055. Garden



"How is our darling little Sammy?"

Ruby stretches herself over a slab of granite in the one of the underground lairs, yawning. "Wrapped firmly around my bloody little finger… Dean still doesn't trust me. Not that it matters."

"Still… you are the only one I trust to get this done, so do this right," Lilith murmurs, pushing back her white-blonde curls and narrowing her eyes, thumbing over Ruby's cheek. "For our Father."

A gleam of benevolent, tender emotion surfaces in Ruby's dark brown eyes. Nearly human enough.

Lilith doesn't remember what semblance of humanity had ever existed in her — what kind of soul she carried before Lucifer's influence claimed her and his Light graced every molecule. She's pure now, ready for his Holiest ascension.

Ruby understands, despite her cravings for worldly things: sex, food, adrenaline, bloodlust.

There's no bright, scattered flowers waiting for their graves in the end of this. Lilith knows the consequences of opening the Final Seal.

It is worth every sacrifice.

Ruby's dirt-flecked, smirking mouth presses a teeny kiss to the inside of Lilith's palm.

Every one.



Supernatural isn't mine. Another big ole rarepair for today and I got a bunch of those to share as we pass over the halfway mark of my 100 Days of Femslash! I haven't seen this ship in a very long time so any Ruby/Lilith shipper out there - please enjoy! :) Any comments/thoughts appreciated!