May6th, 1999


A whole lot of this fan fiction is based on the episode 1x22 of charmed.

Charmed is an American television series created by Constance M. Burge and produced by Aaron Spelling and his production company Spelling Television, with Brad Kern serving as showrunner.

I don't own the characters of the sisters Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Neither their men Andy, Leo and Cole or their family Penny, Patty and Victor. The plot on this little fiction belongs to me, thought there is a lot of input from 1x22.


here's a little insight into what is happening during one of my favorite episodes of charmed ever! I copied the text and added some feelings and a very personal view on Prue's break down after realizing Andy was dead. I based this FanFiction on the 5 stages of grieving. So it's only a small addition to my 'more than just a woman' series. It is not at all necessary to have read anything of me. Seeing season one of charmed may help though. It should be done within 6 chapters – this first one as a kind of introduction and then a chapter per stage – though if there is some interest in it, I have more. These six chapters are taking place right after Andy is found dead and the few hours after.

I hope you enjoy. Leave me a message… please?

Prue's world grew lighter by the second. She heard someone call out to her. at first she still thought she heard Andy but his voice slowly faded into a female one. she wanted to scream out to Andy, but her mouth wouldn't move. She didn't want to leave him, thought she felt how she was moved further and further away from him and it scared her. She hadn't really realized what he had said yet and still she was scared to hell of loosing him. How could she loose him now? Finally everything was supposed to go into happy ending mode with her and Andy and now it was supposed to be over? Once and for all. She couldn't imagine loosing him again. And this time in an even more painful way than she had before. This would not be like breaking up or even leaving town.

The voices grew louder and she finally recognize Phoebe and Piper's voices. She knew she had to get back to Andy, couldn't let him go, but she also knew Rodriguez was at the manor and that her sisters probably didn't call out to her because of nothing. She felt herself mentally turning from Andy and towards her sisters. She gave up on Andy. Let him go.

"Prue, come on, honey. Prue? Prue..."

"Prue, come on, wake up, sweetie." with some great effort Prue finally managed to open her eyes. A panic immediately raised inside of her. Andy. Where was Andy? Her senses returned with the panic.

'I broke my promise, Prue. I came to your house tonight. Turns out Phoebe's premonition was one you couldn't stop after all. Weren't supposed to stop.' Andy's voice echoed again through her mind, making it even more clear to her what seemed to have happened. She felt how Phoebe and Piper pulled her into a sitting position and then they helped her up

"Easy, easy." that was Phoebe right? God, she couldn't concentrate. She put a hand to her head. It hurt. She couldn't focus on her sisters. She barely knew where she was. Confused she tried to look around. Get what had happened. Scared to find out it wasn't just a dream. A bad dream. Worse than any nightmare could ever have been. She didn't see Andy anywhere

"Where is Andy?" she asked. Her mind still stung on this tiny string of hope. She didn't see him. If she didn't see him, he wasn't there. If he wasn't there, he couldn't be… god, how could she even think about this? Of course Andy was alright

"Prue, something terrible has happened." Piper said softly and the blood froze in her veins immediately. She kinda followed her sister's gaze now and found something down on the floor, covered by an old cover of them. She stumbled back, almost falling. She couldn't breath anymore. She just starred at the thing under the cover. She studied it and eventually discovered legs. Shoes.

"Oh my God." she mumbled as she realized it were Andy's

"It all happened so fast, Prue. He ran in the door when Rodriguez attacked. He was trying to save us." Piper tried to explain to her. her sisters backed her up, so she wouldn't break down right there. They lead her back onto the old couch seat of Grams mother. Her eyes never left Andy's body. At least they said it was his body. What did she know? Anyone could wear these shoes

'It's okay, Prue, really, trust me. This is my destiny. I know that now. Yours is to continue on. Everything happens for a reason, remember you taught me that.' she again heard Andy.

"And he'll succeed. Where's the Book of Shadows?"

"It's right here. Why?" Phoebe said placing the book by one half in her lap, the other stayed in Phoebe's

'You need to go back. You need to keep the time loop from being reset again or you and your sisters will be killed. And I will have died in vein.' god, why didn't Andy's voice stop to ring in her mind? Was it real? Had she really seen him, while she was out cold? Like steered, instructed by his words in her mind, she started to randomly flip through the book.

"Where's the spell that you saw to accelerate time?" she asked, now finally actually looking at the book and where she was heading with her random flipping.

"What are you doing?" Rodriguez.

"There." Phoebe finally told her after helping her find the right page

"What's going on?" again Rodriguez, but she just simply ignored him, just like her sisters. Rodriguez hadn't been important that very second. She needed to do what Andy had told her. It was like his last will. His last words. His last wish.

'And I will have died in vain' she again heard him and shook slightly. She wouldn't let that happen. Not over her dead body.

"But we don't want to accelerate time, we want to reverse it." Piper interjected

"No, we don't, trust me. The only chance that we have to get rid of Tempus is to do this by breaking the time loop, okay."

"But if we break the time loop we won't be able to save Andy." Phoebe said and Prue felt her heart break again, as her sister's voice quivered slightly, because Phoebe suddenly had realized Andy wouldn't be spared. They wouldn't do anything to safe him. They couldn't. Their brother would die in this fight.

"I know." she whispered hoarsely as she still fought her tears. At least she thought she did. The truth was, she was crying already

"Prue, are you sure?" Piper asked, exchanging a worried and also kinda horrified glance with Phoebe

"No, I'm not." she told them as she got up, the book still in her hands. She felt how Piper and Phoebe were right on her side. Backing her up in any way they could, as she started to chant "Winds of time gather 'round, Give me wings to speed my way…"

"Wait a minute..." Rodriguez tried to stop her, but she continued on the mission Andy gave her. She owed that to him. She owed him to do exactly what he had told her. She had to, after all he had sacrificed for this.

"Rush me on my journey forward, let tomorrow be today."

"What's happening?" Rodriguez asked, his voice in a panic, as the hands on the clock sped around the clock face. Barely noticed by the sisters the sun was shifting as well and finally the clock again stroke. Suddenly the day was over. The clock stroke 12 for the first time in days. The day was over. Nothing would be reset. Not time. Not words. Not actions. Prue then for the first time really focused on Rodriguez. She laid her eyes onto him. Starred him down. Though it seemed like Tempus was finished off, her revenge wasn't completed yet. She made a few steps towards Rodriguez. Emotionally completely frozen she faced him. Her anger raising with every inch she neared him. She was ready to explode. She didn't know how that would play out. She never had felt such hate and anger. How would her powers release that?

"Prue..." she heard Andy, but painfully had to realize it was only Piper

'You're not a murderer, Prue, you're a good person who does good things.' Andy's voice again rang through her mind, just as she was about to strike. She quickly gazed over to where his lifeless body was supposed to be. She wanted so much to look into his eyes now. She knew that would calm her. But she couldn't. He was covered with that goddamn stupid old blanket. She always hated that thing. It was stone old. She remembered how her and Andy had watched TV on the couch and they had thrown it off, because it was just simply raspy and disgusting. When Grams had walked in she almost had gotten a fit, they had treated the good old thing like that. Her heart was squeezed painfully by the memory. She had just done everything to make sure time wasn't reset and here she was, wishing nothing more but to be back on exactly that day. She would even love to listen to Penny's rant if that would just let her have another moment with him. Now all that was left of him was his body. His empty body. Covered by that stupid blanket.

"You know what, just untie him get him outta here." she finally told her sisters, looking down. She couldn't bare the sight anymore and she couldn't look at Rodriguez. He had killed Andy. Both Piper and Phoebe were right away shocked and made absolutely no secret about it. They really hadn't expect for Prue to say that. In fact they had just waited for her to unload a huge anger wave at him.


"He'll kill us." Piper said as they both approached her

"No, he won't. He doesn't have the power to kill us, otherwise he wouldn't have needed Tempus." Prue told them, in some way challenging Rodriguez to try. She kinda had promised Andy she wouldn't touch him, but she would defend herself and her sisters.

"I will not untie him, Prue." Phoebe told her. Prue's mind had been completely blank by now. So she immediately reacted robot alike and used her powers to loosen the ropes and unlock the handcuffs. Rodriguez right away got up. Calmly, threateningly turning towards them

"Get outta here before I change my mind." she threatened him

"You stupid witch." he told Prue, playing with his handcuffs and then stored them back onto his belt, where they were supposed to be. He turned and walked towards the door but stopped in front of it to adjust his jacket. The sisters constantly had their eyes on him. Piper and Phoebe highly alarmed, thought Prue stood kinda protectively in front of them. She was not willing to loose someone else today. Finally Rodriguez turned around, his eyes glowing red as he threw an energy ball at them. Prue, completely emotionless held up her hand and used her powers to reflect it back to him. Rodriguez didn't put on a fight. The energy ball hit him, electrocuted him and he exploded. He right away turned into dust.

"We may not be murderers but we're no angels either." she said and then, completely robot alike, didn't loose one second to move to what she believed was Andy's body.