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Unknown Building, Unknown Location

Fu awoke from his slumber. His room was still the same. He had a queen size bed, white carpet, brown bookshelves, and a brown bedside table. Even the suspicious note on his table was the same. He closed his eyes.

'Suspicious note?' thought Fu. He sat up. He grabbed the note. He proceeded to open it. The contents of it were strange.

"Enjoy. S." read Fu aloud. The S. probably meant this was Shenron's doing. He got up and switched to his exercise clothes. He opened the door that usually led to the temple.

He was met with a hallway, however. He walked down it. The cream walls seemed familiar. He walked down a flight of stairs. He gasped at what he saw.

He was in a living room. He definitely wasn't in the temple any more. The room he was in had a cream colored couch, a matching chair, hardwood floor, a rug, a large TV, and a brown table that sat in front of the seats. He walked over to an open spot. He had discovered the kitchen.

It was a nice sized kitchen. It certainly seemed to fit the building as he saw it. There was a refrigerator that could hold enough food to feed a certain Saiyan, a marble counter, tile flooring, a standard microwave, a nice long table with a cream table cloth over it, a dishwasher, a stainless steel sink, and some brown cabinets. He opened the fridge and pulled out an apple. He chowed down on the apple as he made his way to what he assumed to be the laundry room.

It was anything but the laundry room. It was a small dojo area. It had the same hardwood floor as the living room, a beige mat, some wooden targets, barrels holding various training weapons, and a shrine that resembled the statue form of the Time-Space Shenron with its head over a bowl full of water. He found the laundry room, but the only differences between it and the dojo were a dryer, a washing machine, and some wooden cabinets. Not to mention the lack of weaponry and a dragon shrine.

He stopped his explorations as he heard a sound. A bird was singing. He listened to the chirping. A thought hit his head. There was only one bird he knew that played that tune.

He ran for the front door. He jerked it open. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was in Konohagakure. In a house of his own!

He shut the door. His back was up against that same door. What was he doing in Konoha? What happened to the temple? He walked into the middle of the floor.

"It's okay Fu." said Fu to himself. "It's not like you're on top of a mountain." As those words left his mouth, the windows flashed slightly. He heard a breeze blow. He walked back to the door.

The house tilted a little as he opened the door. He was on top of a mountain. Like, the tip of it! If he wasn't careful, the house could go sliding down the side. He carefully shut the door.

"First Konoha and now the top of a mountain!" shouted Fu. "What's next? The coast of the Elemental Nations!?" He knew he shouldn't have said that. The windows flashed again.

The house went dark. He tried to open the door. It wouldn't budge. As he kept trying, sand landed on his shoulder. He was in the beach, literally!

An idea sparked in his head.

"Above the beach?" requested Fu. The windows flashed. He smirked as he went to check the window. He suddenly found himself in the air as the building began to fall. It only fell for a short amount of time but it was enough for Fu to find himself in midair.

He hit the floor as the house came to a stop. Nothing was damaged, except Fu's pride. He opened the door. It had worked. He was on the beach. He got bold.

"An island of the cost of the continent!" shouted Fu.

The windows flashed blue. That was worrying. Suddenly, water came rushing under the door. Fu landed himself in the ocean.

"I meant on the island!" The windows glew again. He was relieved when water stopped filling the building. He opened the door. He was on island! On top of a tree.

"Sure! Why not!? Just go back to Konoha!" He shut the door as the windows glew again. He suddenly fell to the ceiling.

The entire building was upside down. That was the last straw. He clenched his fists. He looked up to the sky. He deeply inhaled.

"Shenron!" shouted Fu in rage. A moan could be heard throughout the building. The windows glew green. The light enveloped everything. Fu shielded his eyes.

When the light died down, Fu found everything back the way it was when he woke up. He heard a creek. He walked towards the open door. It was a closet with shelves. He picked up a book that read "Time House Manual" on the cover.

He deadpanned.

"Of course there's a manual." sighed Fu as he slid his hand down his face. He began reading the manual. He was impressed by the functions the building possessed. He was also embarrassed by how many of the do's and don'ts he failed to follow. When he finished reading, he decided to try again.

"Home space Konoha." said Fu. The windows flashed. He opened the door to find himself back in the exact spot he first woke up to. He saw some kids run by. He shut the door.

He thought of something.

"Home space, Mt. Pazao." Nothing. He cleared his throat. "Time branch 147, Home space, Mt. Pazao." The windows flashed.

He opened the door to find himself near the clearing where Naruto showed him his new move. He walked outside. He breathed in fresh air. He heard the sound of training. He knew the nuckle headed fighter was close.

He went to his room real quick and switched to his gear. He ran out the door. He shut it as he heard Naruto scream the name of his Nine Tail Barrage. He rushed to the clearing. He stopped when he saw Naruto sweating.

Naruto was trying to get a better grasp on his chakra. Kurama told him two years ago that his chakra control could mean the difference between life and death. He was standing over a pool of water he put together. He was trying to keep himself standing on the water. He was surprised when he heard a snap.

He turned for half a second. He caught a glimpse of Fu before he fell into the pool. He swam up to the top. He gasped for air. He saw Fu's hand and reached out for it.

"You're moving a little ahead of my schedule kid." stated Fu. "Don't tell me you've already been practicing walking up trees. We haven't even gotten to the important stuff."

"Sorry Uncle Fu." apologized Naruto as he tried to catch his breath. "Kurama was pushing me to get my chakra control down pat. I've got walking up trees down but walking on water still eludes me. I've gotten to where I can stand on it for hours. However, I can only walk on it for twenty seconds."

Fu was impressed to say the least. This early friendship with the Nine Tails has brought a tremendous acceleration in Naruto's development. He's already on his way to the Rassengan stage of training. Plus his martial arts/ taijutsu training and Fu's scattered ki lessons are pushing him to new heights. All and all, Fu was pleased.

He roughed Naruto's hair. Naruto smiled. He then wiped his nose. It was a little nippy. Fu knew that Naruto wasn't entirely alright.

"How long have you been doing it?" asked Fu.

"Doing what?" asked Naruto.

"Son Naruto." Naruto sighed.

"Three hours straight." A loud grumbling could be heard throughout the area. "Four." He hanged his head in defeat. Fu kept his frown, but he knew what kind of kid the fox boy was.

"You're coming with me to get some grub." sighed Fu. "I'll let Gohan know where you are since he's probably worried right now." He pulled Naruto along. They made their way over to Fu's new house. He opened the door.

Naruto walked in and sat in the kitchen. Fu later came in with a towel since Naruto was soaking wet. Naruto decided to meditate for awhile as Fu began cooking. He was debating something with Kurama when a bowl of Ichiraku ramen hit the table. Naruto dropped the conversation like a bad habit as he opened his eyes to devour the delicacy.

Fu sat across from the blonde. He knew that something was on Naruto's mind. He knew what request normally came from Naruto wasn't such a problem. More ramen was easy, a new technique was exciting, and Fu's origins were... Well let's just say Naruto made a funny accidental quip about Fu somehow wearing his mom's and his dad's pants at the same time and how awkward that must feel.

The shine in Naruto's eyes told him that this was different, however. Naruto wasn't entirely engulfing the noodles in the bowl. There was something on his mind and once Naruto got like this, it was usually a doozy. He put down the chopsticks. He looked Fu straight in the eyes.

"Did you know my parents?" asked Naruto. Fu sighed. He thought it was gonna be the birds and bees talk. Fu adjusted his glasses. He knew exactly what to answer.

"I had seen them before but I didn't know them personally." answered Fu.

"What were they like?"

"You're father was said to be a great man. He was the leader of your entire village. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing the tales of Minato Namikaze. You're mother was a beautiful young woman. Kushina Uzumaki was such a caring woman."

"I know this sounds awkward, but I don't think I'm really from here." That statement caught Fu's attention. "I look at the people when I go on occasional outings with Grandpa. It makes me feel like I don't really fit in. I feel alien."

Fu knew then that Naruto was starting to catch on. Luckily, he planned for this.

"Is it really wrong to feel different?" asked Fu. Naruto tilted his head. "You're not like them Naruto. You're unique. It's part of what I love about you Kitt."

Naruto grabbed at the side of his head.

"Kurama wants you to stop using his nicknames." groaned Naruto. "Could you please say yes so he stops ranting loudly in my ear?" Fu chuckled a bit. He hoped to one day meet that dastardly fox. He had so many questions.

Naruto looked around. He stared in a random direction for a moment. His face clearly displayed that he just noticed something. He looked at Fu. His words became jumbled.

"Slow down Sport!" shouted Fu. "What's gotten into ya?"

"Since when do you live close by!?" shouted Naruto. Fu's jaw hit the floor. Naruto just noticed? Could Naruto really be that dense? Wasn't Gohan teaching him martial arts which requires focus and awareness?

Fu sighed. He didn't wanna know the logic behind Naruto's unawareness.

"I don't." plainly stated Fu. "It's a mobile home of sorts. I use it so I can get some good sleep even when there's no civilization." That answer granted Fu a mad look from Naruto. Naruto had a piece of his mind just for his uncle figure.

"How come you didn't take care of me then?" asked Naruto. "You seem to have plenty of room."

"I can't support more people right now Naruto. Otherwise I would have kept you for myself. Plus with how busy I am you would be by yourself most of the time. Do you see any possibility for a newborn to take care of yourself? Besides, I just got it a while ago."

"You could have mentioned that earlier." Naruto slumped in his chair. He knew it wasn't right for him to accuse Uncle Fu of laziness. He really felt bad. "Sorry."

"Naruto I understand completely what you were getting at. I would be mad too if I was dropped off at some random place by a guy who was fully capable of taking care of me. Just remember to not blow that lid of yours so fast." A grumble interrupted the moment. "I say your up for another bowl of ramen."

Naruto eubbed the back of his head as he held his bowl up. Fu took the bowl and put more ramen in it. After eating, Fu took Naruto back to Grandpa Gohan's place. Naruto received a stern talking from Gohan, but one couldn't stay mad at the little ramen lover. Fu left the building and went back home.

He entered the building. He heard a familiar moan. He entered the dojo. A tear dropped from the statue's eye. The water in the stone bowl shone brightly as Shenron appeared in it.

"How are you liking the accommodations young Fu?" asked the dragon.

"It was rough to start out." answered Fu.

"That's because you didn't read the manual."

"Hey! I was in shock! You think I'd try to find a manual for a magic house?" The dragon sighed. Kids these days.

"You were the one who wanted to live around them. I just gave you the best way to do it that also allowed you to keep up with your job."

"Speaking of my job, I think it's time I get back to Konoha. I need to train with Goku some. Hopefully he's finally mastered flying."

"Young Fu, please remember that anything can happen. You may have to take on extra responsibilities." Fu knew what was coming.

"Something's gonna happen today isn't it?"

"Only time will tell. Farewell." With that last word, Shenron faded from view. Fu sighed. That dragon sure liked to think that he was mysterious and hard to read.

He looked up at the ceiling.

"Time branch 149, Home space Konoha." The windows flashed. He exited the building. He noticed some children staring at the building. It made sense that they'd do that since the house just popped up out of thin air. He ignored them as he sensed for Goku's energy.

He soon locked on to his target and flew straight over. He saw Goku standing on the roof of one of the apartments. He decided to try and get the drop on him. He pulled out a kunai. He was about to throw it in his direction.

"Boo!" shouted a voice from behind. Fu gasped and turned with his small blade at the ready. He was relieved to see it was Goku. He guessed that one of them was a shadow clone. He was impressed by Goku's mastery of pranks.

"Well looks like I was right." said Fu. "You're flight training has been coming along very nicely."

"Yep." agreed Goku. "I've mastered the art of flight."

"Then you won't mind showing me your progress starting from take off." Goku smiled. The boy disappeared in a puff of smoke. Fu turned to the roof. The other Goku also vanished.

Fu was played. If it weren't Goku he'd be ticked about it. He flew over to their usual training spot. He descended to the ground in front of Goku. Goku was snickering the whole time.

"Okay monkey king." said Fu. "Show me your progress." Goku frowned. He didn't like being called a monkey. He just ignored Fu as he powered up.

He began to float in the air. He steadied himself. He looked to Fu with a smirk on his face. They were eye to eye. He crossed his arms.

"Told you I've mastered..." started Goku before he was suddenly thrusted into the air. He screamed flight as he tried to get a hold of himself. He finally stopped ascending. When it became clear that he wasn't going to fall, Fu flew up to him. Fu was laughing.

"Yeah." laughed Fu. "You've so got it down pat." Goku puffed his cheeks as he waited for Fu to stop laughing. When Fu finally stopped laughing, Goku pulled out a kunai. Fu smirked as he pulled out his sword.

"Once I beat you in this spar, how about you teach me something new?" proposed Goku.

"Since you still have a bit of time to go before I can show ya something new, if you win I'll take ya to Ichiraku's." answered Fu. Goku smiled.

"HECK YEAH!" He flew at Fu. They clashed blades on multiple occasions. When Goku dropped his kunai they switched to taijutsu. Goku put his fingers together.

"Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" shouted Goku. Puffs of smoke appeared out of thin air. Fu was suddenly surrounded by nineteen Goku clones. He smirked as he once again pulled out his sword. The clones instantly rushed him.

He would cut some and punch others. He was trying to work his way down to the original. He didn't like using his blade against Goku, but in all honesty he was doing it out of respect for Goku's ingenuity. He was down to one last clone. He slashed it down the middle.

He looked around. The smoke from the destroyed shadow clones began to dissipate. Goku was nowhere in site. His energy seemed to disappear. He found Goku too late as the child disarmed him and kicked him to the roof.

Fu was on his hands and knees. Goku was amazing. The kid was becoming clever. He feared for those who would be his enemies. He saw a hand stretched out to him.

"You promised." stated Goku. Fu chuckled as Goku helped him up.

"Ichiraku's it is." said Fu. Goku flew off to the stand. Fu quickly caught up to him. They quickly took their seats and began to chow down. Goku was going through his fifth bowl when he felt a familiar presence.

"Goku!" shouted a familiar voice. Goku turned to see Lee land on the ground behind them. "My eternal friend! I challenge you to a sparring match! No holds barred!"

Goku looked at how many bowls he had left. He looked at Fu. Fu knew what Goku was trying to say. He pulled out his cash. He placed it on the table.

"We're gonna need six to go bowls for the rest of these!" shouted Fu. Mr. Ichiraku quickly scooped the ramen into the plastic disposable bowls. He handed the bag to Fu. Fu watched as Goku and Lee ran for one of the training grounds. It was definitely like Goku to not show off too much unless he was in the mood to showboat.

Fu flew over head. He finally caught up to the two. They were doing stretches before the match. Fu landed on a study branch. He was quite curious how this would go.

Lee and Goku both entered their fighting stances. All was silent. Neither one moved a muscle. A bird took flight nearby. Lee ran at Goku to the pace of the bird's wings.

He kicked Goku square in the gut. Goku grabbed his leg and pulled him overhead. Lee caught himself before he hit the ground. He flung his leg back pulling Goku along for the ride. Goku grunted as he was flung face first into a nearby tree.

He turned and launched himself at Lee. He was sending rapid punches at his youthful friend. Lee was having a hard time blocking all the hits. He was sent flying by one of Goku's kicks. Lee caught himself.

He jumped at Goku. He entered a flying kick.

"Dynamic Entry!" shouted Lee as he flew at Goku. The hit seemed to connect. Goku was sent flying. Suddenly, Goku hung in the air. He then floated upright.

Goku smirked at Lee's surprised face. He slowly flew to his friend. He got faster As he approached Lee. He suddenly took off at impressive speeds. He rammed straight into him.

Lee was on his knees holding his gut. He looked up at Goku. How was it possible? Goku was flying! That shouldn't be possible.

"How?" asked Lee.

"Remember that special training I do?" asked Goku. Lee slowly shook his head as he got up from the ground. "I've been training to use ki. It's like an alternate energy source to chakra. Uncle Fu's my sensei."

As if on cue, Fu jumped down from the tree. He was slowly clapping. He approached the duo. He stopped. He smacked Goku in the back of the head.

"You went too hard on him." scolded Fu.

"But it was no holds barred!"

"You still could have held back a bit."

"It's fine." interrupted Lee. He looked at Goku. "Thank you for not holding back. I need to do more if I want to surpass you."

Fu was surprised. This kid was determined. Goku went all out to show respect. He noticed Lee looking at him. Lee took a respectful bow.

"Grand Master Fu!" shouted Lee. "Please train me in the way of Ki!" Fu didn't know what to say. Was this what Shenron meant. He turned to Goku.

The boy didn't seem surprised in the least.

"Can I talk with you for a minute?" asked Fu.

"Wait right here Lee." said Goku as he followed Fu.

When they were at a safe distance, Fu began to freak out. Someone request his teaching. Him. Sure he's been teaching Goku and Naruto, but someone else was a completely different story.

"I don't know if I can do it." admitted Fu. "With you I know what to do, but he's an unknown. I can't do it." Goku was annoyed. Normally this kind of thing didn't bother him, but Lee was his friend.

There was no way Uncle Fu wasn't at least gonna try.

"Let me put it this way Uncle Fu." started Goku. "Lee is an understanding guy. If you can't teach him, just let him know. His senpai, Guy, will probably give him some speech about how he doesn't need ki because he's so 'youthful.' You won't know until you try, however, and I'm not about to let you turn my friend down."

Fu saw what Goku was getting at. He wouldn't know till he tried. Plus, Lee would probably keep going until he said yes. He knew what he had to do. They returned to find Lee doing push-ups.

He rocketed up and ran to them.

"Grand Master Fu!" shouted Lee. "I'll repeat my earlier request! Please train me in the ways of ki!" Fu knew he'd never get used to that. He cleared his throat.

"Not all people can use ki." stated Fu. Lee looked down. It was too good to be true. "If you really want to learn how to use it, then I'm gonna have to test you to see if you even can. Be at my new mobile home tomorrow."

Fu flew off. Goku gave Lee a huge smile. Lee began to cry. Goku deadpanned. Why was Lee such a cry baby.

"You'll want to start training for tomorrow." stated Goku. "It won't be easy to keep up." Goku flew off in another direction. Lee looked to the sky. He suddenly began doing laps around the training ground.

The next day, Fu was polishing his sword. He knew that today would either make or break a kid's day. Goku had already arrived. They were waiting for the last guest. Fu got a feeling and opened one of the windows.

"Dynamic Entry!" shouted Lee as he flew into the building. Fu's feeling was correct because if he didn't open the window, there'd be glass everywhere. Lee stood at attention. "I'm ready for the test Grand Master Fu!" Fu really hated that title.

"The thing that concerns me is that your ki may be blocked by your chakra. I'll have to limit your chakra to certain areas." Lee took a step back.

"But if you do that I won't be able to live!"

"You shinobi and your one track mind. Chakra isn't the only life force you got kid. Ki, like chakra, is a life force. There are only two real differences between the two. One, chakra is element based while ki is energy based, and two, ki is like your veins and chakra is like a muscle."

"I understand now! I'm ready and willing!" Fu led them to the dojo. He grabbed a scroll. He read over it a few times to understand the procedure.

He then stepped towards Lee. He blocked some chakra points. He then used a seal that unlocks potential. He modified the seal to unlock ki. He then began activating the seal.

"Just so you know, if you feel drained as this happens it means you have nothing to pull from." stated Fu. "If you start to feel drained let me know."

"Yes Grand..." started Lee.

"Call me Grand Master one more time and I swear..."

"Sorry!" The seal began to glow. Everyone was silent. Nothing was happening. Suddenly, Goku jerked like he caught something Fu hadn't noticed yet.

"That power!" shouted Goku. Fu tried to sense Lee. He was suddenly overwhelmed by Lee's ki. For someone who isn't saiyan and had no prior knowledge of ki, he certainly had a lot of said energy. He walked towards Lee as the seal disappeared. Lee looked up in confusion.

"Did it really work?" asked Lee.

"Only one way to find out." answered Fu. "Goku!" Goku created a ball of ki in his hand. He thrusted it at Lee. There was a small explosion.

The smoke began to clear. Fu smirked. He didn't need to see to tell the results. Lee was still standing. He looked down at his ash covered arms.

"You'll come here at this exact time every day that I'm in Konoha." ordered Fu. "We'll start out slow then work our way up to the powerful stuff." Lee began to cry. "If you cry I'll reconsider." Lee wiped his eyes.

He entered a very respectful bow.

"Thank you Fu sensei!" shouted Lee. Fu looked at the boy. He actually liked the sound of that. He turned to walk away. He waved Lee off.

"Go home and get some rest."

"Yes Sensei!" Lee rushed out the door. Goku looked to Fu. He knew Lee could do it. Somehow, he had a feeling that Lee had hidden potential.

"Let's get something to eat Goku." said Fu as he got down a bowl.

"Ichiraku's?" asked Goku.


"For what occasion?"

"I've become a teacher. I think you're determination for your friend deserves something." Goku sat at the table as Fu prepared the desert. They spent the rest of the day talking about recent events. Unknown to them, someone was watching.

A strange man stood on a branch. The only detail noticeable in the dark of night was that of his black trench coat and bronze scabbard. He looked in the window. He looked down at a holographic rectangle. Fu had readings that screamed Shenron.

"I've confirmed the identity of Shenron's little friend." stated the stranger. "Should I move to engage?"

"Negative." denied a robot voice. "Anyone affiliated with the Shenron of Time and Space is considered an ally until proven otherwise. Continue vigilant watch."

"Understood. Caliban out." The stranger known as Caliban flew off.

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