So, with the upcoming Wonder Woman movie that will include Steve Trevor I decided to try my hand at an Alpha/Omega verse.

Now, I've never written in this verse before, but I see Diana as the Alpha and Steve as an Omega…. In modern times, of course, because the thought of Steve growing old without Diana hurts me.

And I really want to write the other Justice League characters in as well.

If you like it, let me know in a review J

Thank you J


"Now Kryptonian…" Mongul sneered from the other side of the wall, "… it's just you and me."


J'onn winced as the aliens continued to shoot at him.

There was no way out.

Especially when more aliens came through the door in front of him, their own weapons aimed at the Martian.

There was no-where to go.

Before he could even think about phasing through the metal to safety, a green shield surrounded him, causing the lasers to bounce of it into different directions. Glancing up, he sighed in relief when he spotted Hal, Lex and Hawkgirl standing on the platform above.

"Are you alright?" Hal asked, floating down towards him with Lex as Hawkgirl had a little bit of 'fun'.

When the laser started to power up, J'onn cried out in desperation "The laser! We have to stop it!"

"On it!"

Hawkgirl flew to the front of the laser, waiting for the laser to fire from the cannon, before she used her mace to deflect it back into the cannon. Needless to say, the deflection caused the weapon to overload, the machine quivering as explosions made their way down the cannon… and then throughout the control room.

"Let's go!" Hal ordered, grabbing Lex as Hawkgirl grabbed J'onn, flying out of the control room as quickly as possible.

That was one problem sorted.


As he was punched through a wall, Clark started to have high school flashbacks.

Letting the bigger kids hit him and pretend to be hurt so as not to reveal his powers.

Not much had changed.

As the camera hovered over him, Clark could hear the booing of the crowd back in the arena.

"Here what they think of their hero now?!" Mongul sneered, grabbing the electro-axe from the ground and lifting it high above his head preparing to make the killing blow, "Game. Over."

"Not yet!" snarled a familiar voice as a green shield appeared right in front of Clark, stopping the axe from cleaving his face in two, "We're going into over-time."

Clark couldn't help but sigh in relief when he spotted Hal and Hawkgirl flying down, along with J'onn… and then the relief disappeared when Lex helped him to his feet.

"What are you doing here?!" he hissed, pulling his omega close in an effort to protect him from Mongul, "Are you crazy?!"

"You're welcome Clark… you don't need to say thank you for saving you so much! You're my Alpha and I need you!" All of this was said in a low, sarcastic tone, with Lex crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at the taller man. "By the way, we destroyed that giant laser for you…. You're welcome."

"Draaga's world is safe…" J'onn confirmed, "… there is no longer a threat."

Mongul seemed surprised at this, quickly turning his attention to Clark and taking a step back as the other Alpha smirked.

"Then all bets are off…" Clark growled, "… you're mine."

Before he could launch an attack, Draaga spoke up from the side.

"No! He's mine!"

Draaga punched Mongul in the face, sending the alien flying into a wall, partially buried under a load of concrete.

As Mongul pulled himself free, he sneered at Draaga angrily. "You'll regret that!"

As he launched himself at the Draaga, the pair found themselves encircled as Clark as his friends surrounded them, not intervening but giving Draaga hints and tips when needed.

"Keep your guard up on the left..." advised Hal, wincing as Mongul barely gave Draaga a chance to recover, knocking Draaga to the ground once again.

For a while, it seemed like Draaga wasn't going to get up… until they all heard the cheers of the crowd.


"Yes!" Draaga growled, pushing himself to his feet, "This is for my people!"

He struck Mongul in the gut twice, before drawing his fist back for another strike.

"And this is for my humiliation!"

One punch across Mongul's face, bringing the man to his knees.

"And this is for justice!"

He struck him again, and Mongul fell to the ground, completely unconscious.

The crowd went wild, crying out for Draaga to "finish him!"

"Is it wrong that I agree with them?" Lex whispered to Clark, smirking as his Alpha pulled him closer and gave him a mock glare, shushing him as Draaga straightened up.

"No…" the alien grunted in reply to the crowd, "… he does not deserve the honour."

Letting go of Lex, Clark stepped forwards and placed a hand on Draaga's shoulder, "It's over now."

Draaga was silent for a moment, before he bent down and picked Mongul's crown (which had been punched off) up off the ground, handing it to Clark. "It's not over yet… you should wear Mongul's crown."

"…. Keep it. You deserve a chance at a whole new life."

"So noble…" Lex muttered under his breath, "… I think being the Kings' Consort of an alien planet would be interesting."

"Lex. No."

Draaga didn't appear to have heard them, his gaze focused on the crown. "What is life, without honour?" he whispered, "I'm not worthy."

"Draaga, the real test of honour isn't how you die…" Clark tried to reassure him, "… it's how you live."

As he and Lex walked back towards where the others were waiting, Lex nudged his alpha in the side. "You been reading my Warrior Angel comics again, haven't you?"

"Don't tease Lex…. You left one on the table, I couldn't resist."


"I assume your board was happy to have you back?" Clark asked, watching as Lex wearily hung up the phone and collapsed into bed.

"Who knew a 'surprise vacation to the Bahamas would have them in knots…" Lex chuckled, tapping at his phone, before frowning, "… hmmmm."

"… Who are you talking to?"


"Oh…" Clark shuffled closer, "… how is he?"

"Tired… He and Diana are still a little tense."

"I can't believe Diana is treating him like this after he said he didn't want a baby just yet, she's usually so protective and kind over him."

"But she was still raised with old-fashioned Alpha/Omega views…. I'm surprised we haven't had this issue before with them."

Pulling his omega closer, Clark sighed wearily. "… How do you feel about locking them in a room together and forcing them to talk."

"… Didn't Mercy do that to us once?"

"Three times… she's done it three times."

"…. Is she due a raise soon… forget it, she's getting a raise."