it out," she said.

"Please, please, never say again I am more valuable than you," he said. She started to retort, but he held up his hand, and the look on his face…it did something to her. "You are more valuable than the Intersect. You are a human being and I don't know what all they taught you in spy school, but in the Bartowski school of life, everyone is valuable. Every life matters, that's why I hate seeing guns and people getting shot at. That's why I'm going to try to save you, even if it's possible you being tied up you are in a better position to free yourself than I am while not tied up." She grinned at that. "Sarah, I will always try and save you, and Casey, but especially you. If that's an issue, then just go ahead and put me in the bunker now, and save yourself this grief, because you are valuable." She studied him a moment, crossed the distance between them, and kissed him softly on the lips. When she pulled back he was stunned. "Really not the reaction I was expecting."

"That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me," she said softly.

"Really, then that Bruce guy was a tool…wait, there was no Bruce was there?" he asked. Sarah grinned.

"Not exactly," she said.

"I mean it, Sarah, do I need to get ready for the bunker?" he asked. She shook her head. "Okay, I should go," he said and started for the door. He paused when he got there, and turned. "You know," he said turning. "Regardless of how it ended with Bryce, he was your partner, and I get that it hurts. He was a part of your life, and as mad at him as I was, I don't wish to see him dead." Tears were in his eyes, and he thought he saw one in hers. "It hurts me to be honest."

"Stay," she said. Chuck nodded and met her halfway, hugging her.

"As long as you need," he said softly.

"I shouldn't tell you this," she began.

"Then don't," Chuck replied.

"No, I need to, because this affects you, and if you found out…" she trailed off. She pulled back and looked him in the eye. "Bryce…" she paused getting herself together, and then it dawned on him.

"Is Bruce," he finished. She nodded.

"We had been done for a while, but…" she couldn't finish.

"When you love someone and they die, it hurts," Chuck said. She shook her head.

"Chuck, I didn't love him," Sarah said. "I didn't even know what love was." Chuck looked at her. "We were spies that were there for each other physically, but that was it. I've had more meaningful conversations with you than I ever did with him, and he and I were partners for a long time."

"That sounds horrible," Chuck replied. Sarah smiled at him.

"See, Chuck, this is why I like you," she said.

"I wasn't kidding about being your baggage handler," Chuck replied. "Whatever it is you want to talk about, in whatever vague terms you need to talk about spycraftery stuff, I'm there."

"You're the best boyfriend I've ever had," Sarah replied, grinning. Chuck raised an eyebrow. "Oh, come on, you know you're a great listener, you're kind, considerate, good looking-"

"Wait, good looking?" Chuck asked. Sarah smirked at him.

"Fishing for compliments, are we?" she asked.

"I've been moping at the Buy More for years, my ego needs all the boost it can get," he said grinning. She stared at him for a moment.

"I shouldn't do this," she said softly, grabbed his tie, and pulled him down, kissing him. A minute later they untangled. "I shouldn't have done that."

"Anything else we shouldn't do?" Chuck asked. Sarah was a bit shocked by that. "Wait..wait, I think," and he stopped, because she was laughing at him. "Sorry, you made my brain reboot."

"Chuck, we need to talk," she said.

"Okay," Chuck replied.

"Later," she said, grinning. Chuck returned the grin, and they talked…eventually

A/N: There, I feel some better. Hope you liked it.